The XLt Guide to the G20 v.3 : RESOURCES – Power concedes nothing without demand !

July 1st, 2017


{ foto: Hamburg, “Protestwelle” on the Alster, July 2nd }


v.1 – Another Possible Global Summit [ G20 Hamburg ]  + FUNDRAISER

v.2 : Redrawing the Political Maps !

v.3 : “Power concedes nothing without demand !” + RESOURCES

||||||||| RESOURCES |||||||||

Monday morning we woke up and caught a Channel 4 clip about the forgotten crisis in the Mediterranean, refugees being rescued from the sea, now by the 1000s per day, and many NOT ! This is Monday morning on Planet Earth !

What are the chances the world’s most powerful leaders will come to Hamburg this week and get their shit together at the G20 to find solutions for problems like these ? Little to none, and certainly not without pressures to do so !

Below are a quickly assembled list of resources for activists ! You don’t have to be in Hamburg to be enraged AND engaged. At the very least, one can help amplify the news and analysis by sharing the non-corporate media coverage with your friends and colleagues ! … For other ways to engage… have a look, perhaps you’ll find some powerful ideas below :

Actions, Blogs, Infopoints :


Here’s a blog in Dutch  … Globalinfo … which led us to this downloadable PDF Protest Reader from ( with detailed maps  )

please send us more, we will continue to update this list !



Remember when the ridiculous G8 met in a remote location in Ireland , 2013…  and nothing really changed ! In fact, the shit has only gotten worse…  much worse !

[ Note: This picture was not fotoshoopped ]

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XLt Guide to the G20 v.2 : Redrawing the Political Maps !

June 29th, 2017


[ Figure 8. Fred W Rose, Revised Edition. Serio-Comic War Map for the Year 1877, London, England, 1877. ]

XLt Guide To the G20 – v.2: Redrawing the Political Maps !

v.1 Here



Last night we were web-hunting for the quite famous cartoon of Napoleon and the British PM carving up the globe between them at the dinner table… { by James Gillray, 1805 – “The Plumb-pudding in danger– or State Epicures Taking un Petit Souper” . see below }. It’s a masterpiece of political satire, and has inspired many artists to recontextualize for a variety of situations.

Initially we thought this would make an entertaining and informative blog… to show throughout the ages the redrawing of the tumultuous and violent history of the European continent over the last few centuries.

But it can also be a more serious exercise to think strategically…. Let us try and explain…

With many global nation-state conflicts heating up, mainstream news is already reporting a potential clash playing out between the EU and Trump’s new wild and demented west. A Macron – Merkel alliance has been forming to attempt to strengthen the EU hand… to save the EU.

But we should also look beyond how the elites will be redrawing the maps, and imagine how We The People can redraw our fates, strategies and visions against the deals that might be cut in G20-style. We already know how many of our more internationalist hopes can get crushed under the wheels ( and wars ) of  economic agendas and operating systems. Just look at any of the COP climate negotiations over the last decade. Or the petrol economy’s resource wars !

So what would OUR maps look like for global citizens redrawing politics into new forms of solidarity ( and a new global consciousness ) over the machinations of power+profits and their bloody sacrificial rituals … i.e.the Necropolitics of the neoliberals.

We’re not exactly sure what that might look like, we CALL ON ALL ARTISTS to try to imagine it…

Our picture at the top is a starter in that direction… a simple culture jam …  the people of europe ( but also everywhere ) under siege by a G20 Kraken…  NOT as a demonized or scapegoated Russian Other  as portrayed in this 1877 bit of propaganda and fearmongering. But rather represented as the forces of transnational Krapital being wielded by all the political figureheads and their business entourages, whose exact allegiances may remain hidden from view …  but history shows: it is rarely to us !

Many of us XLterrestrials are visually oriented, perhaps we all are now, given tthe deep immersion into all these highly mediated screen realms. So imagining new maps, can be a way to open up new ideas, maybe even the way words are said to set things and ideas into motion !

to be cont.

In the meantime, have a look at these astoundingly juicy examples…of art, maps, satire… as political (media) devices ! ( click to enlarge )…








ANd to be less theoretical… Here’s a layout of things in Hamburg, which activists coming from other lands and cities may find useful… And in the next piece we’ll have a list of practical resources, and links to organizing groups, demonstrations, etc.


The XLt Guide to Another Possible Global Summit [ G20 Hamburg ] v.1

June 21st, 2017


The XLTerrestrials Guide To the No Go G20 In Hamburg :




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From wikipedia: The G20 (or G-20 or Group of Twenty) is a self appointed international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies. It was founded in 1999 with the aim of studying, reviewing, and promoting high-level discussion of policy issues pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability.[3]

Please don’t laugh !

