SF Tales: Bleeding a city dry, until …

May 7th, 2015


{ Art from the Valencia St. wall }


“The next time the XLterrestrials come to a meeting of arts+culture people trying to save their city, we think it may be a good idea to bring along a couple of Darpa robots and/or real estate cronies and/or silicon valley execs to go over and lick someone’s face whenever they say, “We really need to stop hating the tech industry, young people are coming and working new tech jobs, and they have the same dreams we had when we came to SF .” – an XLt citizen

” The Stocksyndrom, n. Stock syndrome, (also known as TechSyndrom in some regions ) or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.”  – from the XLterrestrials Glossary

to be cont.

Before we get into our meandering, mind-bending and otherworldly rants and analysis… some important news and actions:

< May 8th > The Mission Takes City Hall action

11:00am gather on the front steps of City Hall ( Polk Street )
11:30am four directions ceremony
12:00pm Sharp, action begins ( inside )

A coalition of pragmatic groups like ACCE, Calle 24 Latino Cutural District, Eviction Free SF, Plaza 16 Coalition, Poor Magazine and more…

The frackbook invite

( already over 1000x people signed on to support )


Why We Really Can’t Have Nice Things, It’s The Crapitalists!

April 28th, 2015



ok, f*ck the frackbook, the XLt analysts are going off the CrunkCommunicationsFix for a little while to write about Danae Ringelmann, the true SF tech pioneer and social genius who no one has heard of cause Silicon Valley’s all holding their dicks up high in the spotlight for their 15mins of Famine in the panopticon of bottom-feeding billionaires playing their own version of the survivors gameshow ! And it’s all the global rage to gawk and suck their useless tools in the final of all seasons ! ” XLt analyst

Last week, as the XLterrestrials were preparing to launch a fundraiser campaign we started researching our options… The first thing we stumbled on was that – in the US – anyone who had any resources ( and especially those who didn’t) were freaking out about their taxes in April. Pretty stupid timing, to go asking for funds in California. [ Why these beleaguered citizens have not yet gotten it together to boycott this tainted ritual, at least until their government gets their heads out of their military-industrial-complexed asses and their hands out of the till remains a bit of a mystery, but that's a humongous topic for another investigative XLt article.]

Second was that we decided we’d go with an Indiegogo campaign, because Kickstarter gives a chunky percentage to their biggest corporate partner, Amazon. For us, that would be like slaving our asses off in the non-profit artworld, and then giving a big tip to THE pioneering Net Rapists who are Still kicking our favorite bookstores and indie-publishers in the ribs in a back alley. AND Amazon now serves and manages -without hesitation – the  NSA spooks, by hosting all their Big Data scoops. Jeff Bezos rot in your own traitor stew, but not on our dime !

And then just as we were about to launch and premiere CiTiZEN KiNO #44, another rabid cop went and shot another unarmed black man in the back in South Carolina. And suddenly some scumbag was trying to use Indiegogo to raise money for the murderer’s legal defense.

Everything was on hold!

Indiegogo was processing a wave of furious complaints, and not knowing much about them, we weren’t sure if they would take this fundraiser down. And they were initially claiming they do not make judgements on people’s campaigns.

But in the end, they did the right thing, Gameover, that shit got pulled !

And in the interim, while researching the various platforms, we discovered that Indiegogo was the first of its kind, founded by a brilliant, incredibly well-intentioned native San Franciscan… in fact, a true social ninja ! An inspiring genius ! A visionary ! And an empowered woman who was changing the rules of capital and finance, and maybe even the tech sector ! And we’re still mystified that we hadn’t heard the name Danae Ringelmann before. Yes we vaguely remembered it was launched at Sundance in 2008. But there isn’t even a wikipedia entry for her, still ! In 2015 ! And indiegogo’s story is most definitely under-reported, and we started immediately to ask: What typically skewed patriarchal injustice bullshit is THIS !?

You see, Indiegogo is one of the very few tools on the web that isn’t like almost all those other Lost Coast Silicon Valley 2nd-Life-like products with no social relationship to our tangible existence, that have no intent of social (r)evolution, no vision for tactical purpose in a raging climate of social crises and impoverished and dying habitats on the horizon, no dream of anything other than developing the next big sellable thing.

