XLt Radar + Kiez Notes: Analog Rebellion + The Sov of the Orgs

May 31st, 2019


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– XLt RAdAR -

The Dates ( added ):

< June 5 > HIIG Lecture - José van Dijck: Europe and responsible platform societies at Säälchen – Holzmarkt, 18:30h
< June 7-8 > Symposium: Atlas of the Anthropocene, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
< June 7 > No Shit! Exberliner turns 17, at Acud ( FB invite )

+ + +

< June 20 > CiTiZEN KiNO #79 : Eyes WiRED Shut + Fundraiser Afterparty at Regenbogenfabrik / Kino, Kreuzberg, 20:00h

About CK#79:

Tactical media for revolutionary times ! In this episode we collect
films and media clips to create a public discussion about the cybernetic
regime, techno-colonialism, surveillance capitalism and the impacts on
social structures, labor + livelihoods, social + personal behaviors,
cities and neighborhoods, everyday life … and THE RABBITS too.

Is the “Analog Rebellion” your last chance to survive with any dignity and/or habitat and/or oxygen/water/soil !?

( Please keep an eye at the top of the blog for a more extensive preview / essay about this episode )

Plus ( emergency ) fundraiser – for The XLterrestrials + C-KINO project
AFTERPARTY with special guests, LIVE MUSIK , tombola and various
known + unknown pleasures, and maybe a dj or two.

“Tickets” on sale now ! Note: All our recent shows have been by donation, but contact us and purchase a ticket to support the production. Surprise Perks will be created to thank all our “pre-paid” supporters !

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(  work-in-progress )

There is no point in keeping up with The Digital-Joneses ( hmm, Digital Jonestownses ? ), your technosphere is contaminated with the botulism of populism and all those titanic monopoly vultures. This is the domain of a rabid new toxicity of power-grabbing technofascists. A rogue capitalism?! Or more precise: a continuing, automated, accelerated, patriarchal, steroidal viagrandized Hyper-krapitalism ?!

This reductionist viral plague subjecting us all to an abstracted virtualizing un-place feeding on user / subject victimization in the dark webs of scorched-earth, market logics and total domination !

Your best chance now, given the circumstances, is to stay focused on and fight for your analog existence, and what is required for your community’s survival, sustainability and well-being as individual + collective organisms situated in time and place amongst your equals, your neighbors and fellow species… or as the indigenous say more simply: ALL OUR RELATIONS !

to be cont.

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XLt supports the extinction of all the plasticide producers !

Kiez Notes  Part 2 :

The Sovereignty of the Organism(s)

coming soon !

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In the meantime, feel free to print out this black and white poster version of our upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO #79 and post around the KIEZ ( and you can email us for a higher res version too ) :



The King of All Media Brain-Enemas !

May 23rd, 2019


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The King of All Media Brain-Enemas !

( work-in-progress )

An open letter to Stephen Colbert and any part of his CBS team that still has a spine …

Hell No Motherfuckers !

No chance in hell you are going to get away with this sycophantic schmoozefest interview with the Shock Jock Jack Ass Howard Stern ( on May 21 ), without the XLterrestrials giving it a thorough and grilling media analysis report !

Howard Stern is the guy who said on his morning show the morning after 9/11 :
” All I know is I want to bomb terrorist countries ! ”
And advertised that same day for people to go out to Golden Palace Casinos, and go see if the strippers were still working that day, to help get over their depression.

Well actually we would have liked to hear what he thinks now about the 1,000,000+ murdered + sacrificed in the Middle east wars FOR OIL and for a theater of global dominance, and if he had any regrets about pumping the American psyche with a blood-thirst for vengeance on whoever is convenient. Iraq, btw, was entirely the wrong country to blame, as we all well-know now, unless of course you’re as dense and/or as opportunist as Howard-fucking-Stern ! The Leni Riefenstahl crooner for the Bush, Obama and Trumpy Homelands—  and all those Heavy Dudes, i.e. a whole lot of White Supremacists !

We would have liked to have someone with guts to ask him to his face if he felt culpable for building up a Trumpland base all these years?!

And Howard who said, ” The closest i ever came to having sex with a black woman was masturbating to a picture of Aunt Jemima.”

