The World Wide Wormy Web v.1++

March 21st, 2018


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With all the news spilling out about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and social media … and the net in general… the conversations about where we are now in the webbed world are getting a bit more invested. While there’s a good stir now about whether or not to #DeleteFacebook ( and even good arguments for not abandoning the mainstream platforms to the wolves ) … but suddenly people are beginning to ask much deeper questions about the full  spectrum of our technological entanglements.

Well, the XLterrestrials have a few thoughts…

The World Wide Wormy Web – v.1

In our work on deep media analysis, we have for some time now begun to perceive ( the new ) Mass Media as more a loaded weapon than a social tool … It is NOT essential to smart living and intelligent communities, or quality of life… It IS essential to the expanding hegemony, globalization profiteers and the desire of the .01% to shape and control their subjects and domains… People have been more or less dumpster-diving in the military industrial complex ( at least since the cybernetic inventions ) and hoping for some positive outcome, to come out ahead, to progress … We aren’t !

We are very possibly a society devolving through the machines, and we are losing everything about what it means to be a poetic magical human, (semi-)intelligent organisms on planet earth…

We probably need to find a way NOW to detox from the mediated corporate mousetraps, before it’s too late ! … Maybe it’s  an incorrect analysis, but we feel the urgency to try and find new strategies… because it doesn’t feel like we will win enough benefits or leverage to reclaim living our embodied lives from digging deeper tunnels in these cybernetic containers… Are they our “smarter prisons” ?

Aside from the pretty ridiculous early libertarian evangelists ( who thought the *digital revolution* could make big leaps for humankind and sort itself out via enterprising free spirits without regulation, governance, checks and balances, consensus democracies, and meaningful opposition to corporate-crapitalism, etc. ) … maybe there once was a genuine hope from clear-thinking, good techs and good people that the interconnected, high-wired being would bring good things to life. But that’s increasingly unlikely when we are up to our necks in a kraptastic endgame, where those with the biggest weapons ( achieved through 100s of years of colonial plunder, slave labor, sweatshop labor, and war profiteers, all ongoing ! )  have clearly no intent to solve the massive problems that corporate high tech unleashes with all its asymmetric firepower, ecological dead-ends, its disingenuous and IPO’d promises, and its outright psychopathic indifference … and all their blatant m*therf*ckn LIES.

While the technotopians are mostly somewhere in the clouds dreaming a misguided wishlist – from self-driving flying cars to 24/7 networked access to everything digi-singularian-itized – the new ghetto-ized people in the over-webbed world will get the possibilities to print family fotos on slices of cheese ;) and/or Frackybook probed !

This is NOT an anti-tech or purist stance, we will continue to work with and develop and promote any technologies necessary to any given situation…

BUT it is a call to really think + dream + resist different NOW ! Time is of the essence !


“Alot of white people are either furious or mildly upset about having their data breached, and then dare to deactivate one of their social media routines. Meanwhile mass mediation, big data and the entire internet infrastructures continue to suck out the value of everything, disrupting whatever’s ripe for the endgame plucking, destabilize whole colonies and the over-developed nations alike, and are creating a few more bunkering billionaires who are now buying property in new zealand… what’s wrong with this picture ? ”

XLT analyst


to be cont.


IF you’re in Btropolis, there’s many exciting events that pertain to this discussion…

TWO in particular, a screening of Jordan Brown’s new feature length doc – Stare Into The Light, My Pretties – at CRCL in Neukoelln … and The Anti-Google Cafe’s topic discussion on “smarter prisons” in Kreuzberg …

( See the XLT Radar post for more event details )

Jordan’s a *copyleft* media maker… so you can watch + download  the film(s) here:

BUT, the XLT recommend NOT staying in your cubicle and staring at the screens, but joining the public screening(s) and discussion afterwards !!

( We are currently working on an article about this work )


Just another day in the world wide wormy web… designed for plunder, control and data suck :


p.s. Oh, btw, For what it’s worth… XLterrestrials are now on Mastadon at:

Figuring out the “federation”-ropes … and looking for comrades there… come say hello !

to be cont. v.2

XLt Radar: It’s ALMOST the end of F****** Winter !