Indiegogo makes Frackbook and the Zuckerberg enterprise, for example, look like a ratbag’s unethical scrounging for dollars in your dirty laundry. This is no 8-track web player m*thrfckerz ! this is “Crowdfunding”…  which could – in its best-case scenarios – more aptly be described as: “Fuck Your Money Grubbing, Thug Boys ! This is what the internet was supposed to be. “

Ringelmann wanted above all to “democratize access to capital “! .. for non-business people to realize their dreams.

Indiegogo co-founder Danae Ringelmann

Now we are not finance-heads ourselves, we’d rather dig a ditch for compost toilets at a detox + healing retreat in the woods for the entire staff of The Financial Times, then think and read about money and economic systems.

But suddenly we’ve seen the light!  Creating windows of opportunity in this dimly-lit world often means knowing how to navigate those bloody bank notes !

This by no means means we’re turning into capitalist-driven entities, but we’ve decided to meditate on our repeated financial woes, and to get a better grasp of our options in the current traps, and to seek recourse for our immediate situations.


Why We Really Can’t Have Nice Things … It’s The Crapitalists!

Part 2

But beware, not all is green in them there hills…

Last weekend, some of the XLterrestrials gathered at the 20th annual The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair in Oakland. And we weren’t able to catch alot of the sessions, but we were inspired by a couple brilliant, rousing and heartwarming sessions.

One of them was called Women’s Leadership in Anti-Capitalist Movements with Panelists: Hilary Klein, Selma James, Nina López. Not entirely news, but it was profound to think deeply on the way Selma James expressed the fact that alternatives to the capitalist operating system are SIMPLY NOT ALLOWED. We are subjects in a global situation whereby we are enforced to adhere to an economic tyranny. And any deviations are everywhere destroyed or coerced by military force + constructed policies keeping us in submission. Both women and men are systematicly deprived of a freedom to live in the service of CARING for ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, our planet. The war is already everywhere waged upon us.

And yet there are examples which manifest in the cracks, like Marinaleda the Spanish town which has actually accomplished a rare feat by constructing a functional commons ( and communism) whereby people work on the land w/ no ownership in this small region w/ a socialist mayor. But this was not achieved without many years of struggles and hard fights won. One may also argue that this was possible to achieve in rural Spain, but is not a model easily transposed to a more entrenched capitalistic society as in let’s say California, at least not now, in the midst of rabid anti-socialists and a population which has been thoroughly groomed by individualism, and its absurd values. (Though one might say these are close to disintegrating in the meltdown brought on by all the greed and rampant abuses. )

And still Other positive examples of alternative culture achieving autonomous and alternative space were given, such as the Zapatistas.

Nevertheless, the XLterrestrials have long been questioning whether the terms and the path of an anti-capitalism movement are an inappropriate description for how to proceed in this horrific dilemma we now find ourselves in… a flailing, dying, war-torn planet.

We no more live in a capitalist society today, then those citizens in the soviet union lived in a communist one in the 20th century. These are at this point entirely loaded, dated and mangled terms. And we can debate this for an eternity, which is not usually the best thing to do when one is searching for the life rafts as the icy waters are up to your neck !

So the XLterrestrials would like to make a little detour from these age-old debates. We don’t want to spend that much time on this, but for our own survival navigations , which are urgent… And for our community goals… we wish to clarify for ourselves a path out…

And if it’s useful for you, we’ll be happy. If not, and you have some flaws to point out, feedback welcome, but it’s not clear that we’ll get all that invested in the arguments that may follow.

We are living in Krapitalist Times – a conglomeration of Plutocracies, Corporate fascism, cybernetic regimes, dictatorships, and soft-fuzzy (s)elected democracies who murder for their clients, constituents, empire, profiteering warmongers, etc.  -  and we wish to make some distinctions between a fight against Krapitalists and the fight of the Anti-capitalists.

First off, we know of no powerful armies fighting for socialism that can possibly take on the blood-soaked current order, so rather than inviting a bloody defeat, we’ll narrow and refine our own ambitions just a little.

Secondly, as we consider the possibilities of the left utilizing Capital in forms such as the currently accessible platforms like crowdfunding, we see no contradictions here. And we are not anti-merchant-capitalism. In fact, we actually have some fond affections for autonomy derived by artisans selling there creations to a desiring public. Even those scenarios whereby friends are able to employ friends to pursue their goals.

