Tales from The Sci-Fi City …

October 4th, 2014


< 10.03.14 > NOiseBridge Reboot Party

Rumor has it that vj podinski ( XLterrestrials + CiTiZEN KiNO ) will be added to the sensory inputs… among all sorts of other wild fun:

  • Mock Church
  • Audrey Spinazola (solo looper/Accordian/uke)
  • Elipton (dark electronic powered by an Apple IIgs
  • Project Euphorbia (aka “The Orbs”), etc…


more coming soon !

Is This The End Of The Anthropocene ?! … That was a short-lived era :)

September 24th, 2014



Ironically this beautiful captured image of the Climate Action march of roughly 400,000 peeps in NYC was taken from a civilian-use drone. A fascinating and expanding Re-re-appropriation phenomenon of what began as a hacker hobby, went full-blown into military and surveillance industry , and now is frequently seen used by activists to get a selfie of our resistance cultures.

[ the latest in Hong Kong is truly Spectacular ! But as we've seen with all the uprisings of late, what happens on the ground next will be where the struggles for liberation are... won and/or lost. ]

XLterrestrials might consider this drone phenomenon another example of dumpster-diving in those toxic technotopian dreams. And we wonder if flying them above any civilian populations should be either a license-only operation or banned entirely, because : 1.  public safety ( relatively heavy objects w/ rotary blades, flying overhead, piloted by ANYONE ?! )  2. De-escalation of the gadget world arms race.

Perhaps there c/sh-ould be a clause for media + filmmakers, who would need to get permission from a local community board. Nevermind government institutions like FCC or a FISA-like committee, cause in These Un-Democracy Days they’ve all got built-in back doors and joker card security waivers by authoritarian control. And besides they’re probably all getting heavily invested in Amazon’s Love-Drone Delivery Fantasy!

But we digress…

Is This The End Of The Anthropocene ?!!



In our latest CiTiZEN KiNO episodes, we have been attempting to dig into the root causes of “planet whacking”, namely those over-abundant neo-liberal enterprises that have an absolute faith in technological progress.

Two ideological territories that appear to be driving forces of this raging unsustainability are Enlightenment-Era Science ( patriarchal plundering and industrial-scale nature raping ) and a new growing trend, this intellectual/academia embrace of THE ANTHROPOCENE.

[ And of course there's the economic operating system as a main driver as well. But we'll leave that complexity for another article. ]

Now one has to be rather careful to critique this shit, cause it will immediately land you in one of these: 1. the Neo-Luddite Box or 2. the Anti-Civilization Box or 3. the Progress Troll Box …

We were recently handed the Earth Island Institute issue from Spring 2103 from one of our astute eco-comrades (at the Center for Biological Diversity ) following our CiTiZEN KiNO performances at Noisebridge in San Francisco. Titled: Welcome To The Anthropocene – Manmade. It’s all online of course.

Great article by Raj Patel called “Manthropocene”,  Winifred Bird + Jane Braxton Little called “Radiant Wildlands” about the ongoing calamity of Fukushima, and many others. But the article that perhaps really cuts to the chase is Derrick Jensen’s ” Age of The Sociopath ” .

” The term Anthropocene not only doesn’t help us stop this culture from killing this planet – it contributes directly to the problem it purports to address.”

Another great article that was shared by our colleagues at Technologia Incognito just recently surfaced at TruthOut, by Erica Etelson, who nails it as well ! This goes pretty deep for a one-essay swoop: Is Modern Technology Killing Us?

Gotta love the example of the Bill and Melinda Gates brain-ghetto-ing Eco-Toilets idea at $2000 a pop, something anyone already living on the land can construct together w/ their community and near-zero tech for under $20. We think this kind of technological solutionism should be called “The Golden Philanthropist Poop Scoop “.


It’s gotten way too easy to rant and gaggle about the myriad failures of Technotopia, and we could construct an epic comedy series around it that could probably get about a 4-year run on FOX TV! Uh, guess what: their new series franchise is called Utopia -  pioneering dreamers meet Survivor drama / ethics )… We actually met its Netherlands writer/creator, but that’s another story.

But what matters is the tactics we aim for as solutions-advancing…

In Berlin, there’s a group that’s forming under the banner of  The Slow-Tech Manifesto. ( excerpts coming / See Below ).

In Amsterdam a sharp gathering of tech adepts finally turned the corner and began deconstructing their own nerd cosmologies and delusions. It was a conference in August called Interference. It was unfortunately claiming to be just a one-off.

But a group of us met afterwords and began to strategize how to counter the religion-ary missionary Technotopia.  Taking cues from the most fanatical and bunkering branch cult of Singularity, we figured that the ol’ Eco-topians community – who actually prefer organic fruit + veggies over synthesized Soylent nutrition schemes – would have to upgrade their non-virtualizing and non-reductionist promises to its devoted, collectivizing land-based members. Nope, no 90s Cyber-evangelists nor Petri Friedman Sea-Steaders among us.