On the Late Nite show, Stern avoids every possible topic that would be worth discussing about his slimy + narcissistic + demented career and how he built his media empire ( now a major media mogul with SIRIUS XM ) … and Colbert gives him all the space he could ever want to babble his useless nonsense.  And he tells us like a good boy, how he desired to make his mom and dad proud. Awww how sweet, and help cure his mom’s depression. It seems it might not have dawned on him yet that she might have been in that state, because her son became such a shameless, disgusting human being – and a well-known public disgrace – which produced such devastating real-world impacts on culture and society ! …  At one point in his interview with Colbert, he says patheticly, incredulously that his freak-buddy and FREQUENT GUEST Trump shouldn’t have become president, he should have just kept having FUN at Mar-a-Lago… Colbert just sat there with an infatuated and fawning smile.

This was the kind of FUN Trump was having already in the 80s :




So, we would have liked to have him answer some questions perhaps from the Central Park – the 5 black kids who were railroaded + wrongly convicted for a rape in NYC in 1989. The teenagers about whom D.Trump published a full page “lynching ad” in the NYT to get them, and who spent many years in prison, until their innocence was finally proven.

We would like to ask Howard what he thought about his pal Trump back then, and what he thinks of his racism and white supremacist policies NOW ! About putting immigrant kids in cages ? About helping install a supreme court that could overturn Roe vs. Wade. Etc…

And maybe ask him how many people he thinks the Slumlord + real-estate speculating Trump family made homeless in NYC all these years ?!

Howard Stern, who has spewed his syndicated brain farts to over 22+ millions ( at peak ), full of sexist-ridden Dude jokes… and a whole shop of behavioral + idiotic horrors, we won’t take time to catalogue here.

And we’d like to ask him what he thinks about the 20 or so women who have accused Trump of harrassment and/or sexual abuse, or his ex-wife who accused him of rape ! And ask why he EVER thought it was a good idea to give this ass-wipe, KKK-friendly, Trump Dude a media platform !

Hey and Btw, how many times a year does Stern himself go to party + network with the OLD BOY NETWORK / gang at Mar-A-Lago !?

Does Howard have ANY REGRETS or REMORSE spending the last 4 decades of not “ENTERTAINING US” ( Colbert ), but POURING GASOLINE on that whole infantile, festering and fascistic Trumpland Psyche !

AND what does he think about the pathological mentality that now rules over the county… driven by rabid + ruthless, winner-take-all neo-liberalism?

Of course it’s definitely not all about Trump ! It’s also very much about RICH PRIVILEGED ASSHOLES like Stern !

So, What does he think now about the whole bi-partisan Krapitalist system producing shocking inequalities while he sits in his $52 million-dollar palace in Palm Beach… after having cashed-in on his monstrous media gaming of the mass-manipulated public !?

We’d like to ask him what he thinks about IMPEACHMENT… and if not, why not ? We’d like to hear what he thinks about Ilhan Omar and AOC ? … and the Green New Deal? … and if he’s ever discussed them on his show ? …  or defended them ? … and if not, why not ?!

And we’d like to ask YOU Stephen Colbert:
Do you maybe feel sick to your stomach helping this gutter libertarian, below-the-belt media celeb scumbag + profiteer + opportunist to sell another one of his selfie- books in the midst of the one of the most terrifying political and planetary crises human civilization has perhaps ever experienced ?!!

Stephen, perhaps you could still redeem yourself by making a radical transformation on your show and having someone on who has actually studies media in depth !  Someone who can tell us what damage the corporate media is dong to the mass psychology of am entire country … and the planet  …. you know, someone who has actually read a book from someone other than an enema- brained, navel-gazing, dickhead celebrity. Someone who knows the Frankfurt School perhaps, those critical theorists who spent their entire lives warning us about the Culture Industry and Fascism !

And really Stephen, Do you think IF Stern just had Shillary ( we came, we saw, we conquered ) on as a guest of his moron-loving program, it would have changed much in the last election ( or the course of the nation much ) when everyone was already so primed and pumped up for all this warmongering and divisive bullshit the corporate media ( and its military industrial complex sponsors ) has been shoveling down our throats all these years !? Well, it’s a stupid question; of course you don’t believe it ! The question is really: WHY are you now willing to stoop so low to join the club of Shock Jock Stoogedom !?

When are we really gonna start raising the collective intelligence with these media platforms!? and all these communication and technological tools ?… Or are you just gonna go down that same old Military Entertainment Complex road and boost those ratings and collect your checks, while our planet goes up in flames !??


