On The XLt Radar, Summery Spirits ( v.2 )

August 15th, 2016


On the XLt radar - summer 2016 – v.1 -

Summery Spirits ( v.2 )

< Aug 15 > Street artist Topsy Qur’et presents “Doppelwelt” the remixed sculpture, Morgenstern Cafe, Kohlfurter Str. 13 @ Admiralstraße, Kreuzberg,
19.00 Uhr

Drinks afterward @ Pirata Bar nextdoor.

[ XLt analysts wrote a little interpretive bit about the project HERE ]


< Aug 18 > The Rise of AI, Betahaus, Berlin

< Sept.3 > Veteranenstrasse, Festival, Mitte-Berlin

< Sept. > Club der Polnischen Versager – 15 Jahre Anniversary – Mitte-Berlin

< Sept. > Ars Electronica – Endless Prototype, Linz Austria

< Oct. 16 > 25 Years Friendship – the MS Stubnitz, Hamburg

< Oct 27- 29 > Tacit Futures – a Berliner Gazette production, Volksbuhne – Berlin

< Nov 9 > Aaron Swartz Day, everywhere

And details about our new CiTiZEN KiNO season …

< new >


< Sept. 3 > CiTiZEN KiNO #56: Music Videos on Mount Olympus, Veterannenstr. Festival, Berlin

New season of C-Kino begins with one of our biggest community collaborations yet. We team up with the 2nd annual Veteranenstrasse Festival, which launched last year and had 2000+ attendance.

Plus we’ve put a call out all veterans of the Btropolis music scene to participate in a jury to analyze and judge the most political music videos ever made, and other categories to poke some fun at an industry now overrun with the excrement of  bottom-pop-feeders !

more details to come

The XLT Guide To Getting Over The Big Shillary Hump !

August 8th, 2016


The XLT Guide To Getting Over The Big Shillary Hump !

( Selections in The US )

The XLterrestrial analysts, like many of you, have been spending an insane number of hours slogging through the excruciating news coverage of the US Selection process, in order to be good global citizens, and help navigate the planet’s future, as it will likely be significantly shaped by one of most powerful, self-righteous and corrupt governments in history… or NOT !

ANd now we finally have it figured out ! … stay tune for our guide to US SELECTIONS, and what WE – as global citizens – can do about it.

ANd if you would like to support THIS exclusive + independent report ( and possible series of articles ) write to us HERE , and ask how you can DONATE to our alien staff – no relation to The Simpson’s Two-Party System aliens pictured above. ;)

More on The Republicrats, HRC and The Clintons, Drumpf + Trumpnutz, Hillary’s emails (+ Wikileaks), Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Gary Johnson, etc…

Here’s a quick Selections Primer from the mad cartoon genius of Matt Groenig, Harry Shearer and crew… The Two-Party System. Watch the whole hilarious CiTIZEN KANG episode ( still searching, but here’s another taste ). Cartoons  don’t get more accurate than THIS ! :)

to be continued !

On The XLTerrestrial Radar : The Fire THIS Time !

August 1st, 2016


{ posters in Lyon }

We’ve just returned to Btropolis from Lika Camp – an arts+activist+strategies camp in the Balkans (more coming soon) – where there was very little (or very weak) wifi connection to the corporate news troughs, asocial media and all the virtual ill-realities. And it was a delicious break!

… But now that we’re back, it’s time to jump back into the fray, and find out the blistering hot bits that may be crucial to our communities’ well-being. And there’s plenty of juicy things to nourish your resistance and insurrections !

To begin, Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine are back… at SO36… for a summery electoral bonfire ! #nazitrumpsfuckofftour :)

If we get a chance we’ll try and ask em what they think about the whole 2-party fraud selection circus …  And if they are/were down with the Bernie “revolution” ? … how the struggles against the coporate krapitalist imperialism might proceed ?… what the SF Bay Area is doing to sav eits neighborhoods against the tsunami-sludge of neo-liberal + techno-fascist gentrifucks !? … etc…

< Weds. 03.08 > Jello Biafra and The Guanatanamo School of Medicine, at SO36 , Berlin … check out the whole European tour schedule here.


Update Added >> Eviction has been postponed. So no action scheduled for 9.08 ! more info in DE here. But problem and threat of eviction is NOT resolved, so remain vigilant !

< Aug 7 – 8 – 9> Stop The Eviction of HG Lindenua + the M99 shop !

HG’s been running the M99 shop for 30 years, and now they are attempting to force him out for profit. Expect resistance ! Read the story in Eng here.

Interesting to note the strategy of 3 days of actions scheduled. Before, During and After the attempted eviction date on monday morning Aug. 8. Bizim Kiez / Kreuzberg is ready to fight !


More radical news + event picks to come !

Lika Camp, Out of the Over-mediated Zones ( Updated ) !

July 25th, 2016


{ a placeholder pic for the southern trails }

Out of the Over-mediated Zones !

( Updated )

Here are some links to get us started:
Original planning doc: https://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/LikaCamp2016
Twitter: #LikaCamp2016 https://twitter.com/search?q=LikaCamp2016&src=typd
TweetPile: https://tweetpile.com/archives/76/text/
UnCiv mailing list archive: https://lists.puscii.nl

And a review + analysis + thoughts for any future LIKA camps is currently being compiled by Vesna at Tech Inc in Amsterdam, stay tune !

original post follows…

Lika Camp is a project that we won’t say too much about while it’s in progress over the next 2 weeks, but we’re busy taking notes.  Presenting a version of our Citizen Kino #54/55: “Collective Identities / Agencies”… Taking small workshoppy skill-sharing sessions…literally building a new road… ( and toilets )… and meditating on the future of newly engaged planetary consciousness, which may entail:

A. preparing for a civilization breakdown

B. imagining how to survive an “Uncivilization” era ( see Dark Mountain concepts as a starting point, but we have our own variations on that ).

C. Upgrading Planetary Collective Intelligence, before it’s too late, and imagining a reasonable balance of high tech culture and living organisms, i.e. a mix that does not further disrupt the pre-techno-fascist’s reshaped + mangled earth. Antifa + Anti-Ecocide !

D. Undoing the dim-witted “un-leadership” which is violently cracking apart the EU, the States and other regions… the drivers of a downward spiral/cycle of predatory corporate-krapitalist transnational warmongering divide+conquer imperalialism.

E. All of the Above, electrically amplified, w/ perhaps a nod to Tesla’s left path visions of a socialist circuitry vision + Steiner’s holistic organisms (?) … 2 inspirations both born in the Balkans, btw.

Deep in the rural Balkans with very bad net connections is a blessing in disguise and one step back and 3 steps forward … into naked truths … empty… full … deep dive !

Listening to “I Love you Ono” by Stereo Total … is the current mood.

” Big Money, Big System, Big Fame, Big Brother,  No no no no, i don’t need it, perfect system, i am foreign, no no no ! “


Globalista Radio Kits, You Know Ya Wanna Telekommune !

July 13th, 2016


coming soon to your internal cinema engines !

XTra Special Summer DEAL !

Subscribe now as a Patron of the XLterrestrials + CiTIZEN KiNO series and receive as a perk/gift the GlOBALISTA RADIO KITS – one-a-month for the whole year.

Contact us now! Send an email with a request with Subject: “I wanna Telekommune !” And  you will receive an email about how you can donate/subscribe … and a menu of things you can receive:

- A special series of GLOBALISTA RADIO KITS w/ instructions of how you can use them to Telekommune* with your dearest + significant musical Others ! ( try one, or experiment w/the  entire set of 12, sent once-per-month )

This is an all-new XLT experiment in transforming + training + upgrading collective planetary consciousness !

Also Now available ( for a limited time ) :

- season tickets to CiTiZEN KiNO – tactical cinema shows ( in Btropolis )

- CiTiZEN KiNO tote bags

- XLterrestrials T-shirts

[ Sorry, due to the intimate nature and advanced level of arts+culture interactions, we will not be able to describe the Globalista Kit's full functions until you send us an email ( part 1 ) and decide to become a patron + subscriber ( part 2 ) ]


Your friendly XLterrestrials

……….. ……….. ……….

PLEASE NOTE: Another new way YOU can also help fund XLT arts + praxis articles + research, by donating at our *new* PATREON PAGE, HERE !

…. …..  …..

* Telekommune :  w/ a nod of thanks and appreciation to the hard-working folks from Telekommunisten arts + tech group in Btropolis. Our own definition of this concept and what it might mean in the realm of musical communications is a research-work-in-progress.

If Only THE INTERNET Could Make Better Global Toast …

July 8th, 2016



The artivist Erik Drooker reposted one of his ingenious “pressure cooker” images today, without words. Presumably to share in the screams + tears + outrage in response to the latest eruptions of racial violence, police terror and public fury in N.America. #Castile #Sterling #Dallas #blacklivesmatter …

And there’s a pile of underbelly things to analyze in all that unravelling social fabric re: white supremacy, the unaccountability of killer cops in the US, gun violence, etc…

But as we all now mostly experience these kinds of events and many other crises ( in a barrage of bad news ) via net cullture platforms, the XLterrestrials – currently on another alien continent – find it a particularly interesting moment to assess if we have reached some very real Ends Of The Internet

Incidentally, the title of a deep look into the state of our digital worlds, that also first appeared on our screens today. From the Institute Of Networked Cultures, via Nettime, via Geert Lovink. New essay by Boris Beaude ( and translated by Patrice Riemens ).


( a great series of free downloadable reads, but also in nice pamphlet print form, that you should get your local book stores to carry ! )

The Blurb: “ The Ends of the Internet is an investigation into all the reasons why the Internet, which has been with us for over thirty years, is now on the verge of disappearing. Originally conceived as a space of freedom, the Internet has become the world’s largest panopticon and freedom of expression is subject to surveillance and supervision on an unprecedented scale. The utopian theories of collective intelligence have been undermined by a growing tendency towards commercial exploitation. A small group of companies profit from the majority of online activities. Even the robustness of the Internet itself is now at stake, with vulnerabilities increasing and many organizations, governments and individuals targeted by malicious cyber attacks.

- Boris Beaude

If you’ve been here on The Podopolog before, you’ll recognize a number of perspectives in Beaude’s work that have – in part – been a running theme of our technotopian critiques + rants + analysis over the last few years. Something Drooker’s image captures so well, and worth a thousand words at least ! … [ We'll try to come back and say more about the INC essay, and pull some juicy extracts, and perhaps express a few qualms re: its potential technotopian reformist angle. ]

And similar messages and signs being hinted at in the image below. An elaborate sculptural work made in the eighties by a Czech artist – Ludmilla Seefried-Matejkova.  “Doppelter Admiral” presents the figure of a ‘mutige’ bronze punk girl sitting at the foot of a tree-sized hourglass, atop which stand two admirals back-to-back looking through their telescopes, keeping watch… perhaps one on the east, the other west ( in the cold war ). Though originally, it was designed as a kinetic work, which slowly revolved. No one’s quite sure how long it’s been still, or if it ever fully functioned.


{ … the laptop temporarily added by Topsy Qur’et in July, 2016 }

This pic we snapped just some days ago, as we met with a newly forming collective project, discussing street arts and political actions, and putting together an upcoming event in the context of Topsy Qur’et’s Doppelwelt project – a tribute to Wikileaks and  press freedom – in Kreuzberg, the district of Berlin that Green-party politician Hans-Christian Ströbele has sought to make a safe-haven for whistleblowers (i.e Edward Snowden).

Topsy’s collectively-organized street art painting (  see video, < Making Of , w/ the Omnidome project )  is an appropriated reference,  cleverly re-contextualized and refitted over the ol’ 80s Kberg punk nod,  to the hourglass filled with two worlds. One dripping into the other, like the sands of time, or the leaks of one represented world into a lower one. A poignant image which Wikileaks came up with as a logo, alluding to the virtual double, of the Net impacting our physical earth. As above, so below, and all that.  Wikileaks, a pioneering form of cultural and political resistance, a tactical tool, ( mass ) media self-defense, self-publishing, a product of the hackers and the cypherpunks, comes from a generation that was fed on the liberatory ( and/or liberatian ?) tales of the cybernetic revolution.

One might think of John Perry Barlow’s Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace ( politely examined in Beaude’s essay above ). Though Wikileaks already springs from that point at which some people recognized the situations are more dire, the clock was ticking, and our backs were already up against all those new dividing – and cubicle-izing – walls.

Ironically looking back, Barlow and Timothy Leary  joined forces to promote and evangelize this big cybernetic dream/enterprise – Virtual Reality being the buzz words – to a seismicly-shifted new Europe, just after the history-making 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. [ Sept, 1990 in Mannheim, a funny clip trip back into the early technotopian times ]

[ Links here to Bureau D'tudes' first issue in francais / and english of The Laboratory Planet which include some analysis of this double world of cybernetic control. And Brian Holmes' expansive investigations Escape The Overcode: Activist Art in The Control Society ]

Somehow the image of a lone hacker fighting global injustices on her or his little consumer-grade machine is now very dated 80s, 90s or naughties fantasy, or a juicy italian Ranxerox-like graphic novel that looks more like mutant superhero characters wearing outgrown tights  … in hindsight. Autonome, Ubermensch, Libertarian, Neo-liberal, Silicon Valley Unicorns  … all colliding with a splash and splatter of Liberatore’s X-rated comix ! … And Nothing against the delicious underground arts which are a surefire hack of the usual bored-stiff educational factory-dom, but incongruities and paradoxes abound when fantasy meets in-the-fleshy school of hard knocks…  And sure, all the individualist subkultur surf scene has their own particular take on the matter, let’s call it for now a bricolage-machine of 2-d cartoon cyberpunk, Techno-priests, PK Dick, Japanese Post-Nuke Anime, Matrix-angst + Hollywood-saviour-redemption overflow … that now after 30 years of colonial-manifest-destiny and anthropocentric + techno-fascist mayhem requires some serious re-assessments !

{ more }

Today to have power to repair or reclaim our endangered planet and all its species, now in realtime getting swept under a massive new recombinant materialist-spliced- immaterialist industrial virus-tsunami, we will need to form a different kind of collective + community intelligence, with our feet back on the ground, and most probably in the streets !

Think Baton Rouge ! Nuit Debout, Oaxaca, Gezi, Tahrir, etc…  Plus … some new other dimensional + strategic aspects to be added.

Isn’t that what we were doing through all these technological communications infrastructures ?! Building empowered communities ?!

Long story short and to be blunt… XLterrestrials have often argued that it’s been something else entirely. It has all the tendecies of a very alien and antagonistic enterprise to the wild and diverse inhabitants of our planet ! And contains a whole range of messy elements from flawed and naive social-engineering strategies, to autistic and detached primarily-male nerd-herds,  to well-funded white-privileged techno-optimist enrichment, to a sinister new colonial-totality ruse.

The corporate krapitalist titans (+ their policing states ) are laughing as they devour all our labor and shit out a panoptical sticky web that mocks any authentic communal and inhabitable dreams… as it serves to consolidate their own vested agency and plunderings across the wide frontier of daily biosphere crashings and its parasitic nocturnal digitized intestinal tract.

Accelerated Mock Space, Unhappy Meals in Meatspace, and the Cold Mad Disembodied Race where winners take all and nothing … Taking all of us along with it on a very experimental + precarious ride…

Doppelwelt Helium-Balloon

{ pic: another ingenius remix from Topsy, which combines the new Wikileaks Doppelwelt with Berlin’s very visible icon of corporate + conservative mass media, Die  Morgenpost Welt. An added hilarious juxtapostion in that it’s also a symbol of tourism that can be seen floating in the sky on good weather days. Though more recently representing a kind of thrill-ride gone awry, as unexpected winds nearly caused the tethered balloon to fly away and/or crash …w/ 19, mostly Danish, students aboard who had their lives flash before their eyes … before the balloon could be wrestled back to its landing. }

{ to be cont.? }

Added: One could say we have over-interpreted ( and adding our own analysis to ) the logo made by As?ka in 2006, the designer which Topsy sent us a link to… from a BoingBoing article… also linked is a longer fascinating interview with her by Metahaven.