That will also require another article, but be warned: The Cult Of A Tree-Sitting Squirrelly Matriarchy is about to reclaim our visions for the future !


A couple footnotes:

1. We don’t use the word Techno-u-topian, cause utopia implies some ideal. We never considered a technologically dominant culture an even remotely utopian dream. Techno-topian somehow sounds more accurate, but perhaps we should migrate to techno-dystopian… whatya think ?!

2. We’ve gotten many requests to post the media archives, the various pieces we’ve been featuring in CiTiZEN KiNO #40 : All You Can’t Eat ! Please stand by, we’re working on that. Thx for your impatience. :)

Added: Below is the complete text of an initial Slow Tech Manifesto in Eng and De … please share….

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XLterrestrials have landed ! The Cali-cidal Tendencies Tour (Updated)

August 28th, 2014





XLterrestrials present CiTiZEN KiNO (#40) on THE CALI-CIDAL TENDENCIES TOUR



< Sept. 16 > Sudo Room / Omni,  Oakland, Ca. – 7 pm

< Sept. 18 > New Nothing Cinema, San Fran , 16 Sherman Alley (betw. Folsom & Harrison, 6th & 7th) – As part of Shaping SF Talks. 8pm -

< Sept.19 > Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St., San Fran – 7 pm -



{ Foto: remixd from Nadine and Nina at C-KiNO launch party in Berlin. Used for a little FEdbook Guerrilla Marketing experiment : See below. * }


ABout : CiTiZEN KiNO is a hybrid of film, internet, theater, hacker culture and
public forum. Each program is an interactive and tactical media
performance, a live multi-dimensional cinema with co-curated screenings at
its core. An ongoing series of events based in Berlin used to upgrade
community + collective intelligence.

Our latest episode – C-KiNO #40 : All You Can’t Eat ! – focuses on digital
culture in this extremely precarious and dubious era of predatory
corporate capitalism + technotopian extremism. We’ll examine the
technological landscapes which are rapidly shaping civilizations with so
many undemocratic agendas, questionable ‘progress’ and disturbing trends.
We’ll be reflecting on the situations now often described as the
post-Snowden internet, or as the XLt terms a “cybernetic regime”. We assess
the dangers and discuss possible new routes to maneuver and intervene in
this information-flooded, over-networked and now fully militarized social

With a variety of current research from the likes of Astra Taylor, Evgeny
Morozov, and excerpts from an illuminating public domain documentary
called Eyewar from Root and Thorn. We also include insights from
Berlin-based projects like Chaos Communications Congress ( Europe’s oldest
and largest hacker convergence) , Tactical Tech Collective ( a public
advocacy and watchdog group similar to The Electronic Frontier Foundation
in California ), the art group Telekommunisten ( coders and cultural
tinkerers now working with Thoughtworks ) and festivals like Transmediale,
Re:publica and events put on by Berliner Gazette. Plus we always features
a wide variety of unusual audio-visual specimens, which will be used to
experiment with you – the media-users.


About XLterrestrials: We are an expandable+collaborative arts and praxis group currently based in the last remaining tunnels of Btropolis, where the tectonic plates of east meets west meets the planetary whole ! We are stocking up on brainfood items, counter-cultural maps, re-embodied detournement and freshly-picked perspectives to prepare the next autonomous zones where a diversity of subcultures can survive. We are fully unlicensed psychomedia analysts and interventioneers since 2133.


You can read additional info about the XLterrestrials on tour Here. And find out more about how you can join forces and develop the CiTiZEN KiNO with us or on your own. It’s an open source – media interventions – platform ! :)



* AND, a little face[FED]book Guerrilla Marketing experiment *

If YOU participate in the ‘lovely’ FEDBOOK ( low-life spam guerrilla marketeers extraordinaire, selling your data to innumerable 3rd parties ),  you can TAG YOURSELF in the IMAGE above and/or just help to share the INVITE, for these VEry RAre CiTiZEN KiNO SF Bay appearances. Hmm, btw, how many people can one tag in an artvist/meme image ?

We’re catching up on promoting these shows, after having to spend the last week dealing w/ the XLterrestrials site being hacked ( by spammers most likely, or other malacious entities, supposedly via China + Romania. Btw we DO have a sweet spot for Romanian hackers especially, except when we’re the targets ).

So any help spreading the word would be most appreciated ( and rewarded. just let us know at one of the shows. we’ve got some culty Btropolis goods for YOU! ).

CiTiZEN KiNO #40.1 for Interference Fest + The Cali-cidal Tendencies Tour

August 4th, 2014



XLterrestrials On Tour

* New * Please visit the new XLt Tour Page, where you’ll also find a PRESS RELEASE, and ways you can perhaps support us as we construct the itinerary. We plan to present CiTiZEN KiNO at a variety of events and spaces from NOW until Dec. 15, 2014. And we’re also looking further ahead for possibilities + collaborations in 2015.


Upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO dates:

< 11.08 >  C-KiNO #40.1 + Afterparty at Morgenrot Cafe, Berlin 20:00h

< 15.08 > Interference Festival / Conference , Amsterdam

< 16.08 > Interference Party w/ dj Podmosis and many others at Binnenpret, A’dam

< Sept.> The Cali-cidal Tendencies tour, CiTiZEN KiNO events < TBA >

Left Coast Territories – Los Angeles / San Fran / Oakland / Davis

( These dates will be posted very soon, and please contact us if you’d like to assist in the California events )


Our process for developing a program + playlist is still a work-in-progress. One of the ways we want to make the construction of our themes/analysis a bit more open source is to have a notepad for the public to contribute and/or perhaps even re-use for their own C-Kino-style public media navigations.

So here’s the CK40 pirate pad link, where we can discuss the topics, suggest media resources, etc. ! Become an XLterrestrial :)


The XLt Article for The Interference Reader


Hello CiTiZENs, we are the psychomedia analysts from the XLterrestrials, an arts and praxis group currently based in the last remaining tunnels of Btropolis, still under siege, stocking up on brainfood items, counter-cultural maps, re-embodied detournement and freshly-picked perspectives to make it through to the next autonomous zone alive and intact.

We were once an extremely naive project which landed in the midst of the Silicon Valley screams – the Cali-technotopian 90s – in the belly of the IT beast, and we began to hatch an aberration species of insurrectionist events to keep awake the pre-mediated consciousness, like little pre-Apple Inc. organic community pods, keeping a record of living organisms bobbing up and down in the shitstorm ( of agendas), before the next wave of gadgeted colonies could entirely erase the collective memory of rent control, fair wages, job security, health care, world peace, anarchist horizons and fleshy fun in a beautiful physical world.

We initially called it “The Transmigration Of Cinema” and we attempted to take head-on The Spectacle 2.0.

” Living in the future means we can read instant missives from teens living under siege instead of diaries years later, yet cruelty persists. “ – tweeted by Astra Taylor, documentary maker and author of The People’s Platform.

Here we are now, living a Strange Fruit Future in the digital settlements, where Some people get access to all the information, and others to All You Can’t Eat, the former group piles high their profits and power and virtual orgy-time scraped from your hourly un-earthed and uncompensated labor to run the world further into the deepest glory-hole ditch. And there are The Others, who are getting their asses droned into the stone age like the sadist’s best and realest and spectacular-est video game ever. And we all watch !

A sharp Internet Combatant like Astra Taylor may be even too polite in her critique of the game ! Reformers beware ! The digital occupation is showing all the signs of an absolute catastrophe. Unbound silicon caliphates ravaging across the fields,  like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Facebook’s Zuckerberg team  and their cheerleader media mouthpieces like the Tim O’Reillys, Clay Shirkys, Jeff Jarvises and Kevin Kellys, etc…. to name just an unpopular few.). There’s currently a fundamentalist neo-liberal feeding frenzy, technotopian controller extremists who hold all the techno-cards… or so it seems.

Taylor provides a few glimmers of hope in correcting the balance of empowerments, fighting bravely the feminist and mutli-culturalist and community fronts, but w/ pacifist-like arms tied behind her back, pointing mainly w/ nods toward all the ways the civic-minded might strengthen the institutions that can help redeem our creativity and our world from that bloody gaping maw of advertisers and winner-take-all monopole black holes.

Let’s not forget all these communications and tech tools that exist in a predatory- corporate-capitalist environment. Practically nothing will be used by the masses as any passionate, collective-minded citizen would desire; They’ll more often than not be turned upside down on their head and implemented to suck you and your graphed circles dry.

Might we need to focus on changing the operating system before powerful new tech can be applied ?!!

Just last night as we were surfing the net like the frozen cat being hoisted toward the militarized and interconnected stars of imperial horizons, unable to focus in the flood of information, and all the images of flattened ancient and sacred cities, the fresh-splattered blood of disemboweled, children of the net and the broken-necked indigenous bodies hanging from all the accelerated money trees…

And then we stumbled upon a little dusty cultural treasure, a fire really. Yeah, the dust caught fire !

On the Youtubes, an old Killing Joke song at the peak of punk dissent and self-discovering euphoria , a song called “Pssyche”, a b-side of “Wardance” from around 1980. Fortunately, it was not another mesmerizing eye-candy video, just an image of the 7″ single:  Gene Kelly in a tux and top hat dancing over a body of some previous world war corpses. And just that raw thrashing sound of a young band at a pinnacle of their expressive fury ( no doubt fueled by Thatcherism / Snatcherism ). An inspired music project fresh out of the nest, before the popdom factories even had a chance to boil and squeeze them down into little shrunken product dolls.


” You’re alone in the pack,

you’re feeling like you wanna go home

You’re feeling life’s finished but you keep on going,

the reason is there

You won’t find it till you’ve been and gone

because you’re living a hoax!

Someone’s got you sussed!

Dull your brain or seek inspiration

You feel illusion and then you finally say Transfer

Transform a machine to play with your head

So you can stand back and watch

or take part and learn.

