XLt Launches Viral PsyOp Ad Nauseam Counter-Campaign ;)

June 20th, 2018



More Details to Come !

The Xlterrestrials have been using a VJ tool program called Modul8 for many years, not only for film/video mixing but graphic collage. Here we have layered Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu onto the Migrant Children Kidnapper-in-Chief’s image…

We’d like to create a viral campaign…

Mix your own monstrous character imagery onto any current racist warmonger politico…

And let’s create a hideous re-useable gallery for all media outlets to use whenever these dangerous characters are covered in the news. Of course corporate media is highly unlikely to take our suggestions, but we CAN create tactical trends in grassroots media !

Mass Media today IS a massive, militarized Psychological Operation ( Psy Op ). That is to say, used as a weapon. How long exactly this has been the case is difficult to say, and some would argue mass media has always been a weapon, that is its history ! ( The first television experiments were by the 3rd Reich during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, ArpaNet online communication was cold war tech, the Eniac computer was for building nuclear bombs, etc. )

In the new Burnt Orange Era, we are bombarded with absurdities and inanity on a daily basis, with intent to paralyze us !

We too, as artists, should also utilize our skills for the surreal, the absurd and the grotesque. We can on a mass scale and by sheer numbers and wild imaginations outdo them ! We too can go over the top ! Potentially, we could even break the Psy Op machine ! Dada, afterall was just such a semiotic attack !

We cannot ignore the onslaught of terrible news related to these characters’ very real impacts upon the world, but we can help depict them ( and their imagery ) in such a way so that we can induce greater dis-ease with our dismal situations and bombard the dismal repetition ! And we CAN motivate for more rapid and *radical* change ! The sooner we replace and de-select these MoFos from our newsfeeds, AND from their positions of power, the better for EVERYONE !

Ready  ! Set ! Go ! …

Make your own !

And let’s rid the world of these ridiculous and truly dangerous political phantoms and blood-suckers from our daily lives !

We like to call them #Vampirekrapitalists … but feel free to hashtag them with your own descriptive and tactical texts !

Some of the IMAGES to come were collage work we began during the 2015/16 US election campaigns… But we are only just getting started…

We will SHOCK YOU into full engagement !


#VampireKrapitalism #TacticalPsyOp

We certainly can’t rely on twitter as our tactical media base, but feel free to test the limits there… And at Mastadon.social !

a work-in-progress

XLT Summer Radar: Stadt Von Unten / City From Below ! v.3

June 14th, 2018


( foto: @ Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Graffiti Writers Wanted in Btropolis ! …

Apply Now ! ;)

Recently at a screening – set up by Kunstblock at Acud – of Oliver Ressler’s doc ( link ) on Le ZAD struggles in France ( and everywhere ! #ZADpartout ) , John Jordan and other inhabitants of ZAD, explain in the interviews that we must embody both a YES and a NO ! If we JUST create our alternative little cultures and commune-like territories, but do not resist the systems which are devastating the planet ( and our homes ), we will lose everything ! In this case, a project and a movement were designed to stop the construction of a new unnecessary airport ( which succeeded ! ) AND to experiment with building new ( and old )  forms of collective autonomy in the midst of a rabid neoliberal state. They are still under siege, but they are surviving after weeks of brutal repression from a decrepit old state with no tenable ideas for our communal and interlinked future and well-being ! Read a fresh + militantly poetic update – June 13th -  on the ZAD at Earth First Journal.


HERE in Btropolis : There is precious little time left to defend this city against the threat of an insidious transformation ! A force which is pushing out low-income, working class and vulnerable migrant communities from their homes ! And an invasive system enhanced and accelerated by new technological infrastructure / disruption, is rapidly expanding the financialization and krapitalization of every social interaction and every minutiae of our existence in the city !

None of us can really fully grasp or predict what it means that a slithery corporate Goo from Silicon Valley is now attempting to lay its little serpent’s egg on one little corner of Kreuzberg district, but NOW is the time to find as many meaningful convergence points to RESIST as possible ! Sure, this Goo campus is just one factor of these imposing, non-democratic and yes, techno-fascistic changes … both symbolic and tangible…  that brings with it a whole malady of schemes, parasites and carpet baggers.

