Life and Death in the Technospheres v.3

April 24th, 2016


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” Technospheres, you’re soaking in them ! ” XLt analyst

[ { V.1 } and  { V.2 } on the theme ]

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An upcoming XLterrestrials public analysis event :

< May 18 > The XLt Guide to Technospheres + Exit Strategies, at Spektrum Berlin - 20:00h

An evening of cinema hacking + media navigations + public forum … to investigate where we’re at in the globalized Technotopian cesspools, and to set our sights on what’s to be done !


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XLT analysis : Life and Death in the Technospheres v.3

( work-in-progress )

Foto Notes + Analytical Trajectories

Everything you ever wanted to know about the technosphere mindfuck, but were afraid to ask …

The central image(s) in the poster above are from the work of J. Henry Fair’s “Industrial Scars” found at this site (*) . Each foto is an aerial view of the devastation and toxic legacies of corporate industries.

If we have time, we may track down the story of each, but just to give you a few examples: the two grayish ones are “Coal Ash” byproduct from a power plant in Moncks Corner, South Carolina ( top-right ), and another in Pineville, S.C. (bottom, center ). *

Another pic is from the tar sands in Alberta, CA,. from inside a tank, an oil sands “upgrader” ( bottom-right ). In one sense, the single-most ecologically devastating + earth-changing industrial project on the planet.

All 6 pictures represent one of the primary aspects of the term Technosphere(s) – the corporate-krapitalist threats to life on earth !  One angle on the multi-faceted ways this term is now framing our planetary crises, it reveals how our current social operating systems has constructed legal + economic frameworks for systematic exploitation and environmental degradation on a global scale, and which must be challenged and/or eradicated, if we want to get any handle on the forces that now threaten the entire habitat of ALL living species.

On the surface, this is NOT exactly the immediate or implied focus of J.Henry Fair’s exotic visualized versions of illuminating these environmental nightmares. Many will know by now that by examining deeper, one will eventually uncover that it’s the socio-political-economic engines – and mis-governance – that are driving this off-the-cliff level of destruction. Which can and should be defined as Ecocidal.

Other pictures at the ground level and community levels will illuminate the more specific horrors as they are unfolding:  real people’s suffering, children suffering, people dying of cancers, bodies mangled in resource wars, etc. Arundhati Roy calls them with a valuable precision Lifestyle Wars.

We don’t know enough about Fair to critique the intentions, but the omissions are important. And companies responsible are not detailed in the website documentation ( for that approach, see below). And exhibitions and press coverage for the project are taken to a highly professional art business scale. Just to say, harder + more precise confrontation will not get this kind of exposure.

The introduction to his views of industrial scars, published in  2011 as The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth In Crisis, states that ( aside from its aesthetic capture of a strange macabre beauty ) his book is also “about the power that the consumer has to shape the world through the purchase decisions she makes. “

But this not an entirely accurate nor useful analysis of “industrial scars” nor a properly-scaled strategy against its global implications i.e. climate terror, total biosphere impacts, ecocide.

Similar flaws may be found in the way we construct new conceptual frames for the Anthropocene, and let’s call it, for provocation, its bastard twin : the Technosphere.

Currently an individual citizen does not have much room to maneuver outside these corporate-designs, the dominant, aggresssive, predatory and thoroughly undemocratic technospheres.

And To exit these disastrous constructions (+ imperial habits ) requires revolutionary thinking, revolutionary politics, and revolutionary mobilizations from below. An internationalist citizenry reclaiming earth’s biosphere and its natural resources ( protected as a global commons ) and establishing an entirely new governance, which acts as reliable custodians for our shared habitats seems like the only intelligent way out, if it’s not already TOO LATE.

To say “Exit” is already a controversial frame in academic settings … But XLterrestrials may be positioning this language in order to accommodate a more activist-oriented platform.

It appears that Scientists have already attempted to define ( and limit ) the Anthropocene concept to a non-negotiable identifier, and thereby setting the dials for a specific future, which entails devolutionary + mutational outcomes and ongoing species extinctions. I.e. we heard multiple times during the HKW seminar, that there is no longer a “natural” biosphere to be reclaimed.