We’d love to see far less property ownership, and more non-heirarchical structures, more worker-owned factories… etc. But for now we’ll be empowering ourselves by seeking Capital to fund our community work… At times we may have collective consensus structures, at other times, we may just hire friends and colleagues who need some part-time work. And we wish to sell you products and resources that you can use in your own liberation.

As we devise our indiegogo campaign, we will attempt to be most creative in offering our comrades some things they can use in the struggles ahead ! Arts and praxis ideas are in always in development.

So in short, we feel that we must navigate the realities of an environment dominated by Capitalism. Even our purist and most ambitious friends are doing it, in a kind of weird denial. Working side jobs, buying their groceries at the usual markets, etc. It would be senseless to imagine going through our day entirely avoiding these inconsistencies. And So, in other words, we will not denounce those who may have strategies for the left by utilizing certain tools of capitalism.

But, the excesses of Krapitalism will NOT be tolerated !

– obviously a work-in-progress, and rough outline of something we’d like to articulate in better terms, but that’s what we’ve got this morning to help us proceed today.–

This went in a direction we hadn’t entirely expected ourselves. We in fact were on a course to explain how in a world of Krapitalism, it’s the assholes who ruin it all for everyone else – and perhaps THat can be dealt with strategically… ( taking one pillar out at a time strategy ).  And another angle, about how technologies for example may begin with good social intentions, but are ultimately turned upside down, and then used AGAINST the people who desire a more collaborative and just society. It’s the Krapitalists, the abuse of a granted,  already questionable means, capitalism. It’s The Krapitalists ! And they have names and addresses. But we got little power to take them head on… We just wanna get them the fuck out of our hood, and out of our brains, and out of our schools, and out of our hospitals, and out of our gardens… and… and… and….

Plus, there ARE some dangers ahead in the crowdfundng realm, which need to be further analyzed. Not all of them are as well-intentioned as Indiegogo. Some may not in the end take down a campaign for killer cops, some may gladly fund krapitalist endeavors and inventions which step across ethical or ecological borders. Indiegogo itself is poised to grow into territories of a stock-like profit-returns on investements. They are in the process of altering SEC laws on that. THis won’t be good if there is no regulation or concern or careful calculations for the common good, without intermediaries and protections against monopoles, expansions of copyright regimes, etc.

( akkh Part 4 is forming … hah, stay tune )

But first, more coming in Part 3 ! Fuck Krapitalism !

We’re All Staying ! It’s the Corporacene That’s Got To Go !

April 24th, 2015


{ a new mural by Alex Rupert outside the warehouse artspace formerly known as Cellspace in the Mission District of San Francisco * foto: by Stencilarchive.org portrait of Victor Ayala, RIP }

Corporacene. n. – the shortest-lived geological “epoch” on fantasy island, which entertains the miscalculated notion that corporate business models should and will be allowed to continue on their psychopathic and nihilistic trajectory of total habitat destruction and mass extinction. ( More on that later ).

[Latin corpor?tus, past participle of corpor?re, to make into a body, from corpus, corpor-, body; see kwrep- in Indo-European roots.]

We’re All Staying ! It’s the Corporacene That’s Got To Go !

to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO #44 : The Bitmaker’s Afterlife and FuNdRaisER updates ( new )

March 23rd, 2015


{ C-Kino #44 work-in-progress }

< April 16th > CiTiZEN KiNO #44: The Bitmaker’s Afterlife, at Artists Television Access, w/ special guests and fundraiser launch party (part 1). 8:30 pm. 992 Valencia St, SF

the Frackbook invite ( if you’re so inclined )

We are continuously collecting an amazing archive for our upcoming show of media bits that will help you navigate Neo-Liberal and Neo-Libertarian Gentrification, Silicon Valley’s Technotopian Occupations, and the apocalyptic endgame of The Anthropocene-sters, which is NOT inevitable.

Yes 3 themes, a 3-headed mess, we’ve been deeply researching over the last few years, squeezed fresh for new XLterrestrials analysis, all in one show ! But wait, there’s more ! We don’t just navigate, we propose a future social organism, a new operating system and upgrades to higher intelligence, without the systemic parasites sucking all your space-time continuum and all the material realities of your earthbound existence.