The XLterrestrials have some resources for you, if you wanna make the upgrades !

to be cont.


” In the 21st Century over-connected and technology- skewered culture… when THE MEDIA FAILS, it REALLY REALLY DISGUSTINGLY FAILS ! … Weird Tales Lesson #666666: As P.K.D. Barnum once said : there’s a blood- sucker born every minute ! … “

- XLt psychomedia analyst

Stay tune, this is just the beginning !

XLt Radar – Btropolis is On Fire ! – v.1

May 15th, 2019



( foto: DcD in Paris 1984, XLt remix )

XLt Radar – Btropolis is On Fire ! – v.1


< 16.5 > Bob Rutmann 88th Bday @ Eschloraque
< 16/17.5 >  Dead Can Dance @ Tempodrom – soldout
< 16.5 > E. Neubauten @ Brecht-Haus
< 18.5 > Reichenberger Kiezfest @ Kberg
< 22.5 > Orlando Julius + The Heliocentrics @ Yaam
< 22.5 > Arto Lindsay @ Urban Spree
< 28.5 >  Altin Gün @ Gretchen – soldout
< 25.6 > Caetano Veloso @ Tempodrom


< 11.5 -8.6 > Zukunftsland 2099 @Alpha-Nova Kulturwerkstatt

< 11.5 – 6.6 > Die Häuser denen, die drin wohnen! Foto Ausstellung + Talks @ Regenbogenfabrik

< 18.5 – 7.6 >  Genesis P.-B. Orridge + Void exhibition @ Neurotitan

< 17.5. – 8.6 > Julia Murakami – “Dwell in Lovers’ Eyes” @ Walden Kunstausstellungen


< 20.6 > CiTiZEN KiNO #79 + Fundraiser Party @ Regenbogenfabrik Kino


+ +  Extra Action + +

< 24.5 > Großer Klimastreik zur Europawahl in Berlin @ Brandenburger Tor








( foto: Julia Murakami )


KIEZ Notes :

… coming soon…. Bob Rutman’s 88th Bday, Genesis B.P. Orridge art exhibition at Neurotitan, Nick Cave’s belly-button babbling on an Admiral Palast stage,  Dead Can Dance LIVE – 39/40 years celebration, E. Neubauten discussing their work at the Brecht-Haus, Arto Lindsay at Urban Spree, Orlando Julius + The Heliocentrics, Reichenberger Kiezfest ( w/ RegenbogenFabrik + Meuterei Bar on a gentrification cliff’s edge ),  Zukunftsland 2099… Our giddy 19-year-old gothic brains are swirling + squirming like they were just invited to a late-nite art orgy in a cemetery under a full moon glow… it’s hard not to be a little distracted … It’s a little like Air-B-N-B is now renting out our past lives… It’s Like PKD’s Ubik gone entertainment-complex-viral and we can now telephone our own nostalgic half-life spirits and talk endlessly on a flat rate … It would almost be a golden age of the artist livelihoods, except the tech monopolies have all your kidneys hooked up to an automat milking machine…

Oh well, anything to ignore the current battles for an inhabitable present !

This industrial-goth-romantic meme-dog with her tongue hanging out wants to say: IT’s So FINE !

“And if anyone ever tries to tell you: You cannot go back in time!  It’s wholly within your magickal rights to promptly tell them to Fuck Right Off ! It’s your future that’s now impossible ! The only way forward is back ! And music is a time machine that has existed since the beginnings of the dreamtime !” – XLt analyst

Stay tune for more dates ( + links ), or maybe not… no one fucking pays us to do this …

Btw, iIf ya like, read, use the XLT radar, please consider DONATING to keep us going ( write us how ).  And invite your friends to our FB pages ( Globalista Radio Kit + CiTiZEN KiNO in Btropolis… while they last ), so we can build our network, for when the shit Really hits the fan, and we need to communicate the emergency news, tactical response + convergence points !

Sure it’s a messy ass wordpress site we got here, but one day we hope to upgrade !

AND speaking of ” ON FIRE”

Check out Abby Zimet’s column at CommonDreams, and her post linking Bill Nye’s – the bow-tied US TV science guy – very funny and very precise state of planetary affairs… clip made for John Oliver’s pretty in-depth climate episode… in-depth, for a comedy-news report ( 20 mins.) .