In their accounts and interpretations, we already live in its altered realities. We have entered a 2nd nature realm, made by us. Fair enough, for many contexts. But therein enters a future trajectory, that rather than taking some responsibility and urgent ( turnabout ) actions to preserve and repair, we proceed towards a planet with this irreversible co-evolutionary techno-industrial production stage intact. I.e. further disrupting and experimental, intentional geo-engineering ( w/ vested interests ). As if, we then agree – as some scientific consensus – to provide psychopathic corporate entities the license, the keys, the go-ahead to further profit, plunder and eco-mutilate.

We’ll have to come back to those debates later… But to lay some seeds here: Even if one accepts this conclusion of irreversibility ( the ‘no going back’ ), there are vastly different cultures which will have vastly different relationships to these questions, these trajectories, these destinies. As another provocation, we will perhaps suggest the tact of a 3rd nature ( which was mentioned by a HKW participant in jest, but we’ll take it here as a useable abstraction goal ), whereby all corporate resources be immediately reconstituted as public resources in order to begin reparations + restoration ( as much as possible ) – toward 1st nature origins.

One might argue, our situation now is that the global population is locked-in, a hostage to an authoritarian technological determinism, an authoritarian western-centric technosphere logic and agendas…  And one must not be too timid to call it Techno-Industrial Fascism, whenever applicable. The casualties of our technospheres are already immeasurable, ruthless and grim.

And this is an angle one hoped could be put more on the table at a fairly diverse group that gathered for HKW’s seminar last week… but even there, in a relatively diplomatic and open, explorative setting, the crux of the matter seemed often sidelined by the less confrontational frameworks.

Nevertheless examining HKW’s curriculum experiments and results- which essentially is a social laboratory microcosm of the new planetary classroom – will be extremely useful to understand how a citizenry can become better informed and more aligned in global solidarity in order to navigate these dangerous, volatile and highly contested places and times.

In contrast to Fair’s photography…

A more tactical depiction + scope of what we may now call the Maladies of Technosphere, is the mapping project – Petropolis – created by Brian Holmes and contributors….

This was presented in the Seminar: ” Governing the Technosphere “, and there’s much useful information and perspective to share on that, if time allows, in our next texts.

Given these contexts, perhaps now we can begin to properly discuss Irreversibles and Inevitabilities.


* A quick search – as we were hunting more info on the locations in Fair’s images – reveals an article in Scientific American about how coal industry waste is far more toxic than one might imagine. Among a variety of problems, it actually leaves horrific radioactive toxicity …  The article claims its more serious threat to public health then nuclear power plants. But that also opens more complicated political debates, which plays out between different energy company interests.  More than we have time for here. Suffice to say, for humans and living organisms, they both suck !

v.4? … coming soon !?

Life and Death in the Technospheres v.2

April 22nd, 2016






See v.1 for HKW links and seminar curriculum

An Intro to the XLterrestrials Analysis

Following 9 days of a trans-disciplinary seminar at HKW on the theme – Technosphere – which was a follow-up from a similarly-framed curriculum in 2014 on Anthropocene – one could easily feel overwhelmed by the immense challenges, and left to float in a muddied pool of academic and theoretical inquiries, a multitude of incongruous and conflicting perspectives.

What occurs inside the “HKW container” is not merely a unique and crucial pedagogic experiment, but a gathering which may ultimately be highly influential upon what eventually will become angles pursued in the socio-political + the technological, the scientific and analytical, then executed as public exhibitions, which then become threads informing policy in one of Germany’s  ( and EU’s ) most central cultural thinktank nodes.  The HKW sits directly across from the Reichstag, beside the governing legislative bodies, the Bundestag ( parliament ) and the Bundesrat (federal council ).

It seems incredibly unlikely, in this world of rigid bureaucratic dominance and controlling dysfunctions, that a strange and lively mix of diverse creatures – scientists, professors, artists, historians, students, critical theorists, activists, humans (and even a few XLterrestrials ) from various international contexts  – were given access to tinker, to question, to contest, to play and meddle with a topic that attempts to grasp and handle…  perhaps even steer… and maybe even set a course for … the future of the planet and a new planetary consciousness.

Hah, you / we may both laugh : “Such cultural inquiries will never come near the real levers that move today’s techno-futurist, increasingly cybernetic and post-democratic systems of governance.”