March 17th, 2018


( from the ADK exhibition, see more below )

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Coming SOON to a THEATER near YOU !

( standby for more links + dates )

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XLterrestrials RECOMMEND :

< March 15-17 > Dangerous Conjuntures, HKW

< March 22 > Michel Bauwens at SmartDE

< March 22 > Platform Kooperativismus with Michel Bauwens at Supermarkt

< March 24 > Anti-Goo Cafe and an open discussion on “smart prisons”, at Kalabal!k

< March. 24 > RegenbogenFabrik celebrates 37th! anniversary with Dj Podinski and special guests

< March 28 > Screening : Stare Into The Lights, My Pretties plus Q+A with Jordan Brown, at CRCL

< March 29 > Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo | AR-Artist in Residency: Presentation with Artists at Risk, at Saavy Galerie ( FB Invite )

< April 14 > Mietewahnsinn Stoppen
< April 4.-14 > + Action days -

< April 6 > Anti-Goo – Laerm Demo – ( 1st Fridays of the month )

CiTiZEN KiNO collaboration w/ Panke in April

—  — MUSIC section — —

Akademie Der Künste ( AdK )
- underground und improvisation music und kunst nach 1968 -




F.O.G. news …

CiTiZEN KiNO #71 updates: The Beehives, Frankenstein, GAFAM and beyond…

March 5th, 2018


< March 07 > CiTiZEN KiNO #71: Awakening The Spirits in The Beehive at Regenbogen Kino, 19:00h

We are preparing an updated text for our CK#71 theme(s)…




XLterrestrials present CiTiZEN KiNO #71: Awakening Spirits in The Beehive
Weds. March 7th
at Regenbogen Kino -  Lausitzer Str. 22,
by donation !

This episode revisits Victor Erice’s monumental poetic + political work – El Espiritu De La Colmena ( 1973 ) – made during Franco’s nightmare regime. It is our starting point to investigate the new rising monsters of nationalism, mass media conglomerates and the fascist-enabling technospheres of today.

In Beehive, Erice ingeniously examines the troubled times of his generation through a tale of 2 young girls watching James Whales’ Hollywood version of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff ( 1931 ) in a rural village “pop-up” cinema. The impacts of such a spectacle provide an illuminating and mysterious metaphor for being subjected to both the irreality and the actual threats of the social + political turmoil unfolding around them.

And we have a bunch more material to provoke a discussion about the deeper context of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s original Frankenstein novel ( published in 1818, 200th anniversary ! ), which spawned a whole fascinating + bizarre genre of horror + sci-fi, but which rarely goes deep enough to grapple with all the implications for our un-enlightened, unethical, over-reasoning head-first plunge into the frenzied techno-dystopian society that now dominates us.

Other media bits may include:
excerpt’s from : Manu Lucksh + team’s “Dreams Rewired” ( 2016 ) / Al Jazeera’s 5 Animated shorts on Media Literacy / David Cronenberg’s “The Fly” / The I. Committee’s “Fuck Off Google”… etc…

stay warm, stay vigilant, stay human !

Dr. Podrescu
and the XLterrestrials

arts + praxis organisms

p.s. We went a little cray on the visualizing + poster making… AGAIN.
we now have 3 versions… and a 4th in-progress… incl. the GAFAM monster above…

to be cont.

XLt Winter Radar v.3: Warning : Unplug, Disconnect, Run For The Hills ;) …!…?…!…

February 22nd, 2018


< 22.02Armen Avanessian & Enemies #11: Dreams Rewired , Volksbuhne

< 23.02 > Armen Avanessian & Enemies #12: Liberties Rewired, Volksbuhne

F you are in Btropolis, the XLT and C-KiNO team highly recommend engaging in these discussions on our hyper-mediated times,,, with director Manu Lucksh ( Dreams Rewired ), Armen Avanessian,Tactical Technology Collective, CryptoParty, Syrian Archive, Daphne Dragona & Jack Wolf ….

