Turtle Islands v.11: Remedies For Inflammated + Unelected Trumps

November 14th, 2016


{ Lines in the sand are being drawn ! See below * }

Strategies for Turtle Islands… it’s time to assemble a list of emergency responses ! This Trumposis is a life-threatening new illness which further complicates the already fragile state of  living systems …  We were already in critical condition, and this additional human-made + corporate empowered + fascistic state menace is extremely contagious and a serious danger to becoming a planetary, terminal epidemic, requiring immediate global citizen attention… This is NOT A JOKE !

But there are MANY POSSIBILITIES to prevent any further outbreak and to quickly reduce the nasty swelling !


Now is a crucial time for creative + independent-thinking media, action, courage, bold moves, new vision and solidarities across a broad spectrum… And we need to work collectively and on multiple scales ! We welcome your ideas and strategies. Write us !

The XLterrestrials and the CiTiZEN KiNO project are still fundraising, and could use your help now more than ever… IF you’re able to consider donating to our media education and all our arts + praxis, please contact us NOW !

New maps: While the one above might be a joke … It can still represents some outside-the-box and not-yet-articulated strategies that might actually become real objectives ( when researched or combined with grassroots people power ), real threats, real tests of our constructed boundaries …  and newly opened frames, even if it isn’t one we have a critical mass to mobilize.

more coming !

Strategies For Turtle Islands v.10: Support The Multicultural Planet Everywhere !

November 14th, 2016


{ Foto: Junun at Funkhaus Berlin, by XLterrestrials }

While we are assembling a list of carefully considered Strategies For Turtle Islands, we begin with one very simple path. One of the most healing things to do in these terrifying times : GO OUT and SUPPORT and LIVE + BREATHE IN the exquisite diversity of our multicultural planet !!!

Remember to always be on the side of diversity and all the alternative and non-corporate cultures ! Support the independent culture makers ! Small publishers, small businesses, local bookstores, artists, musicians, venues + galleries which are allies for the political arts and activism world. Be vigilant, and keep an eye out for when our beautiful neighbors from the other side of the world need our support, or maybe even the ones in the flat just down the hall from yours. In these economicly challenging times, spending your money in the right places matters! Choose the community culture over blockbuster films, Starfucks, chain stores and corporate-managed stadium concerts !

Note: A few of things that triggered this post, was a social media cry for help from the radical Pluto Press as the election results in the US came in, and a concerned reminder from the founder of the underground arts+comics publisher Ron Turner who founded Last Gasp.

Plus a rare and luxurious anomaly in the concert world,  this weekend’s performance by Junun – hosted at the Funkhaus Berlin – a group which came to our attention a few months ago when we picked up the new album in a public library. And even though it’s something we should have been aware of as avid world music collectors, it was brought to our attention because of Jonny Greenwood ( Radiohead ) collaborating with these incredible Rajasthani musicians from various regions and cultures of India and Pakistan !

So, if ya happen to be a (western) rockstar, a reminder, use it to promote the real shit ! Let’s share and celebrate the work that connects us all to our own higher selves !

… Thank you Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express – ‘Junun’  … and Funkhaus Berlin Globalistas Unite !

And if these cats are passing thru your town, go experience the beautiful vibes !  Heard they were on their way to Utrecht next…

The experience was all way beyond anything that words can describe. So have a listen :

Junun [Official Album Trailer]

Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood, and the Rajasthan Express – Allah Elohim

Junun – homepage ( on Nonesuch )

Stay Inspired !


More info ( and more pics ) about this project and the experience at Funkhaus and about this otherwordly venue …coming soon.