If you don’t know the game,

then you’re still part of it … “

Excerpt. Jaz Coleman / Killing Joke , almost a prescient and situationist nudge towards a hacker manifesto ( 1980 ) Listen Here. ( LOUDLY ).

It was just enough to shake us from the surfing stupor. We were back on our feet.

“As Lacan used to say about Big Data, it’s far more dangerous for man than the atom bomb. “ tweeted Evgeny Morozov about a year ago, feisty take-no-technotopian-prisoners author of The Net Delusion and Click Here to Save Everything.

We are lost without, at the very least, some punk attitude to these all-seeing, all-sucking, all-managing operating systems now. We can’t meander through the endless  “Oil of the 21st century” * and “communicative capitalism” *, through the poppy fields and/or bottomless pits of the disembodied showtime.

We must rise up before the soma poison hits the central nervous system of the collective consciousness. Or else we’ll all lie paralyzed in the web of corporate endgames, and the motherload of transnational black spider data-reaches coming to devour us and our neighborhoods, one by one in our cocooned and misconnected cubicles.


XLterrestrials present CiTiZEN KINO #40 : All You Can’t Eat

All our psychomedia + psychoactive agents got to offer currently is a desperate but blazing tactical maneuver: Going back in mediated history times to re-route the basic Spectacle-code !

Taking cues from Charles Pathe’s day of the newsreels, that 2nd door of the epic new cinema tools, the one that didn’t just lead to 2-hour dreamy avatar-fantasia and phantasm/ escapism, but tactical engagements w/ current events. Enter here:  A hyper-linked, sub-poppied tunnel to the days of the dark room public sphere gatherings.

To hack it ! To ingest it ! To detourn and reconstruct it ! To analyze, and plot ahead ! Absurd maybe yes, but consider this: Here was the moment when the Eyewars* began, and it could have evolved into some platform for open-sourced, collective intelligence, instead we got the short end of the stick, a downloaded dangling feed from the overlords and infowar profiteers. Like a facepluck, ripped out from a whole head, mined and extracted from the whole communing social body. So, can we go back and re-route the game for true citizen upgrades, from it’s original pre-militarized mass media sources ?!! Can we still slip out the back door of this burning digital theater ?!!


The Handwringing Super-Clowns + Resources For Peace In The Middle East v.1

August 2nd, 2014



” The massacres continue after another short ceasefire… the footage we’ve just watched is the stuff of nightmares… it feels like civilization is unraveling, not just in Gaza… but in multiple war zones… Because there are no world leaders anymore, just blood-lusting, hand wringing and hand-shaking clowns, all with corpses in their closets, running from their crimes, and attempting to obscure them, struggling to stay on top, where they think the stench of death is thinner …

But of course that just causes the blood to gush up from some new hole they’ve punctured in another land… ” XLt analyst





v.1 #GAZA

It would be just as necessary to set up a page for Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Ukraine ( we did one, but not up-to-date ), Egypt, Libya, UK, U.S., China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey,  etc… but since we’ve just been pouring through news on the Gaza invasion… it will take less time for research… and we can be more useful and timely in what we can now provide on this particular situation. *

And since it’s a current bloodbath waged upon mostly unarmed civilians, w/ little-to-no access to a proxy military sponsor ( as is the usual case these days, proxy wars ) since it’s a tightly enclosed fishbowl colony, it feels even more urgent…

Ultimately it’s really a question of what we as global citizens can do about the super-powers, all the big actors, the corporate players and the forces behind their moves, and not JUST with the zones of conflict which they have helped to fuel outside their own borders.


1. – Boycotts AND the #BDSMovement

An alliance of international rappers have put together this incredible track in solidarity w/ the people of Gaza – Rappers unite for  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgr9lO3Amu8 …

RESPONSES and CHALLENGES to Chomsky’s recent position on BDS : http://www.thenation.com/article/180590/responses-noam-chomsky-israel-palestine-and-bds#

2. - Naomi Wolf ( fbook link ) doing some interesting work tracking down an actual + current Hamas Charter… rather than relying on 2-hand info and Israeli PR machine about what it says AND most likely to debunk the persisting Zionist+Likud party claims / lies / talking points for self-defense ( i.e. it’s alleged goals to wipe Israel off the map )  … discussion threads on Facebook for now. But we can probably expect some published article(s) to appear somewhere soon.



1. “Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright also made an appearance [ on the show ] and said, “I am concerned about Israel. I am a great believer in the security of Israel and the moral authority of the Israelis. But I am very worried about what is going on in terms of their image.” http://www.commondreams.org/news/2014/07/27/mounting-civilian-casualties-image-problem-israel

What about all the hospitalized women and children YOU BRAINDEAD STATE TOOL ??? Go crawl back under a rock M. Albright, and all you secretaries of states, we had enough of your nauseating handwringing already ! ! !