Today, there are a number of community + Kiez groups ( i.e. Gloreiche Nachbarschaft, Bizim Kiez, Lause Bleibt, etc, ) banding together to organize a creative ( and permitted ) demonstration !

Kick The Google Out of The Kiez !

Your presence, your vigilance, your numbers are absolutely REQUIRED ! BE THERE ! TODAY, JUNE 14 – 20:00h … And spread the news !


< June 14> Kick Google Out of Kreuzberg -  ( Fb Invite ) – at the Umspannwerk, 20h

The YES’s + The No’s

Today is also the beginning of Make City- Berlin…

Berlin’s first Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives, bringing together architects, planners, civic groups and developers in a citywide conversation on thinking and making city differently.

This will undoubtedly require some critical analysis, but which also bring together people who have the power to initiate and implement new strategies for the city. If their strategies contain no elements of protecting the most vulnerable of our city, then we must remind them that we will fight for everyone’s rights to the city ! In other words, they must also embody the NO… or it will be in the same vein as all the other unsustainable developments that are driven by krapitalst expansion, exclusion, exploitation and displacement !

< June 14 – July 1 > Make City- Berlin, at multiple locations

Watch This!  Make City On Vimeo

And coming soon, a report from yesterday’s 5.Mieterforum Pankow, with radical outside-the-krapitalist-box social thinkers like Andrej Holm and projects like Stadt Von Unten. It’s complicated… But DOABLE ! … was the vibe … and the praxis !




XLterrestrials are not so easily pinned to a capitalist vs. anti-capitalist dichotomy, nor the endless factions of marxist and ecomomics analysis, but in regards to the Wohnungsfrage ( Engels )… these perspectives are currently leaping off the page and INTO THE STREETS !

How a city deals with housing rights and protection of renters, is at the root of our immediate crises and must be at the center of our strategies to resist and rethink all future ( urban+rural+technological ) development !

to be cont.

XLT Summer Radar: Turn up the HEAT ! v.2

June 8th, 2018


((( ooo )))

Upcoming Things…

Please visit V.1 for previous listings for more JUNE events

< June 7 -10 > Berlin Punk Fest, So36 / Wild at Heart / Cassiopeia

… … …

On the gentrification front, things are definitely accelerating … and heating up… it is THE Btropolis HOT TOPIC… and it is not unlike a war for the future of the city… Nevermind the blockchains, singularity conferences – opportunists of the great dismal disruptions, nor the Berlin Biennale window dressings on your art grave…


Fresh pic from Rechenberger kiez in Kreuzberg… Tenants are informing in the streets… This is Ground Zero for the tech start-up tsunami-carpet-baggers coming to set up corporate shop on top of the rich social fabrics of an already vibrant creative neighborhood. This is only a few blocks away from where the Google Campus wants to move in and “incubate” the new tech industries… and capture the productivity! This is NOT anything remotely resembling a “share economy” nor human intelligence. Silicon Valley is out to grab control, maximize profits, and monopolize the fields ! If they have their way you will soon be living on THEIR digital cult plantations, the smart cities, where every consumer is a sucker and a product in their panopticon pocket ! It is very Anti-future for all of us !

The XLterrestrials might suggest that NOW is the time to dig in the community heels, prepare for the invasion, subvert the gameplan, and develop a counter-vision for how we want to live a sustainable commons-based culture, where opportunies for all to flourish is the goal.

Keep an eye out for coming events on these issues, get engaged, and start to imagine how creative community worlds will turn the tide, and sprout some better possible worlds for all the wild organisms.

Wir Bleiben Alle ! We Are All Staying !

< June 13 > 5. Mieterforum Pankow at Wabe ( Fb invite )

< June 14> Kick Google Out of Kreuzberg ( Fb Invite )

< June 22/23 > Laboratory: Claiming Common Spaces at Hau

etc etc, etc…. and, and, and…

more to come !