XLt NEWS Alert: #Seenotrettung #MoleculeMan … excellent foto-op + SOLIDARITY ACTION … by @_Seebruecke_ this morning ( 17.5 ) on The Spree, Berlin … As #SeaWatch3 remains stranded at sea with 65 rescued people, … PLEASE SHARE IT !


to be cont.

#RP19’s “tl;dr” is cute, but where’s the literate resistance ?!

May 6th, 2019



- foto from the recent Neurotitan Galerie show “War – Does Not Equal – Peace “-


A_Digital_Feast_in_Time_of_Plague ( a Pushkin remix* )

As George Monbiot recently unleashed on Frank Boyle’s UK BBC show re: Climate Breakdown + The New World Order  “We can’t just be pissing around the edges of the problem… We’ve gotta go straight to the heart of capitalism; and overthrow it…” We can all have different versions of what that means and how, but we cannot deny the gravity of the situations. These are dark and unstable times !

Things are equally as grave in the digital culture realm: it’s currently overfeeding the corporate monsters, fueling the most outrageous populist idiots + manipulators, enabling authoritarianism, devastating livelihoods, consolidating wealth, installing a nightmarish central (and/or transnational liquid) panoptic command… and expanding techno-fascism + the resource wars !


And what does Re-publica do ? It adds another German car company to its list of sponsors… well done ! Genius ! Daring !

That’s not only pissing around the edges of the problem, it’s taking a mighty slick shit in the digital pool ! … And we suppose they’ll be hosting some dance parties inbetween, and floating some smiley balloons with corporate and/or start-up logos, perhaps with surveillance cameras attached to take somnambulist crowd-selfies, as the chillin firedog meme repeats “It’s fine!” .


We’ve got a long list of grievances about the technotopian core of re.publica, since it’s very beginnings in the blog-hype-fog phase … because it began as naive and privileged nerd-dom and has inflammated to the size of a pus-filled boil on the face of Europe’s vision for the future… Let’s call it the “Eurovision of Survelliance Capitalism” !  … And pay no attention to that Blob-sized leech behind the curtain !


- foto: from the 1958 horror The Blob, back when the threat that would eat the world was just a soft + silly analog thing from a Cold War outerspace -

- Some preliminary Kiez Notes -

( we haven’t scoured thoroughly through its fluffy program, but not yet found anything substantial on these HOT topics below… )

In order to analyze what’s wrong with #RP00, rather than cut thru its mediocre and/or cheerleading swamp of all-things-digital… it will be a sharper angle to see what it omits for BIG STORIES in its “coverage” ( teppich? ).  Just like corporate mass media + MSM outlets fail in informing the public about real and present  issues/dangers, by avoiding the elephants in the room, and all the root causes of our troubles, and not challenging them head-on !

An XLT list of possible priorities :

1. Why is there nothing in the program about Chelsea Manning in prison ?! ( or Assange or Bini for that matter, as complex stories as they are ). Seems she was trendy hot and use-able last year, but not when she’s in deep trouble !? One of the signs that Re-publica isn’t too daring when it comes to the complex realities and powers struggles. Where’s the solidarity ?! Guess they won’t be getting any Tech CEOs to speak up with spine intact on THat !

2. Nothing about “Surveillance Capitalism” – Shoshana Zuboff’s analysis is clearly one of the biggest bits of research + analysis to hit the shelves this year in terms of where we’re at in the totally broken technosphere.

Added / correction: Day2 – Stage 3 -15:00 – 15:30 : Dark side of your digital profile (or: how did it happen that we lost control?) with Katarzyna Szymielewicz … is analyzing S-Capitalism …

BUT not a stage w/ live stream ! And the write-up of the session fails to mention up front the names of those who invented + implement + suck your data on a 24/7 global scale. And Btw, is Google still allowed to have a booth on the trade show floor at #rp19 ?! )

3. Why didn’t RP invite any of the neighborhood groups who spent the last 2 years fighting off the Goo(gle) in Kreuzberg ?! Another sign that RP is too busy schmoozing with power players and doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers ! RPoo wouldn’t know a local ( tech + gentrification ) struggle if it was right under their noses… and it is… Berlin is under siege ! … And Tech Capital is bringing massive upheavals ! …  But RP are apparently very happy campers in the corporate-sponsored gatekeeper clouds,

4. Nothing about Carole Cadwalladr’s brilliant + bold investigations into Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and Goo… She just dropped the most disruptive TED talk ever in Vancouver and revealed how democracy is being destroyed by S-valley and its monopolization + corruption of our communication channels. Social Media is rotten, and RP00 is still plugging for it like suckers for the Cybernetic Regime / End-Net-Times. And has no guts for seriously challenging the tech titans in any meaningful way ! RP00 was never on the cutting-edge of resistance culture and hacker scenes, as much as it would like to pretend it’s one of em and/or down with the cause !

