A 21st Century Showdown ! Materialist (Dysonian) Fundamentalism vs. Sacred ( Browery ) Seductions

March 11th, 2017


Postponed: CiTiZEN KINO #59 : A Modest Alien Proposal … has been postponed to some future date. A difficult subject which will require more time, more collaborators, sponsors and a supporting host venue. Please feel free to contact us, if you wish to help make it happen !


Note: While this article is meant to primarily spread the deep perspectives shared by Kenneth Brower in The Atlantic in 2010 ( link below).  This serves well as our possible mini-Epilogue to Transmediale 2017 - and 30 years of the arts and digital culture festival in Berlin, which we’ve been attending and analyzing the last month [ More reports here - V.1 + v. 2].  Also as a commentary on our immersions and failures in the cybernetic experiments ( and digital exodus ) of the last decades.

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A 21st Century Showdown ! Materialist (Dysonian) Fundamentalism vs. Sacred ( Browery ) Seductions

If you’re not a hardcore geek you may not have heard of one of the stupidest projects ever conceived by the “geniuses” who get employed by the military industrial complex ! Back in 1958, Project Orion was busy obsessing over space travel by studying nuclear pulse propulsion ( read: consecutive nuclear explosions to shoot a few humans to Mars ) … which would have logistically been at the expense of earth’s fragile environment.

While quickly scanning through that 50s territory, we came across the Plumbbob Operation(s)…  experiments… i.e. the Big Science boys blowing stuff up with all the latest atomic tools in the Nevada + New Mexico deserts.  They used to fly drone-blimps to measure stuff in the skies… The one in the picture above got a little too close to the radioactive shockwaves. A lot of People got too close too.  It’s  cancerous, but hey, that’s not their department !

Recently at the Chaos Congress in Hamburg, we learned that geologists have voted in favor of that lovely era of the nuclear heydays as the marker which designates The Beginning of the Anthropocene. A highly politicized decision (by we may suspect a high ratio of  institutional academic puppets ) which leaves the fossil fuels industry, industrial agriculture and all that dubious + unsustainable krapitalist ideology off the hook.  But still warranted, as a significant environmental fuck-up lies with those tinkering 1950s physicists, aka The Geniuses of Guineapigdom.

As we were preparing our CiTiZEN KiNO #60: Strategies For Turtle Islands, an XLT Guide to Indigenous Resistance For All ( more on that later )  … Christian De Lutz, the co-founder of Art Laboratory Berlin sent us an extraordinary article from The Atlantic from 2010  :


( the son of David Brower, the prolific environmentalist who founded many environmental orgs like John Muir Institute for Environmental Studies, Friends of the Earth (1969), the League of Conservation Voters, Earth Island Institute (1982), North Cascades Conservation Council, and Fate of the Earth Conferences. and served as the first Executive Director of the Sierra Club, etc. )

Beginning with his encounters with Freeman Dyson, a still-living braniac, now in his 80s,  on the levels of Einstein, BUT who has also become a strange case of climate change denialism. A strange but frequent specimen of DISCONNECTED SCIENTISTS. One of the material fundamentalists ! ( a juicy term coined by Robert Anton Wilson in the 80s ).

Where this eloquent piece really gets compelling is when it mediates between the full-on mad professor and his hippie rebellious son George Dyson ( who befriended the Browers ), and therein opens up a whole epic can of worms…  between The Treknotopians and The Environmentalists,  the epicentric clash of TWO FAITHS !

key extract:

The notion that science will save us is the chimera that allows the present generation to consume all the resources it wants, as if no generations will follow. It is the sedative that allows civilization to march so steadfastly toward environmental catastrophe. It forestalls the real solution, which will be in the hard, nontechnical work of changing human behavior.

… imperative of environmentalism… . The tenets go something like this: this living planet is the greatest of miracles. We Homo sapiens, for all the exceptionalism of our species, are part of a terrestrial web of life and are utterly dependent upon it. Nature runs the biosphere much better than we do, as we demonstrate with our ham-handedness each time we try. The arc of human history is unsustainable. We cannot go on destroying natural systems and expect to survive.

A MUST READ ! … It captures the essence of almost everything XLterrestrials have been unravelling , decoding and provoking as a situational analysis for our imperiled 21st century !

