Strategies For Turtle Island(s) v.7 : This Is What A Genocidal Culture Looks Like !

October 28th, 2016

In 1999 when some 40,000 protestors amassed in Seattle to fight against the injustices of global economic policies being made behind closed doors by the World Trade Organization (WTO), one of the slogans in the streets was ” This Is What Democracy Looks Like ! ” This carried an unexpected double meaning: It proclaimed that a real democratic form had now arrived in the form of the mobilized masses, but it soon after served as an outcry to shame a government which had implemented a militarized police force, tear gas and rubber bullets.

These days, in Dakota, where mostly indigenous tribes have come out to defend their sacred lands and protect a major artery of life, the Missouri river, we might imagine a far grimmer outcry :

“This Is What A Genocidal Culture Looks like !” ( the sequel )

We can all still wake up from this nightmare … We can all still band together and end this suffering and abuse … and we can stop this malware of a krapitalist control society… and we can restore a beautiful life and dignity which belongs to us and all our relations !

XLterrestrials stand with the protectors at Standing Rock… and we thank you for your inspiration, your courage and all your wake up calls !


Amazing frontlines reporting from a project called Unicorn Riot… and others like Democracy Now of course. Support Them ! These stories need to be heard. Share these video links :




#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #StandingRock

more resources coming soon !

Strategies For Turtle Island(s) v.6 : The All-New Domestic Dementia Apparatus

October 20th, 2016


[ another XLT giacomo-carmagnola remix, click to enlarge }

We’d really like to  move on to serious strategical thinking, but that last round of debates just needs to be dissected ( and disarmed ) …

“Having the last US Selections debate moderated by Fox News is a little like having Hitler’s right and only ball ask the questions…. the Shillary vs. Trumpnutz theater is complete ! ” XLt analyst

v.6 : The All-New Domestic Dementia + Terror Apparatus

coming soon !

Strategies For Turtle Island(s) v.5 : Itchy Electoral Glitch

October 16th, 2016





XLT Remixes from The glitch art of Giacomo Carmagnola


Strategies For Turtle Island(s) v.5

Coming soon !


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- Rolling Stone -

” Unglaubig ! Lecker ! ” – Die Zeit -

Dreams: Rewired / Captured / Un-Hacked …

October 14th, 2016


{ 1936 Berlin }


{ Dreams Rewired, 2015 }

” Connection so fascinates us in our wired-in, modern times, but hardly any film has been able to speak inventively about it. Precautionary tales like “Disconnect” or “Men, Women & Children” have gone in one ear and out the other, no different from tedious Facebook posts griping that our phone usage must be the downfall of all communication. The irony of disconnection through connected tech proves too easy, the nostalgia for non-wired-in days too shallow.

In floats “Dreams Rewired,” which took three directors (Martin Reinhart, Manu Luksch and Thomas Tode) to assemble. It feigns no resolution to the concerns of our screen-craziness. Instead, the ethereal essay provides a bounty of poetry, in the form of a measured narration by international treasure Tilda Swinton, and an extensively labored assembly of 200 black-and-white film clips. “

From Nick Allen’s review at


We should probably begin our critique here by saying: One shouldn’t go to a film geeks’ ( and media peddlers’ ) pages to find any manuals on how to escape the 21st century’s mediated-world hijack in mid-flight !

Here below is an XLterrestrials psychomedia analysis / review in a humble attempt to… SCREAM :

” Your lives and your planet are in grave danger, mate… Better not spend your precious hours now strolling through the poetic media arcades ! Ya know, Walter Benjamin put a bullet in his own head at the previous gates of this new world Mordor. Beware ! Our own geopolitical coordinates today are likely not far off from this same tragic frame.”

An XLterrestrials Film review

Dreams: Rewired / Captured / Un-Hacked …


” There is no shortage of documentaries that come off like soapbox sermons, leaving audience members itching to sign a petition. Dreams Rewired does not have any specific call to action, other than to be aware of the world around you and its changes.”

from another review by Jordan Hoffmann at The Guardian

Our reaction was somewhat the opposite… We can be equally dismayed by ineffective soapboxy docs that make people mildly itch for petitions AND films that have no call for action !