But then again, the inquiries and practices of defining the philosophical and conceptual frames of the Technosphere are so far beyond the day-to-day bureaucrats, the economists and corporate-krapital investment realms, that they probably cannot imagine what future maps could be born out of such a seminar. Maps, visualizations, deconstructions, alternatives, cultures of resistance, feral + garden mind-bodies, and actualized communities that hold the potential agency to wholly disrupt those myopic and/or murderous agendas.

That said, not all the forces and power of contributors within such seminar experiments do venture beyond their own primarily academic-institutional orientations, settings or horizons. [ In a later article we hope to elaborate on the timidity that arises in these professional / academic environments ]

And, in fact, there did exist a kind of tug-of-war between wild imaginings and the gravity of habits and habitus. But for those who have already jumped the fences one could detect a persistent strain – an obedient species of colonial + instrumentalizing thought patterns, an adherence to the permitted and conventional tracks, a subservience to some usual hierarchies.

So how wild and how high can one climb when the topic essentially comes down to the survival of life and human dignity on a planet that has already tipped the scales into a ridiculously eco-cidal, pathological and – it must be said – FASCIST trajectory?!

That is something we will have to tease out in whatever number of articles or events we’ll have time to produce over the next weeks, months… years?….

Meanwhile the Technosphere train at HKW will be running until 2018. Whether or not the XLterrestrials will find it a productive and sufficiently interventionist platform for that long is yet to be determined. But certainly we will not limit our analysis and strategies to that “container” alone !

to be cont.

[ Note: There is an immense wealth of information and many exciting ideas to relate from our experiences of the HKW curriculum which we'd like to be able to bring to your attention. To do it justice, and/or to challenge it, will require TIME + FINANCIAL SUPPORT. We have no institutional affiliations. We are an alien community garden where known and unknown seeds get planted. If you would like to donate to the XLterrestrials, please contact us !  ]

Foto Notes: 1. The aerial view of a factory farm / slaughterhouse in Texas 2. Rice fields in Southeast Asia.

These questions ” Whose Anthropocene? ” came from the seminar of looking at things from the African contexts… and a breakout group led by Chaz Maviyane-Davies… a brilliant artist, designer and “consciousness hacker” from Zimbabwe, now teaching in Boston  … more on that in the next piece.

One resonating lesson from him was: “put it all down, try things out, you can always take things out later”… which helped us get over the writing blocks of the last days and overcome the feelings that the task to process the complexities here were too daunting !

Life and Death in the Technospheres v.1

April 17th, 2016



Life and Death In The Technospheres

About the Technosphere Project ( 2015-2018 ) at HKW


We are currently researching at the HKW in Berlin, where a series of public exhbitions ( and a closed group seminar this week ) are taking place on their new curatorial focus  – the Technosphere. The curriculum resources are available online here. This also includes their previous investigations of The Antrhopocene from a seminar which took place in 2014.

Part 1:


One seminar included a presentation that went very deep in describing how the financial trade markets work in the technospheres (i.e. high speed non-human operating algorithms ), it is one of 3 primary engines ( together w/ big agro and fossil fuels ) that are driving anthropogenic global warming… we’re in creepy deep shit ! no joke ! no sitcom !

Time is of the essence !

Stay tune for XLterrestrials analysis.

Are You Prepared For The Unicorn Apocalypse !?

April 6th, 2016


A user’s manual for the Unicorn Apocalypse

coming soon !

Note: We are currently exploring the idea to make this explosive story a “subscriber only” article… b/c nothing’s free forever, right ?! Freelance slavery is not forever, is it ?!

CiTiZEN KiNO #52: Mysteries of The Radical Organisms @ Spektrum

March 25th, 2016



< 30.3.2016 > CiTiZEN KiNO #52: Mysteries of the Radical Organisms, Spektrum Berlin

A hybrid of cinema hacking, tactical new media, performance, forum and fertile resistance !

Our TitanPad for collecting media bits and ideas for Ck#52. ( many viewable clips already listed )

Key Words:

Biopolitics / Gentech / Chinese sperm / Dusan Makavejev / Mysteries of the organism / Wilhelm Reich / Arundhati Roy / David Lynch / Womb Envy / Sexuality / A.I + Robots / Green Scare + Green Revolution / Ecocide / planetary habitat / Mind-Body-Spirit / Feminism / Matriarchy / Patriarchy / Post-Fordism / Extrastatecraft / Noetic Sciences …

C-Kino 52 begins by revisiting the work of Dusan Makavejev, and his incredible mash-up deconstruction of sexual liberation and political orientation as an exile from both the communist and capitalist landscapes of his times. Thrown out of Yugoslavia for his WR: Mysteries of The Organism in 1971, he managed to become a unique cinematic flower and thorn in the social + cultural orders that keep our desires caught in strange contortions.