S.F.T.I. v.9.11: Trump Didn’t Win An Election, He Won A Mr. Flatulent + Fascist Universe Pageant

November 9th, 2016


{ Note: A CiTiZEN KiNO collage we made for our series of events, but were reluctant to use, as it put to much emphasis ( and predictive inclinations ) on Trump, when it was a 2-party system horror show – a facade of an election – that gave rise to two inept, sinister, rotten and wholly illegitimate candidates. The Trump image was plundered from Bill Griffith, who invented the Zippy The Pinhead comics in the 70s. We also decided to not use it for our poster, because it was too comical. Fascism has no punchlines ! And we honestly didn’t expect that the system would allow such a national self-flagellation to occur. }

Strategies For Turtle Islands  – V.9.11 -

Trump Didn’t Win An Election, He Won A Mr. Flatulent + Fascist Universe Pageant

The XLterrestrials would just like to take this moment to remind you, this was NOT AN ELECTION ! … this is what happens when two desperate right-wing marketing strategies have nothing left to sell you, and will do everything they can to keep power rather than going to jail ! This is what it looks and smells like when white cannibal shit hits the fan ! … And it’s all theirs ! Not ours …

Do not let the political pundits, nor ourselves, blame the voters, blame the left, blame the 3rd parties, blame the stupidity of a poorly educated, bitter and/or backward people. This was a combination of sophisticated manipulation and the management of perception by mass media profiteers and the ruling class, and, if anything’s still laughable, it’s the pathetic failure and entrenched Washington oblivion of the Democratic Party strategists to cater to NONE of the actual electorate’s real interests or concerns.

But let’s first focus on the media, since this is perhaps the 1st truly cyber-netizen election in hell, i.e. A population so funneled through the pipelines of corporate communications irreality, they can not discern the difference between screens and swamplands-for-sale.

The corporate media constructed and stole this election ! And opportunisticly laughed all their ways to the bank by producing the most epicly stupid + faked mongoloid  mud-wrestling spectacle of all time ! And any news or media outlet now so cowardly calling this AN ELECTION … a DEMOCRATIC ELECTION … WON by Donald Trump, should be figuratively or literally, whichever comes first, burned to the ground.

We have yet to see any major news media organization questioning the legitimacy of this election ! No one rejecting it as an illegitimate democracy, rejecting the outcome as a fraudulent and corrupt enterprise ! Of course not, those who propped up and gave this burnt-Orange terror-clown the mic and co-created this racist, sexist, tyrannical Frankenstein will continue to play this tragedy-for-dollars to the very bitter end.

But there’s no way in hell anyone who is still awake and still human, should continue to be so stupid or lazy enough to buy any further into this mediated descent into the abyss !

Of course it will not be easy and certainly not our only strategy, but it’s the most simple and most pragmatic beginning to make our clear departure from the narratives of all those mediated Lemming Broadcasters who operate this Dark Mirror and Authoritarians-R-us mini-series ! This is a channel that must be deleted to be Liberated !

Note: We’re currently hunting through Thomas De Zengotita’s lucid book Mediated. (2005) for some good quotes … to help us understand how this bullshit came so far.

to be cont.

Turtle Islands v.9 : The XLt Guide To Indigenous Resistance + Tactics For Everyone

November 5th, 2016


[ Fotographer not yet indentified ]

The XLt Guide To Indigenous Resistance

- work-in-progress -

A Preface :

TURTLE ISLAND is the name many indigenous tribes and environmental activists ( since the 70s) use for the so-called “North American” territories. We use the plural – islands – to connect and reflect upon our varying degrees of experiences and impacts in our colonized, fragmented, war-torn, threatened world. Ever since reporting on the Climate Crisis since COP16 in Copenhagen in 2009 ( and then participating in the Anthropocene debates which developed soon after ), we have come to the conclusion that we all now share the same struggles to protect our common home, the Earth.

The XLterrestrials do not suggest that we are all currently in the same boat (nor on the same island ) as the most vulnerable populations, but we acknowledge that the Indigenous Resistance shows us the way to respect and defend the land and the waters ( from which we all come, and all depend ) like it is our very last chance to survive ! The more we learn from and embody this “Indigenous Mind” the more empowered we will become to reclaim our lives and our shared habitat, and change the systems that are destroying it !

This is NOT a romantic or nostalgic approach to our future, it’s learning about  obligations, solidarities, commitments, respect, passion, dignity… and by any technologies necessary !