And we are launching an Indiegogo campaign, very very soon ! more news coming ! Stay tune ! And if you’d like to donate already, contact us. We need your support to spread the arts+praxis revolutions !

We’re working on gifts and investor premiums for C-KiNO patrons + donors + super heroes. i.e. Catacomb-Kino-club card memberships, signed XLterrestrials movie posters, Globalista soundtracks for your daily resistance, your spring+summer fertility rites and all your liberatory+autonomous zone pleasures. Or make premium suggestions, while we’re still brainstorming :) !


{ a new poster, please feel free to spread it ! }


A possible playlist – work-in-progress- below…

But, for those who are unfamiliar with our “cinema hacking” approach, this is not entirely about the media we screen. We wish to provoke debates. We experiment with new ways of presenting audio/visual media, in order to free ourselves from the usual mass-mediated codes, and to provide a platform to respond to the information shared.

CK44 materials : excerpts from Naomi Klein’s talk in Berlin at the Haus Der Kulturen last month ( now up on vimeo in Eng and DE, if yur inclined to do the homework ), the California premiere of Bendito Machine v.5 from peruvian artist Jossie Malis, the mini-doc on Deep Lab – The All-Women Hacker Collective Making Art About the Post-Snowden Age, Elon Musk Captured by Rainn Wilson for Metaphysical Milkshake ( deconstructed ), and possibly even stolen footage from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2 ;)

And many many more… a small sampling : a Mercedes Benz demo robot car, an unusual hacked or modified Grand Theft Auto scene, animator Sylvain Chomet’s collaboration w/ Stromae, excerpts from 31c3 Chaos Communications Congress, and more to be added…

And you can still suggest media you think is relevant to the topics, or suggest any resources you think can help us navigate these problems… CiTiZEN KiNO aims to push further the frontiers for collectively co-curated social arts + praxis events.

CiTiZEN KiNO eastside tour + FUNDRAiSER

March 10th, 2015


It’s time to think BIG ! … There’s too little time for anything else…

The Social Organisms are requiring a re-plant, a re-seeding, a re-harvesting… And a few matriarchal interventions !

So the XLterrestrials are launching a FUNDRAISER ! To help fund our east-side cultural exchange .. our upcoming tour…

We’re heading on the road with Nomadic Village 2015, a project visiting the rural zones of eastern europe to research autonomous zones, healthier neighborhoods, sustainable collaborations, arts+praxis for the peeps ! etc.


Points on the Road:

< May 21–30 > 1st Nomadic Village @ C.M.A.K./Slovenia

< May31-June19 > Galeria Nowhere/Travelling Exhibition

< June 20-28 > 2nd (Urban) Nomadic Village @ Water Tower Art Fest, Sophia

< July > Austria ( TBA )

If you are in these areas during May thru July, get in touch with us… we are seeking collaborations and inviting special guests to participate in the upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO shows on this tour.

XLterrestrials contact Here


{ more info on our remaining SF BAY shows > go here }

Ongoing California Tour, March/April/May :

AND before we go, we have some important events to pull off in the SF BAY Area:

< April 16 > Artists Television Access, SF

< April TBA > Internet Archive, SF

< April TBA > Omni Commons, Oakland


FUNDRAISER ! Coming Soon !

Standby for am Indiegogo campaign News … and have we got some juicy incentives for you to contribute to fertile and fuzzy resistance !

more info to come…

Below is an excerpt from our proposal for Nomadic Village:

Read the rest of this entry »

Left Coast Stammtisch – Eastbay/Westbay

March 8th, 2015



* Stammtisch – translates to a table for the tribe(s), … a reserved table, usually at a local Bierstube / pub for a regularly attending group.

Social Laboratory nights for upgrading collective intelligence:

A Stammtisch in Berlin was founded by the Telekommunisten, a politically engaged collective art group to have informal weekly gatherings of fellow alien minds in the field of arts + politics + economics … or whatever it is that you do. Amidst their busy schedules intervening in digital culture ( contributing to open-source software, crypto-parties, security+share concerns and strategies, creating manifestos for a ‘far copyleft’ Net, and worker-owned models, etc. ).  They’ve been hosting these salon-like meet-ups for over 11 years, providing a face-2-face space + ’social glue’ for a very vibrant scene… of social thinkers and tinkerers.