This night’s resistance begins in the mysteries of living things !


Ahhh, the lovely rush to turn everything into commodities and/or weaponry knows no bounds, borders or taboos. Soon we will have swift corporate think-a-like Bots all around us to make sure you don’t stray too far from your self-driving bubbles, pre-packaged joy-rides, shopping malls and screen-time.

Are theory + praxis in regard to Biopolitics now stuck in 1980s Foucault readers and neutered academic pens ?! … maybe there’s a few notable exceptions …  and please feel free to share with us any works that have managed to attack with fresh and vital energies !
[ see titanpad #52 for notes on Franco "Bifo" Berardi + Maurizio Lazzarato + Matteo Pasquinelli , etc. ]

But of course no one could possibly keep up with all the breakfast brand surreals of 21st century techno-industrial fascism soaking in a no mans’ land of blood, GMO-milk, machines and money.

So rather than try and list all the interior designs of the factored lives and slaughterhouses, we imagine what it would be like to reclaim the truly living organisms, radical enough to refuse the mass reproduction of mechanical and systemic chopping blocks !

We go for a full flesh and blood provocation, and a little taste of the transgressive cinema – historical + current  – that will not reduce itself to flat screens, but open up the room for riotous laughter, strange eroticism and true strategies for survival of the organic species and ways of life.



Coming to Liepzig on April 3oth…  a more “fleshed-out”version ;) … and more time to submit your suggestions and thoughts at the Titan Pad above…


more details coming soon !

On US (S)elections: Plan A + Plan B-ERNIE ( part 1 )

March 23rd, 2016



“We need to have a serious chat about DEMOCRACY ! … There isn’t one ! “

XLterrestrial analyst


Plan A + Plan B-ERNIE

As we were hunting for an image to lead the story on this dramatic global-scale election for who will take the role as Commander In Chief of the US Empire State, we thought to do a few searches for a really gripping and dripping cartoon appropriately dragging Hillary Clinton through her decades worth of accumulated mud. And even though there’s a bucket-load of exceptional winners, there was nothing funnier, more pathetic and more revealing in our quick search than this photograph.

Let’s get some business out of the way.

XLterrestrials wholeheartedly and 100% endorse BERNIE SANDERS ! There has never been a seriously (s)electable* choice on the ballot for a US president who stood so clearly and consistently on the side of social progress in our lifetime.

And it should be added, we never heard a political candidate in the US who so sincerely and fiercely spoke out for the cultural diversity of its population.

His recent speech in Arizona finally recognizing the trials and tribulations and genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas is poised to become a giant historical leap forward for (hu)mankind. Imagine a POTUS with an actual working relationship with the country’s non-massaged+mythologized history.  This epic achievement would actually dwarf the moon landing, which anyway – for us – was always about as technologically gimmicky as say a 1960s version release of an i-Phone 6.

That said, the planet is now in a dire state of perpetual crises.

And Bernie is Plan B !

Plan A is much more complicated.

Plan A entails building a community that, like a diverse biological wetlands, can withstand the worst monsoons of corruption and Stupidity Inc. … A variety of interconnected communities with strong ties will ultimately be required to keep the last 4-to-500 years of political + moral bankruptcy, which has marked the entire colonial enterprise from Day One, from rising back up like a foul and ghastly tide.

We’ll come back back over the next weeks and months to strategize and speculate what Plan A might look like…

Meanwhile we are working to help give Mr. Sanders a chance to eliminate The Shillary from the DNC running. 1. Because we think he can be far more successful in defeating the dangerous rise of popular fascist Trumpians and/or any other right-wing Republicrat agendas. 2. Getting involved in building this coalition of forces, now rapidly expanding behind Bernie’s campaign, will ultimately be of quintessential importance to evolving Plan A.