The XLt analyzed Dreams Rewired in 2016… And it’s not a pretty picture ( as the Arte promo pic above would imply ) … And in fact the situations have only gotten worse since then …

Other Good stuFF :


<22.02>  Money Talk #2: Token Economy – The Future of Currencies? – Supermarkt

<25.02> Unsichtbare Communities – Stadt, Migration und Digitalisierung am beispiel der ungarische Migration in Berlin – Club der polnischen Versager –

<2.03> Lärm demo gegen Google, 18h Ohlauerstr.


< 3.03 > Kiezspaziergang/Demonstration ( Google Verhindern ), Schlesisches Tor, 15:ooh

<5.03> Solidarität vom Fass: Lause bleibt! – Möbel Olfe


<6.03> Kiezversammlung gegen Verdrängung, SO36


< 7.03 > CiTiZEN KiNO #71: Awakening The Spirits in The Beehive at Regenbogen Kino


<25.03> Haifa Independent Film Festival – The 3rd


For all Anti-Google activities in Btropolis ( and beyond )… you can follow the F.O. Google Wiki HERE

to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO #71: Awakening The Spirits in The Beehive

February 17th, 2018


Coming Sooon ! To Regenbogenkino, Btropolis … March 7th !

( and 1st show in Italy in June !? )

Written as a proposal for the Share Festival in Turino in June, 2018… We begin with a work-in-progress version in Btropolis, to develop “the Frankenstein of our mass mediated cultures ” investigations … a long-running theme in the XLterrestrials’ artivist repetoire…

< March 07 > CiTiZEN KiNO #71: Awakening The Spirits in The Beehive at Regenbogen Kino, 19:00h

CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of tactical media navigations… a hybrid species of cinema art, media activism, theater, happening, psychomedia analysis, public forum and spectacular interventions. We begin by collecting archival media to present, re-contextualize, remix… and to analyze a variety of urgent topics for upgrading collective consciousness in our predatory and precarious times.

In this episode, we propose using as a starting point – Victor Erice’s monumental work of poetic cinema – Spirit of The Beehive ( 1973 ) – made in Spain during Franco’s fascist rule, in order to consider our own predicament of deep immersions in a globalized cybernetic regime. We utilize excerpts to transpose his meditations (and symbolism ) of what mass media has wrought upon childhood innocence, as two young sisters from a rural village are tossed into a cinematic vortex via James Whales’ Frankenstein (1931), in order to reflect upon our own unique moment of a capitalist horror show now accelerating in the brutal digital reductionism and corporate datacidal extractivism ! Mixed with a variety of other mediated horror specimens ( clips and remixes ) we will provide a rich and complex map to better understand where we are, and how we might now seek the emergency exits. Note, we also invite a few special guest analysts to go beyond just another dystopian spectacle; We discuss, debate and collect strategies from the audience.

The Context


( pic: Terror in the laboratory exhibition, in Madrid, Spain, 15 June 2016. Photograph: Paco Campos/EPA )

… 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of  the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin’s ( later Shelley )  Frankenstein novel … science museums have been preparing new exhibitions on the theme(s)…

This Guardian article – What Frankenstein means now – is an easy and useful primer… and mentions the notoriously bad article on Frankenstein by Bruno Latour re: “Loving Our Monsters”… One could say that he has since gotten a bit sharper on the crises and challenges ahead with Facing Gaia ( 2017 ) … though still weak on plans of action and how to sufficiently confront the current operating systems that are driving us towards an ecological collapse….

In other words, Dear Bruno, if you cannot mention colonialism, crapitalism +  corporations ( incl. present day names and addresses ) when discussing all our technologically-entangled dilemmas and a fucked-up planet earth, please just STFU !

to be cont.

