An XLt Remote Guide to Last Resorts and Post-COP23 !

November 17th, 2017



( pic from Children Of Men  )

About  -  # COP23 -

We were not able to participate in this year’s climate summit So this guide is from some far off perspectives…

Let’s begin with an important announce for those of you in Btropolis… Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and team have been providing exceptional on-the-ground coverage, not just from Bonn, but also from the frontline movement to shut down Germany’s coal mining industry.

And she will be passing through to give a presentation in Kreuzberg :

< 18.11 > «Democracy Now!» lecture with Amy Goodman, Festsaal

organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and Blatter Verlag.

Eintriit Frei.

( Frackbook invite page )

To everyone who can’t come: There will be a livestream. You can watch it here: here:

more coming soon !

- under construction -


According to a blog post at a Rochester radio station in Jan 2017, Michael Bay has a new idiotic movie coming out – no one knows when – called Little America… which somehow is supposed to describe the incredible shrinking-American dystopia, where a Trumpy-like figure drives the country into a collapse… But similar to all the finger-pointing to blame the Russians for the US electing its own dangerous oligarch buffoon… this film will dive deep into some China-phobia… which comes to bail the collapsing country out of debt.

Let’s be clear, the climate-denying Trump-Pest scourge that befalls the planet is a very realtime horror show with roots in the krapitalist insiders of Wall Street who steer all our futures into a suicidal dystopian anti-vision, which Hollywood can only mimmick, flip and deep-fry as propaganda snackfoods and scapegoats.

After Cop23, there really is now a clear imperative, and that is to ban the producers and their puppets of  these dumb-ass reality show spectacles ! Climate deniers and fossil fool peddler-clowns are no longer welcome at ANY global conference on ANYTHING !

Well, that’d be a reasonable starting point anyway !


This is how the downward spiral into techno-fascism begins !


CiTiZEN KiNO #69: Electric Sheep Revisited x2 – a feminist Hollywood-slasher retort !

November 9th, 2017


____ + ____

( artwork by Ray Caesar )

OK comrades, this looks like the direction to go next…

CiTiZEN KiNO experiments with a new feminist Hollywood-SLASHER genre ….

5 years ago ! 30 years after the release of the original Blade Runner film …. We produced Electric Sheep Revisited at Theater Kapelle in Friedrischshain ! NOW, 2 months after the release of BB 2049 …

COMING SOON TO A Live Anatomical Hollywood-carving Theater near you ! .The Sequel !

< tba >  CiTiZEN KiNO #69: Electric Sheep Revisited x2

Please Note: we have currently used the mesmerizing art of Ray Caeser, we’ll have to check in with him if we can actually use this for an official poster. After darkening the image and giving it a reddish blue chroma key remix, she looks ready to rip some partriarchal lack of imagination to shreds… it’s quite a nice effect, don’t ya think ?

2 be cont.

Berliner Gazette’s Friendly Fire, Citizenship reconfigured…

November 3rd, 2017


( pic from James Bridle’s project Citizen Ex )

< Nov 2- 4 > Berliner Gazette’s Annual Conference, theme Unfriendly Fire, ZKU Berlin

The formats for BG conferences are a good tactic to go deeper into some challenging topics, in a short time. This time there are 3 days of workshops on 5 different tracks -  and 3 nights of public talks. See link above.

We won’t have time to participate this year… But will attempt to report back on some of the public talks and the workshop groups’ summaries on the last day.

We did attend the opening talks from James Bridle and Eleanor Saitta, and moderated by Anna Sauerbrey … on the theme of Are Digital Non-/Citizens the Status Quo?

-under construction-

A quick retort … to keep our impressions fresh… perhaps we’ll come back and try and go back to more about what was offered by the speakers:

There is the danger that when we try to describe and defend ourselves from the ominous enclosures created by the endless surge – and siege – of the technological tools and environments wielded by corporate and state entities, we can get lost in a virtuality of constructed territories and forget that also very real power still exists in citizens with their feet on the ground. From this angle, we might see that the more we submit to the tech + data games, the more we are captured and subjected to its rules and virtualizing frames !