5. The Bitsundbaume.org conf. at TU in collaboration with many groups ( CCC; GermanWatch, etc. ) was one of the most important digital culture events in Berlin ( or anywhere ) in 2018. It finally ( it only took CCC 35 years ) linked the tech sector in a serious way to our ECOLOGICAL problems, and those which are accelerating due to our civilization’s consumer fetish for Futurism Inc. and the military industrial complex-invested technospheres !

6.… more to come…


the Really Really Spring XLt Radar v.3: All In … Rebellion !

April 30th, 2019


The 1st of May circus has drifted so far away from its original meanings + intent, perhaps it’s time again to play our cards far outside the box … that flimsy cardboard container that got flattened and stuffed into an overfilled recycle bin… but the workers, the makers, the people… and all our acts of solidarity… we are all still here … our passions, our rights, our dreams, all still ripe as ever to rise !

So a little poke in the eye …. of the storm…


“Who knows, maybe people gonna party like it’s 1919 today… !? “- XLt analyst


Spring XLt Radar v.3 :

< April 29 > 50 Years of Busen Attentat ( Overture + Schizo ), Roter Salon

< April 29May 1 > Cinema in Times Of Catastrophe, ( FB invite )

< April 30May 2 > “Die Abfahrt” – Drinnen & Draußen ( Fb Invite )

< May 1st > 1. Mai in Grünewald, at S-Bahn Grünewald, 13-17h ( FB invite )

< May 1st > Everywhere !

< May 2 > We Are All Assange ! Solidarity For Journalists, Hosted by DIEM25 w/Angela Richter, Whistleblower Network chairman Annegret Falter, biologist and founder of EcoLeaks Esteban Servat, and Srecko Horvat- at Brandenburger Tor, 12:00h

< May 3 > DIEM25 BarCamp : Technological Sovereignty at C-base

All day, workshops, presentations, discussions… evening film screening of “Codenaut” ( 2019 )

< May 2-5 > Radical Film Network: What is Radical Film? at Silent Green ( FB invite )

Excerpt: Continuing the spirit in which the Radical Film Network (RFN) was founded, the first RADICAL FILM NETWORK MEETING in Berlin aims to create a temporary space with the intention of initiating open exchange and dialogue between actors of the Radical Film Network, Berlin filmmakers and cultural practitioners. It will bring together activists, academics, filmmakers and artists in Berlin to jointly answer the question, “What is radical film?“.

to be cont.


Our own XLterrestrial 2cents: Until tactical tech ( +media ) takes on more of on-the-ground ecological + agricultural + urban/municipalities situations as urgent + primary sovereignty factors, we will likely see an accelerated desertification of our society, habitat and humanity.

Much more to be said there, but we’re on the run…

the Really Really Spring XLt Radar v.2: Sit-Ins, Die-Ins, All In… Rebellion !

April 26th, 2019


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XLt Radar V.2 – Sit-Ins, Die-Ins, All In… Rebellion !

April 25th, 2019

( resource links below )

Extinction Rebellion – the non-violent protest movement to awaken all of us to the urgencies and need to act in response to climate breakdown + the looming threats/realities of a 6th Mass Extinction -  is growing fast !

There will be a number of actions happening all over the world 2morw April 26th ! #FridaysForFuture + #ExtinctionRebellion …both ! … it’s impossible to keep track of all the sprouting chapters … or have a full overview … or measure the impacts on the general public… or on political institutions…

But it feels very Very BIG ! … finally a pretty all-inclusive format… for undoing our current political paralysis !