Arts + Politics + Cultures of Resistance + in-the-flesh connections … We propose a Leftcoast Stammtisch, cause we desperately need a high quality place to hang, where there’s seriously good music … and even better… collaborative schemes being hatched … A new resource for SF Bay Area peeps !

Stay tune for (venue) locations for both the Eastbay + SF… and if you’d like to join the conversation threads .. there’s a new facecrack page called the Left Coast Stammtisch. Join us!

to be cont.

Mission District 9, Save San Francisco ! Save Station 40 !

March 3rd, 2015


The Mission District in San Francisco is under siege, again ! A diverse, ethnicly- rich, vibrant working class neighborhood is once again at the center of a collision between wealthy development players and the everyday citizens who struggle to survive.

White-colonizer supremacy and gentrification takes on new monstrous proportions which brings to mind one of the creepiest sci-fi films we encountered back around 2010, as an in-flight movie ( released in 2009). We had to switch channels before the end, as it was truly freaking us out. Too close to home, to us, nomadic aliens! ;)

The plot : ” A tale of extraterrestrial refugees stuck in contemporary South Africa… They were the last of their kind, and in order to accommodate them, the government of South Africa set up a makeshift home in District 9 as politicians and world leaders debated how to handle the situation. As the humans begin to grow wary of the unwelcome intruders, a private company called Multi-National United (MNU) is assigned the task of controlling them. But MNU is less interested in the aliens’ welfare than attempting to understand how their weaponry works. Should they manage to make that breakthrough, they will receive tremendous profits to fund their research.” ( from Fandango ).

This plot weaves heavy social fiction into the scenarios of  racist attitudes, and hired private military to deal with an unwanted populace, that is not too far from South Africa’s still tormented and unresolved realities as the so-called “post-apartheid” land festers w/ brutal race+class divides. And so many implications for global struggles in cities just about anywhere ! … Though granted the film muddies the waters of both immigration + indigenous struggles. And in our remix above we’ve flipped the situation, making the (grotesque) aliens the gentrifiers. We’ve been wondering all day, if this is too confusing a culture jam to represent solidarity for the diverse inhabitants of the Mission in SF. Well, if you’ re reading this far, at least we got you thinking about a complex analysis.

Of course this juxtaposition will tend to come off as extremely sensationalist as any Peter Jackson brand of Hollywood escapades… Nonetheless, we’re an outsider arts+praxis journo outlet, attempting to stab at your eyeballs in a war for your attention, in a rising sea of internet overdoses … So we’ll take the over-dramatized agitprop approach, in the hopes we get a few xtra savvy rebel-ready readers. And always some little abstract hope to get a little viral action, not for the attention, but for the utility of mobilizing the hood in the times of front door crises ! [ Though we've long lost any trust or gusto for a neutral net and web games. "The Internet, It fails us now! " ... c/should be the new Gang of Four anthem for the well-fleeced digital natives. Check the original G04 version.]


{ foto: 48 Hills }

For a more down to earth analysis, we recommend Tim Redmond’s short and sweet and spot on summary of the latest fight to save the Mission neighborhood in 48 Hills, the new outlet from the former SF Bay Guardian editor. But it’s probably not gonna agitate as much as fringe journalism can… and should !

So you can also listen to the inspiring and incredibly well-formulated stand taken by the not-exactly new Rebel Tenants ( and Friends of ) of Station 40 at Indybay.org

FOLLOW THIS STORY ! SPREAD IT ! SUPPORT THEM ! ENGAGE.. the fight is ON ! … and if there’s any scenario that can help trigger reaction from a wider public, this is one of the best chances left to defend against the rapidly ’sterilizing’ forces shaping San Francisco… in this current tech wave ( and neo-liberal agenda ) Boom !

And we’ll take it a bit further into the emotionally tumultuous … personal anecdote… cathartic… and pissed-off variety below… in an attempt to get YOU more ‘invested’ in the struggles… and even to re-convince ourselves …

stay tune ! work-in-progress …


{ from press conference at 16th St. Bart, 3.3.15 }



{ frackbook invite / link }

AmazooogleFrackbookalicious, Yey, we Won !