2. Charlie Rose interviews Hamas leader. This will be a fascinating media moment to Fully analyze… and will be interesting to see, among other things, if Charlie Rose’s remote control PBS knob is turned up to ELEVEN  http://www.mediaite.com/tv/charlie-rose-battles-hamas-leader-over-whether-hell-recognize-israel/


3. So Brasil ( and Chile? ) recalled it’s ambassador from Israel, is that the only country that realizes what sort of govt. is being dealt with here ?!


4. So in case you haven’t been following, Netanyahu ( and his party ) made the decision to go to war based on LIES ! Now over 1000 Gazans killed, THOUSANDS more injured and over 40 IDF soldiers killed…

So citizens ( and supporters ) of Israel are you going to take ( legal ) action against the criminals in your own country ??! Is this the end of LIKUD ? If not, why not ?!! And if not, remember YOU TOO are complicit in the war crimes !


5. CiTiZEN MEDIA is winning ! Keep It Real ! #NYC2GAZA – No More Blood Money @ IDB Bank http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/nyc2gaza-no-more-blood-money-at-idb-bank/


ok, just a few random things to get a few ideas rolling… please send us links and reports that you have found …

* Oh Jeez, we almost forgot, we did a #Gaza resource page back in 2009 during the Cast Your Own Lead Shoes Operation … Useful to reflect on this dismal + catastrophic loop… if you can bear it.

more coming soon !

CiTiZEN KiNOMATiCA #40: ALL You Can’t EAT ! + Tour News

July 28th, 2014



Correction : < 31.07 > < 30.07 > WEDNESDAY:  CiTiZEN KiNOMATiCA #40 : All You Can’t Eat ! at Panke, Berlin 21:00h

( the fedbook invite )

< 10.08 or 11.08 > ( TBA )  C-KiNO #40.1 at Morgenrot Cafe, Berlin 20:00h

< 15.08 > Interference Festival / Conference , Amsterdam

< Sept.> The California Ideology Crash tour, TBA


The CK40 pirate pad link, where you can help us develop the theme, discuss, suggest media resources, etc. !


To begin, those who’ve been to one of our shows before may be wondering why we have changed the name from CiTiZEN KiNO to KiNOMATiCA… Well, our whole point of analyzing the mediated spectrum was not to ingest Yet More Media, but to provoke (a) movement, to absorb some new media perspectives and then set those new insights into a more embodied motion, response and praxis.

kin·e·mat·ics (kn-mtks) n. (used with a sing. verb) The branch of mechanics that studies the motion of a body or a system of bodies without consideration given to its mass or the forces acting on it.

So in this new branch of cinema…

Of course, we ARE concerned with the causes ( forces and mass ) ! We investigate ( psychomedia analyze ) themes through a primarily cinematic lense – the very optic medium by which our lives+culture have been captured or occupied ( by Spectacle ) – and then attempt to export the information into our physical environments. Re-import to the situations. Application … ( an anti-App ? ).

So here we experiment with a conceptual + semiotic mash-up of kinematics, cinematic, kino ( cinema in german ), citizens and auto-o-matic consumerisms of the machinic culture, etc …

( Not to mention in 2006 we presented an early version of XLterrestrial cinema deconstruction project at the Kinema Icon ( cinema ) at the Arad Museum in Romania.)

Recently we wrote to our comrades at Other Cinema – the pioneering underground cinema in San Fran. : While we will often find incredible art works to screen, CiTiZEN KiNO is less about the film arts per se, but about navigating what media is out there, and translating that into a community forum / platform / process.


All You Can’t Eat !

In this episode, we wish to explore the Technotopia that no one wants, to borrow from ’s recent sharp article in The Guardian: The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful

That TITLE’s a bit provocative, almost buzzfeed-(un)worthy news bait… And certainly not all nerds are involved in such dubious endeavors as an artificial food production called Soylent. No joke. And in contrast, lately we’ve been enjoying the new developments in tech resistance, such as the blooming skill-share phenomenon of Crypto Parties, as a form of direct tech action. BUT Hennessy’s article is a potent and timely critique and juxtapositioning : digital + analog, synthetic + real, manufacturing + creating, Dataworlds + Living matters. And therein the growing polarities and disenchantments w/ the over-quantified, uber-efficient and tasteless future of technotopian extremists.

He writes “… there is something intrinsically repellant about a world in which our food, jobs and personal relationships are replaced by digital proxies in the name of ultra-efficient disruption. The geeks, with their ready willingness to abandon social norms, are pulling us toward a utopia nobody wants. “





AND, If you’re still wondering what CiTiZEN KINO#40 is going to be about…

[ We Are Too ! It's a work-in-progress show developed over a month-long tour ]

Here’s a little teaser… an incredible 2011 lecture from Evgeny Morozov in London. That’s 3 years ago. 3 years in internet time is like 200 DOG YEARS, so looking back on it now, he got A LOT RIGHT and a FEW THINGS are still a little FUZZY … we’ll investigate that w/ you ! ( TONIGHT at Panke ) :


to be cont.