While this film is a beautiful, methodic, skillfull edit and artful meditation on the media environments…

WHY no calls for action ?! is our immediate instinctual + urgent question.

Is it not obvious that the powers unleashed by the corporate shaping of our communications and societies through tech are a rather disturbing matter and global crisis !?

[ To grab just one example from a loooong list of critical analyses, misdirections, grievances, house of horrors and realtime emergencies: Like the fossil fuels era, there's a number of ( underdeveloped and over-plundered ) countries with the necessary "conflict minerals" to supply the continuing consumer expansion of  all our hyper-connected communications tools, not to mention the eco-theft required for the energy to keep all those screens + data glowing and flowing. Currently, no corporation, no manufacturer and no state have any substantial plans to regulate and relieve the grotesque situations + exploitation of these (client-) regions and peoples, to avoid creating more victims of accelerating 1st world telecomm giants + their techno-industrial dystopias. ]

The way D-Rewired concludes their narrative helped us come to a sharper focus for investigations …

We are left with this soft Tildian message that we are all so fascinated by this desire for connectivity, this hyper-connectivity, this somewhat impossible and contradictory global connectivity, this highly problematic connectivity. Note: Attempting to broadcast the Berlin Olympics in 1936, is the epitome of the mass media dream-trajectory of the 20th century. It’s the ultimate narcissistic-dysfunction “connectivity” power trip, the logical endgame of mass media now implemented as consumer-grade weaponry.

Archival footage, not from Riefenstahl as we might expect, along with Swinton’s often far-too-whimsical narration, inform us that Nazi Germany was in fact the first attempt at a state “broadcast” of mass Spectacle ( and nationalist agendas ), albeit pre-network times, filmed and then “transmitted” or distributed to various locations for viewing.

Of course there’s multiple, though not exactly diverse, pathways of the history of mass media from thereon, but one of the actual core dreams is revealed. Not exactly a general nor innate public/social desire, but perhaps better described as a militarized technological advance, a totalitarian state enterprise. The primordial mass media Grope !? And/Or an ethereal neo-Taylorism of the new immaterial/cognitive labor ?! Are we Now at the stage of  the all-seeing-all-collecting and smiling Zuckerborg !? The answer is probably not poetic.

[ Note: as a young billionaire pup, M.Zuck, along with his handlers of course, once invited GW Bush to have his post-prez autobiography book launch in Mountainview at the Fbook HQ  ! ]


The filmmakers here are adept media analysts and obviously took a long and thoughtful time to develop this tour-guiding script [+5 years in the making]. We are talking about a multiple-layered and extremely complex relationship to technologies and media. And there are not so many films that provide such an expansively compiled collection of archives ( and in this rare case not heavily US-centric ) to ponder where we are headed in this all-encompassing dilemma. What the XLterrestrials prefer to consider as a precarious mediated + borderline psychosis of a now grand, epidemic and globalized scale.

The directors’ confinement and decision to use archives from media all prior to the 1950s ( and color ), is a useful approach to get at the roots of this hyper-mediated era, and to give some distanced, hilltop or aerial view onto our current tumultuous and accelerated traps.

But their conclusion is not far off from the general advertisements of the dreamy technotopian enterprise ! The new Silicon Valley pitch for the post-human all-powerful future, sold + managed of course by them ! … Of course, there’s a few good tiny bones of dystopian critique thrown at us, like the moment we see a glimpse of this tentacled mess as it reaches the outliers, say Africa, i.e. the scarred slaves, the victims of the empowered … but certainly the film cannot be said to have taken any tactical position in analyzing this from the haunted subjects’ angle!

[ Craig Baldwins' works from Tribulations 99 to Specters of the Spectrum come to mind as a sharper knife in the cutting rooms of media archeology !  Godfrey Reggio might be another. Others ? ... Adam Curtis, Caroline Martel, Lutz Dammbeck, Poitras, Alfonso Cuarón... EyeWar ! , etc.  ]

So a tactical line that might make more sense now is to confront the mediated world which is more than ever on the rise and aiming for much deeper and implicating versions ( i.e. IOT and Smart Cities ) , and deconstruct these supposed ” connectivity desires” , everyone is always talking about.