Saitta is a computer security expert, who perhaps once shared the faith of technological social empowerment, a part of a left California Counter-Ideology. A community hacker. Though these days, the tide has definitively turned, there are very few in the field who have much optimism in tech liberation, and little strategy for digging ourselves out of the hole that a trillions dollar industry has implemented.  Yet their faith remains in the form of their more recent pessimism, as if the whole cybernetic construct actually works as a complex and functional cage of networks and operating systems.

For Citizens IRL ( in real life ), we may do best when we imagine that we ARE the state, and NOT the fragile (virtual ) systems which have been built to format and incorporate us ! Sure, there are very dangerous and very concrete realities that arise from this mapped mess of digital and geographical borders, now enforced through technological means …But the more we operate as an organic, embodied species (and communities ) not of the technospheres, the less we are the compatible play-along cyborgs required for the the continuation of simulated narratives and post-human grids. When we are away from the machines, we are not only AFK ( away from the keyboard ), we are not subjects of, nor indexes for, a keyboard-or-code derived control. Perhaps that might be at first only a mental step forward, and then incrementally a tactical and physical praxis.

to be cont.

RSA Films and Scott Free Productions, The Crystallizing of Corporate Sci-Fi Relations

October 25th, 2017



BR2049_and Lars_3





( poster from an exhibition in London, July 2017 )


Warning : There will be spoilers below ! But if you haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049 yet, and would like to read some primer materials …

Here’s our pre-BR-2049 analysis and critiques:


Ridley is no Kubrick! But is he the Edward Bernays of Our Technotopian Dismaland ?!



XLT Blade Runners Analysis PART 2:

The Crystallizing of Corporate Sci-Fi Relations


In the coming piece, we will go deeper into examining RSA Films and Scott Free Productions, the history of product placement, the devolutionary impacts of Edward Bernays and Spectacle 2.o, the substitution of the Dystopian Technology Gods for PKD’s more hilarious and profound sublot of MERCERISM, the mass mediated religion-device in Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep…

Coming Soon to a Deconstructed theater near you !

Heineken, Rolls Royce, Lexus, Virgin Atlantic, Vogue Italia, are names of corporations that pop up on the front page of Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) web page. The production company was established in 1968 together with his brother Tony, who tragicly committed suicide in 2015.  Just scratching the surface of RSA Films you find that clients include some of the wealthiest business players on Planet Earth. The pinnacles – or rather nadir – of the Consumer Industrial Complex !  One of the collaborators not listed is the US military, but that’s a longer complicated story ! Of the current roster of 30 directors, it appears that maybe 4 or 5 are women, one of whom is Ridley’s daughter Jordan …

The question arises: Is Ridley Scott embedding his films with advertising, or is it a prime ALIEN specimen of  how international advertising empires have embedded themselves into cinema arts ?!

The Blade Runner franchise is the motherload of technotopian advertising, and it goes beyond selling products and brands, it is engaged in selling (corporate) trajectories !

Probably a longer essay is required to examine and analyze the details, but just to give you an inkling which may not be readily obvious to the casual ( fun escape ) movie- goer… BR2 dives into some extremely complicated and dangerous future industries, and one could argue that rather than seriously initiating a critical analysis, it normalizes them.