XLt reports from Open Knowledge Meltdown, #okfest14

July 17th, 2014



scribbled notes:

Only 2 sessions thus far … And from the dark sides of the Chernobyl-ing Net Culture… 1.The Horrors of Open Data … and 2. E-Waste exploration: opening up our gadgets and looking into what happens when they die…

Loads of great people around and about, but we wish we could be planting a garden together instead of looking to reform the toxic fields of the predatory net !

And coincidentally, CiTiZEN KiNO is preparing upcoming episode(s) #40 : ALL YOU CAN’T EAT !

So back to #okfest14 …  for more dizzying wake-up calls and the smiling IT crowds … huh !??


Abandon All ye NET Hope, S/He who enter here …  follow if you like… or dare…

RT >

open data horror stories shouldn’t be presented as anomalies at #okfest14 this is what the net+predatory capitalism is all about ! #okohno

coincidentally in our feed …. in a parallel un-godly e-verse :

RT> .@ubuweb : Copyright is over! (if you want): http://blbrd.co/1oAgSGQ #donttrustthecloud #fairuse #OKFest14

@johanoomen @ubuweb And how will the imploding free net provide sustainable livelihoods 4 content makers w/o turning us all into adverts ?!

i.e. Ubu Ken doesn’t seem to get the whole picture yet from his academicly institutionally propped chair, too busy surfing + lecturing we suppose. Perhaps he should download Astra Taylor’s new book The People’s Platform ( tho even that’s a wee too optimistic ). Or Evgeny Morozov’s now seemingly dusty old ( in web-time anyway ) rants. Can’t wait what he’s churning up next, Evgeny that is ! Take stock now in punk attitude, it may be our only way out of the digital cult vacuum.

RT> XLterrestrials report from #okfest14 (in small doses ) while we attempt to keep the BtroPoLi$€ ship afloat. E-storm! http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=12933

( that’s Btropolis above. Think: Charlie Chaplin having a thin naked lunch in the machine, at the Kulturbrauerei, Berlin … amongst the reformers. Google Gold sponsored. Hey but there’s free water in small handy-sized boxes. I think that’s a step-up from plastic bottles, but never sure these days. Pricetag: 100-350E entry. Though Volunteering for the industry is always possible, of course. And students can be indoctrinated at a slightly less expensive rate. )

€ 0.00 – net income

0.00 – net gain ?


RT> Still interpreting, assessing own experiences at #okfest14… FAZ article weighs in: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/feuilleton/medien/auf-dem-open-knowledge-festival-ihr-seid-unsere-gold-kutsche-13050820.html …

RT> Now re-reading @evgenymorozov ’s chapter [ in Click Here to Save Everything ] ‘So Open It Hurts’ … wish all at #Okfest14 would read this, if haven’t already. @mushon reminded me, thx !

* our fave new 21c sticker above… be sure to get one from Mushon Zer-Aviv at  mushon.com !


On the XLterrestrial radar, summer engagements …

July 15th, 2014




{ image from O Doutrinador by Luciano Cunha * }

< June12-July13 > CiTiZEN KiNO presente ! special edition WOrld Clip Interventions, read more HERE … online, and in Berlin, and beyond. Multiple Venues TBA.

< June21 > “Hacker treffen Harker. Commons Sommerfest” in Berlin am 21.06. … Technophiles, Slow Tech Movement, Free Software Foundation Europe, BerlinerLinux User Group, Freifunk, Solidarity Economy, Akademie Solidarische Ökonomie, Share peeps, etc etc… http://commonsblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/hacker-treffen-harker-commons-sommerfest-in-berlin-am-21-06/ [ Eng below ]

< June 25 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions – Brazil focus, at Panke, Berlin ( the Fedbook invite )

< June14-15 > Backbone409 at Calafou, Spain

< June 27-29 > Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting #2,Hamburg

< July 6-14 > Schwarm w/ Czentrifuga
Bern, Schweiz

< Aug4-11 > Transfeminist Hackmeeting Calafou, Spain http://transhackfeminist.noblogs.org/ || http://transhackfeminist.noblogs.org/call-for-proposal/ || Come One Come All! (And no, it’s not wimin only)

< Aug15- 17 > Interference, Amsterdam, http://interference.io

< Aug 19 – 24 >  MMKamp 14 : “Future Environments” -unconference, Lika, Croatia … http://gentlejunk.net/projects/doku.php?id=mmkamp_14_workpage

And here’s a great resource for upcoming Interesting events from Becha from Technologia Incognite – hackerspace in Amsterdam


{ Having investigated the cyborg ideologies out there in CiTiZEN KiNO #31, Xlterrestrials are still a Little unsure about Cyborgian romanticism and futurist fetisch-ization, which in our view is leading to further exploitation and degradation of our ‘natural’ environments, and to a potentially techno-fascist climate, but the nice artwork and ideas for Transhackfeminist meet IS alluring… and undoubtedly ENGAGED! }

more coming soon

CiTiZEN KiNO: World Clip Interventions !