More controversially, and in an attempt to challenge the now fully-incorporated and immersive game, we must ask if we have had our dreams rewired … And hacked … And owned …  precisely because our more ‘authentic’ connectivity has been mostly obstructed in the techno-industrial society !  Community, belonging, sense of purpose, present un-instumentalized life, shared and embodied freedoms, brother+sisterhood, kinship to the organic, living and non-antrhopocentric dominated environments, etc.

Have all these more traditional and essential human + cultural relationships been repackaged as a desire for global high-tech pseudo-connectivity ? It’s easier to sell this massively internalizng and un-democraticly planned technotopian implosion, an exodus of being, when you simultaneously construct ( and demolish) the outer world… into a threatening place, a shithole, a distrusted, out-of-control mess… Better and safer now to just sit here in these new cozy infinite air-conditioned, isolated, play-station cubicles. [ A bit like the warmongers' ruse dissected in Underground by Dušan Kova?evi?. and E.Kusturica, 1995. ]

We happen to be reading/researching Alan Watts (again) at the moment… The Wisdom Of Insecurity…
and came across this great line this morning:

“The human organism has the most wonderful powers of adaptation to both physical and psychological pain. But these can only come into full play when the pain is not being constantly restimulated by this inner effort to get away from it. To separate the “i” from the feeling ” …

(more quotes from these angles to be added )

XLterrestrials would more likely conclude that today’s obsessions for
global connectivity, is not so much a desire… but more a fetish, which becomes a desperate means to escape the psychological trauma and pain of separation, brought about by a corporate
krapitalist system that has engulfed us.

to be cont. ?

The Trailer for Dreams Rewired on Vimeo

And an excellent resource , and links to more works from Manu Luksch :


Strategies For Turtle Islands v.4 : Divine Fundraiser !

October 2nd, 2016


“Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”
“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. ”
- from The Inferno, the first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy.

” Are we having fun yet ? ”
- Zippy the Pinhead comics, at the end of a bloody 20th century


Dear friends of arts, activism and “psycho-media” analysis,

Times are looking hard, something between divine comedy and daily cartoons in hell, but we should – at the very least – be ready with some counter-proposals to the dreadful futures being prepared for us by the current coalition of willing idiocracies  !

On that note, we have some urgent projects coming up that we want to let you know about.

And if you have similar desires ÷ dreams for a more intelligent and collaborative planet, please consider supporting our work, financially (or *otherwise*, see below).

We’re going to need more resources to reach more citizens, have greater impact and rally the peeps to demand more sanity !  To donate, please reply to THIS EMAIL requesting our paypal address. or contribute to our NEW Patreon account – a site for funding ongoing projects  ( i.e journalism, series productions, etc. )   :


Currently, we are closely monitoring the US “elections” and will be creating a series of articles + events w/ the heading :  STRATEGIES FOR TURTLE ISLANDS

an excerpt:

Two seriously ill-suited candidates are vying for power in the most militarily-burdened nation on earth, an expanding and aggressive enterprise with the economic and technological capabilities poised to reshape and/or mangle the whole of civilization. Neither of these candidates reveal any depth of scientific knowledge nor a sociologically-informed vision to address the serious challenges facing, not just a nation, but a global population.

This is NOT an acceptable election in the 21st century!

To vote for A. corporate imperial stooge or B. psychopathic krapitalist (and dangerous racist ) are not options and not rational choices for living breathing humans. Not to mention, the majority of the world is not eligible to participate in something which will undoubtedly have incredible impact on all our lives.

We are naturally willing to discuss tactical voting ( i.e. LEV – lesser evil vote, i.e Chomsky’s 8-point brief : ).

But let’s be honest ! The problems we face NOW and in the very near future will require much much more ! And third parties are absolutely essential for open and real political debates, but no one should delude themselves that they can appropriately compete (or contribute! ) in this corporate-mediated super-pac-funded circus !

Let’s imagine a wider and creative range of options ! We, as an international community, must be prepared to change course, to confront our failing democracies and prevent the rise of more predatory corporate monoliths + nationalism + endless wars, and to put better ideas for the future on the table !