We even started playing with our own in-a-nutshell titles, as we relay this piece here for our intra-planetary blog / podopolog, like:

A 21st Century Showdown ! Materialist (Dysonian) Fundamentalism vs. Sacred ( Browery ) Seductions

The Ongoing Terror Of Disconnected Science + Cosmic Male Stupidity

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye in the Era of Eschatological Geekdom, or Will We Wake Up In The Nick of Time !?

And Orion is NOT just vintage retro horror sci-fi, it epitomizes the scientific, ne0-liberal , futurist trajectory… still in operation today, headed for anthropocentric calamity … unless, we change our ways… Many already claim we are too late !


{ the Orionists, still trying in 2014 }


{ Note the endorsement from Arthur C. Clarke, no surprise there, until you read Brower’s take on the matter }


{ the guinea pig elites, getting their own dose of radiation }

we’ll have to elaborate, please standby…




< March, TBA > CiTiZEN KiNO #59 : A Modest Alien Proposal

Brower’s quintessential article incidentally makes a very worthwhile epilogue or nachspiel angle for our TRANSMEDIALE #TM17 analysis.

Of course we could never have enough time to fully appreciate and give a sufficient analysis / overview to an event that had X-millions-€ of cultural funds to assemble, and an impressive team with a broad range of expertise.

For the XLterrestrials, what would be most useful in spending time to consider its wealth of perspectives would be to see its platform and content through the contexts of this Dysonianism vs. Brower-esque friction….and in light of the ticking timebomb of the anthropocentric vortex + the ensuing humanitarian crises.

We are gathering our prescriptions for the artworld + beyond for some immediate biopolitical or bio-tactical remediation – suggestions for how arts + tech sectors can upgrade their game, to be fully engaged in a global context in which the technological ( and techn0-colonialist ) shit stream has already hit the fan !

And as the latest The Laboratory Planet’s ( newspaper from Bureau d’etudes’ ) headline reads:  ” Hope is not needed to Act ! ” ( issue #5 not yet online ).

Making Feminism A Threat Again !

March 8th, 2017

< March 8 > International Women’s Day / Strike / Ptrotests / Interventions ! everywhere !

Events In Berlin, See here :



{ Two pics from 2 separate marches – one with a focus for women immigrants’ rights – that converged at the end at Oranienplatz in Berlin. 2nd foto from Heinrichplatz, where a Haus Project lights rooftop flares + fireworks in solidarity for the march. }

Certainly not a comprehensive list, nor necessarily a glimpse into some of the more radical ( ongoing ) interventions and strategies, but a useful overview from the Guardian from around the world on “A Day Without Women” actions

i.e. … ” In typically pioneering fashion, Iceland used International Women’s Day to announce it would be the first country in the world to require companies to prove they offer equal pay regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and nationality.”

Bravo Iceland, and all the women leading for bold change !!

More info, resources, and reflection coming soon …

#TM17 Analysis v.3: Tipping Over the Monolith…

March 5th, 2017


{ From the Exhibition “Alien Matter” at HKW }

more XLT analysis work-in-progress…

“In Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey, monoliths are machines built by an unseen extraterrestrial species….  The response of the characters to their discovery drives the plot of the series. It also influences the fictional history of the series, particularly by encouraging humankind to progress with technological development and space travel. … The first monolith appears at the beginning of the story, set in prehistoric times. It is discovered by a group of hominids and somehow triggers a considerable shift in evolution, starting with the ability to use tools and weaponry. “

- Frpm wikipedia on the Monolith in Clarke’s 2001 series.

On the closing weekend of Transmediale’s 30th edition, we wondered around the Alien Matter exhibition to get a last glimpse. Like all good + bad + mediocre art these days, the XLterrestrials let it swim around in our own thoughts, connect it to our current times and situations, observe how the objects and ideas of an exhibition space dissolve like a chemical reaction into a mixture of sentiments, perceptions and transformations, and then attempt to squeeze out the substance that will drive, illuminate and color-in our map of human and/or alien strategies in dangerous, uniquely predatory times.

The image above ( from Joep von Liefland’s ” Video Palace “) is a collection of unlabeled, unsearchable, unviewable, random video tapes stacked and shelved like bricks to comprise one super-sized video tape, which becomes an enter-able architectural space, a little green empty room within.