February 26th, 2015


{ more great paste-ups in SF Bay … some of which may be from Political Gridlock, whom we’ve posted before. }

” YEY, humans, we won, the Open net, we be cyborg sushi, who’s coming to the Amazoooglefrackbook party ? ;) “

XLt analyst


{ from our friends at EFF }

The problem with electoral politics-crumbs in the age of neo-liberal corporate democracy vortexes, is that the public is likely to choke to death on them before any benefits ever trickle down into any real shaping of society.

” Today the FCC voted three to two to reclassify broadband Internet access as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act, and forbear from the parts of the Act that aren’t necessary for net neutrality rules. This reclassification gives the FCC the authority to enact (and enforce) narrow, clear rules which will help keep the Internet the open platform it is today. ” from EFF.org

We distinctly noticed no added clause that all those who’ve have been fracking n tracking your data since. let’s say, the 80s, and all the ensuing wild west/ gold-rush/ feeding-frenzy players will NOT be obliged to hand over a penny, will NOT go directly to jail, BUT will indeed pass GO on the Monopoly board, and will eat your brains in a slightly slower fashion than previously expected.

Sure, this was hard work, and congratulations to all who helped … it prevents The Cybernetic Regime from fucking YOU today at a higher bandwith … for now.

It does not suddenly occur to an XLterrestrial, that something has been lacking in the analysis of just where exactly we’re at today in The Great Net Migration Enterprise: YOU… WE … AREN’T WINNING !

We just came across this great piece by Charlie Stross today… where he writes:

“We’re living in an era of increasing automation. And it’s trivially clear that the adoption of automation privileges capital over labour (because capital can be substituted for labour, and the profit from its deployment thereby accrues to capital rather than being shared evenly across society). “

We’ll post that link further down, but before we make your head hurt too much… Let’s back up a moment…

Ivan Illich once astutely clarified that highways designed and constructed in the pre and post-war build-ups were not exactly a public service, they were paving the way for industrial capitalists to make you buy a car. This was anything but a public transportation system ! … but sure, you’re thinking : “But i love my freedom on the road.” Meanwhile the social costs are STILL piling on insurmountably, beyond your wildest petrol-guzzling imaginations ! Beyond your puny mass extinction concerns !

Douglas Rushkoff not-so-long ago astutely clarified: The Internet is Not Free, Nothing’s Free (in this game). Your sitting on thousands of dollars of devices to read this right now. Possibly TENS of THOUSANDS if you add up all you’ve purchased to keep up-to-speed with the digital revolution since the 90s. Apple, for instance, is one of the Minotaurs drooling on your face right now, and btw, they helped craft the legislation of the so-called Open Internet.

In the 1950s, for those kind of spilled wages, you’d be owning your own house about now. Welcome to the Thin Mac Air !

Is anyone gonna wake up from this dreamy technotopia game in time ?!… otherwise known as Techno-Fascism to all those concerned w/ indigenous rights and a sustainable, equitable, inhabitable world.

to be cont.



{ more from ground-zero Valencia Street, in the shadow of the Silicon Beasty , but hey that’s nothing compared to hell in a Cobalt Mine, or on the assembly lines at Foxconn. }


RT : Ian Bogost @ibogost · Feb 24 Well, this photo of NSA director Mike Rogers should put everyone at ease.

Footnote: Thx to the Uncivilization List for all the great resources … and all the new nightmares… but we still love you … for being true. ;)  !

Charlie StrossA Different Cluetrain

The Leaked ZappaBush Wedding Photos …

February 24th, 2015


Washington Post reports today that Jeb Bush, Columba and Frank Zappa were wedded in 1974 , by photographer Marvin Bush. Here’s the WaPo facts. ( In short, the story goes, Marvin used the same roll of film twice, and all but one of Jeb’s wedding fotos were destroyed … by a Zappa concert. )

But we’ve got more …

Truth be told, the XLterrestrials believe this WAPO bizness is to pre-emptively cover for fotos of Marvin, Jeb and Columba on the Sheik Yerbouti Tour in 1977, which are undoubtedly going to surface during the 2016 campaign, so why wait til then…

XLterrestrials are currently processing the leaked photos. More coming Soon !