July 7th, 2014


{ image remix from O Doutrinador by Luciano Cunha * }

< July 9 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions – on world cup terror at Morgenrot Cafe, 18:00h - ( Fedbook invite )

the game plan: 18:00h intro clips / 18:30h World Clip Interventions part 1 / intermission / 19:30h Interventions part 2 / 20:30h Xtra-heated discussion ( in eng and de and whatever other languages, we’ll try to accomodate ! ) … open ended … cafe/bar open til about 1h …You can join us any point in the program … all welcome, but NO National flags allowed ! … and morgenrot is an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, antifa … and very tactical community space…  and an inspiring worker-owned collective ! …

“The real story in Brasil was never about who was going to win the staged spectacles on the glossy stadium fields; It was how people will organize and defend themselves against transnational neo-liberal capitalism which now ravages local inhabitants by paramilitary force. And “the games” are likely coming to your city sooner or later in one form or another, accelerated by concentrated power, technological innovations and greed ! So what we learn from the Brazilians – what worked and what failed in their resistance – is crucial information we can extract for our survival in the global scale occupations of our cultures. ”

XLterrestrials analyst


< July 4 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions at intermission(s) w/ Jan Lerch and Dj Garrincha for Campo Socrates – at Yaam, 20:30h … Other dates may be added. Stay tune !

< June 25 > CiTiZEN KiNO #39 : World Clip Interventions – Brazil focus, at Panke, Berlin ( the Fedbook invite ) – 21:ooh

+ plus LOCAL NEWS : additional clips + updates from the #Ohlauer Refugee School OCCUPATION and Immigrant Rights Struggles in Berlin ++


< 12.06-13.07 > CiTiZEN KiNO presente ! special edition World Clip Interventions  … online… see below.


AND more Venues in Berlin TBA.


Thiefa World Cup in Brasil

Starting on June 12 and colonizing your eyeballs + hearts + minds through July 13, The World Cup will be screened on over a billion screens around the world.

Here’s the plan: We’d like to ride the wave ! We know that many people love the sports spectacle, but why not try and inject a little higher alien intelligence before, during and after the games? … We’re not (necessarily) up for blocking what so many people love to watch, but we want to screen critical information, serious news, cultural resistance and lots of fun art clips… some “whole grain protein projections” for a better world !

And for sure, anyone watching will be invaded by a 1000 shitty corporate commercials. So why not interject a little local advertising, local community bits too ?!

Help us ! Let’s make collaborative community cinema together !

IF you would like to contact any venues around town for us… and convince them to let us come and do some pre-show + after-show cinema collaborations + interventions, YOU can come join us and we’ll pass the hat for our media activism and we can negotiate a co-production fee for YOU.

This will Not need to interrupt the games. [ Though we're certainly up to participate w/ even more subversive groups,  w/ anyone putting on Anti-WM, Anti- Spectacle, Anti-Nationalism + Anti-Borders, Anti-Sexist, Womens' Voices, etc. nights TOO. ]

Note: this doesn’t have to be established cinemas , it could be anyone screening the Cup, beamer-style. No scale is too big or too small. Good Fun + Street-Level Culture is the key!

We got a whole month to attack, to subvert, to edutain :)

Join Us ! Contact us ! Let’s Do This !


The XLT / CiTiZEN KiNO archives

You don’t need to be in Berlin to collaborate with us. You don’t even need to connect with us to make your own DIY Guerrilla Cinema…

And we’ll be posting a resource of excellent media that you can use. And feel free to suggest resources for this public media project, for all to utilize.

Inspiring cultural resistance, subversive media, strange + funny clips, culture jams, inspiring tactical media, etc…

Here’s a few of our World Clips playlist already, and more to come …

(new) No, I’m not Going…

(new) Começa a Copa no Brasil, nas ruas e no gramado

( new ) Juice Rap News : The World Coup: Thiefa Vs. Brazil

( new ) Tim Pool’s Brasil Dispatches for Vice ( v.1-3 thus far )

Welcome to the World Cup 2014 #NAOVAITERCOPA (Por. )

World Cup 2014 song – Os Milho?es Que Somos – Daniel Arruda

Borussia Dortmund ( anti-racist ) ad

We don’t like Samba (doc, Trailer in english)

John Oliver on FiFa’s public hair snatch

Kick It, 2006 ( anti-WM, Kultursyndicat )

Native Americans and U.S. Sports teams

Street Legend Sean Garnier in Disguise

The Price Of The World Cup ( 30min Danish mini-doc )

the more hardcore perspectives:

SubmediaTVs Fifa Go Home

(newO Doutrinador / Possessonica ( music clip )

( new ) The Comedy Section:

John Cleese rants – Soccer vs Football

The IT Crowd Discovers the Wonders of the Game ( Part 1 / Part 2, and more via Boing Boing )

and tangent stuff:

L.U.C.’s Tribute to Solidarity ( Hiphop from Poland )

to be cont.

‘World Clips Intervention’ is partially inspired by a project called A-clips by Katja Eydel, Klaus Weber, Sarah Lewison and others around 1996… A little history of their pioneering culture jams … http://www.joaap.org/1/aclip/

AND NOte: Our regularly scheduled CiTiZEN KiNO monthly programs will continue… Next show June 25th, at Panke.