XLt Guide to Collective Art Identities …

June 26th, 2016


XLt Guide to Collective Art Identities

and Collective Agency …

If YOU are a Podopolog reader, or just discovering our site now, please consider donating to help us cover arts + politics stories. Write us for details.

We need your support to produce articles like the one currently under construction here: an investigation into people – in various situations – who take on collective identities.

1. to build projects with the potentials for wider impacts on society and systems of governance

2. to escape the parameters of the more conventional and/or banal artworld scenarios which are grotesquely intertwined with the production and consumption of celebrities and personality cults, and transforming human creativity primarily into commodity forms.

3. to provide a shield for individuals and communities who wish to push hard on political positions in a world where free speech – in reality – is more like a valve that can be turned off when people + corporations in power are threatened.

And 4. because our shared habitat is in grave danger, and the only way we can even begin to reclaim it is to work together ! … etc…

to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO #54+55: Ubermensch +/or/vs. Collective Identities

June 9th, 2016


< 12.06 > CiTIZEN KiNO #54 at Spektrum, Btropolis

< 23.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #55 at Panke Cafe, Btopolis

updated :

Contribute to our Titan pad notes + resources here ( a rough mix ):

Frackbook invite, please share!

< 23.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #55 ( and #54 ): “Collective Art Identities” at Panke Cafe, Btopolis

C-KiNO is an ongoing series of public media navigations. We combine “cinema hacking”, theater, community forums and occasional psychomagic experiments to analyze ( and react to ) local and global situations. And we take aim for better possible worlds !

C-KiNO #55 is a special DOUBLE FEATURE, which combines research, media and analysis collected to investigate two topics: Ubermensch + Collective Art Identities. By mixing the two into one episode, we have the ability to debate the questions arising in a conflicted world where consumerism and hyper-individualism has lead to a planet out of balance, in continuous conflict and accelerating toward ecocide. Our only exit may lie in how we create together alternative methods+ structures for collaborative identity, i.e. operating together as a truly intelligent organism. One could argue that our current interconnected communications web is an early stage of such an entity, but 1. it omits the representation of all other interdependent species and 2. it’s increasingly becoming a corporate and military-owned beast, fixated on technological products. Artists + Activists with some experience in working beyond the limitations of individual outputs and conventional art platforms might provide some ideas for a radical new life form to emerge.


We’re still working on a longer article on Collective Art Identities + Collective Agency, in the meantime, here’s some more evolution of where we’re headed with C-KinO #55 …


The XLterrestrials newsletter #9,098,666,023

We need YOUR Support !
On June 23rd we will present what may be our LAST CiTiZEN KiNO show in Berlin until the fall season. And we will have some potential funder/patrons attending, so we really want to make it an energetic show with lots of audience interaction !
If you have time …  read more below … and PLEASE SHARE the invite with your friends !

Invite < THURSDAY, JUNE 23 >
CiTiZEN KiNO #55: Ubermensch +/or/vs. Collective Identities
at Panke Cafe, Gerichtstr. 23 – Wedding
prelude films 21:30h
showtime 22:00h

IF good weather, we’ll be outside in the garden, a beautiful spot for a Freiluft Kino… Bring a jacket.

Donation / Spende
€5 suggested, no one turned away for lack of funds

About: THIS show combines two themes that are very near to our hearts, one like a dagger, the other our passion for better worlds. Stuff we consider extremely relevant for the future of TACTICAL ARTS and CULTURES OF RESISTANCE in our current precarious global situations. Together with your help we aim to illuminate some fresh territories to imagine planting the seeds for a more empowered and collaborative future !

A special DOUBLE FEATURE, mixing and analyzing the rise of a dark new accelerated “ubermensch” in parallel or in contrast to communities which operate within collective entities and identities. Provoking questions between the two poles, a hyper-individualist culture in conflict with social organization among connected and interdependent organisms. What directions can we take now for sustainable,egalitarian and multi-species futures ? Are we witnessing another dangerous re-appropriation of Nietzschean ‘will to power’ and technological-driven “super-men” ( i.e. post-humanist ) or are there an opportunities in the global crises to evolve as closer-knit communities enabling local Commons strategies on a planetary-consciousness scale? Can we still detourn the Oligarchic habitat-crashing + self-interested Looneys when we align our creative forces and unleash our social-organism potentials !?

You can follow updates on the theme(s) here:
And contribute to our Titan pad notes + resources here ( a rough mix ):

Frackbook invite, please share!

Hope you can join us…

the XLterrestrials

arts + praxis organisms

If you’d like to be on out mailing list, drop us an email, with the header ” SUBSCRIBE ME/US “

XLt on Art Collectives + Tactical Communities + Time Travel

June 6th, 2016


{ usual day in the lab, XLt at Spektrum. foto: Maria Runarsdottir }

Recently, while giving an interview to The Exberliner about our work, we were given an opportunity to revisit WHY we’ve chosen a collective identity platform, as opposed to individual identities expressing themselves through our various XLterrestials’ mediums like this Podopolog and our CiTiZEN KiNO series.

We discovered that what was once a tactical decision is also an intuitive path which – over time – reveals traits of complex and multi-layered origins, and begins to shape – over time – a certain philosophical orbit, forms of resistance and a (counter-) cultural trajectory of conscious + interconnected organisms. And the collective platform is most definitely an extension of our work to explore and experiment with “media self-defense” … in a perpetually shifty climate of a globalized cybernetic regime.

We’re very happy to have gotten some much-needed exposure through the magazine. Afterall we do strive for meaningful livelihoods with our productions and creative activism; And public support is absolutely essential to our well-being and sustainability.

Now out-in-print the new ExBerliner June issue on ” post-capitalism / radical futures” is available for purchase at local bookstores and various cafes ( i.e. Buchhandlung Cafe and Pro QM in Mitte, B-Books in Kreuzberg, etc. ). A fascinating and timely topic ! Go out and buy one to support their efforts to cover the local scenes, while also managing to dig into juicy zeitgeisty topics. And also because many parts of this issue will probably not be featured online.

Out now_JUNE2

{ Features interviews with Dmytri Kleiner, Max Haiven, Jeremie Zimmerman, XLt collective and many more.. }

Given the fast-paced nature of city mag productions and their slim cost-efficient journalist + intern teams, there is in our XLt view much much more that can and should be said about the topic of collective identities in a predatory krapitalist world.  Things that we only touched upon in our interview with them. [ Look for: Interview with the Aliens ]

And we thought it would be a great theme to elaborate on HERE for our own Podopolog outlet for far stranger, non-commercial and more radical investigations. And no doubt raising more questions that we – alone – will be able to answer !

So …

XLt on Art Collectives + Tactical Communities ( + time travel ) …

- work-in-progress -

To begin…

The XLterrestrials have been a collective art project since…


i.e. since 2133

[ We just discovered Wordpress does not accomodate Tibetan fonts, at least not with our version. One of us may need an upgrade. ]

Truth be told, we may have  been operating longer than your notions of planetary time might guess, and will hopefully extend much further into the future than any contemporary earthling art scene’s attention spans will allow.

to be cont.

On The XLT Summer Radar, Things Are Heating Up !

May 22nd, 2016



< 12.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #54 at Spektrum, Berlin

< 23.06 > CiTIZEN KiNO at Panke, Berlin

Our titanpad for the “ubermensch” theme, where YOU can help us shape the event and share resources, and view some selected media bits.



< 03-04.06 > Digital Bauhaus Summit 2016 Luxury Communism, Weimar

Features a mighty group of Left-brained speakers, incl. Bruce Sterling, Jasmina Tešanovic, Evgeny Morozov, Juliane Landmann, Trebor Scholz, Heather Moore,Vinay Gupta, Shu Lea Cheang, Dmytri Kleiner, Soenke Zehle, Estelle Hary, etc…

XLterrestrials will be reporting ! :)


< June 4/5> Torstrassen Fest  …

< May 27-30 > Hedonist International camp  ..

<July/Aug > Lika Camp …

< June>  Deep Cables – Disruption Lab …

< June 12 > Yes We can Fly at SO36 …

… and other Btropolis art attacks …

more coming soon !

[ please note: do not be misled by the innocent-looking cartoon images, things are getting hotter ! Time to get SERIOUS  ! ]