- A.I. meets Biotech meets Robots
- corporate “motherhood” ?
- the use of robots as police state killing machines ( LAPD )
- mediated immersions
( as new levels of porn, or as A.Huxley’s version of Soma + Feelies, now as personalized AI entertainment / relationships )

And our theory is the BR films are far more successful at promoting passive consumerism and corporate dystopias, than informing us in regards to its mechanisms, or inspiring us to resist it.  But that will probably not convince a fan base, without more specific evidence…

So some quick anecdotals… ( to be added  )

Have you noticed that people who grew up with BR1 will often discuss its “beautiful” and “incredible” aesthetics, the future cityscape ?! There really is nothing beautiful about a dead planet ! PKD’s more emphasized catastrophic scenario was not Deckard living in an abandoned luxury casino hotel ( BR2, shot in Budapest ) …  Earth and ALL its species were fucked by our future-krapitalist metropolis instabilities, radioactivity, etc. i.e. A funny quote ( to be retrieved ) on a youtube clip of the BR1’s Vangelis soundtrack reveals clearly a fan lost in the cheap (and/or highly-crafted ) allure of Hollywood aesthetics, propped with familiar celebrities, rather then processing its non-visual and alarming sociological trainwrecks. In a word: Spectacle. Overriding serious and critical content.

Added :

It’s a very straaange life being obsessive XLt psychomedia analysts + interventionists…

This morning on the serendipities overload trails : We’re on our way for a caffeine boost, and discover a bag on a doorstep with a bag full of Free Books + Dvds. Inside: The Duelists (Ridley Scott, 1977 ) and Black Hawk Down ( R.S: 2001 ) … AND a book called How To Build A Large Successful Multi-Level Marketing Organization ( Don Failla,1984 ) … And an hour earlier FaceFrack pulls up a shared memory from 2 years ago: Jared Leto interview – from a series called Beyond the Horizon in collaboration with AOL and Paradox productions – with inventor/activist Boyan Slat about his plans to clean up all the plastic in the oceans, and take some responsibility for redirecting our species from the Wastedlands of Planet Earth Inc., to a Sustainable Shared Habitat for All Species and Diverse Cultures.


Watch Clip Here ( 7min )

And just a few days ago… Bless his Oddball heart, Stephen Parr died in SF a few days ago at 63. Writer, artist, media archivist and avid celluloid collector, “orphan films” salvager, micro-cinema maker, Other Cinema label partner and film footage dealer for Oddball Films …

A spectacular trailer about his life and company resurfaces, and we had forgotten his legendary tale of selling films in the Mission District to Ridley Scott and his ad agency in the mid 8os… his first corporate client !


Watch trailer Here ( 4.38min )

.. BUT we digress…


WHAT IF you idiots in Hollywood and CEOs of advertising empires like RSA Films… WHAT IF you spent more time with humans like Boyan Slat ?  …

Makes ya wonder what a movie like Blade Runner could have been… Instead your just eroticizing the grim nihilism and corporate dystopias and filling the big players’ pockets ( and your own ) with blockbuster windfalls, while cramming our heads and mass consciousness with useless aesthetic merry-go-rounds of male ego and patriarchal feedback loops !

WHAT IF… you made the radical choice to empower more women directors ? And more activist directors ?

WHAT IF you made the radical step up, to be realisticly engaged to work on resolving our civilization’s most pressing problems… ?

WHAT IF you tried investing in a little more tangible strategy to turn the tide, as we face The 6th Mass Extinction … ?

WHAT IF we start believing we have the power to make a better world for future generations !? And if you don’t believe or you don’t care, maybe it’s time to put the next generation at the helm of the mass media machine(s) which are deeply influencing the shape of our future !

WHAT IF, instead of giving us a tour of failed hyper-krapitalist dystopias, you explored the new commons-based operating systems which many deep-thinking sociologists and science-n-tech pioneers strongly believe will be the best way to provide better chances for collaborative and multi-cultural and multi-species survival in the 21st century ?

to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO #065: The XLT Guide to The Uninhabitable …

October 20th, 2017


°? °? °? °?°

We are currently developing our next show…  And we are planning to take it to one of the places it’s most needed ! … And we are looking for supporters and collaborators !

Please contact us if you want to be in on our most lucrative adventure…  It’s like getting in on Bitcoins, if bitcoins were seeds and codes were soil and your key was being 3rd from the sun !