XLT Summer Radar: Turn up the HEAT ! v.1

May 29th, 2018




- ö1öö1öö1 -


< May 29 > Soli 4 #ZAD ! Screening of Oliver Ressler film ” EVERYTHING’S COMING TOGETHER WHILE EVERYTHING’S FALLING APART: THE ZAD (2017)  + discussion 2nite in Btropolis hosted by Kunstblock + Acud, 20h ( Acud Link )

< June 1 > – Noise Against Google ! Ohlauer/ Paul Linke, 18:00h

< June 5 > – The UNWELCOME Party ! Heureka Konferenz im Admiralpalast. Rowan Barnett, Chef von Google for Entrepreneurs hält einen Vortrag, 14-16 Uhr:

< June 9 > – Anti-Google Cafe im Kalabal!k, Reichenberger Str. 63a. Das Café face2face ist ein Bezugspunkt für einen informellen und selbstorganisierten Kampf gegen den Google-Campus in Kberg

< June 14 > – On the night of the opening game of the Fußball-WM-2018 – No Google Campus calls for a “Kick’ Google aus dem Kiez” in front of the Umspannwerk, cool drinks, live musik and informing the neighbors why the Big Goo sucks ! … 20h…

—- MUSICA —-


< June 9 >  – Release-Party: A Tribute to Punk – compiled by Lucha Amada, at The Clash ( fracky invite )

< June 9 > Haus Schwarzenberg Hoffest 2018 . Rosenthalerstr. 39

< June 9 > Supamolly Strassenfest, Friedrichshain

< June 9 > Interkosmos III : with Damo Suzuki Network + Tau + Cummi Flu at Urban Spree

< June 21 > Driftmachine, Tatu Rönkkö (Liima, Efterklang) at Arkoada, ( Fb Invite )

< June 26-July 1 > Fusion Festival 2018

< May 31 > – Test Dept.! and various guest djs ( “danceable synth-driven sets” ) at Arena Club ( fracky invite )

< May 31 > Multiversal #81 : Dirar Kalash x Joke Lanz x Utku Tavil + ZS ZS aka Zeynep Sar?kartal + Busæxus aka Dr. Nexus x Marcello S. Busato … at Villa Kuriosum – Scheffelstraße 21 – 10367 Berlin

Things coming: Interkosmos III ( with Damo Suzuki + Cummi Flu ) at Urban Spree – 9.06 … Driftmachine at Arkoada – 21.06 … David Byrne at Tempodrom… Filastine + Nova at Fusion ( date ) … Claiming Common Spaces at HAU 21-23.06 Aphex Twin at Funkhaus ( sold out ? already ) …. etc, etc.

to be cont…

The Beach Beneath The Anthroposcreens – v.1 –

May 24th, 2018


+ * + * +


* + *


* + *

< May 24 > CiTiZEN KiNO #72/73 : The Beach Beneath The Anthropo-screens ! … at Regenbogenfabrik, Lausitzerstr.22, Kreuzberg, 20:00h

( the Frackbook invite )


A mix of many of our usual topics:, but recombined with current events and realtime eruptions for maximum effect : Anthropocene, Technosphere, Situationists, ZAD, Urban Zads, Hambacher Forest, The Commons, The Anti-Commonists, #Besetzen, Occupy, Bruno Latour ( speaking at HKW on May 4th ), Mckenzie Wark ( The Beach Beneath the Street ), and excerpts from Jordan Brown’s new film “Stare Into The Lights, My Pretties”, etc…

Happy and Engaged May Days !

::: Update ::::

XLterrestrials present:

It’s the 50th anniversary of May 68 ! Student revolt and a general strike
erupted ( initially in France ), and widespread discontent gave rise to one of the most *orgasmic* political events of the 20th century. With ripples and
shockwaves, actions, sentiments and many poetic + pragmatic
revolutionary manifestations became a nearly global-wide scream for
Another Possible World !