A little taste of Part 2 …


XLterrestrials  urgently recommend having a PLAN A, because there are surely many powerful forces working to prevent Bernie from making it to the next round ! And we all know how painful and debilitating it can be to have one’s hopes strangled in those seedy and sham-ridden theaters of democracy.

Please note: We use this hilarious, dark and unsettling Simpsons image of US politics to grab your attention. And as a warning that the playing field will undoubtedly get less cartoonish and more nasty.

We believe in the movement that Bernie’s kickstarted to battle the insane corruption in US politics, and we will work to expand the enthusiasm around the struggles he highlights so well. We should not give up on his bid for the presidency… in fact, his momentum is inspiring authentic and unprecedented desires for returning power to the people ! The changes are already palpable and real !

BUT even IF Bernie wins, you’ll be really glad you’ve built up more local and global solidarity, community alliances and a few strategies ready for the challenges that will undoubtedly come next !

* A note on (s)elections:

The 2-party RNC vs. DNC horror show that currently dominates the US political process should never be mistaken for the concept of an authentic and fair democratic election. We could rant endlessly on this, but we’ll have to keep it short. And a topic far too large a can of worms to open up in a footnote, but should be stated nonetheless:  Democracies in any nation-state are generally a tyranny of  a majority, and should never be considered an acceptable end goal.

And special Thanks to Guerrilla Socialists @GuerrillaDems for all the great Hillary cartoons – in one place…. have a look , and retweet often, if you’re using the social media platforms ! :)


AND if you can…

Please Support the XLterrestrials !

If you appreciate hard-hitting, humorous and/or deadly serious tactical media, please consider donating to the XLterrestrials project, today ! Contact us, and we will send you info on our Patreon account, and other ways to contribute.

We need funds to expand our arts + media productions. And we are also open for suggestions and commissions to make agitprop for planetary justice, equality and eco-defense !

And if your new to our site… and you happen to be in Berlin…. be sure to check out our current CiTiZEN KiNO events.

Logan Symposium interpreted… Part 2

March 16th, 2016


[[[[[ [} }[ {] }{ {] ][ {} ]]]]

And what if the internet is not recuperable … in its krapitalist incarnation ?! #logancij16

A question XLterrestrials have wished to pose for some time now to various players in the current digital culture “exodus”… i.e. for anyone who has access to read this now.

As we develop this part 2 analysis, we’d really like to thank Nafeez Ahmed, the creator of Insurge Intelligence ( a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, link below )  for highlighting some key points of Snowden and Assange’s contributions to the discussion at the symposium. We were a little too busy being annoyed by the grim prospects of ever finding our way out of the corporate labyrinth that we – as users – continue to help construct around us… But perhaps the perceptual shift, the relationship to our machines,  has in fact already occurred….

In the meantime read Nafeez !

We couldn’t help noticing this recent composition from Leonard Cohen – Nevermind ( 2014) – makes a heart-jarring soundtrack to the darkness we feel enveloping the world when it becomes so seduced by the technotopian-makers’ realm. And we utilized our cover foto/collage from the video. Watch/Listen HERE.

And we actually got turned onto this song by this incredible remix from Doggy Brasco aka Haris Pilton aka ? … which manages to take it up a few notches, and puts the lyrics into a Yugoslavian context !

to be cont.

Interpreting The Logan Symposium … Part 1

March 12th, 2016

:<>:  :<>:  :<>:


:<>:  :<>:  :<>:

Our initial preview of the CIJ2016 Logan Symposium is here.


Many inspiring tales to take from The Logan Symposium, which brought together journalists, activists, hackers, technical specialists and citizens aiming together to Challenge Power ! The theme of the event brought into sharp focus the multi-layered aspects which are endangering the space for democracies and a free press to evolve around the globe.

Not surprising, given all the changes in media brought on by digital environments, many sessions were dedicated to the new tools in the arsenal today for investigative journalism.

Given the XLterrestrials long-developing critiques with all the fallout from technotopian dreams, contradictions and corporate takeovers, we found many points of contention with a conference for journalists which is still charging ahead with such technological faith, without deeper critical analysis about where these territories have been and are still leading us.


To begin, we’ll start at the end, the closing address, a Google-hangout chat with Edward Snowden.