< TBA > CiTiZEN KiNO #065 : The XLterrestrial Users Guide to Making The Planet Uninhabitable ( Again  )

Did you know we have a PATREON PAGE, where you can squeeze your love letters ( not to us, to the planet…. ok, us too ) into little digits and they will come out a rabbit hole at the other end of the internetz and magically turn into public education programs in various countries where oppressed people need new tools and strategies to re-create sustainable cultures and collective intelligence … and everyone lives happily ever after !

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( Note: A small percentage of these funds goes to some dubious bank account, but nothing as odious as Amazon or the Googleplex, at least not that we know of… )

to be cont.

Culture + Community vs. Technotopia + Krapitalism

October 14th, 2017


—– o ——- 0 ——– o ——

A page from the XLT Story Book

—– o ——-

Just because we have semi-solid science doesn’t mean the goals and aims are properly selected. Let’s say you want to optimize life expectancy, GDP, and minimize crime. You’d likely end up with a pure totalitarian government deciding what you can eat, drink, consume at all times, trying to guide the economy and tightly ratcheting down ideas on acceptable behavior and crime. The results could be devastating.

Science gives us methods to reach goals, it doesn’t necessarily set those goals or confirm that those goals are the right ones. “

- from the comments section,  somewhere along the overloaded web + research trails

Culture + Community vs. Technotopia + Krapitalism

A topic that highlights a key theme at the heart of our XLterrestrials technotopian critiques… and our warnings for all the advancing techn0-fascist threats, now being shaped by the industrialist science + tech sectors that have essentially become our misguiding compass and rigorous social program in our modern day un-civilization.

Contrary to the illusion that a gaggle of bozo-clown tyrants – with some variant of pseudo-religiously baked fervor – seem to be at the helm of the most powerful economies and nations on our planet, these are not the real ideologies nor power at the controls.  Those might just be mere sideshows to keep us busily running to plug the gaping holes in their mangled, spewed and short-circuiting logic circus.

Behind the curtains there may be no anthropomorphic actor(s) … just a deadly variety of well-oiled machinery, mathematical plots and business objectives  !

Though certainly the Cthulucene, as it has been obscurely and dimly detected, has names and addresses, and they are taunting you in your face daily !

Which is precisely WHY we must fight for culture and community, prior to technological progress, prior to any sound and egalitarian economic operating system, prior to democratic functioning + institutions… maybe even prior to political revolution  !

Model A or Model B

We are currently in discussion with a working group in Btropolis to imagine new directives for arts and culture in the 21s century. We are all pretty much in the realm of where art, science and technology meet, collaborate, and produce.

If it were up to the XLterrestrials our goal might be to build a time machine and evade all three fields, as they self-consciously contort themselves for the camera, the microscopes, the mirrors and archives, the money, the vanities, the power, and the need for recognition ( i.e livelihoods  ) in an operating system where there are winners and losers, abundance and scarcity, ritual users and the sacrificed.

The poetry of life has been downgraded to the utilitarianism and outputs of ego, industries, and weaponized application. It’s becoming a dismal, embarassing and bloody self-destructive epoch.

But there’s no backing away from them now, these hybrid and intertwined arts may be the only thing that can turn the living, breathing and sensing world upright again from its fouled, hijacked and victimized corpse-like state.

Our thinking this week, has been to focus on the abilities of culture to shape our worldview, construct values, and establish collaborative communities, which then become the lens and embodiments through which to navigate our shared existence + habitats.

The latest works of George Monbiot and Bruno Latour would seem to provide some clues to this essential 21st century repair + survival kit, but as yet we’ve only scratched the surface… More reading, reflection, debate will be required to draw the new maps, to unleash the new creative force.


to be cont..

In Every City + Town + Rural Zone, A Futurologic Revolt !

October 12th, 2017


If there’s time to report more …. tbc…

Ridley is no Kubrick! But is he the Edward Bernays of Our Technotopian Dismaland ?!

October 7th, 2017


- under construction -

This is NOT a Blade Runner 2049 review !