Allowing this work to enter into our own extensive XLT analysis and critiques forming over the last decades ( as media artivists and transmigrationists ), we imagined this as a media cultures Monolith.  Only now, tipped over by the prehistoric monkeys – us – flailing to survive in the 21st century.

- under construction -

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TRuth < > Fear in Dakota, And the Resistance Expands !

February 24th, 2017




Oceti Sakowin, the main camp at Standing Rock fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline has been forcibly evicted. And on the last day Feb 24th, roughly up to 30  remaining water protectors were arrested… by a massive militarized force comprised of various County Police forces, National Guard, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Homeland Security ( exact details can be read at Unicorn Riot reports ) …some have already been released. But in the course of several months, up to 800 people have thus far been arrested… and we will need to find ways to support them in upcoming court cases. We”ll try to provide a current list of fundraising sites, when we can.

This is not the end, but a beginning of new and old alliances protecting our natural resources and defending the environment / mother earth, and the ongoing struggle to against a catastrophic fossil fuels industry.

Already new roadblocks and checkpoints are forming around the other camps, clear signs of the pressures mounting to remove more or all water protectors from the area.

It’s a crucial moment to consider all strategies and next steps against the corporate powers and Trump’s administration which currently feel empowered to trample the rights of citizens who demand water safety and sovereignty on treaty lands.

XLterrestrials are currently working on new episodes of CiTiZEN KiNO which will expand the themes on   ” Strategies For Turtle Islands ” which we beagn some months ago, as the Native American resistance to the fossil fuels industry began to rapidly intensify.


Poster image used from the fotography of Rob Wilson, and we are currently attempting to see if this will remain our


#TM17 v.3: Excursions + Interventions

February 17th, 2017


30 Years of #TM17 – Continues…

< 18.02 > Interventions excursion #2

w/ Ubermorgen, Telekommunisten, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Željko Blace, Daphne Dragona, Baruch Gottlieb & Dmytri Kleiner (Telekommunisten), Seda Gürses, Laboria Cuboniks, Jonas Lund & Sebastian Schmieg, Sebastian Olma, and many moreat ver.di, Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10, 10179 Berlin

< 24.02 > excursion #3 Ecologies

w/ Shift Register ( Jamie Allen and Martin Howse ),  Art Laboratory Berlin, Shu Lea Cheang, Katrina Neiburga and Art bureau OPEN, Saša Spa?al, Mirjan Švagelj, and Anil Podgornik at Silent Green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin

< 03-5. 03 > Closing Weekend

with Friederike Anders, Laurie Anderson, Emilien Awada & Constanze Ruhm, Christophe Bruno, Florian Cramer, Valie Djordjevic, Rotraut Pape, and Caspar Stracke at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

On Excursion #2 , Daphne Dragona (and TM team) writes ” Have we reached a point of failure in emancipatory politics? How can we create new territories for reflection and resistance? The second excursion of transmediale examines the possibilities and constraints of critical empowerment and action in an era when political parties, security agencies, and platform companies embrace disruptive practices and subversive strategies. “

The evening ends with a delegate assembly within the framework of the Telekommunist International, commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the Putilov Strike in 1917 and the subsequent Russian Revolution.

And an afterparty location will be announced at the Verdi event … and the XLterrestrials will be on hand to review, analyze, delegate? …  AND provide the revolutionary music archives.

#TM17 Analysis v.2: In The Bubbles of Mediation, The Exit Points !

February 10th, 2017

9 … | … | …


0 … | … 0


#TM17 Analysis v.2: In The Bubbles of Mediation, The Exit Points !

( An applicable perspective for most well-funded arts + culture-type events )

re: Transmediale 2017 * + beyond


Let’s not beat around the bush or over-intellectualize our current predicament. We as artists, journalists, sociologists, ecologists, scientists, theorists + analysts, interventionists, curators, teachers, writers, fiction-makers, hackers, community organizers, etc… are now tasked with clearly communicating the emergency exits in a global theater that is ABLAZE ! Our civilization(s) face a nearly certain imminent collapse, and our earthly habitat is being rapidly annihilated by corporate krapitalist schemes.

You might be able to debate us over that grim analysis over the next few years, but sooner or later you too will probably be quite busy bailing water out of your own lifeboat particulars or running for higher ground. Given the current rise of bunkering neo-liberal arsonists, warmongers and white supremacists, even that small window of time could now vanish at any moment.