XLt Winter Radar v.2: Transmediale, Rebel Kiez, C-Kino #70, etc…

January 31st, 2018


Exciting news, we will be working with Regenbogenfabrik to create a new CiTiZEN KiNO in March… ( possible theme: degrowth + technological retreat ) … stay tune ! …

They have a fantasticly cozy cinema space, and is one of the remaining bastion of Kreuzberg autonomy, community strategies and 80s squat culture… CK#70 was a great success ! …  Thx to all who came, supported, participated, and schemed ! … The resistance and community-building continues !



( foto: Contra-Internet by Zach Blas at #Tm18 )


<Jan31-Feb.3> Transmediale’s Face Value, HKW




< Feb 7th > CiTiZEN KiNO #70: FUck OfF GOOgle ! at Regenbogen Kino, 19:00h

XLterrestrials present …

A collection of films, media excerpts, archival photos and a public
forum all mixed together to help give an overview and develop effective
strategies for protecting our communities against the accelerating
neo-liberal agendas, neo-tech-colonialism, gentrification, inequalities
and displacement. A “Google Campus” is planned to open in Kreuzberg in
2018, at the Umspannwerk on the Paul-Linke Ufer, in a district which is
still a drum-beating heart of (multi-)cultural resistance for life +
livelihoods in the thriving autonomous zones of Berlin.  We’ll have
special guests from San Francisco to share their experience organizing
direct actions in the midst of the tech industries boom in neighborhoods
like The Mission District. And perspectives on the local Kiez initiatives now
mobilizing a diversity of tactics to stop the tech titan(s) from
invading our city and disrupting our own visions for another possible
urban eco-system and better decentralized tech infrastructures.

Special guests will include filmmaker David Martinez ( 500 Miles To
Babylon ) and activists Fred Sherburn-Zimmer ( Housing Rights Committee
of San Francisco ), political work from artist Leslie Dreyer, Sergey Schmidt and others to represent the local Berlin initiatives.

We welcome discussion in all languages, but films will mostly be in Eng.


More coming soon !

Well then, if the buses run on time in the cybernetic regime …

January 22nd, 2018


< 17-25.01 > “Spy On Me” – Focus on Big Data – w/ Peng! Collective, Timo Daum, Felix Maschewski , Anna-Verena Nosthoff + Nina Scholz, and more,  Hau / Hebbel Theater

XLterrestrials went to this discussion and it was very worth reporting and expanding on… while we’re processing it…. here’s the write-up and frame for the panel… part of an 8-day program at the Hau:

Die Pistole ist neutral? Über informierte Naivität und Technikeuphorie With Timo Daum, Felix Maschewski, Anna-Verena Nosthoff / Moderation: Nina Scholz Part of the focus “Spy on Me” In the debates about the influence of digitization on recent elections –such as Brexit or the election of Donald Trump as American president –tech-authorities are constantly repeating the mantra that technology is neutral. The CEO of the British data firm Cambridge Analytica has stressed the impartiality of technology, and in response to critical demands for psychometric analysis by means of big data, has maintained that it’s not guns that kill people, but the hand that pulls the trigger.  Anna-Verena Nostoff and Felix Maschewski, along with Timo Daum, author of the book “Das Kapital sind wir. Zur Kritik der digitalen Ökonomie”, examine the thesis of neutrality, as proclaimed by the Silicon Valley representatives of the California ideology, discussing the political, social and economic effects and consequences of a digital capitalism in which algorithms becomes the most important machine, data become essential raw materials and information becomes our most important commodity.

On the XLT Winter Radar 2018: On the Edge of All Our Tomorrow(s)

January 12th, 2018



< 12.01 > William Basinski, Skrei, Nent at Funkhaus Berlin

( warning! )  <13.01> AVA Movie Night : DETROIT, directed by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker and  Zero Dark Thirty) with discussion after featuring DARNELL STEPHEN SUMMERS, Lichtblick Kino

< 16.o1 > The Edge Of Tomorrow, Trevor Paglen in dialogue, KW Institute

< 17-25.01 > “Spy On Me” – Focus on Big Data – w/ Peng! Collective, Timo Daum, Felix Maschewski , Anna-Verena Nosthoff + Nina Scholz, and more,  Hau / Hebbel Theater