Tactics For Everyone / Resources / Fundraisers


Mathew Cooke from the project Filming Cops explains it best. Showing you how you can take your money out of 2 of the funders in the above map, Chase and Wells Fargo, in 1.5 hours ( and probably a couple more to make, edit and post the video ) … WATCH HERE ! And follow : #BANKEXIT


Amy Goodman and Democracy Now are getting more tactical than usual and started naming the names behind the Energy Transfer Partners… Musicians and music fans are gathering their forces to Boycott a festival by ETP’s CEO.  More research will likely be required to find out how to make a billionaire oiligarch feel the pressures ( financially ), but it’s a start ! MORE HERE !


Here below is an image from the Ruckus Society in the SF Bay Area about how to organize actions to make local businesses ( in your own areas ) who are involved in illegal activities w/ the DAPL project know how you feel !


IndigenousEnviroNet ?@IENearth

IEN – the North American network of Indigenous Peoples is calling for a Day of Actions on Nov. 15 !

Indigenous leaders are calling on us to take to the streets and disrupt “business-as-usual” one week after the election to demand that President Obama’s Army Corps of Engineers and the incoming administration stop the Dakota Access Pipeline — and all those after it.






- to be cont. -

Strategies For Turtle Island(s) v.8 : CiTiZEN KiNO #57 + Our Top Media Picks for Understanding A Failed Democracy

October 30th, 2016


< Nov. 6 > CiTIZEN KiNO #57 : Strategies For Turtle Islands, Club Der Polnischen Versager, 169 Ackerstr., Berlin – 19:00h

[ the frackybook invite, plz share if so inclined ]

A night of tactical media to analyze + discuss what the failing US democracy means for the rest of us, in the EU, and on Planet Earth !
( eng + de mix )

Note: Turtle Island is the name many indigenous tribes and environmental activists ( since the 70s) use for the so-called “North American” territories.


This entry is about the XLterrestrials public navigations of media for the purpose of analyzing our current situations and provoking action and response to the US Selections. We live in dangerous and stupid times! But citizens and communities have the power to think and build anew ! There exist multiple “parallel politics” – by and for The People – that exist beyond the traps and misdirections that have been set for us.

Most likely by now, many of you are entirely sick of watching the demeaning and manipulative US Selection Spectacle. But it would be hard to deny that the results of this game will have huge impacts on the future of our planet.  And it is becoming absolutely crucial for global citizens to become engaged and to develop strategies to cope with, confront, and challenge the results  of this political cesspool… regardless of who comes to power !

In C-KiNO #57, we present our top picks for CiTIZEN KiNO to understand the current failure of democracies in the US  ( and elsewhere )…

We provide many links below, but we highly recommend coming to our upcoming events to be a part of the discussion. Watching on your isolated cubicle screens is not as empowering as navigating them with your community.

But of course not everyone who reads this will be able to attend one of our events. So we wish to share our resources, and if you’re inspired perhaps you will want to invite us to your area present a Post-Election strategies session. Or create a C-KiNO-like platform yourselves. Contact us, we have lots more resources !

Either way,  we invite you to help shape our new series of events called ” Strategies For Turtle Islands” online… This is ongoing analysis + reaction to upgrade collective intelligence + solidarity movements …  for the future of an INHABITABLE EARTH for ALL ! Go to our Titanpad (notepad ) and share ideas and resources with us:


CiTiZEN KiNO #57 + the XLterrestrials Top Media Picks for Understanding A Failed Democracy … and mobilizing for Another Possible World :


- Gil Scot Heron’s B-Movie

This is a fan mix of the late Gil Scot Heron’s (r.i.p) B-movie track from the album Reflections ( 1981 ). It’s a brilliant dose of not-so-far-back history, which should remind us that the US (S)elections have always been hugely problematic, especially from the perspective of those communities which have been continually disenfranchised, exploited and abused. Not much changed there ! See: #BlackLivesMatters !


- A Trump Face in The Crowd

This is also a fan edit (from Paul Papanek ), assembling a quick encapsulated glimpse into Elia Kazan’s 1957 stunning film – A Face in the Crowd – about the rise of a nasty populism. If you have time, watch the full gut-wrenching work, it’s here. Trump-style politics are nothing new. There’s no doubt that there’s been totalitarian wing-nuts who have used the power of mass media with astonishing success + catastrophe before. Kazan’s version is especially creepy, given that this was around the time that he himself was sucked into the dangerous and complex political climate of the Cold War McCarthy era,  when many left culture producers were persecuted and blacklisted.