” Sous les pavés, la plage ! -
Beneath the cobblestones, the beach! ” – agitprop /grafitti in France

This Double-Feature episode of C-KiNO gathers both historical views (
archival ) and realtime evidence ( current media ) of another volcanic
potency spreading today. Only now, the contexts seem even more urgent
and volatile than before. In the dark grip of the Anthropocene crisis,
i.e. scientific analysis + theory which reveals a highly likely – if not
guaranteed – total environmental collapse in the absence of a radical
reformatting of social organization, we look for revolutionary
strategies that might lead us out of a calamitous cul de sac.

We screen a mix of materials to discuss, from the creative La ZAD resistance in
France to the new fights against the “cybernetic regimes” ( Spectacle
2.0 ) like FuckoffGoogle ! Standby for a possible playlist.

Beneath the Anthroposcreens, the breach !”

Accompanying analysis of Bruno Latour’s Anthropocene lecture ( and a quick look at his latest books Facing Gaia + Das Terrestriche Manifest ) at HKW in Berlin on May 4th, coming soon ( in Part 2 ) !


Anthroposcreens v.3 : Challenging the Property Regime !

May 21st, 2018



Challenging the Property Regime !

NINE houses were occupied in Btropolis yesterday for the #Karnevalderbesetzen Actions ! see also : #Besetzen … and links below ( more coming soon  )

There is a housing crises in most cities around the world, because there is a global-scale neoliberalism crisis ! Because capitalism – already in most cases a deadly game of Crones -  gets increasingly corrupt without meaningful checks and balances, and is turning into something else. Btw, the new subject of a forthcoming book by McKenzie Wark based on an essay he wrote in 2017 ( pay-walled link coming ). And something that was pointed out by Brian Holmes and Claire Pentecost in their Anthropocene Seminar ( link coming ) in 2017, laying out the terrifying new parameters of digitalized high-speed financial trading.

The XLterrestrials have been calling it “corporate krapitalism” ( because it is much different than previous capitalist methods and possibilities )  in which predatory mafia-like structures and power plays plus new technologies take hold.

Whether or not you agree with that analysis, we think it’s pretty undeniable to say whatever democracy, socialism, and social justice we had are in the big picture of things shrinking rapidly everywhere on the planet. And none of these systems were based on anything to do with sustainability, so now that the instabilities ( and anticipated crashes ) are rampant, the whole operating system is squeezing in on itself, imploding. And already the social conditions and discontent of the 99% are ripe for exploding.

According to some sources, Btropolis ranked the highest city for market real estate and/or rent increases in 2017, as though it wishes ( or is forced ) to catch up to the neoliberal frenzies already wreaking havoc in various power centers like London, New York, San Fran, etc…

To challenge the property regime, is perhaps one of the most logical actions for communities attempting to defend themselves in this storm.

This is happenign in Btropolis, because the social ties and the informed left, which exist here, have not been obliterated.

to be cont…

Meanwhile, some resources for the news on housing occupations here:

https://enoughisenough14.org/2018/05/20/series-of-occupations-in-berlin-squat/ ( eng )


http://www.dw.com/en/berlin-squatters-take-over-series-of-buildings-to-protest-gentrification/a-43864221 ( eng )

The list of occupatons as on May 20 ( many alread evicted, some were apparently temporary and symbolic ) :

Odenwaldstraße / Ecke Stubenrauchstraße (Steglitz) #OdenEckeStuben?Finowstraße / Ecke Frankfurter Allee (Friedrichshain) #EckeFinow?Bornsdorfer Straße 37b (Neukölln) #Borni?Reichenberger Straße 114 (Kreuzberg) #Friedel54 im Exil?Petersburger Straße 16 (Friedrichshain) #Peter16?Arndtstraße 13 (Kreuzberg) #Arndt13?Regattastr. 277 (Grünau) #Funkwerk?Rummelsburger Landstraße #Bootsschuppen?Karl-Marx-Straße 145 (Neukölln) #KMS145


The Beach Beneath The Anthroposcreens – v.2 –

May 6th, 2018


- A Preview -

We are working on an analysis of Bruno’s astounding Anthropocene Lecture on May 4th at HKW, which has been programming on this theme since 2012… Six years ! There’s alot to process ! :)

