The Transmigration of Cinema Tour Dates

spring 2007 west coast

Wednesday May 16th

new college theatre
777 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Friday March 30th 2007 7-10pm

975 Chung King Rd. in chinatown

Friday April 6th 2007 7-10pm

Eco Village
117 Bimini Pl, LA 90004

Monday April 9th 2007 7pm

CRCA - Center for Research in Computing and the Arts
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, Ca.
with SD Indymedia and

Previous Tour Dates:


Station 40, San Francisco

UC Berkeley

New College


Zentrale Randlage,Berlin

Eshschloraque, Berlin

Club der Polnische Versager, Berlin

WagenHalle, Stuttgart

X Community Space, Stuttgart

Radio Revolten festival w/ Corax Radio, Halle

Schoene Christinen, Berlin ( preview)


NEPOKORENI GRAD.2.festival, Domachi , Karlovac


MMK, Lamparna, Labin

Visura Aperta 06, Momjan

East Europa

Tuzrakter, Budapest

Czechpoint exhibition at NoD/Roxy, Prague

Ecotopia/ Zajezka, Slovakia

13m3, Bratislava

D-media, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Jazz Club Pod 16, Timisoara, Romania

Kinema Icon/ Arad Museum, Arad, Romania

Academia visitations / deconstructions:

UC Berkeley
Humboldt Universitaet, Berlin
New College, SF
Labor Fest, Stanford University
UC San Diego
Central European University, Budapest


Ars Electronica (1998 and 2000), Austria
Next Five Minutes, Amsterdam
Document, Human Rights Film Festival, Glasgow
LA Artivist Film Festival ,LA
No Border Camp / Borderhack Festival, TJ, Mexico ( 2001and 2003)
10 Years Arena, Berlin
Borderland Film Festival, Mission Cultural Center, SF

Other/Media activism/ dj

Forest Cafe, Edinburgh
Cowely Club, Brighton
London Indymedia Cinema
Red Vic, SF
Roxie, SF
Thoreau Center for Sustainability, SF
The Egyptian Theater, LA
Parkway Theater, Oakland
EuroDisney, Netherlands
Big Bother project, Walker Art Center for the Arts, MN
Cellspace, SF
ATA/Othercinema, SF
Arena, Berlin
Sweets Ballroom, Oakland
Somarts Gallery, SF

Current and/or Other Incarnations:

Kafana Balkan

Hederljezi Roma Festival

Burning Man 1997

Anon Salon


Ruckus Tech Camp, Ocean Song

Designs On Democracy, UCB

Labor Fest, Stanford University

Tucholsky Cafe

Freie Wille Exhibition, Arena, Berlin ( summer residency )

EscoBar, Arena, Berlin

Badeschiff, Arena,Berlin

Participated/ Attended / Streamed/ Atak'd

ReActivism / Central European University , Budapest
WTO Seattle
BioDev, San Diego
BIoDev, Sacramento
Reclaim the Commons, SF
March 20th, 2003, SF
Dropping Knowledge, Berlin
G8 Gleneagles, indy streams, Berlin

Awards and Invitations:

Best Human Rights Feature, LA Artivist Film Festival
Best filmmakers left of Michael Moore, SF Bay Guardian
Best indy media, SF Bay Guardian
Best anti-war radio, SF Bay Guardian
Talent Campus guest, Berlinale Fiim Festival

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