< July 7-8 > This summer, the 12th G20 meets in Hamburg

Poised to be one of the most controversial summits of its kind, tens of thousands will no doubt converge and collide with numerous other visions for global relations, stability, economic and political transformation !

As rabid neoliberalism takes increasingly vicious and wildly-unsustainable forms, there is no reasonable excuse for any person or citizen to believe any meeting of bankers and nation-state figureheads can negotiate any peace or stability or evolutionary strategies in these anti-democratic cesspools!

XLterrestrials wish to provide a list of resources and perspectives which we hope will inspire you to be involved in opposing these hopeless forms of brokered governance. Our civilization and our planet require entirely new thinking ( and infrastructures ) to navigate the challenges ahead. Whether or  not you are able to be present in Hamburg, there are many ways you can participate in creating alternatives to the carnivorous prehistoric creatures who come to sharpen their banking claws, gnash their hierarchical vested-interest nation-state teeth, and feed their transnational corporate-pet mauls…  behind the closed doors of G20 summits !



< July 5-6 > Global Solidarity Summit, at Kampnagel

” Of course, there’s the cliched : you cannot only be AGAINST something, you must know what you stand FOR  … And yet, if we do not liberate ourselves from that which obstructs and destroys all our possible alternatives, the things we stand for will never have the fertile ground, nor the resources, nor the material space to manifest. We must be creative and in solidarity on all the people’s fronts ! “  XLt analyst




[ Maritme police in Hamburg, foto: Christian Charisius ]

Even Der Spiegel headlines the coming G20 as “Welcome to Hell” … ( which is the title of one of the protest blogs, but more on activist resources in our next post )

‘Welcome To Hell’ Hamburg Girds for 100,000 G-20 Protestors

XLt coverage … to be cont.

A Non-Anthropocene Theory + Praxis … v.2

June 19th, 2017


work-in-progress ( still )

Ultimately, this is just a sketch of an essay… we require your support to do these topics justice. If you would like to help the XLterrestrials do further research in this field, please consider donating to our Patreon Page.

[ A Non-Anthropocene Theory + Praxis v.1 ]

It’s a little uncomfortable to dive into this without doing a complete job, but neither do we wish to lose some of the insights we’ve gained from some recent encounters…

Namely, McKenzie Wark’s Anthropocene lecture at the Haus Der Kulturen ( HKW ), which is now online… HERE. Unfortunately the Q+A section from the audience has ended up on the cutting room floor, so we’ll try to reassemble and expand on some of that. Challenges to Molecular Red, Theory for the Anthropocene, may help us develop better strategies for our newly forming horrific and/or transitional times.

Our XLt question to Wark was about his  mentioning “collaborative work”… and we pointed out that in these monumentally challenged times  strategies for NON-Anthropocene collaborations must be central, that is WITH existing nature … But by suggesting obscure theories + trajectories ( of “2nd nature” and further geo-tinkering )  from the likes of Haraway, Bogdanov and Platonov… ( painted in post-krapitalist collapse + science fiction dystopian/utopian strokes ) … muddies the waters !

We suggested, that while the alt tight is in denial of climate change ( or rather disruption ), the left ( and perhaps especially technotopian Marxist-oriented left ) are in denial of the current Techno-fascism. We pointed to a recent science conference by the Zapatistas in Mexico… ( link coming )… and pragmatic stragtegies of solidarity and cultures of resistance to defend planet earth and whole populations from environental and geo-political chaos !

Accessible praxis, not over-intellectualized theory, is urgent !

Obviously this topic opens up several cans of worms, but also promising and exciting potentials for community-scale tranformations… And we wish to pursue these routes  in a deeper and well-researched essay.

Again, please consider supporting us in this endeavor !

Update :

HKW announces two upcoming Anthropocene lectures:

Bruno Latour and Dipesh Chakrabatty in Sept. 2017

And will also be co-hosting an Anthropocene seminar in Philadeplhia in the Fall.

to be cont.

XLt Support #Jeremy4PM !

June 7th, 2017


There’s been some extraordinary guerilla media to take over  the narrstives of the general Election in the UK…

If we have time, we”ll try to post some links…

But we’ll just say here that after Corbyn wins 2morw, we suggest he hire Chunky Mark aka The Artist Taxi Driver immediately to become the Sub-Commandante Communications Director-General to turn the BBC into a public-run community media service  !