While we all can and should be inspired by the whistleblowers now coming out of the US imperialist situation… Snowden is a 32 year-old “digital native” IT security specialist who spent most of his employed experience in service to American secret intelligence agencies, and has yet to show a truly global (nor radical) perspective on what havoc technological krapitalism and/or californian ideology has wrought upon humanity and the lives in the digital “coal mines” – ie. the entire spectrum: from unemployed Frackbook users/surfers in Idaho, to the slave labor ( i.e cobalt extraction )  in the Congo and/or chip-manufacturers in maquiladoras or Foxconn , to a teacher in rural India.

Which reminds us, that the most fascinating interaction we’ve seen so far with Snowden was the visit from Arundhati Roy

While his insights about security, privacy and civil liberties carry a unique insider perspective, we believe it might take some time before he would grasp, much less take a position in, the heavier dystopian view of an expanding and transnational “cybernetic regime”.

While most of what he conveyed in his address to the Logan audience was not very new, it was interesting to hear him first use the word ” techno-utopian” … and to mention a Marxist notion of “seizing the means of communication”.

But even that gets more complicated …

{ work-in-progress }

Secondly, the story of activist + tech adept Tim Jenkin provided for us some odd perspective. His incredible tales of helping to break the apartheid regime in South Africa and achieving a daring jailbreak w/ his colleague Stephen Lee after being arrested for working with the banned ANC  is the real stuff of Rebel Legends.

But we believe that analyzing HOW his accomplishments were framed at such a symposium might be constructive…

Namely, that highlighting the technical breakthroughs without taking into account the multiple factors and players in the black population’s fight for freedom in S. Africa is a little problematic…

While communications ARE absolutely essential in such a battle with the state as Jenkin tells us, the narrow perspective we got is one which aligns with the technological fetishism of the hacker community … and does little to shine light on the broader spectrum of political tools in the citizens’ toolbox that when combined can bring a racist authoritarian regime down.

Would it be too much to ask to have provided some actual voices from the ANC, which was the militant force and brave leadership for which Jenkin’s brilliant technical skills became such an asset ?

Given that the conference already had some cultural diversity and multi-cultural perspective issues, this became a kind of glaring omission… and not to say this is Jenkin’s fault …  But we are already highly sensitive to this, since we are especially  concerned that our dilemmas in the tech sectors could be better addressed when they are being analyzed in collaboration with cultures of resistance that are approaching struggles from positions far outside the realm of IT… and all those colonial tech industries.

While we – XLT – are not historians, a brief review of the S. African struggle reveals black labor unions, the leverage of a large militant force, violent clashes, a charismatic leader in prison, economic sanctions + solidarity movements + boycotts … all central to breaking the back of white colonial rule ( which is far from over ). Communications and a clever encryption tool being apart of all that. But let’s not over-fetishize it.

It feels as though an awkward potential for a weird “white tech savior” narrative emerges if one over-emphasizes its importance.

to be cont.

Note: we have removed a foto posted of Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an undercover journalist working in Ghana and across the African continent… as the program had requested NO PHOTOS FOR THIS SESSION, which we’ve only later discovered. He presented from behind a screen, as a silhouette, and then briefly coming out to sit briefly with the moderator with a very unusual beaded mask.

But this uncovers another strange oddity, when one realizes the only African journalist keynote speaker present at a conference for journalists must not show himself. Certainly not the fault of Anas, but a powerful contextual image to reflect upon in the extreme asymetrical global struggles of mass mediation, technologies and the voices from a subjugated developing world.

Our foto was from a distance of the silhouette. Perhaps we can get permission to use it, but will proceed with caution until advised.


RT > Voice Republic ?@_VoiceRepublic 1h1 hour ago

@SomersetBean Snowden speech can be listen to and downloaded here … # LoganCIJ16 #podcst

more archived links to come !

On the XLt Radar : Nervous System ( + Evasive Cultures ), The Logan CIJ Symposium and Civil Society 4.0

March 1st, 2016


<> <> <>

Coming soon !

< 10 March – 9 May 2016 > NERVOUS SYSTEMS: QUANTIFIED LIFE AND THE SOCIAL QUESTION is an exhibition by Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in collaboration with the Tactical Technology Collective, co-curated by Stephanie Hankey, Marek Tuszynski and Anselm Franke.