In our Btropolis, Berlin…  there will be a critical mass-style bike ride on Friday ( at 15:30h beginning at the Marx-Engels Forum ( the park just across the river from the new Berliner Stadt(-Shite-)Schloss, former Palast Der Republik ), a mass die-in on Saturday at Gendarmenmarkt ( noon ) + performances … and on Monday an action happening in front of the Kanzleramt  (17:00h ) to address EU/Brasil trade, and to call for saving the Amazon from the Bozonaro machine, perhaps by calling for sanctions or an economic boycott of sorts.

There are no shortage of ecological issues to fight for, and the grassroots structure of the movement leaves no shortage ( and no ceiling ) of ideas… Anyone can bring some to their local meetings… And one can only imagine this is all going to expand as more and more people become aware of it and its open public assembly nature.

For anyone getting negative impressions or cynical analysis from whatever corporate media outlets and online ( social media ) glimpses… don’t let them sink in … go see + experience it for yourself ! And if for some reason you think the actions could take on some better forms… show up at your local meeting groups and propose something !

Here in Btropolis, we have to admit we are pretty spoiled. There are excellent organizers and communicators, experienced legal and press teams, a generational diversity, gender diversity… and, ok cultural diversity ( i.e. diverser contexts, i.e. refugees, global south ) could be a bit better ! …

The flow of the process, the plenums have been impressive ! Everything seems to be unfolding like an organic team that knows how to play the (serious + grounded ) game, and is feeling confident that it can raise the bar for motivating a public to rethink our entire social organizations ! … and the feeling is contagious ! And against the cruel and sad backdrop of political institutions in their absurdly helpless rigamortis and incompetence, it’s almost like a task made easy by an opponent that hasn’t done its homework, has no new moves nor any inspired vision … in decades… if ever.

Ok, there may be flaws, and errors … similarities at times to Occupy or the Anti-war movement or the anti-globalization mov…. which could potentially arrive at enough of agreed-upon points, align the people and/or the minorities together for some actions, but not penetrate the power structures. And there are moments when one can doubt the strategies… there’s plenty of room for debate. We should all know that, by now. We have probably the biggest challenges of our lives before us… and there are tears flowing, knowing all that we have already lost… or from feeling overwhelmed by it all. But here are local spaces ( and an international network ) forming to come figure it out together face-to-face. Conflicts will arise, but when the whole planet and our present and future habitat are in peril, we may find it’ll be preferable to put our differences aside to keep this new political space / vessel intact. And willing to experiment on-the-fly !

Taking action now in whatever forms or scales we are ready to take on ( individually, personally, collectively ) … is empowering ! … It is so much more energizing than beating a retreat, or sinking into one’s solitary melancholy, defeatism, rifts. It’s the medicine we all need, to be part of community … fighting for a new life, a reclaimed humanity, and a solidarity with all our fellow species !

If you find this laughably over-optimistic, that’s fine … have a laugh, breathe it in… and then… let’s get to work  !



https://xrebellion.org/ ( international)

https://extinctionrebellion.de/ (deutschland )

https://extinctionrebellion.de/category/blog/ ( de blog )

https://extinctionrebellion.de/veranstaltungen/ ( de events )

https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/ (main )

https://fridaysforfuture.de/ ( deutschland )




Please Note: WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT ! Help us continue to report on a wide variety of Culture(s) of Resistance, Arts + Praxis + Politics, The Anthropocene Mess + Environment, and our unique “alien-view psychomedia analysis” ( think: Sci-Fi + Social Fiction + Call-To-Arms ). Plus, we also produce and tour CiTiZEN KiNO, an interactive paedagogik / tactical media show to inform + engage the public about all of the above. Our latest episode investigates “Surveillance Capitalism” + The Digital Culture Industry.

If you would like to DONATE, assist, contribute, feedback… Contact the XLterrestrials here ( link ).

:::::: ::::::: ::::::


There are some important critiques arising in regards to the origins of Extinction Rebellion….  and the recent ( attempted?) “alignment” with Green Capital business leaders, who initiated an “XR business” coalition ( and website ) with ER in the UK … We say “attempted” because there are statements coming from various chapters to challenge (and distance themselves from this alignment )… incl. Germany and France. This is a good sign that various decentralized groups will be able to develop their own approaches… And react to any possible “hijackings” or “co-optations” of a movement… or weakening strains… or misdirection… OR as the case may be, even to break away from its co-founders’ flawed origins, IF they are seen as such.

Note: This is written hastily, and our wording may not be as precise as needed in this delicate matter/moment. And it IS a very complex problem that will need further analyzing… Which of course you are also welcome to do… and to feedback here, on our XLterrestrials wordpress page.

Ultimately, this will also open up the can-of-worms + debates around various strategies… And poses questions as to whether ER is attempting to go for a broad-reach “critical mass” environmental movement, or be on the frontlines of radical interventions, or exist somewhere in the gray zones inbetween. Or perhaps it will be all of the above depending on what local chapters will decide what to do. We might find that this latter possibility could be a formula that provides an amorphous organism that can respond to different situations and provide a diversity of tactics, and offer multiple entry levels for people at different stages ( and risk-taking levels ) in one’s own community activist inputs/outputs.

For now, we provide links to those who have begun to warn, investigate and comment on the controversies:





to be cont.

XLt Radar v.2 :

more upcoming dates soon …

the Really Really Spring XLt Radar v.1: Rebellion with a Big Smile !

April 21st, 2019



XLT radar
April / Mai


15-27.4 :: Extinction Rebellion ( link for DE ), everywhere !

20.4 :: Seun Kuti at Yaam, 20h

21.4 :: Czentrifuga + Step Across the Border, at Markgrafendamm 24c – Ostkreuz

24.4 :: “rethinking copyright” for music – with Music Pool Berlin (https://musicpoolberlin.net/) in collaboration with Haus der Kulturen der Welt (https://www.hkw.de/de/index.php), at ACUD Studio (Veteranenstr. 21).

26.4 :: Günther Schickert ( from Ziguri ) at Acud

29.4 :: Dokumontag at Czech Zentrum – “Hotel Jugoslavija” – http://berlin.czechcentres.cz/programm/event-details/eunic-dokumontag-hotel-jugoslavija/




2 or 3 Mega-News-bytes: ExRe + The Church of Silicon Valley, On FIRE !

April 19th, 2019


_ _____ __ _________ ___

Two or Three mega-news-bytes:

1. Extinction Rebellion

2. Carole Cadwalladr exposes the Surveillance Capitalism’s squirming underbellies


3. So What Comes After The Bizarre Mueller Report ?!

XLt analysis coming soon !

While we draw up a few connecting dots, and a little glimpse into the inspiring new form of tactical rebellion…

Have a look at Carole Cadwalladr’s TED talk, it’s like finding a real live scumbag network in action and dragging it into the light. Will the Brexit referendum go down as an illegal and invalid sham election ?!  Note: we are not fans of TED ( and O’Reilly greasing the wheels of technodystopia ), but it’s like watching the Church of Silicon Valley ON FIRE.

to be cont.

The XLt Guide to JA’s Arrest + WikiLeaks + War Crimes

April 14th, 2019


—————— +/- 0101  ———-

The XLT Guide to JA + WikiLeaks + War Crimes

April 11th, 2019 – Julian Assange is dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy by civi-clothed Metropolitan Police in London, carrying a copy of Gore Vidal’s  “History of the National Security State” ( 2014 ).

To this date, no one has been indicted or prosecuted in an international criminal court for the illegal war in Iraq, for torture, nor for military personnel shooting/bombing reporters, civilians, women + children and the already- wounded. Unambiguous evidence, all of which exists in the “Collateral Murder” video ( footage which was captured by the US military cameras from over a kilometer away, and then honorably leaked by Manning), was published by Wikileaks on April 5th, 2010.  Of course military and state courts have numerous methods of dodging these incriminating facts in their own courts. But by using new technological tools and new media strategies, Wikileaks made it possible for millions of people to watch the brutal and asymmetric viciousness of 21st century-style wars of aggression by the world’s most powerful military.

What forms of “gunship spectacle fire” from above will now be unleashed to shoot the messenger over and over and over again, to control + steer + reign-in the new playing fields of net + media territories,  and to ignore and distract from the real + urgent issues ? … And what long dragged-out media circus sequels will be used to flood our already over-saturated and online-tethered brains … to distract from those actual tools and methods that can empower the people in these dangerous times, when sick + sinister figures operate at the highest levels of those omnipresent governing forces ? And corporate krapitalist media does its spineless and coweringly best to cover for them !

…. …. …

Let’s back up a little…

Student Protest



We are in a whole new phase of the Mass Mediations. And we will have to think more radically in how we now navigate the Digital Culture environments that are now entirely weaponized as a corporate+military cesspool of Surveillance Krapitalism.