* Article on Brasil Graffiti against the World Cup injustices… w/ art from Cranio, Paulo Ito, and others not identified.



{ from a doc piece on Cranio ** }

( Added ) We’re working on an article on Sao Paulo’s ninja street artist Cranio … and his use of the indigenous culture iconography in his work, referencing the Xingu tribe ( and others?) , whose existence is threatened by the Belo Monte Dam on the Amazon River and other factors of modernization, techno-fascism and the hardcore jungle ‘gentrifcation’ !

… stay tune …

** Cranio’s Website

* A great video interview and document of making his work in the streets of Sao Paulo. Clip by Paulo Tamlan

Note: XLterrestrials were asked to take down the posters we made w/ Cranio’s work. We respect the artists’ wishes, and in hindsight wish we had the time to contact him and those who assist him with managing and protecting the work beforehand. And we’d love to collaborate in the future!

We are psychomedia analysts, activists, journalists, educators and culture jammers. We host an arts+politics blog, and produce a number of media activists projects. Often reporting and linking in high-speed resistance to corporate culture. If we’ve chosen to use your work, it’s probably because it has inspired us and wish to turn the public on to your efforts.

We are a collective, with volunteer contributors, and cannot keep track of everything.  Please DO ALERT US, if you have issues w/ anything we’ve used.


* the new poster image is from the extremely controversial “O Doutrinador” comix by Luciano Cunha… which we will also be discussing at the show.



JUice Rap News has put their media coverage + analysis of the THIEFA COUP into a fundraising action for the poor in Brasil… Check it OUT !

“” Now that the video is out, we’d like to channel the work we’ve done on this topic and the energy around the episode into raising some funds to support the alleviation of extreme poverty in Brazil.

Thanks to your suggestions , we’ve chosen the following charity to fund-raise for: http://www.techo.org/paises/brasil/ “”

That’s Arts + Praxis at its FINEST !

… tbc …

#Ohlauer Day 12 : Whose Trees ?! Our Trees !?

July 5th, 2014

treeB123+OURtrees123{+ O_trees444

Added NOTE: Our apologies for yesterday’s inadequate report, below ! We simply don’t have the time to depict the gravity and complexity of the issues, which are clearly reaching a boiling point in Berlin, and all across the EU. Tensions are rising from situations which are essentially symptoms of global-scale injustices, wars, racism, widespread inequalities, and socio-economic malfeasance. And let’s not forget Post- post-colonialism otherwise known as ongoing colonial fuckery ! We will try to return to the topic when we can provide better analysis of root causes and a tactical outlook for the struggles.

In the meantime, we tried to share a bit of humor in the darkness, and provide a glimpse into the positive energies arising from a beautiful show of solidarity at the second major demonstration march of this now almost two-week-long resistance, which erupted with the attempted eviction of the occupied Refugee School in Kreuzberg on June 23rd.

Day 12 : Whose Trees ?! Our Trees !?

July 5th: Protesters AGAIN in the many THOUSANDS came to show support for the # ohlauer refugees and to demand a change in Berlin, BRD and EU’s immigration politics. Policies which are actually creating more refugees, producing intolerable living conditions for millions of migrants, and costing lives every day !

In the midst of these struggles, a funny new protest chant was born as one protestor, a young woman, made it up into the tree at Oranienplatz, despite it being heavily guarded by the riot-geared, tree-hugging forces. ;) … This was the same tree that was at the center of another forced eviction some months ago. It became the site of a tree-sit which lasted for a few days, and marked the beginnings of a hunger strike which only just called to an end earlier this summer.

In addition to “No Border, No Nations, Stop Deportation ! ” + “Kein Mensch Ist Illegal !” + “… Freedom of movement is everybody’s right! ” + ” Say it Loud, Say it Clear, Refugees Are Welcome Here ! ” …  we can now chant “Whose Trees !? Our Trees ! “

The absurd comedy of riot cops guarding this symbol of the fight was a savored, laughable moment, but not all was peaceful. A few fights broke out, a number of people were detained ( at this location and others) , and at least one protestor arrested. ( More confirmation needed ).

And there is a project to collect accounts of abuse over this entire period of Kberg police besetzung  … The Call:

To everyone who was a victim of police harassment & repression in Kreuzberg…

Read more here: http://invia1200.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/ohlauer-to-everyone-who-was-a-victim-of-police-harassment-repression-in-kreuzberg/



And for sure there will be many more strategies arising to contest the intolerable conditions for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

And protests in solidarity have spread to numerous cities…

Hamburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Wuppertal … are a few that we’ve seen in the #ohlauer twitter feed…


( NEW ) Resources:

Such a complicated and constantly shifting situation, extremely difficult to give a picture of the whole story, but Vice News has done a pretty commendable overview ( mostly in DE ) :


And Leftvision Clips have been on the scene pretty much every day, and put together this UPLIFTING piece soon after July 5th’s massive demo: