DiEM25 back in Btropolis ! Another EU is Possible ! !

May 25th, 2017


< 25-26.05 > DiEM25 returns to Berlin to develop its political roadmap …

Event Schedule for Volksbuhne + Technical University  ( TU )

Main event is Thurs. at 20:00h with speakers Yannis Varoufakis, Saskia Sassen, Heike Loeschmann (Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, Alternative Summit Alliance),  Sre?ko Horvat (DiEM25 Co-Founder, DiEM25 Coordination Collective)  Søren Altstaedt (DiEM25 German Federal Committee, Alternative Summit Alliance) and video remotes from Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach and Clive Lewis ( British Labour member of Parliament ).

Interesting day sessions include organizers of an alternative conference at the G20 in Hamburg in July 6-9 ( 12:00h ) … and a discussion of a new deal for the Internet with renata Avila and Aral Balkan. (13;30h ).

XLterrestrials were there in Feb 2016 for the launching of Diem25 – Democracy in Europe Movement -  an opportunity to seek strategies and alliances to prevent the EU from descending into nationalism, authoritarianism, populism and privatization uberalles, etc…

They are calling this new parallel political form Europe’s first transnational political party, which does not fall into various traps, broken promises and contradictions that occur within the usual nation-state governance.

We were impressed with the coalitions that were forming… including some initiatives around “rebel cities” , i.e finding our strength and political critical mass on the municipalities level. As in Barcelona’s Ana Colau with her experiences in progressive agenda for housing + local community-scale infrastructures, etc.

[ Some critiques exist about attempting to build a new left without bringing many of the existing anti-capitalist left groups into the fold... Some of this is a valid problems, but we also saw a genuine call to unite, and urgently form a 'parallel politics' to the Brussels parliament and the immediate new situations arising , i.e. Brexit, and the implications of Macron in France. ]

Now they have formed a more concrete New Deal for Europe and considering a campaign to “take it to the ballot box” in 2019.

XLT will report back…

South of The Academia Border, a Non-Anthropocene Theory

May 19th, 2017


{{{ another Anthropocene view }}}

Coming Soon !

“A truly fascinating lecture, song + dance on The Anthropocene ( dead-end construct ), that gave us so little to defend the living planet – and all its inhabitants – in the age of krapitalist endgames… Shall we finally pronounce the institutionally-employed intellectual left as officially non-organic TOAST !? “

- XLterrestrials analyst.

Stay tune for a full deep green report from indigenous aliens south of the academia borders, that have not succumbed to the bullshit.

In the meantime…

While we have our critiques, last night’s Anthropocene Lecture by McKenzie Wark at Haus Der Kulturen ( HKW ) in Berlin revealed many unexpected things… And is helping us to further understand the strange and messy cult of Donna Haraway, a child ( laborer?) of the military industrial complex. About Marxian Industrialism recuperated and remixed by Technotopians. About our misguided faith in science. And about how NOT to play along in the 21st century sequels to Techno-Fascism, though indirectly.

Wark is a gifted speaker, a radical, high-speed and queer thinker, but if he’s willing to provoke a whole new generation of situationist-inspired rebels + hackers with 3-d printed Guy Debord gimmicks to sell Verso books, well we can certainly feel free to provoke back and imagine a blockbuster futurist flop starring New York media + culture professors,  along with tenured California 2nd-nature vampires creating World War Z ( on a molecular front ) in addition to our current atomized society, nearly wasted eco-systems, and brutally plundered Other continents.


{ in hindsight, we DO think this was a pretty funny stunt, but hardly adequate strategies now for the fully threatened ecocidal storm of climate disruptions and vast populations left adrift in the shit ! }

to be cont.

XLt & Globalista Radio Kit ~~ Summertime Musika Radar v.2.1

May 18th, 2017



< 23.05 > Syrphe Electronic Night #10 · Tomy Herseta (Indonesia), Dirar Kalash (Palestine), Szkieve (Canada), Marie Takahashi & Ottó Szabolcs Horváth (Japan/Germany), C-drík aka Kirdec (Belgium/Congo). + Vegan food – XB Liebig, Friedrichshain


< 27.05 > Vendetta & Fiesta Lucha Amada, Clash Berlin, 21h


< 26.05 > Ondatrópica (DJ Set) ft. Quantic & Frente Cumbiero,  Club GRETCHEN, 23h


< 31.05 > Soviet Soviet • Swiimers, Acud Kunsthaus


< 03.06 > Exberliner’s 15th Birthday Party, Haus Schwarzenberg


< 08.06 > Kairo is Koming, Roter Salon – Volksbühne


< 08-11.06 > Torstrasse Festival – Berlin Mitte


< 13.06 > DakhaBrakha – Festsaal Kreuzberg


< 21.06 >  Fête de la Musique , uberall


< 27.06 > The Sun Ra Arkestra – Festsaal Kreuzberg, 21h


Raise Your Musical Weapons in the Air ! ..

AND If your so inclined…Send us your concert/event highlights … for Btropolis… or anywhere… and remember June 21st is Fete de La Musique, the biggest simultaneous global music invasion …

Feel free to visit + share music inspirations on the GLOBALISTA RADIO KIT on frackybook ( at your own data risk, corporate vultures, ya know. ).


to be cont…

Digital Re:publicans, Are They Still Dreaming ?! #rp17

May 9th, 2017


#rp17 / #LOVEoutLOUD / #endofthenet

We’re heading into another one of those Re:publica thingees…  a digital cult conference which began as a friendly little bloggers media niche convention and metasticized to become ” one of the largest and most exciting conferences about digital culture in the world.” … That means hosts to a wide range of unsavory corporate sponsors + partners … like Daimler Benz, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, etc…

But Re-publica brings in alot of cool and respectable players – activists, hackers, orgs – as well, and thus we like to call it: the progressive belly of the technotopian beast !

To prepare, we wanted to revisit Boris Beaude’s fantastic analysis of how mangled the internet + digital culture have become … From Institute of Network Cultures , June 2016, and free for download ( and even print can be ordered for FREE ) … http://networkcultures.org/blog/publication/no-11-the-ends-of-the-internet-boris-beaude/

And we recommend this as a necessary primer for any digital culture convergence you plan on attending this year… In the hopes that – one day – we might all be closer to the same page: that the internet is way more than broken !

Broken, that’s already old hat ! But have no fear, the net evangelists are constantly being born again… And they now say “Yes of course we knew it was broken all along. And we’re fixing it. And we must reclaim the net! ” Then they will giddily whisk you down into another labyrinth which promises a broad assortment of first-aid-like emergency kits to plug ( or plug into ) the gaping wound that is the predatory + surveilled shopping mall abyss of virtual accessories and blinky screentime-du-jour.

The thing that’s now important to know is: WHY the shit’s so broken, and while Beaude never really gets his teeth fully into a corporate krapitalist crtitique, nor the military industrial complex that turns everything into a colonial-scale weapon … He has given a very concise map of how we got taken for a ride on the corporate mother-f-ship…. ( the fathership, would probably be more accurate ).

Just to grab a couple short concluding snippets from The End of The Internets:

” The Internet was supposed to abolish distances, advance freedom of expression, enhance collective intelligence, foster the potential for gratis, decentralize power and resist any attempt at taking control of the Internet itself. Regrettably, we must come to the conclusion that these ideals are rapidly fading away. Seemingly abolished barriers are being re-erected again. Freedom of speech is subject to a number of restrictions. Engagements and capabilities are still unequally distributed. Power has never been so centralized. We are clearly witnessing the end of the Internet as we formerly knew it. By altering the nature of space, the Internet has changed humanity’s social configuration; but humanity is so diverse that it will not allow the Internet to remain unaltered. “

Earlier in the essay lays out in much detail about why all this is occurring… and here at the finale, he’s pointing to where technology conferences + citizens in general – really need to change our conversations to meet the change of the game…

” What the world really needs is a major political debate centering on the future of the only place that the whole of humanity shares in common. There is no doubt that a choice will have to be made, between a globalization of politics or the end of the Internet as we know it. We will have to make the Internet the central issue of a debate which given the environmental crisis, the threat of global terrorism and the state of the world economy, obliges us to realize that what unites us is more important than what divides us. In the absence of such a radical shift in politics, we will not only witness a much more drastic partitioning of the Internet but even more worrying, a further fragmentation of our world. We will risk the collapse of globalization and nationalist insurgencies everywhere, which will render nation-states more powerless and vulnerable. “

All an eloquent attempt for framing of our challenges  … AND YET … in the final appeal he states:

” The Internet is the perfect public place to rise to this challenge; it is an ideal but also fragile space that we must never cease to cherish, share and protect together. “

Well, this seemingly innocuous and hopeful turn is quite similar to all our experiences of industry-supported convergences like Re:publica… And this is the point where the XLterrestrials feel it is appropriate to intervene w/ other angles for analysis and action, and call for a bit of “walking back” here…

The real PLACE that humanity shares – for required living – is an embodied position/existence on the earth !  And perhaps we should be asking: Is the continuing attempts to find our commonality in the NON-PLACE of the internet a large part of what sets the stage for further accelerating and exacerbating such divisive, abstract and globalization realities/irrealities on the ground ?!!

In a world plagued with inequalities, technological plunderings, a lack of tangible and nourishing commons here on earth, freedom of mobility for all, etc. …  Putting our hopes in a liberated NON-PLACE, is like WISHING WE COULD ALL TRANSFORM OURSELVES INTO ORGANIC FARMERS OVERNIGHT ON A NON-OXYGENATED MARS !

Of course, we will need to continue the fight for regulating and/or reeling-in the internet…  this spectre of technospheres… or it will continue to run amok regardless of our desires.

More importantly, the real Hacking for the 21st century  might be about reclaiming ( and assuring ) access and the means to share equitably the planet’s natural resources : earth, water, sky, fire (energy)…  with the vast majority of global bodies, which will include all the other species with whom we co-inhabit. We must return to a non-anthropocentric world !

… Communication tools will be necessary, but they certainly won’t be central to that end. And in fact, given the predatory infrastructures as they currently operate, will must be honest about that fact that this is a territory which perpetuates the borders and enclosures which ensure those places of privlege – wealthy + elite access only, while throwing the rest of us ( and other species ) under the bus !

Not surprisingly Re:publica will be more focused on the Digital Industries, and selling lots of virtual ad-space… as usual… 3% will be some good critique ( though probably not as precise as Beaude’s )  and self-defense strategies… and a whole lotta ongoing cyber-pipe-dreaming !

Nothing wrong with dreaming….  except when it’s at the expense of liberty, sovereignty, privacy, the indigenous, environment, the commons, social well-being, the whole of the earth’s living bio-systems, and the list goes on and on !  Essentially technotopia+Krapitalism + the machines remain a very self-serving ( alien ) entity that’s selling us and our habitats downstream ! Digital culture does not bode well as our primary tools for liberation and sustainability, surely not until those ( organic + humane ) practices are the center of our social organization and can then lead the way for any further ( democratic ) technological progress.

One cannot have tech al a carte before the dead horse.


ok, we’re going in…
wish us luck !

Note: btw, you can follow Boris Beaude’s work – tho mostly in French – here : http://www.beaude.net/no-flux/  and at @nofluxin

to be cont.

XLterrestrials + GRK, Springtime Radar v.2 – Full Engagement

May 5th, 2017


{{{ v.o2 }}}

Part 2 of our Springtime Radar is looking at events which encourage “full engagement” ! The situations we are currently facing as a global society / civilization are monumental and unprecedented. In case you didn’t know, the planet, or at least all its living species, are in grave peril. We will need citizens thinking “outside the box” and beyond their usual individual consciousness to navigate these times.

Here we recommend some upcoming events, mostly happening in this extraordinary place we call “Btropolis,” – where strange convergences, deep thinking and incredible stirrings for BIG social change are taking place…

If yur just here for the musica, entertainment and the lulz… first check out Globalist Radio Kit’s Radar – v.1 … and then come back to v.2… we’ll be in both worlds.

… …. …

< 11.05 > Whistleblowers, Journalists and Lawyers:, How to Unmask the Global Network of Remote Killing,w/ Pratap Chatterjee ( corpwatch ), John Kiriaku, Lisa Wing, and more – 18:30-21:00 at ECCHR Office (Berlin) – sold out, but LIVE STREAM !

< 12.05 > Disruption Lab’s Prisoners of Dissent w/ John Kiriakou, Annie Machon, and Magnus Ag at Grunes Salon – Volksbuhne, 19:30h

< 10.05 > Blacklist #2: The Global Arms Trade by Johan Gimonprez and a panel discussion afterwards – incl. author Andrew Feinstein, and Jean Peters from Peng Collectiv – Spektrum

< 10.05 > “ Technology = Freedom ?! ” – hosted by The Labor Party Intl, Die Turnhalle Restaurant

< 08- 10.05 > Re:publica 17 : Love Out Loud,  Station-Berlin

< 18.05 > The Anthropocene Lecture by MacKenzie Wark, HKW

< 25.o5 > Diem25 w/ mit Yanis Varoufakis, Sre?ko Horvat, usw… Volksbuhne

< o8-12.06 > World Congress of The Hedonist International,  TBA

< 08. 07 > Grenzenlose Solidarität statt G20, Hamburg

to be cont.

Oblique Strategies + Upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO research …

May 4th, 2017


{ CK#61 … click on image to enlarge the true nature’s eye-candy }



|||||||||||||||||||||| o ||||||||||||||||||||||



We are experimenting with combining some new and old themes for upcoming shows…

We still have not presented CiTiZEN KiNO #59: A Modest Alien Proposal ( read more Here ) and are attempting to rewrite it a little for presenting at The Hedonist International Festival coming up in June … and other venues.

It’s hard to express here in a brief post the complexities of challenging the eurocentric-orientations in the activist left circles, but we still feel convinced it’s a necessary and constructive strategy… and, to reappropriate the creativity-expanding card tricks from the sleeves of Brian Eno, perhaps we might call it Oblique Strategies…. for taking Tiger Mountain.

Below is our draft of a proposal, which we will continue to play with, while we hunt for financing to pull the damn thing off.

If you would like to support the efforts, contact us… cold hard cash +/or bank deposits +/or encouraging, nurturing words ( during this difficult phase ) always welcome ! Contact us !

… o …


CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of media interventions, a hybrid of cinema hacking, public forum and analysis of immediate social crisis / situations. In a special episode for Hedonist Intl., we prepare an epic Jonathan Swift-style depiction of the accelerating industrialism around us, with its new neo-liberal fangs and latest techno-fascist claws. And we speculate what an alien species might do to resist.


Longer abstract:

In Part 1 of this episode, we examine what would our resistance to techno-crapitalism look like if we saw ourselves as the invading alien species. “A Modest Alien Proposal” takes its cue from Jonathan Swift’s ingenious culture jam of the exploitative social engineering at the onset of the industrial revolution.  And we imagine what technologies we might bring to the developing worlds and even our own future cities to make the wealthy richer, and the poor even yummier for the feast !

In Part 2, we drop the sarcasm, and imagine the current plight of indigenous peoples around the world facing a very real and accelerating techno-fascism. AND what if we – the people of planet earth – are all now in a similar boat – belonging to a “primitive” culture and labeled illegal aliens subjected to deportation ( or disposal ) from our shared earth base by the predatory + souless corporate machinery that now operates beyond our control ?!

In part 3, we reveal a few strategies from the people of the south, which may have increasing relevance for our own autonomy, self-defense ( and solidarity with all species )  in our colonized + high-tech metropolis lives.

to be cont.

XLterrestrials + Globalista Radio Kit, Springtime Radar v.1

April 26th, 2017





<> <> <>

XLT + GLOBALISTA RADIO KIT provide a list of upcoming music events in BTROPOLIS and a few beyond… Not to be Missed ! Kein Scheiss !

< 28.05 > Nurse With Wound, Sophienkirche

< 29.05 >  Yugo Nite : Lenhart Tapes, Mangulica FM, Cica Mica Šlagerica, at Supamolly

< 29.05 > Konzert Yan Jun, Otomo Yoshihide, Ryu Hankil , Yuen Chee Wai FEN,  Daadgalerie

< 30.04 > – Barry Adamson, Frannz Club  – { tix }

< 01.05 > Stories from the Wild Years 1990–Present. Buchrelease Party mit Rechenzentrum, T. Raumschmiere, Sonia Brex & Nico Lippolis, Resident Kafka und Herbst in Peking + DJs, – Volksbuhne

< 02.05 > Rashad Becker + Okkyung Lee / Pedro Maia / Caterina Barbieri, – Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge

< o2.o5 > Bombino, Heimathafen

< 04.05 > Yasmin Hamdan, Columbia Halle

< 05.05 > 20 Years w/o Fela mit Alma Afrobeat Ensemble, Kelele, etc. at Yaam

< 06.05 > S t a r g a z e feat. Mailikah + Käptn Peng, XJazz fest

< 07. 05 > Wire + Drill Fest, w/ Automat, Camera, etc, Volskbuhne

< 13.05 >  Diamanda Galas, Funkhaus

< 14.05 > YEK, Burnt Friedman + Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Roter Salon / Volksbuhne

< > Conspiracy Of Beards, Gorki Theater

< > Vendettta + dj Lucha Amada

< 31.05 >  Merzbow, Keiji Haino & Balazs Pandi


< 3-7.05 > XJazz Festival, feat. Tony Allen Quartet tribute to Art Blakey, and many many more. multiple venues, Kreuzberg

in Hamburg:

< > SP23, MS Stubnitz

Extras, Plugs. i/o, etc :

Globalista Radio Kit is a semi-collective and schizo polis dj/vj/xj entity dropping the rare + otherworldy mixes every tues. at Buchhandlung Cafe, in Btropolis Mitte.

Join us on the  – GRK – Frackybooky page  for weekly playlists and other musical news…  to kick back against the white supremacist pricks, organize the antifa victory afterparties,  and distribute the multikulti vitamins to the masses, FREE ! Though donations always welcomed !

Contact us, and ask us about our Patreon page.


* re: Barry Adamson’s new 2017 release – a 6-track EP – Love Sick Dick – plays w/ a dark love + horror genre ( see video ) … a little bitter dark for at least one of our colleague’s taste  – but still always a master composer of atmospheres ! … And we’ll always be a little jealous – but not violently so ;)  – that he ran with our own obsessions to make imaginary film ( + theater ) soundtracks, and did it so much better than we ever could. Long live the hammond B3 and The Moss Side Stories !

to be cont…

Science in America + Western Hegemony + Corporate Technofixes …

April 22nd, 2017


- + – + – +    – + – + – +

There’s a fascinating new video going viral on the interwebz. Neil deGrasse Tyson, a passionate American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator living in NYC posted this 4 minute PSA ( public service announcement ) and commercial on April 19th, 2017. In the span of three days it appears already liked by 20 million people, shared 527,593 times, and no doubt far more ( as these things are promoted and spread on multiple platforms ).

[ You can watch it on his frackbook page ]

The expression is admirable in many ways, and dubious in others. Its primary messages are that we need to solve the climate change problem, that one cannot deny the facts of (Big) Science, and implying that pioneering industries of science can fix this.

The problem here is that Tyson is also acting as a kind of branding for an American industrialism. And that’s another extremely complicated matter !

Not to mention, Tyson grossly understates, not only the challenges back in the 60 and 70s, but the whole of his country’s genocidal and imperial history. Trumpists and Christian Pence-bots are nothing new, it’s just the scale and scope of predatory power that has changed.


Some XLterrestrials analysis

Neil’s ( also ) a little in DENIAL ! … about how all our blinky-light metropolises are built on slavery, oppression and a frenzied utilitarian and anthropocentric rape of the earth… Enlightenment-era belief systems and western epistemologies are blisteringly ripe for deconstructive analysis, if we want to survive this century ! Science is not entirely to blame, but give a greedy, racist, socially+politically inept people its full-throttle and unrestrained power…. and put it at the center of social organization, above humanities, arts, poetry, empathy, cooperation, mindful consciousness and/or spiritual practices… and you get what we got now… a self-absorbed, arrogant, individualist, blinded and war torn, unsustainable and addicted culture, driving at break-neck speed off an Icarian cliff w/ flimsy technotopian wings, ready to take all of life on the planet with it.

You also cannot just merely chanpion SCIENCE, in today’s predicament, when it’s very obvious that the search for truths has been entirely corrupted and steered by misguided and non-democratic objectives.  In short, science is also a force for corporate enterprise. Exxon, Monsanto, Bayer, the Military Industrial Complex,, Google, Micrcosoft, Amazon, Bill Gates, the Koch Bros, Fbook, etc…. are all “successfully” using the sciences in service to power and profits… not a sustainble multiplicity of civilizations. … So if the public and voters have doubts and concerns about GMOs, drug companies, cybernetic control and techno-fixes ( in general ) … that can be problematic anti-science, but it can also arise from intuitions, common sense +/ or precise knowledge that science is also being used against them !

XLT analysts


#earthday2017 @ScienceMarchBER

The strange irony is that today – April 22nd – is Earth Day AND March For Science Day… which may become increasingly opposing positions, goals and future trajectories. We may need to ask some deeper questions about whose civilization does science currently serve ?!! And whose civilizations and cultures are being considered disposable ?!! And how can science be made more democratic, especially when it has global-scale implications ?!

We might see the March of Science “as defending the vital role Science plays in our Democracy”, and Earth Day as defending the vital role that (local, regional and state level ) Democracies need to play in our Sciences.

Without this two-fold struggle, ethics and integrity, equality and diversity, will all fall way back in the cue for priorities. Global populations will be at the mercy of hegemonic and hierarchical knowledge bases ( which of course already exist ), and we’ll see the accelerating rise of vested interests, further class divisions and a nationalistic version of survival of the fittest ( fascism ), all expanding into something of a truly monstrous endgame.

Science under krapitalism and science under internationalist socialism are entirely different species. And in the midst of global socio-economic and environmental crises, Tyson remains a very popular American Science commercial, but without a very meaningful analysis of our darkening situation, and no real exit from the anthropocene crisis !


And finally, much more than a footnote: XLterrestrials support  #indigenousknowledge !

Here’s well-known Dine activist + musician Klee Benally in Nevada at a Science March supporting the Western Shoshone’s fight against nuclear desecration and uranium mining, which has plagued the health of indigenous citizens in the area for decades.



Two important articles that came along on the path of thinking more on this  article…

One, on a recent Zapastita conference on re-imagining science as a tool of resistance :


(thx Marko M.! )

The other, on Scientism from an economist’s critique :


And finally:

We should not be duped by these essentially strawman-esque attacks on religious whackos, and simplistic appeals to higher reason…  especially in regards to situations in the US and Europe. They are now just part of the puppet and political circus shows. More importantly, transnational corporations hire the best scientists in the world, secular or otherwise, to discover myriad ways to plunder the natural resources of planet earth, and that’s mostly where the real power, ‘bad faith’ and threats to our future lie.

XLt analyst

CiTiZEN KiNO #60: Strategies… at Haus Der Demokratie, April 20

April 5th, 2017


~~~ ~~~ ~~~

date/time: Thu April 20 2017, 7pm-9pm:
title: CiTiZEN KiNO #60: “Strategies For Turtle Islands -
subtitle: A Guide to Indigenous Resistance for All!”
duration: (films + dialogue, ca 120 mins)
venue: Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte
Greifswalderstr. 4, 10405 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

pubtrans: Bus 142, 200, Tram M4 “Am Friedrichshain”
map:      http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1923424966
program:  http://www.hausderdemokratie.de/artikel/programm.php4
event:    https://www.facebook.com/events/1263735870330555/
blog:     http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=16425
pad:      https://citizenkino.titanpad.com/60

~~~ ~~~

CK #60: Strategies For Turtle Islands
– A Guide To Indigenous Resistance For All !
( films + dialogue, c. 120 min. )
Eng / De ( De txt below )

CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of “expanded cinema” events, a new platform to  engage the public in a crucial exchange of news, views and critical  analysis as a means to collectively navigate our turbulent times.

In this episode we collect film ( excerpts ) + media to explore the  situations arising in the accelerating conflicts between communities  fighting for their rights to an inhabitable environment ( i.e clean  water ) and the predatory neoliberal ideologies which now threaten to  drive an all-devouring corporate-state toward planetary ecocide !

Turtle Island is a pre-colonial  name for the “North American” territories used by a number of  indigenous tribes for centuries. Today, with the struggles against the  fossil fuel industries in Dakota and everywhere else, it is used to  invoke the spirit, wisdom and strategies of cultures which still embrace  an essential code of social conduct / organisation: to protect and  defend our shared earth.

Musings… on the theme…

” Back To Our Essential Future “  -  On Indigenous Cultures Now
to be cont.

We may not have time to complete our article before the actual event on April 20th. Though following the participation of the public, we can then attempt a mix of perspectives on what we have put on the table to analyze… In the meantime, here’s a list of resources that have helped shape this episode:

- “The New Climate” by Bruno Latour

- Boaventura de Sousa Santos
speaking in April at HKW’s ” The Time Of Monsters / What Comes After Nations ?” … the archive video:

- George Monbiot on Neoliberlism ( defined ) for Verso :

- On Native Grounds by Alexander Zaitchik,
for Baffler No. 34

Check back for possible video playlist on the Titan Pad soon !

On The XLt Radar : CiTiZEN KiNO #60, Haifa Indy Fest, etc…

March 21st, 2017


XLT Radar, a highly-charged Spring is coming !



< 20.04 > CiTiZEN KiNO #60: Strategies For Turtle Islands
- A Guide To Indigenous Resistance For All !
( films + dialogue, c. 120 min. ), at Haus Der Demokratie und Menschenrechte, Berlin.

{ frackybook invite }



< 20-25.03 > Haifa Independent Film Festival – put on by the Jazar Crew,  “Israel”

{ frackybook invite }



< 23-25.03 > Now is The Time of Monsters, HKW, Berlin

Highlight : Keller Easterling on Sat.

{ fracky invite }



< 24.03 > The Pacific Wall / Artistic Strategies, Schillerpalais, Berlin

A collaboration between Bauhaus University Weimar and San Francisco Art Institute,

{ Fracky invite }