Help us !!! Let’s dream ( and ACT ) more strategically !!!

with deep respex,

Dr. Podmosis and The XLterrestrials


p.s. This is just a short prelude to our analysis and strategies ( minus the Thompson-esque rants and ninja-jam poetics )… you can follow more HERE:

arts + praxis organisms

{ works-in-progress …  and all about our upcoming events , i.e. CiTiZeN KiNO #57 : Strategies for Turtle Islands in Berlin (TBA)… And don’t miss the XLterrestrials’ OCTOBER SURPRISE ! …. }

Please consider donating funds ( all amounts helpful ) OR equipment ( i..e currently we need digital cameras + more computer power – laptops + mobile devices, new and old ). And perhaps you want to contribute brain power, write with us, code for us, design + make art with us, create community events with us, invite us for lectures in your town, etc… Contact us !

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Strategies for Turtle Islands: Part 3 – The Media

September 28th, 2016


{ One of 1,000s of biting viral memes, expressing voter frustrations }

Strategies for Turtle Islands

Part 3 – The Media

( p.1 + p.2 )

Naturally we’d like to just move on to discussing what movements are arising in solidarity to steer planetary consciousness away from the US “selectoral” trainwreck and onward to face practical on-the-ground challenges for both local communities and global inhabitants, and not just humans in the Anthropocene scenarios, but all our relations. The activated indigenous cultures ( repeatedly threatened by colonialism, displacement, slavery, genocides…  ) are really at the forefront of holistic and revolutionary thinking, because frankly they are just NOT as invested in, or as much suckers to, the seductive + delusional practices/promises of the corporate brain-tap and nation-state agendas.

Even our highly-trained XLTerrestrials group of psychomedia analysts can’t help watching the fascinating and utterly tragic selection gameshow, or as J.G Ballard once framed it – an Atrocity Exhibition.

So for any westerncentric, tuned-in and hijacked, mass-mediated and globalized audio-visual cortex, it is important to first deconstruct the MEDIA. And ask ourselves: Is another kind of media, community-run, the first-step to recovery and/or system change and/or another possible world ?!

Yes and No. The No side is harder to answer, so we’ll come back to that.

To create an alternative to the krapitalist and corporate versions of technologically-devolving communications  has been one of our main objectives with CiTiZEN KiNO and other projects here on the XLT podopolog for more than a decade.

We have never really had access to any substantial funding, so things have been slow-going, but the ideas have undergone numerous developments and crystallizations. We still lack the means for successful execution/production. But even that would perhaps be irrelevant, if more of the public would attempt similar media strategies on their own, and/or expanding upon our humble beginnings. If working on alternative media platforms is your approach to upgrading planetary consciousness and collective intelligence, then perhaps our latest proposals will be of benefit to you. Any feedback, desires to collaborate, or suggestions to find better funding, please contact us.

XLterrestrials propose a different kind of media… a system for public media navigations…

CiTiZEN KiNO #57+58+59 : Strategies for Turtle Islands : ( part 2 )

( written for Memefest 2016, but an evolution of an arts + social media praxis which began c. 2004 )


We have been following the work and analytical writings of Daniel Pinchbeck for some years. His most recent social media post yesterday following the depressing spectacle of Republicrat debates is sharp. And we were reminded that he too, with the Evolver project, saw alternative media mixed with social tools and community gatherings as a key territory for helping humans get their shit together before it’s too late…

His articulations of the problems are an excellent start to see where exactly we are at on this precarious map in 2016, and with a few insights on where things need to go from here…

Read in full on his Frackbook page. Here’s an excerpt below:

The corporate media, tied to the complex of hyper-consumerism and capital accumulation, is the main engine driving us toward a species-level collapse. [ Global ] Warming is spiking now and we know from past epochs that once feedback loops are engaged, we can get a 6 – 8 degree rise within a half century. At that point, with forests gone and oceanic plankton no longer reproducing, we run out of oxygen and asphyxiate.