And BTW, if you’re in Btropolis, come watch the election results with us at Buchhandlung Cafe in Mitte… frackybook invite here.

We’re gonna try and get a live chat w/ UK media artists… like Chunky Mark ?!

XLt & Globalista Radio Kit ~~ Summertime Arts + Praxis Radar v.3

May 31st, 2017



This radar list is all over the map….

music, arts, brainfood, survival skills, anniversaries, community actions, resistance…

( not in chronological order )


< 27.06 > Sun Ra Archestra, Festsaal Kberg


< 01.06 > Mensch Unter Druck w/ Czentrifuga, Ron Gerlach, Gogo Trash, Klang Kunst JeKaMi, Theater Unter Druck, at Made In Wedding [ Fb ]


< o8-12.06 > World Congress of The Hedonist International,  TBA

__ . __  ___ . __

< 27.05 – 23.06 > Nights Of Ranadan, Kulturfest curated by Pirahna Music and many others, Berlin ….


< 01.06 > §3 ALLE MENSCHEN SIND VOR DEM GESETZ GLEICH. ODER? free film nite at Sputnik Kino
< 10.06 > BABYLON ORCHESTRA, Ufa Fabrik
< 15.06 > SYRIEN BENEFIZ – Peace for Syria, Pergamon Museum
< 23.06 > JOINED FEMALE FORCES, Women’s Voices & Arab “Wunderground #2″, closing party at Mensch Meier

___. ___ . ___

< 21/06 > Fête de la Musique, uberall

<01/06 > Soviet Soviet, Swiimers, Haunter Records, Acud,

< 03/06 > ExBerliner 15 years, Haus Schwarzenberg

< 8-11/06 > Torstrassenfestival, B-Mitte

< 2-4/06 > Karneval Der Kulturen, Kreuzeberg

< 2-4/06> Karneval der Subkulturen, Kopernickerstr.


< 09/06 > 20 years of Jungle World party


< 23/06 > Terry Eagleton (Vortrag): Critique and Postmodernism, Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin


< 8-11.06 > Exhibition #11: Dark Habitats Dark Ecology, Spektrum Berlin


< 29-32.06 > Off the Radar – Music + Arts Festival, Kiel


< 6-9.07 > G20 chaos + resistance + counter summit, Hamburg

Standby for The XLt Guide + Primer for G20 !

In the meantime, watch this Leftvision Clip ( in German only, for now )


to be cont…

DiEM25 back in Btropolis ! Another EU is Possible ! !

May 25th, 2017


< 25-26.05 > DiEM25 returns to Berlin to develop its political roadmap …

Event Schedule for Volksbuhne + Technical University  ( TU )

Main event is Thurs. at 20:00h with speakers Yannis Varoufakis, Saskia Sassen, Heike Loeschmann (Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, Alternative Summit Alliance),  Sre?ko Horvat (DiEM25 Co-Founder, DiEM25 Coordination Collective)  Søren Altstaedt (DiEM25 German Federal Committee, Alternative Summit Alliance) and video remotes from Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach and Clive Lewis ( British Labour member of Parliament ).

Interesting day sessions include organizers of an alternative conference at the G20 in Hamburg in July 6-9 ( 12:00h ) … and a discussion of a new deal for the Internet with renata Avila and Aral Balkan. (13;30h ).

XLterrestrials were there in Feb 2016 for the launching of Diem25 – Democracy in Europe Movement -  an opportunity to seek strategies and alliances to prevent the EU from descending into nationalism, authoritarianism, populism and privatization uberalles, etc…

They are calling this new parallel political form Europe’s first transnational political party, which does not fall into various traps, broken promises and contradictions that occur within the usual nation-state governance.

We were impressed with the coalitions that were forming… including some initiatives around “rebel cities” , i.e finding our strength and political critical mass on the municipalities level. As in Barcelona’s Ana Colau with her experiences in progressive agenda for housing + local community-scale infrastructures, etc.

[ Some critiques exist about attempting to build a new left without bringing many of the existing anti-capitalist left groups into the fold... Some of this is a valid problems, but we also saw a genuine call to unite, and urgently form a 'parallel politics' to the Brussels parliament and the immediate new situations arising , i.e. Brexit, and the implications of Macron in France. ]

Now they have formed a more concrete New Deal for Europe and considering a campaign to “take it to the ballot box” in 2019.

XLT will report back…

South of The Academia Border, a Non-Anthropocene Theory

May 19th, 2017


{{{ another Anthropocene view }}}

Coming Soon !

“A truly fascinating lecture, song + dance on The Anthropocene ( dead-end construct ), that gave us so little to defend the living planet – and all its inhabitants – in the age of krapitalist endgames… Shall we finally pronounce the institutionally-employed intellectual left as officially non-organic TOAST !? “

- XLterrestrials analyst.

Stay tune for a full deep green report from indigenous aliens south of the academia borders, that have not succumbed to the bullshit.

In the meantime…

While we have our critiques, last night’s Anthropocene Lecture by McKenzie Wark at Haus Der Kulturen ( HKW ) in Berlin revealed many unexpected things… And is helping us to further understand the strange and messy cult of Donna Haraway, a child ( laborer?) of the military industrial complex. About Marxian Industrialism recuperated and remixed by Technotopians. About our misguided faith in science. And about how NOT to play along in the 21st century sequels to Techno-Fascism, though indirectly.

Wark is a gifted speaker, a radical, high-speed and queer thinker, but if he’s willing to provoke a whole new generation of situationist-inspired rebels + hackers with 3-d printed Guy Debord gimmicks to sell Verso books, well we can certainly feel free to provoke back and imagine a blockbuster futurist flop starring New York media + culture professors,  along with tenured California 2nd-nature vampires creating World War Z ( on a molecular front ) in addition to our current atomized society, nearly wasted eco-systems, and brutally plundered Other continents.


{ in hindsight, we DO think this was a pretty funny stunt, but hardly adequate strategies now for the fully threatened ecocidal storm of climate disruptions and vast populations left adrift in the shit ! }

to be cont.

XLt & Globalista Radio Kit ~~ Summertime Musika Radar v.2.1

May 18th, 2017



< 23.05 > Syrphe Electronic Night #10 · Tomy Herseta (Indonesia), Dirar Kalash (Palestine), Szkieve (Canada), Marie Takahashi & Ottó Szabolcs Horváth (Japan/Germany), C-drík aka Kirdec (Belgium/Congo). + Vegan food – XB Liebig, Friedrichshain


< 27.05 > Vendetta & Fiesta Lucha Amada, Clash Berlin, 21h


< 26.05 > Ondatrópica (DJ Set) ft. Quantic & Frente Cumbiero,  Club GRETCHEN, 23h


< 31.05 > Soviet Soviet • Swiimers, Acud Kunsthaus


< 03.06 > Exberliner’s 15th Birthday Party, Haus Schwarzenberg


< 08.06 > Kairo is Koming, Roter Salon – Volksbühne


< 08-11.06 > Torstrasse Festival – Berlin Mitte


< 13.06 > DakhaBrakha – Festsaal Kreuzberg


< 21.06 >  Fête de la Musique , uberall


< 27.06 > The Sun Ra Arkestra – Festsaal Kreuzberg, 21h


Raise Your Musical Weapons in the Air ! ..

AND If your so inclined…Send us your concert/event highlights … for Btropolis… or anywhere… and remember June 21st is Fete de La Musique, the biggest simultaneous global music invasion …

Feel free to visit + share music inspirations on the GLOBALISTA RADIO KIT on frackybook ( at your own data risk, corporate vultures, ya know. ).


to be cont…

Digital Re:publicans, Are They Still Dreaming ?! #rp17

May 9th, 2017


#rp17 / #LOVEoutLOUD / #endofthenet

We’re heading into another one of those Re:publica thingees…  a digital cult conference which began as a friendly little bloggers media niche convention and metasticized to become ” one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world.” … That means hosts to a wide range of unsavory corporate sponsors + partners … like Daimler Benz, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, etc…

But Re-publica brings in alot of cool and respectable players – activists, hackers, orgs – as well, and thus we like to call it: the progressive belly of the technotopian beast !

To prepare, we wanted to revisit Boris Beaude’s fantastic analysis of how mangled the internet + digital culture have become … From Institute of Network Cultures , June 2016, and free for download ( and even print can be ordered for FREE ) …

And we recommend this as a necessary primer for any digital culture convergence you plan on attending this year… In the hopes that – one day – we might all be closer to the same page: that the internet is way more than broken !

Broken, that’s already old hat ! But have no fear, the net evangelists are constantly being born again… And they now say “Yes of course we knew it was broken all along. And we’re fixing it. And we must reclaim the net! ” Then they will giddily whisk you down into another labyrinth which promises a broad assortment of first-aid-like emergency kits to plug ( or plug into ) the gaping wound that is the predatory + surveilled shopping mall abyss of virtual accessories and blinky screentime-du-jour.

The thing that’s now important to know is: WHY the shit’s so broken, and while Beaude never really gets his teeth fully into a corporate krapitalist crtitique, nor the military industrial complex that turns everything into a colonial-scale weapon … He has given a very concise map of how we got taken for a ride on the corporate mother-f-ship…. ( the fathership, would probably be more accurate ).

Just to grab a couple short concluding snippets from The End of The Internets:

” The Internet was supposed to abolish distances, advance freedom of expression, enhance collective intelligence, foster the potential for gratis, decentralize power and resist any attempt at taking control of the Internet itself. Regrettably, we must come to the conclusion that these ideals are rapidly fading away. Seemingly abolished barriers are being re-erected again. Freedom of speech is subject to a number of restrictions. Engagements and capabilities are still unequally distributed. Power has never been so centralized. We are clearly witnessing the end of the Internet as we formerly knew it. By altering the nature of space, the Internet has changed humanity’s social configuration; but humanity is so diverse that it will not allow the Internet to remain unaltered. “

Earlier in the essay lays out in much detail about why all this is occurring… and here at the finale, he’s pointing to where technology conferences + citizens in general – really need to change our conversations to meet the change of the game…

” What the world really needs is a major political debate centering on the future of the only place that the whole of humanity shares in common. There is no doubt that a choice will have to be made, between a globalization of politics or the end of the Internet as we know it. We will have to make the Internet the central issue of a debate which given the environmental crisis, the threat of global terrorism and the state of the world economy, obliges us to realize that what unites us is more important than what divides us. In the absence of such a radical shift in politics, we will not only witness a much more drastic partitioning of the Internet but even more worrying, a further fragmentation of our world. We will risk the collapse of globalization and nationalist insurgencies everywhere, which will render nation-states more powerless and vulnerable. “

All an eloquent attempt for framing of our challenges  … AND YET … in the final appeal he states:

” The Internet is the perfect public place to rise to this challenge; it is an ideal but also fragile space that we must never cease to cherish, share and protect together. “

Well, this seemingly innocuous and hopeful turn is quite similar to all our experiences of industry-supported convergences like Re:publica… And this is the point where the XLterrestrials feel it is appropriate to intervene w/ other angles for analysis and action, and call for a bit of “walking back” here…

The real PLACE that humanity shares – for required living – is an embodied position/existence on the earth !  And perhaps we should be asking: Is the continuing attempts to find our commonality in the NON-PLACE of the internet a large part of what sets the stage for further accelerating and exacerbating such divisive, abstract and globalization realities/irrealities on the ground ?!!

In a world plagued with inequalities, technological plunderings, a lack of tangible and nourishing commons here on earth, freedom of mobility for all, etc. …  Putting our hopes in a liberated NON-PLACE, is like WISHING WE COULD ALL TRANSFORM OURSELVES INTO ORGANIC FARMERS OVERNIGHT ON A NON-OXYGENATED MARS !

Of course, we will need to continue the fight for regulating and/or reeling-in the internet…  this spectre of technospheres… or it will continue to run amok regardless of our desires.

More importantly, the real Hacking for the 21st century  might be about reclaiming ( and assuring ) access and the means to share equitably the planet’s natural resources : earth, water, sky, fire (energy)…  with the vast majority of global bodies, which will include all the other species with whom we co-inhabit. We must return to a non-anthropocentric world !

… Communication tools will be necessary, but they certainly won’t be central to that end. And in fact, given the predatory infrastructures as they currently operate, will must be honest about that fact that this is a territory which perpetuates the borders and enclosures which ensure those places of privlege – wealthy + elite access only, while throwing the rest of us ( and other species ) under the bus !

Not surprisingly Re:publica will be more focused on the Digital Industries, and selling lots of virtual ad-space… as usual… 3% will be some good critique ( though probably not as precise as Beaude’s )  and self-defense strategies… and a whole lotta ongoing cyber-pipe-dreaming !

Nothing wrong with dreaming….  except when it’s at the expense of liberty, sovereignty, privacy, the indigenous, environment, the commons, social well-being, the whole of the earth’s living bio-systems, and the list goes on and on !  Essentially technotopia+Krapitalism + the machines remain a very self-serving ( alien ) entity that’s selling us and our habitats downstream ! Digital culture does not bode well as our primary tools for liberation and sustainability, surely not until those ( organic + humane ) practices are the center of our social organization and can then lead the way for any further ( democratic ) technological progress.

One cannot have tech al a carte before the dead horse.


ok, we’re going in…
wish us luck !

Note: btw, you can follow Boris Beaude’s work – tho mostly in French – here :  and at @nofluxin

to be cont.