( Note : Opening event in March 10th. )

Watch the Trailer Here at the TTC page

XLterrestrials are really excited to see what happens and what results may occur from this exhibition. While there’s some overlap in guests from Transmediale, and perhaps similar institutional handling of social crises, being once again in the HKW “discourse-container” … Yet, there is potential for some volatile and mind-altering substances in the mix, that may spill out into the contextual everyday urban pool of the local inhabitants.

Program + Exhibition include: Lawrence Liang, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Eyal Sivan & Audrey Maurion, James Bridle, Nishant Shah, Peng! Collective, Avery F. Gordon,  … and many more ! … And in a finnisage event in May with With Franco Berardi, Laboria Cuboniks and Evgeny Morozov … which we wish was sooner and/or throughout.

XLt analysts’ ready to engage…

Though already we suspect a few topics may have been inconveniently left off the table… namely calling out the Techno-Fascist trajectories … and too few Opt-Out categories ( whatever that could mean, we still don’t know ) …  perhaps :)

<> <> <>


< March 11-12 > The Logan CIJ Symposium, Berlin

” Challenge power! Building alliances against Secrecy, Surveillance &Censorship “

Guests include: Dr Nafeez Ahmed ( INSURGE intelligence / VICE / Middle East Eye / Anglia Ruskin Uni  ) — Simon Levi ( Xnet ) —- Seymour Hersh —- Stefania Maurizi —  Anas Aremeyaw Anas ( an undercover journalist, attorney and private detective working in Ghana and Africa ) —- Wikileaks —-  etc…

Recently a researcher* reminded us to revisit the Cypherpunks book, which came out in 2012 ( u can view it here, along with a review by Cryptome )… and ALL the authors of this book will be speaking at the Logan Symposium ( including Assange from London) . While we have a pretty clear overview of the importance of encryption, a means of direct action + civil disobedience in a thoroughly corrupt and dangerous era of authoritarian trends, which include a cybernetic form of “regime changes” and omnipresent surveillance abuse. But we question some of its potential misconceptions in the fight for civil liberties… and a healthy sustainable planet.

The platonic nature of the internet, ideas and information flows, is debased by its physical origins. Its foundations are fiber optic cable lines stretching across the ocean floors, satellites spinning above our heads, computer servers housed in buildings in cities from New York to Nairobi. Like the soldier who slew Archimedes with a mere sword, so too could an armed militia take control of the peak development of Western civilization, our platonic realm. “ writes Julian Assange.

While the book provides a uniquely powerful warning about what the internet has become, the XLterrestrials would perhaps take this one philosophical AND tactical step further :

Our very real physical incarnations / situations are rather debased by information flows and the internet, which can hardly be called “a platonic realm”… These constructed pipelines of communication do not resemble anything like spiritual love, rather are industrial tools which may shape, capture and reduce our desires to connect with fully-dimensional human beings …  into some alien Other. They quite possibly transform a platonic realm and our existential mind/body being into a high-speed cybernetic networks and very impoverished misrepresentations, like transforming life and blood of living thinking organisms into disembodied + manipulable coded systems, whose overarching designs are metaphorically and literarily constructing A STEERING WHEEL ( kybernetic),  primarily accessible to those who either operate statecraft ( or as Keller Easterling calls extrastatecraft)  and/or those who are the most economicly + technologically advantaged/empowered/privileged… which is almost certainly not YOU ( on your desktop, laptops, mobile devices and whatnot ).

Isn’t it the dream of such ( cognitive krapitalist ) pipelines which has manifested the current dilemma ?! Granted it is exacerbated by the corporate endgame frenzies, but it is the dream itself, which rings like a John Perry Barlow Silicon Valley cartoon-start-up mission statement, especially now that the thing, this cybernetic other, has shown its true teeth !

Are we still following this massive error in our desire to reclaim and to liberate a not-so-innocent little a-platonic realm … our baby-Frankenstein ?!

Shouldn’t we be fighting for the various embodiments of love and intelligent social structures / organisms and a healthy earthbound-basis of shared realities …  at least until the Singularity Inc. arrives in c. 2045, when all the Kurzweillian geek discipledom has opened up the open-sourced pearly  Gates (Google’d + Bill’d) for all our spiritual circuits to be permanently entered elsewhere … and/or all our physical habitats (irreparably) deleted … ahem, no joke.