Racism, white privilege and oligarchy have definitely been masterfully swept under the carpet by this 2016 2-party shamocracy, but the unaddressed discontent will surely be erupting again in full fury and in new forms. Many political + economic analysts say to ignore the public’s real concerns will guarantee the rise of more Trumpy fascism. See: “I’m With Hindenburg” (NOT!) by Dmytri Kleiner


Juice Media / Rap News  ( on Dakota )

Rap newscaster Robert Foster is no longer part of the team, but they’ve already found some great replacements for a couple new episodes. Good as they were before, we are relieved to see the focus has shifted from the white savior techie hopes ( i.e. Torwell, etc. ) … to the powerful and pragmatic alliances with the indigenous struggles ! #NoDAPL #LifeIsWater … The Republicrat candidates have only shown futjer intent to humiliate and terrorize Native Americans,  Aboriginal and Amazon tribes people, Pacific Islanders, etc…

Similar to the indigenous presence at COP21 in Paris, these events now in Dakota further open up the most compelling territories for post-electoral and “parallel politics”.


- Unicorn Riot / Dakota Coverage

There’s now a brave handful of excellent indy media outlets doing extraordinary coverage of the Dakota resistance at Standing Rock, but Unicorn Riot has captured perhaps one of the most alarming documents of the violence and oppression these protectors of water + life were facing just last weekend. Follow their page for LIVE reports from Standing Rock !

We must support this movement ! This is not only the civil rights movement of our time, it reveals to all of us the means to the end of the fossil fuels era. The corporate entities shoving their agendas down all our throats is the only “species” that needs to become extinct! Pragmatic,  courageous, and on the front lines, the indigenous cultures are now showing us the path out of a toxic ecocidal maze of madness.

Stay tune for a full XLT Guide to Dakota and #NoDAPL resources coming soon ! 


“The Bullshittery of the DNC” by Truthstream Media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHD_bj5fXO0

Also reposted as the “DNC Farce”, this helps us get a grip on the whole Bernie Sanders saga, which many of us followed closely and rode along on the emotional roller coaster of his complex,  but ultimately crushed, campaign.  DIY media makers who were present at the Philadelphia convention, it peels away any layers one may still have that the Hillary campaign is the “safe choice” or can be anything more than One of 2 Evils. We won’t debate the LEV voting strategy here (again), but rather use this investigative collage-report to conclude that the system is thoroughly broken ! 


- Is Trump The End Of Politics – 8Bit Philosophy, by Wisecrack

If the above link didn’t already put the nail in the electoral coffin, this 8bit – Guy Debord – philosophy gives a comic but serious intro to the advanced and accelerated level of The Society of the Spectacle in the digital and social media forms. It sets up a much deeper conversation we must have about what approaches we’ll need to confront the virtual occupation of Spectacle that is consuming us ! What might be the next level in terms of a tactical media or media self-defense !?


HyperNormalization – the new Adam Curtis doc

XLterrestrials are currently writing a review of this 166min. archival monster … Typical length for an A.C. media plunge… we’ll just quickly say here this one is a fascinating re-visitation of some of his recent themes and hyper-provocative theories. And while it fails on many levels, it also gives us lots to think about in terms of the “perception management” of a whole mediated society by an imperial ( and now cybernetic ) enterprise.

In the meantime, we recommend Jonathan Cook’s critique, which convincingly challenges Hypernormalization’s western-centric BBC lens, which Curtis is clearly unable to escape : http://www.jonathan-cook.net/blog/2016-10-19/adam-curtis-a

We won’t post a link here to watch the doc in full, because it may jeopardize it’s online availability. But if you come to CiTIZEN KiNO on Nov.6th, we’ll be happy to share More Resources… or contact us… 

Of course there’s many many more where that came from…if there’s time we may add more links the next days…

to be cont.?

And remember all you media monkeys, we’ve all got more than 2 fingers … and we can do MORE than VOTE !


Strategies For Turtle Island(s) v.7 : This Is What A Genocidal Culture Looks Like !

October 28th, 2016