Personally, I made an initial admittedly naive attempt to create an alternative media platform and transformative corporation / nonprofit when I started Evolver a decade ago. Through our nonprofit, we developed a model for local communities to come together to explore transformative ideas and practices such as permaculture and complementary currencies. Alas, we couldn’t find a revenue model that supported our volunteers to scale the project, and it ultimately collapsed. The company wasn’t able to attract the investment capital we needed to create powerful alternative media.

I still feel that basic model combining media with social tools and on-the-ground local communities is the model most likely to be effective. The vision behind such an enterprise has to go beyond Clintonian Neoliberalism: We need to rally around a profoundly new vision of what we want to be and do together as a civilization.
We have to do something to counteract the forces that have reduced the mass of the US people to a level of inanity that has few historical precedents.

The NO part ( i.e. media and tech solutions are not the answer ) of the XLT analysis acknowledges another view of the MEDIATED problem,  that is to say, to become technologically inter-connected is grossly over-rated + over-emphasized in most westerncentric movements. [ And It’s even less a viable medium for liberation and intelligence upgrades now that the net and the whole technological (consumer) realms have been militarized by predatory companies.

If we take some lessons and our cues from the indigenous resistance, i.e those massive and historic coalitions now forming against the Dakota pipeline(s)… Their emphasis is rather on close-knit communities, tribal affinities and solidarity, families and extended families, respect for habitat (sacred earth) and obligations to future generations. Media tools are just not a primary concern. And the cultures are perhaps not as vulnerable to their infinite distractions. i.e. Water is life; Not the commercial or the message for saving the water.

The media map is not the territory.

But then the trick of the matter may be: how does a society unplug its own culture from the colonial machines and systems of control ?!

But more on that later.

to be cont.

AND…  Checkout one of our recent fave gifs on the Shillary vs Trump selection… but remember this isnt really the time to pacify and distract people with humour… Good tactical agitprop leads to ideas for action … far beyond the webby clicks !

CiTiZEN KiNO #57+58+59 : Strategies for Turtle Islands : ( part 2 )

September 21st, 2016


< TBA > CiTiZEN KiNO #57+58+59 : Strategies for Turtle Islands

Coming Soon !

We’re getting excited about this !



( YOU are all welcomed to invite the project to YOUR local habitat ! )

1. Provide an overall summary of your campaign/project

CiTiZEN KiNO is an initiative to create a new relationship to our rapidly “shifty” media environments.  We experiment with a combination of online participation ( social media platforms ) and social gatherings (various local and neighborhood venues) which begin as a cinema environment, but which ultimately are transformed into realtime public forums. Our events are what may be called a public media navigation system, and utilized as a medium to intervene in an (over-)mediated society, thereby instigating a new space in which to rediscover full community engagements, better collective intelligence and on-the-ground political agency.

In 2016 and 2017, C-KiNO will be working with the theme of “parallel politics” and post-electoral situations. Our working title is “ Strategies For Turtle Island(s)” – which takes its cue from the indigenous tribes’ original name for the “North American” territories prior to a genocidal occupation.  And we explore what it might mean for 21st century global citizens to identify as indigenous inhabitants and cultures now under threat of a global-scale techno-industrial colonialism, mass displacement and ecocide.

If accepted for a residency, we would bring our performance(s) of CiTiZEN KINO to _______, and provide an exhibition of our current and previous cinema poster work (see attached). These visualization processes are an important element of creating the framework for each CK episode, and could become a larger part of poster campaign for “Turtle Islands” theme and its evolving serial episodes over the next year.


2. What kinds of strategic approaches and tactics are used

Our arts+media praxis involves inviting citizens into the process a month or 2 before the actual CiTiZEN KiNO events by proposing an urgent topic that we feel a need to analyze, strategize and mobilize.  In the initial phase, we make a call out for citizens to help us collect media materials, resources and perspectives, and enter into the preparatory and curatorial discussions.

These topics or situations are territories which our societies ultimately require new community strategies, collective agency and praxis.

At the screening nights we bring the collected materials as a playlist ( images, movie extracts, video clips, agitprop, special guests, performers, etc. ) and we explore and navigate together.  And we provoke debates, dialogue and brainstorming.

Our main objective is to transform the old download-only viewer setting into an expanded and recombinant cinema, a newsfeed embedded in an art event, and eventually unfolding into a town hall meeting.

It’s potentially a reclaiming of the Pathé newsreels ( a feature of early cinema up until television) + public service broadcasts intermixed with all those disintegrating Hollywood-screen spectacles and cubicle-izing digital frames  and arriving at a re-embodied social media gathering.  One that that has real teeth for collective organizing and unscripted  futures… and the revolution of everyday life!

CiTiZEN KiNO: One small step for occupied humans, one giant  leap off the edge of our screens ! An open-source (and rhizomatic) platform  to return home and start building communities again.

3. Briefly describe the social impact of your campaign/project

The impacts have thus far have been to awaken audiences to the possibilities and potentials of re-inventing the cinema + social media, as a far more dynamic medium. And to imagine using the powerful learning tools of the various media formats as something that resembles more a kind of civic engagement rather than a labyrinth of consumer downloads.

As Christoph Schlingensief once said at a screening he presented at the Berlinale film festival, shortly before he succumbed to a terminal illness that same year. The event was billed as Schlingensief presents the very first Italian feature film based on Dante’s Inferno. Paraphrased, he said: ” Well, we do not need to treat this as some sacred untouchable thing, we can use it for whatever we want and need.” Five minutes into the film, he broke into its artistic mediated trance, he froze the frame of the historic film and launched into an hour-long rant and a lucid analysis on much more immediate versions of the hell on earth that we are creating now on our planet, in our times. Mixing in a wide variety of various media sources along the way ( including excerpts from Apocalypse Now ). The theater was now alive, an unpredictable vehicle for intervention,.  We were taken off the rails !

4. What did you personally learn while deploying this campaign/project?

We’re continuing to learn that cultures of resistance are anything and everything but futile ! They are also an abundant source of energy and inspiration.

And it should be mentioned that the project does address this year’s “pleasure” theme, in 2 ways:

a.By sharing media in a communal and performative setting we have experienced that it becomes far more pleasurable to navigate the materials in a space where people are given the chance to respond to the inputs, rather than swallowing it all in our solitary cells of computer screens and isolating online formats. And it makes processing heavy subject matter far more rewarding when your own thoughts and ideas can be immediately shared and appreciated.

We also learned not to exhaust citizens w/ the most challenging sources. The shows function better when we mix difficult intellectual work with humorous and uplifting bits, utilizing the full spectrum of the cinematic arts. And also making fun of ourselves when we have over-intellectualized some rather obvious problems.

b. From another angle, there is also an element of C-KINO which is meant to challenge the escapism which the film industry has so ubiquitously capitalized on and made into a consumer formula.

In affect studies, pleasure is considered a short term gratification. And spectacle and eye-candy has become a very dominant pleasure commodity in our society, which circumvents from the larger aims and strategies of communications to provide common meanings and contexts needed for political action.

By disrupting, interrupting or deconstructing this now almost irreparably imbalanced medium, we can postpone the gratification for greater rewards later on. C-Kino bypasses the lesser spectacle-pleasure for the more relevant and empowering social gratification. Less appeals to the eye + the Id, and more to the Ego (rational) + social well-being, and building upon pleasures of a deeply connected group and the collective spirit.

We’ve learned that changing our media environments, and our behaviors within them, are crucial and urgent for changing the operating systems of our society.



We welcome your donations and inquiries !

Ask us how !

A Post-Electoral Uprising on Turtle Island : ( Part 1 )

September 17th, 2016


Originally we wanted to do a piece entitled ” The XLterrestrials Guide to U.$. $elections ” to help people navigate the mindfuck created by entirely fraudulent, coporate-massaged s-elections. But given the recent extraordinary standoff in Dakota – #NODAPL – against the Oiligarchy’s ever-expanding pipeline(s) to the great ecocide, a “parallel politics” arises which supersedes any critical analysis of the surrender ( and coercions ) into lesser evilism and the usual exercises of total democratic failure. More vital, urgent and engaging Post-Electoral strategies are already being born !