[ To emphasize our point, a disturbing article appeared the other day on Bannon the co-prez of a supreme imperial idiocracy and his beliefs regarding apocalypse + vigilante politics. { Poltico 06.12.16 + the more recent widely syndicated MSN/Huffington 09.02.17 } ... That is to say, even if you thought things were Not so bad (yet), the people who have now been given the reigns of the world's largest superpower could easily accelerate the likelihood of dark futures for a majority of earth's inhabitants ...very fast. ]

The best we – citizens + non-citizens – could hope for in a state-sponsored ( and/or entangled ) cultural event like TRANSMEDIALE with its focus on arts, media and digital culture is that 1. good people can be expected to run in and pull out the innocent puppies that are trapped in the upper floors… 2. we can look for clues of how we got to this point… and 3. imagine together how we can challenge the locked-in operating systems,  without being censored, fired, arrested … or killed.

More than a few friends and even a handful of participants at the festival laughed at us for even looking for serious activism at Transmediale.  But in our defense,  and in the festival’s defense, we have always found plentiful deep perspectives on our situations that warrant harvesting, as the fruits of strategic thinking and ways of articulating the challenges ! This becomes crucial and immediate when one realizes that The Exits we seek have not been built into the existing architecture, and are not already there waiting for us, but rather need to be urgently created ! In this sense, festivals for arts+culture should be the fertile convergence points of resourceful generation, resistance cultures, and brainstorming the seemingly impossible routes.

Before we review some of the moments of the #TM17 conference that are applicable to our scenarios… we should first mention our primary problem over the years  with the festival’s own recurrent mainframe / point of view.

The current structures under which our society’s technological “progress” are  based upon are inherently a temporal, spatial and material plunder of Other Lives.  A massive techno-colonialist operation. As a state-sponsored festival it’s main objective remains to promote, celebrate and advance these technological achievements, which are the economic engines of its perpetuating systems and heirarchies.

Normally, this is a dangerous thing, to illuminate the devastating and/or exploitative errors in social management/organization, But our uniquely endangered times offer a crucial moment to contest the cruelties,  injustices, irrationalities and tyrannical brainfarts … because the current imbalanced state now exposes itself as a naked and total technofascism, an exterminating and suicidal trajectory for all involved.  The 1% and the .01%, as much as they might try to imagine their own exit ( i.e Mars, immortality, high castles, etc ) are hardly immune to the environmental upheaval, collapse and chaos. Many will soon realize, if they have not already, that without strategies toward a new paradigm and social organisation, the current disruptions of eco-systems threatens mass extinction, total dysfunction, dead-end, planet toast.  An exponential chaos in which No One will profit, beyond trumpian opportunists’ very short-term race to make their last bets on the endgame.

To make matters more complicated, many powerful technology-centered game players are betting on some eschatological winner-takes-all – evolutionary Lotto-like windfall. But this is only a matter of time before that appears to the majority of (secular) 1% , no to mention the pragmatic global populations below, as laughable as the usual faith-based religions and/or pyramid schemes ( with their mafia-like soundtracks) .

This is perhaps just 1 theory in a line of competing theories… which may be an element of the unfortunate circumstances where time is of the essence.  But let us state, and attempt to seduce… to win a better future for ALL:

The XLterrestrials have never been anti-technology, rather we dream of the pre-exisiting technological order of a non-anthropocentric Nature where collective and collaborative intelligence can re-flourish… We imagine this kind of connected being in contrast to the dominant atonal discord of sales-pitches and elevator muzak, and a holocaustic clacking of train tracks from technological pseudo-connectivity…  achieved through purchaseable tools from a profiteering corporate krapitalist evangelical sect, in which a finite planet is clearly not on their side !

This would be that cacaphony of a Dystopian Cyborg Manifesto Choir which manufactures a vacuous and over-stimulated eye socket connected to a blind, drooling and/or hungry mouth connected to hegemonic and digestive fecal patterns connected to a shattered ear that’s plunged into a dark pool of white noise.

The possible exits, on the other hand, are all around us !