<> <> <>

<> <>


XTRa-NOTE ! DONATE ! XLterrestrials will be covering both of these events, processing, relaying and analyzing the information… If you would like to support us doing our XLT reports… NOW would be a good time ! Ask us about our Patreon fundraiser account or how you can donate directly.

* re: unnamed researcher. the XLTs have a different kind of critique than this researcher, so until we have time to adequately understand and analyze the ones presented there, we prefer to leave this link anonymous. But thanks for pointing us back to the cypherpunks, in their own words.



< March 3-5 > Civil Society 4.0 – Refugees and digital self-organization at HKW, Berlin

Refugees, volunteers, activists, and supporters from different backgrounds will come together for two and a half days at Haus der Kulturen der Welt to discuss, network and share their knowledge about digital self-organization.

To contribute to the congress, you don’t have to be a professional speaker or scientist // we are all experts of our own lives and experiences.

This congress is open to everyone!

In cooperation with, Chaos Computer Club Berlin e.V., Refugee Hackathon, Maptime Berlin, metroZones, Migration Hub, Refugee Emancipation e.V.,, We Are Born Free! Empowerment Radio

Comment: This is great to see HKW working with all these groups, stepping in with practical intervention and assistance. But we might see problems arising, in that “digital organisation” will be a secondary concern to most? refugees, who are not being given basic rights and access to primary life necessities… i.e. abilities to rent apartments, jobs, cash + basic income, freedom of mobility. But, obviously digital culture assistance will give them more chances to fight for a better position in their new homes, new countries …

Analyzing this event at HKW may reveal new insights and routes for more citizens to get involved ! 

This Techno-Industrialist Fetish, Is it WOMB ENVY ?!

February 28th, 2016




So maybe now you’re starting to wonder what all this new A.I. “Space Race”  is about… We don’t know about you, but our newsfeed is flooded with items about ROBOTS ! And THINKING Robots !

Well, some of our XLterrestrial analysts have started wondering what’s going on – you know, the big picture ! Especially after watching this video…

A NOVA / PBS clip about the work of Pierre-Yves Oudeyer - Research Director at the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation and head of the Inria and Ensta-ParisTech (FLOWERS) team …

And its not-so-strange artworld tie-in with David Lynch doing the design work, the little E.T-like ( penis ) heads … putting  “a literal face on the oddest collection of little learning robots. “

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XLT analysts

” What the f*ck is this techno-industrialist fetish and the predominantly male urge to desperately give birth to non-living “learning” gadgets, when it’s so painfully obvious that they are already such planetary deadbeat dads to the creatures of our current habitats, being so abundantly squandered + exploited +  slaughtered by their persistently detached brainspew and overstretched krapitalist-fueled narcissism and self-interest !?”  – Dr. Thrackmoore 3

Is it Vagina/Womb Envy !? ” asks Professor Flux

( borrowing a term from one of our hacker friends from the Berlin Crypto Parties, which he uses to refer to as a somewhat unusual but recurring trait of some hacklabbers, who do not wish to give up control of the things which they’ve created, which goes counter to the preferred open source hacker ethics. Though let’s face it, there isn’t much hope of reclaiming the commons in the landscape of industrial technospheres. )

” That sounds about right… And kinda feels like Lynch is stooging for A.I., which reminds me of Tim Leary’s dropping back IN for a little ( or a LOT of ) cash from Autodesk- an early Silicon Valley firm that sponsored him and others like J. Perry Barlow to go on the cyberhype lecture circuit…” Labcoat Kylie

“Ha, but I’m more interested in the bigger pic; What’s all the fuss about learning robots ? … I mean if you wanna learn about human learning,  work at a school with kids, and actually put some investment into living beings! … DOH ! ” – Dr. Thrackmoore 3

“Well of course the obvious answer there is: Ain’t no billions of dollars in venture capital for working w/ kids … for some strange reason… *sigh* … But who knows, maybe after TTIP, children will be back up on the market …  the commodity factor will incentivize more spending in new meat puppet development. ” – Labcoat Kylie

” Robots won’t need to be cared for… it’s the perfect house pet and/or slave for a psychopathic culture addicted to new things … Completely disposal labor… they can be tossed into a landfill in Nigeria after you’ve had your way with them. ” Prof Flux

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to be cont.