< 19.01 > Transmediale / Vorspiel opening at Acud

< 20.01 > Soliparty für B6112 ( the Volksbuhne Occupiers ), KÖpi

< 26.01 > A Tribe Called Red, Lido – Postponed / TBA

< Dec31- Feb 4 > “Face Value” Transmediale 2018, HKW

< Feb 2 > Fuck Off Google workshop at Transmediale, HKW

+ + +


+ + +


The big news on the homefront is Btropoolis neighborhoods are mobilizing against the accelerating gentrification. The story of Google Campus moving into Kreuzberg ( in March 2018? ) is poking an epicly agitating beehive… the Kiez is swarming, and rising up to change the directions of our city !

For more news… follow

And share your news ! Send us your highlights and your recommendations !

to be cont…


January 7th, 2018


( The foto is from Szimpla, an unusual and creative cafe+venue space made from a former ruin in the city center of Budpaest. Send us some of your favorite interiors of public spaces and venues, as examples.)

When Life is about to give you a military industrial complex LEMON… DO NOT MAKE LEMONADE ! … rather, Imagine a worker-owned collective that serves whatever you can dream next !!

Currently Google is planning to open a “Campus” in Kreuzberg… in 2018… And the neighborhood has formed numerous groups to oppose it. READ MORE HERE !

The last thing we, or any city needs, is corporate dreamers installing a neoliberalist cathedral for the big brother vampire machines, and implementing corporate + state surveillance technologies … ad infinitum, ad nauseum !




+ + +


+ + +

While we are formulating what such a community space resource could look like,… Send us some fotos of YOUR favorite labs, lounges, cultural spaces… to visualize … ANOTHER POSSIBLE CULTURE !

- Under Construction -

Time For #34C3, Engines On !

December 26th, 2017


___ 0 ___ 1 ___ O___1 ____

< Dec 27-30 > #34C3 in Leipzig

Keynote: Charlie Stross- Dude, You Broke the Future ! ! Weds. 27.12 – 11.30h CET … live streamed ( and archived )


XLT perspectives… coming soon !


( foto above by Benks @Algoropticon )



And we’re very excited that this year the TEAHOUSE has its own little B-side stage for lectures and presentations ( which were rejected and/or need urgent ‘last-minute’ insertion )… See full schedule here… Our C-KINO project is booked for Thurs. Nite !

< 28.12 > CiTiZEN KINO #69 : Electric Sheep Revisited v.2 - an XLT anarcho feminist critique of “blade runners” at 34c3, on the teahouse stage at 23:00h CET ( seating limited, come early… and sorry, not streamed )

( Original write-up and links to view some of the media used, HERE. )

CiTiZEN KINO #69 : Electric Sheep REvisited x2
+  +  +
The XLterrestrials present an anarcho-feminist critique of the Blade Runner films, but not too get too nerdy about the films themselves ( and script debates), but as a starting point to dissect the Hollywood advertising machine and the spectacle of male-viewpoint dystopias in the context of our immediate social challenges. The idea that the technological realms will be our savior in the midst of climate breakdown, political and corporate power grabs, and wild neoliberal frenzies seems to be a fading light in a dark-wired vortex !  The questions now might be: How will we shape alternative visions for possible futures as we disarm the threats of a dismal environmental + social collapse accelerated by both the return of a rabid hyper-nationalism AND a new transnational techno-fascistic corporate state !? And what if the Sci-Fi genre “jumped the ( tech) shark” and started imagining radical new methods for transforming our present !

About:CiTiZEN KiNO is a series and hybrid platform of cinema, interactive theater, media activism + analysis, and public forum. Our earliest episodes were inspired by the idea to counteract the passive download behaviors of traditional media formats and the invasive corporate screen-machine grabs + traps. And in 2012, we presented Electric Sheep Revisited ( v.1 ) as a tribute to P.K.Dick at the C-Base hacklab in Berlin, in collaboration with Telekommunisten and Mozilla Foundation.


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more details + NOTES coming soon !

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