Not yet anyway ! At the time of writing this, we hadn’t seen it, but our “precogs” had already mapped out the high probabilities !

This is a suggested primer to understand what you may be about to  absorb, as you imbibe the granular synthesis ( * ) bits of one of the most awaited sci-fi sequel commercials ever made… It will likely make a few nods to the gonzo-philosophical genius of PKD, but it will be so fragmented from the original spirit of his work, you might as well be a half-life replicant viewer,  drowning yourself in a vat of Diet Coke.

How can we presume this ? One, because Hollywood productions are a conglomerate business, with millions of dollars invested, and strategies and formulas for return profits. These structures have long been the death of any authentic art production from any single auteur or collective authorship… Blockbuster movies are like the A.I. of cultural production, like a social software manufacturer churning out code for vested interest devices, nothing living and breathing can come out at the other end. There might be a few exceptions in the industry, but given Ridley’s track record it is highly doubtful he’s here to redeem himself and his production companies – RSA Films + Scott Free Productions – with the making of BR2. Secondly, well, we’ve said it many times before, but if there was any justice in the worlds of art and literature and mass media, Ridley and RSA should have promptly lost their license to touch PKD works in 1982!  You’ll have to read the links below to understand our take on that.

Sure, there will be a zillion banal debates about whether Denis Villeneuve, Hampton Fancher and Michael Green et al did a fine, a mediocre or a pathetic job…

But this entry is not to busy ourselves with whether or not this is a good Hollywood ride, if the Ridley franchise is good at novel adaptations or interpretations, or if the look and feel of 2049 is as well-projected as BR1’s 2019 scenarios from its 198o’s drawing board. In fact, given the current state of our civilization and planet, we don’t really give a shit about movie-making skills, we care about whether our culture is ripe ( and or royally fucked- ) enough to now imagine using mass media to get itself out of a pre-formatted idiot-user’s high-wired carnival abyss of tears… like tears in rain …

Our clock is ticking, but not any natural biological one, this one’s corporate, down to the grafted 3-D printed bones, Cat 5 storms, ocean acidification, the vanishing rain forests and total soil depletion, etc, etc….

We may be at the end of our species’ lifespans, if we don’t come up with a plan for re-ínventing our public platforms of communication, or as we’ve written before , we upgrade our collective intelligence !  The Cinematic Inc. Anthropocene has put us all on an epic and fragmented crash course ! But we don’t have to follow its low-grade abuses … and sad plot finales … nor its final solutions !

( Interestingly, this article – ‘Our minds can be hijacked’ – appeared this week in The Guardian, about the development of technologies that are luring us further away from our “cerebral sovereignty” – our XLt term. And this pinpoints one of many Technotopian-meets-Krapitalism dilemmas we allude to with our warnings of the abysmal trajectories.  And there are certainly more destructive fronts than merely what net culture has in store for us. )

So back to Blade Runner 1 + 2 : Why pick on these seemingly innocuous little Hollywood sci-fi  thrill rides ?  Because we’d just like to do what little part we can now to avoid the next 30 years of the next generation gulping the Spectacle Kool Aid discourse, and missing the point of what high art can be as our destiny, our compass, our friend… and not our arch-enemy !

And as XLterrestrials we are bound by duty to defend the true intellectual source material upon which a sticky bastardized goldmine web has been spun … and to analyze the dangerously seductive Hollywood products, which, especially in the sci-fi mode, are usually embedded with all kinds of corporate futurist advertising.

Btw, we’ve written alot over the years – see a couple sample links below – about just how embarassingly mangled PKD’s original Electric Sheep ( #DADoES ) got in Ridley’s Ad-man-machine, but if you need a refresher … consider the Cop on A Replicant Date Rape Romance angle from Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency… New CLip !


And we’ll probably find fit to expand on this new theory of Ridley as the Edward Bernays of Our Technotopian Dismaland after we see the new one.


Ok, 2049…  Stay tune, we’re going deeper in ….