Audio archive of his lecture ( in Eng ), which begins with HKW director Bernd Scherer’s intro ( in De ) already available HERE, Thx to Voice Republic ( Free, but a log-in required )

- under construction -

In the meantime, here are some excellent Latour primers, to understand his latest work, his orientation, and strategic thinking to address the “New Climate Regime” – something the XLterrestrials would prefer to deconstruct ( or obstruct ) more forcefully by naming it an intentional + accelerating “Techno-fascism”… NOT as a form of denial ( as many are misinterpreting and/or spinning), but as Latour  suggests, a declaring of war ! …

For a Terrestrial Politics An interview with Bruno Latour ( Public Seminar ) – Feb, 2018

The Critical Zone of Science and Politics: An Interview with Bruno Latour ( LA Review of Books ) – Feb 2018

UFO Follies, interview / vimeo clip, 2011

and the XLT’s 1st encounter with Latour in 1999 at Ars Electronica’s “Life Science”- as he tries to mediate ( or be a legislator ) between the biotech business, art spectacle players, scientists and activists.

and finally, Bruno Latour : Occupy Earth – McKenzie Wark’s analysis of “Facing Gaia” for Verso blog, which may have bypassed the elements that make it useful…

We’ll have to try and revisit some of these inputs, in our own essay.

to be cont. !

AND, for what it’s worth, the XLterrestrials asked Bruno Latour Friday night to sign the petition ( i.e. get more involved ! ) to stop the state’s destruction of the #ZAD… We said we absolutely needed more * ART PROJECTS * like ZAD to find solutions beyond the TECHNO-FASCIST fixers of the ecological and socio-political environment ( or in his terms… “the critical zone” ).

Fortunately, Latour himself did mention La ZAD, quite positively… 5 minutes into his talk… but we tried to get him to elaborate before the close of the conversation. Rather than respond to the question of the ZAD ( as a necessary critical resistance art form ),  he indirectly addressed the “techno-fascism”… by saying technology would not serve a fix, rather it expands the political questions into even more complexity.

XLt Springtimey radar v.2 : May 68 / ZAD 18

April 18th, 2018


+++ o +++

April 18 – DAY 10 of the resistance : La #ZAD is Everywhere !

And IF your just tuning into news about the ZAD ( Zone to Defend ), visit our quick resource blog – La ZAD Is Under Attack v.1 – from Day 2 of the militarized eviction attempts of this autonomous + sustainable commons in western France.

OR, watch this incredible clip, released on DAY 11 … by the Cinema Committee and It’s Going Down website … which quickly and emotionally sums up the situations.


- XLT Springtimey Radar – v.2 – EVENTS :

< April 19 > – “Infoveranstaltung gegen Gentrifizierung und Überwachung” Zilona Gora, Grünbergerstr. 73, – 20:00h -

< April 21 > Communist Counter Campus Party, @k9, Kinzigstraße 9, – 22:00 -


< May 1 > EVERYWHERE !

< May 4 >  Bruno Latour, Anthropocene lectures at HKW

< May 7 > Marion Fourcade: Social order in the digital society Monday,  7 – 10 pm, Langenbeck-Virchow Haus | Luisenstraße 58/59 | 10117 Berlin

< May 16 > Warum Google kein guter Nachbar ist – Helle Panke / Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung hosts discussion ( and strategizing session ) with Anti-Eviction Mapping Project from SF, Conni Pfeiffer & Stefan Klein (GloReiche), Counter Campus and Nina Scholz… in SO36



< 04.5 > Lärm Demo against the Goo(gle) ! Ohlauerstr, 18:00h

see more at the Fuck OFF Goo… Wiki


Upcoming music listings coming soon ! From Pastor Leumund’s record release party at Arkoada to Acid Arab at Gretchen, Step Across the Border + Czentrifuga Spaceship at Mensch Meier, etc…



spaceship flyer 21 april 2018


- Btropolis is EXPLODING with MUSIC -

< 24.4 > Ana Tijoux with Roya y Negro, Quasimodo

<24.4 > Mulatu Astatke, Berghain-Panorama Bar

< 28.4 > Heartbeatz Solifest #4, Bi Nuu

<28.4 > Nebuleuse X Party at Regenbogenfabrik

< 28.4 > 100 Years Of Beat, Goat, Talvin Singh + Budgie, HKW

< 29.4 > 100 Years of Beat: Tony Allen, Les Tambours de Brazza, ( FB invite ) HKW

< 30.4 > Konzentriert Euch – Pastor Leumund Album Release Party! ( FB invite) at Arkoada

MORE to come !

Join us on La ZAD Plage … and/or on the local barricades !


… this is not the end !


< 26.4 > Floating Utopias – Intervention: Ahmet Ö?üt »Castle of Vooruit, Oranienplatz

As part of …

< 27.4- 24.6 > FLoating Utopias with Ahmet Ö?üt, Ant Farm, Anna Hoetjes, Anika Schwarzlose, Artúr van Balen, Eventstructure Research Group, Franco Mazzucchelli, Graham Stevens, Huw Wahl, Marco Barotti und Plastique Fantastique, The Yes Men, Tomás Saraceno, Tools for Action, UFO,  NGBK exhibition, Kreuzberg



< 01.05 > the Grünewald Demo ! the Problembezirk – The Villenviertel :)

to be cont.?

La ZAD is under ATTACK !

April 10th, 2018







“Possibly the largest experimental, autonomous, peaceful, free, self-sustaining, land-based community in the whole of the EU is being destroyed by the rabid state of clueless neolib Macaroons and 2,500 Robo-popos since 4am this morning – April 9th ! ” – XLt analyst in Btropolis

#ZAD / #NDDL / #ZADResist


Statement and Call for Mobilization ( in Eng + Fr ):

- http://zad.nadir.org/spip.php?article5341

- Nantes Indymedia ( live / ticker )

- A public twitter list by @NONagoNDDL > ZAD Forever

- Unicorn Riot article ( in eng + links )

– Enough is Enough ! – live blog

– The Guardian article / overview – April 9

Radio Klaxon – 107.7 + streaming + Mirror link





DAY 2 Analysis:

“The State just… oops! … potentially catalyzed a most exciting SPRING REVOLUTION …

Things are going to get *gloriously* muddy …

And perhaps more deeply rooted in realtime, tangible, and AFK ( away from keyboards ) resistance this season …

Time to bypass all the #bigdatacreep -iness and endless net floundering ?… And start imagining  + constructing another possible terrestrial autonomy !

… Everywhere ! “

-XLt analyst in Ctropolis

to be Verily cont…

The XLT Springtimey Radar : Arts n Cult n Riots !

April 6th, 2018


foto: MietenWahnsinn campaign


Time to Stand Together and Stand Tall Against All the Bullshit !


< 6.04 > Noise Against Google ! LÄRM demo ! 18:00h at Ohlauerstr., Kberg

< 14.04 > Mietenwahnsinn Demo, 14:00h at Potsdamerplatz

< 04-14.04 > Mietenwahnsinn Action Days, all over Berlin

- an open map and list of all events -

Check it ! Spread it ! Support it ! Be There !


Upcoming Arts n Cult n Riot-related : )

< 7.04 >  Dusty Ballroom feat. Sugar Candy Mountain + Jaguar No Me, at Bassy Club ( FuckoffFaceBook invite ) … the last one? before Bassy closes permanently.

< 12.04 > Baba Zula , 20:00h at Bi Nuu

< 20.04 > Acid Arab at Gretchen

< 28.04 > 100 Years of Beat: Goat, Talvin Singh/Seb Rochford/Budgie ( from Siouxsie + The Banshees ) , dj Zhao / Ghana Panorama at HKW


Film + Media + Discussion:

< 8.o4 > Topic Refugees : Film screening and discussion – Lesvos: The Beautiful Prison Engl.m.dt.U 2017, 55 Min, Dokumentarfilm von Laura Heinig, at Regenbogen Kino

more to come !

Send us YOUR upcoming NEWS + ALERTS !