The mind-numbing Shillary and Trump-nutz Show ( a new genre of Reality Sitcom Horror ) is suddenly discontinued, the spell is broken, the Channel-for-Idiots may be permanently changed  …

We interrupt this meaningless bullshit program !

This is an emergency broadcast !

to be cont.


On the XLt radar : Tails of Summer/ Heads-On in Autumn

September 8th, 2016


On The XLT Radar




Note: { * } The frackybook invites / links :

< 10.09 > Arab* Wunderground Panel + Party with Mehmet Aslan, Badre, Habibi Funk, [móa], Moji Taali, Miranda de la Frontera, usw… at Storkower Str. 121, Berlin -  { * }

< 13.09 > David Graeber + Michael Hudson at Lit Fest, Berliner Festspiele

< 14.09 > Jazar Crew presents Palestinian, Tunisian and Kuwati hiphop nite at Yaam, Berlin { * }

< 15.09 > John Kameel Farah record release, Roter Salon, Berlin

< 22.09 > From Moscow with Love – Edward Snowden über die Kriminalgeschichte der Demokratie (live aus dem Exil), Volksbuhne, Berlin

< 25.09 > The Ex @ Roter Salon, Berlin

< 26.09 > Negativeland’s EU Tour, Roter Salon, Berlin

< 30.09- 01.10 > Disruption Lab, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

< 30.09 > Batuk Musik w/ Spoek Mathambo, Aero Manyelo & Vocalist Manteiga/ZA) Delfonic (Oye Records/D) Freak de l’Afrique (Cambel Nomi & Mista Wallizz/D) – Gretchen, Berlin

< 16.10 > 25 Years Friendship, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg { * }

PLEASE send us info on events we should know about, all our alien tentacles will try to add them into the info-overflow-feeder … AND feel free to hit us up anytime w/ press passes and guestlist invites, if ya want us to like you even more, and in the flesh :)

to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO – New season, new collaborations, new thin wafer experimints…

September 1st, 2016


New season, new collaborations, new thin wafer experimints…

< 03.09 > CiTiZEN KINO#56: Music Videos on Mount Olympus @ Veteranenstrassefest #2, B-Mitte ( Frackybook invite for C-KiNO )

We’ve assembled an illustrious and juicy XLterrestrials jury to analyze and critique some of the most politically-engaged sounds + vision ( i.e. music clips ) ever made.

Part of the strategy of this new CiTiZEN KiNO episode is to continue looking for ways to go beyond the screens, and build up the network of politically-engaged artists in Btropolis (and beyond). We’ve reached out to music “industry” veterans to participate.

… And we hope to expand the idea, and repeat this show at other venues and cities… And perhaps looking into a collaboration with Brotfabrik in October, and in 2017, to screen some of our favorite feature-length ( music ) docs – standby for a potential list.

to be cont.

alternative poster for CK56…


And PLEASE NOTE : It’s never too late to overcome the increasingly stupid corporate mass media… And become a sponsor of TACTICAL ARTS + PRAXIS…  Become a C-KiNO sponsor  ! Buy season tickets ! Advertise your own work or company project !

This year we offer – to like-minded + ecologically-caring entities – a spot to put your logo or media clip onto our world-touring C-KINO screens ! Contact us and ask us how you can drop some money into our educational fund.  ( We use Patreon, Paypal and good ol’ meet-ups at a local worker-owned cafe to share coffee and do our banking + transactions direct. )


Note: Everyone and his/her long lost uncle Shruggz and his show dog Jeepers seems to be doing an event this weekend… Here’s a list of MORE things on The XLT radar… and upcoming bits in Btropolis:

- Polnischer Versager – 15 years anniversary jubilee

- EXBerliner issue on Polski culture in Berlin out now

- Czentrifuga – Step Across The Border – Benefit for Calais Refugees At SupaMolly – Sept. 3

- Negativeland Tour coming to the EU

- Jello Biafra dj set at White Trash – Sept.4

- Palestinian, Tunisian and Kuwati hiphop at Yaam – Sept. 14

- Easterndaze label in Berlin – Sept/ Oct.

- TTP and CETA Demo in Berlin – Sept 17 (?)

- 25 Years Stubnitz Friendship – Oct. 16


more coming soon !