* Granular Synthesis – a poeticly-digressive wiki footnote – or in short, for our purposes, just think a sampled, simulated exercise, w/ little relationship to the original, or the whole.

Coming SOON to the Cinema Multiplex ruins near you !

And in the meantime, these podopologs from 2015 and 2012 … explain a little bit about our personal (-ized) encounters with The Ridley(s) :


Man Castle Ridley, The Illiterate Commercial


And lest we forget, there was his brother and partner in the game, Tony Scott, ( pic: Here, giving a hug to his pal Jerry Bruckheimer  ( producer of such propaganda gems as Top Gun, Pearl Harbor, Blackhawk Down ).

Driving Over The Edge of A Flat Screen World !

to be cont.

Whose City? Our City ! … Der Kampf Geht Weiter ! … Volksbuhne Updates…

October 4th, 2017


Five days after the week-long* Volksbuhne occupation was evicted, the Staub Zu Glitzer group organized an outdoor stage to discuss the situation, give updates and host concerts from the group Milliarden and guests from Ton Steine Scherben…

It was a fully poignant time and place to rethink an EastWest unification on the German “re-unification” holiday, Oct. 3rd. A number of well-aimed speakers put the actions and the whole Stadt Politik Diskurs into clear perspective.

We won’t have time to recap it all… but…. A few twitter feeders ( such as  Christian Heller @plomlompom , Thx ! ) at # vb6112 have grabbed some key quotes from a number of speakers, which included the likes of Christophe Knoch ( a former assistant/collaborator of Christoph Schlingensief ) from the Koalition Der Freie Szene, which creates a year-round self-organizing platform for the independent arts and culture scenes in Berlin.  He spoke not as rep for KFS, but as an individual having witnessed the energies and strategies during the assemblies at the occupied Volksbuhne. And he thanked the VB6112 initiative for creating an impressive “stage” which facilitates much-needed direct action, public navigations and negotiations in the current crises.


There were many highlights, we’ll try to share… including one “Sarah Waters”, who gave us the more radical angles from a harder left, i.e. those engaged in the continuous housing and house project struggles in Berlin. Important to note : she did not dismiss this more cultural-oriented resistance… ( as some valid critiques have arisen around these actions )…  Rather she saw it as  a well-performed trigger point at an historical site of left resistance. i.e. Rosa Luxemburg Platz and a people’s theater which was built by Die Linke party at the beginnings of the 2oth century, etc.

* Btw, the Volksbuhne was one of only 3 occupations in the last decade or so that have survived more than 24hours… i.e. New Yorcke and the Refugee School in Ohlauherstr. … So the cultural angle is in fact of important tactical use.


Rosa, the last VB actor makes her grand exit… ( foto by Shlemil Unhirsch )

And there will surely be more acts to come !

Der Kampf Geht Weiter – The Fight Goes On ! from Ton Steine Scherben, c.1973?

Links to Other Resources:

E-Flux and Hands Off Our Revolution Open Letter, and Chris Dercon’s somewhat disingenuous reply, which ignored many attempted negotiations :

On the Eviction of Volksbuhne by the B_books collective :

Interestingly the VB6112 wordpress was hacked, and a critique posted ( eng version provided ) :

( Thx To Pit Schultz from Reboot Fm for many threads and links  )

to be cont.

The People’s Theater – Wir Spielen Alle – Day 6

September 27th, 2017


Volksbuhne Theater Reclaimed – Day 6 – Wir Spielen Alle

( we’re all playing )

News, Analysis, Perspectives, Outlook…

The XLerrestrials are on site to share our tales of reclaimed time and space !… Inspiring Times !


And plenums galore… for those addicted to the revolutionary processes !


The Volksbuhne programs being distributed … like sand castles…


A theater within a theater, a film within a film, a minature city within a city, and city politics formed in a sweet little fish bowl theater parliament…. all to be edited down later, and screened on the big blue marble !


( our Patreon page here )

Footnote: Lighthaus art from Anke Westermann at

more coming soon !