Wikileaks came along and changed the game for a little while, perhaps in a comparable way that Tute Bianche came up with “”novel ways”" to protest in the streets. It is a viable thing to implement still now… Secure drops ( like the Panama Papers ) may still play out… but they will certainly no longer have any elements of surprise, and corporate media has myriad ways to diffuse and twist any shocking new leaks, even if we want to entertain the idea that substantial shock is still possible via news items  in the new dizzying daily levels of perpetually screened nausea.

An interesting comment on Nettime mentions that millions saw the horrors of Iraq, but unlike say the Vietnam era… outrage and any mobilized reactions had little impacts on the ruling power.

So … what now ?!

Solidarity for all journalists  ( and various cultures of resistance ) for sure… but what is to come for our offensive game ?!



to be cont.


In the meantime…

Suggested RESOURCES:

1. Jonathan Cook on the 7 Years of Lies


2.Caitlin Johnstone on How to be Certain that the US Charge is Fraudulent


3. The quick legal low down ( unsealed charges ) via Just Security + ExBerliner http://www.exberliner.com/features/politics/assanhgearrest-the-lowdown….

4. Greenwald’s censored? interview with NPR’s Morning Edition

5. Slavoj Zizek ( Let 100 WL bloom ! ) … https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/julian-assange-extradition-us-wikileaks-google-slavoj-zizek-a8866741…

6. An interesting backround analysis/debate from c.2011 via Metamute betw. Florian Cramer and Ted Byfield on what Wikileaks was attempting to achieve, successfully or not?


Fortunately there IS SOME GOOD NEWS… Embassy cat’s lawyers have assured us that cats cannot not be extradited by any warmonger state’s laws !




# FreeOlaBini

( Bini was illegally detained in Ecuador 4 days ago, with… very unclear charges ?… )


( w/ David Harvey in the foreground )

XLt Spring-At-Last Radar v.o1: The Time is Ripe for….

April 4th, 2019


i——i i——-i i———i




April 4-7 : ADM Subkultur Festival + Benefit, at Urban Spree

April 6 : CiTiZEN KiNO #78 – sneak preview – at Urban Spree, 19h

April 6 : MIETEN WAHNSINN ! Rising Rents + Housing Crisis Demo, Alexanderplatz
at 12h

April 11 : CiTiZEN KiNO #78: World PREMIERE, Club der Polnischen
Versager, 20h

Every FRIDAY : #FridaysForFuture, at Invaliden Park in Berlin ( and everywhere )








… ... … . Last night we went to the opening of the ADM festival, and it was very much a part of the Revalerstr. RAW-Gelande partyheads and tourist zones of Friedrichshain, and that’s OK… it’s finally … sorta … Springtime…

And we all need to reclaim a little breathing room and playspace, even if it is just a weekend escape. At least this party is a BENEFIT for the good fight ( and ADM’s legal costs )… AND in addition to the festivities, there is also much to learn from the cultural free-haven(s) – done with the Dutch squatter-styles – that were able to find and sustain SOME experimental pockets ( of actual land + housing ) in the midst of the gruesome neoliberal frenzies of the übernormal EU hyper-biz-as-usual.

In fact, as we were watching a bunch of doc film / materials being screened in the little sub-keller cinema, we were struck by all the tales and perspectives on ADMs struggles over the last 18 YEARS ( that span of time in itself is a VICTORY ! ), and it’s a necessary reminder of fighting not just against the grain of all the neo-colonial-imperialist soul-crushing, but it’s about the things we are fighting FOR… the revolution of everyday life ( to quote situationist : Raoul Vaneigem ) ! And it was a alarming to realize how far NOW , and to what extent, we are ALL being DISPLACED … and pushed deeper and deeper into the deadly containers – the unihabitable death strips – of industrialized life… and headed for a massive “civilization” breakdown + collision with those expanding mechanisms of control !

Some topics we hope to expand on in our C-KiNO presentations there on Saturday evening ! ( 19-21h )…  and again on April 11th in Mitte.

And of course a fantastic reminder why THOUSANDS of people will be in the streets for the MIETENWAHNSINN DEMO… the time is RIPE for putting our dreams of another possible community life…  into action and praxis !!!!!!

And we absolutely need MORE on-the-ground autonomous zones to create these alternative and other worlds !!!

to be cont.