The Even More Real story behind #ZappaBush is that all this useless, disembodied information has taken a toll on our brains…

Why, it’s almost as useless as electoral politics in a neo-liberal house of smoke and horror$… ( Bush vs. Clinton 2016, Holy FUCK ! )

Why it’s almost as pathetic as all that 24/7 streaming crap-hose of a corporate press…

Who makes all this viral web nonsense ?!

Welcome to The WWW Spambots R Us, one of the cybernetic regime’s greatest achievements.

Welcome user, (unpaid) content-generator, pusher/product, cyber-suckers ! Your planet’s in peril, But nevermind THat ! Welcome to this endless realm of clickbaitery and brain-drain time+space colonialism !

Welcome to the virtual and wallowing wonderbread wasteland !

[ This ad is NOT an endorsement of GoogleAppleAmazonRepublicanDemocratNSA ]

to be cont.

The Academy Awards Jury Making Their Challenging Decisions …

February 23rd, 2015


When asked how they made their tough decision for the best documentary, an academy awards juror stated, “We felt it was a powerful story for our times about a white american tech bro.”

The XLterrestrial Onion

* For more statistics on the diversity of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which governs the Academy Awards, see below.



But seriously, congratulations to Laura Poitras and crew ! It’s truly an important and courageous film ! And if you haven’t yet watched it, here’s a link to watch in full ( no downloading required ). It is a MUST SEE film !

And here’s a clip of Poitras’ acceptance speech below from the Courage Foundation site based in Berlin. Though, while we can always sympathize with people who are nervous public speakers, and she certainly has added reason to feel xtra pressures having done such a huge task to craft + deliver the message of a unique whistleblower, it’s a little disappointing that there was NO POTENT RANT … i.e. against an administration which has more aggressively persecuted journalists and whistleblowers than any other in history, i.e. against the academy institution for even considering such a repulsive piece of propaganda like American Sniper, or for their omission of honoring a black woman director of Selma, etc, etc., etc.  … the list of outrages could go on !


And since we’ve bothered to even acknowledge this rather shameful Hollywood industry institution, we like to point your attention to Color Of Change’s call to #DiversifyTheAcademy #DiversityMatters … because who has access to these powerful media channels is no small matter :



the 7th XLT Leni Riefenstahl Awards

And of course, our annual (XLt) Leni Riefenstahl Award goes to none other than CLINT EASTWOOD ! Or shall we call it: Best Boner for Imperialism. A new category and new low for the Academy !

* More on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

While we did assume that the Hollywood Industry’s own awards organization is a mostly white male operation, we were a little surprised to find out that the current president is Cheryl Boone Isaacs an African American woman. But given that the institution is over 80 years old, and it’s the 1st African, and only third woman to lead the Academy is nothing to get warm and fuzzy about.  And in fact from a quick overview of the diversity of the current Board of Governors posted at the wikipedia page, the situation looks appalling, and for the most part, a lot like our comical picture above.

Though interesting to note, if you’re looking for a specific person to blame for the omission of Ava DuVernay, the director of Selma, it’s Kathryn Bigelow. The patriot-power-monger who chairs the board for the directors choice., who was a recipient of our Riefenstahl award  for her ‘pro-torture propaganda’, which was nominated for best film by the Academy in 2012 … ;) …

Added : Poitras, Snowden and Greenwald made themselves available 2day to answer question at an AMA Reddit

We caught this a little late, but our XLt question might have been:

Congratulations! And thank you for your work ! … Why no rant !? And how does it feel to receive an award from an institution which also acknowledges and champions directors like Bigelow and Eastwood who have clearly participated in warmongering propaganda. An institution which has only given the directors award once to a woman, unfortunately the same hollywood player who accepted support from the military industrial complex to make her pro-torture, pro-CIA “art”. … And ironically, we should mention : the category which you won, was chaired by Alex Gibney, who made a fairly misleading and considerably unsupportive documentary on Wikileaks and whistleblowers.

Added: RT > Ok, Things u WISH poitras,greenwald,snowden had said about Academy Awards + Hollywood W/O reservation http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=13787 @reddit_AMA

Guess we’ll have to do it for them ! feel free to send us your wishful thoughts ! …And to get the ball rolling:

” All I can say is, if Travolta tries to touch me, i’m outta this creepy joint !” Poitras

” Btw, Ed have you got any dirt on the sleazebags who run the academy ?! ” Greenwald …

to be cont.