{ coming soon: a fuller investigation of Steve Kurtz’s talk on Necropolitics,  Lawn Darts, active Biopolitcs …  a few messy and unfinished notes are in the previous blog …  and more samples from exit-strategy thinking }

A Disconnected culture and our f/rights to Stay Connected to Nature ( while pursuing the technologies that help us stay in balance )


[[[ XLterrestrials are currently accepting donations to stay fierce and fortified ( while sharing critical resources ) in the coming storm  ... PLZ Contact us ... if you can provide some extra juice ! ]]]

… | …

to be cont…

#TM17 Analysis: In The Bubbles of Mediation, We Are Lost ! v.1

February 4th, 2017


< Late Feb or March > CiTIZEN KINO #59 : A Modest Alien Proposal, in Berlin

An Unofficial Transmediale ‘Nachspiel’

An “acinematic” and screen-perforating  public forum to investigate the lost tribes of mediations, ecocide, technopolitics… and a defense of our r/fights to remain connected to an embodied and non-anthropocentric web of Nature.

More details about place + time coming soon !


We are currently collecting insights, materials, analysis at the 30th Transmediale festival [ Happy Birthday #TM17 ! ] …  And constructing our experimental version of a Transmediale ” Nachspiel” … a view in the aftermath, an independent and unofficial ALIEN  afterword, an attempted praxis of survival strategies. Transmediale at 30 ! Global society in the grips of  technologically-induced hallucinations and an instrumentalizing material-stranglehold !

What NOW? What directions will we – citizen actors – take now in that increasingly treacherous machine-culture ascent, and upon all those slippery technospheric slopes ?

Meanwhile  we provide a few scattered notes here on the usual inadequate … and … bloggy platform… a series of essays perhaps.

-under construction-


{ foto of Rasheeda Phillips of Black Quantum Futurism, by @MarieClaire }

In The Bubbles of Mediation + A Modest Alien Proposal

Still absorbing last nite’s encounters with Metahaven and their new feature-length film The Sprawl – Propaganda about Propaganda… and the evening’s  Keynote Conversation Immediate & Habitual: The Elusiveness of Mediation With Clemens Apprich, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Richard Grusin

Wishing that this ‘early’ sunday morning’s panel could have collided more directly with the themes + discussion that were being presented in the prime time slots   – Singularities With Morehshin Allahyari, Luiza Prado & Pedro Oliveira (A parede), Rasheedah Phillips, Daniel Rourke, Dorothy R. Santos  Moderated by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke. … ( definitely not the usual notion of Singularity ).

It must be noted that these critical and crucial perspectives getting sidelined and marginalized – yes, even here at Transmediale ( though no one should be surprised ) – is a major part of the problem.

We cannot fully address, dissect, challenge, and strategize without these confrontations occurring in these institutional and academic ( and state culture) territories …  where power is wielded to steer the future and/or impose a continuation of an accelerating downward-spiral of techno-colonialist futures !


Absolutely a deep-thinking convergence of wild perspectives in our wildly in-and-out-of-control times. Congratulations and respects to the hard-working TM17 crew and HKW for providing some impressive and diverse contents… And yet…

Where Temporal + Spatial errors meet and repeat !?

Longer essay(s) to come !


Meanwhile, as we process the streams…  been watching this clip from Kate Tempest, which has captured our mood – a little too perfectly – this last week…

( thx to 2084online for alerting us to the clip, which soon after went viral in our newsfeeds )

Essay #1: Contemporary Arts + Our Penetrated Skulls

We’d like to begin our analysis of Transmediale at the end ( of main conference), with the brilliant closing lecture by Steve Kurtz on Necropolitics…  and from there, work our way back through some of our highlights, encounters and conversations…

Necropolitics was a fitting topic to send off. One of Kurtz +The Critical Ensemble’s latest themes of presenting exhibitions on our society’s strange relationship to life and death reveals our irrationally-constructed priorities and orientations. With anecdotal evidence like the political action taken in regards to Lawn Darts or/vs. Alcohol deaths… or say, the number of casualties in US imperialist military adventures, the “acceptable” 5,000+ deaths in Iraq PLUS the far higher suicidal rates of soldiers that remains a buried topic, notably in these days when wars can be won or lost by brain-numbing PR campaigns  !

Kurtz dropped a penetrating arts+culutre bunker buster…  that we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that our social organisms are made by rational creatures, and suggested we start reading up on our Schopenauer and Horkheimer ( Eclipse of Reason, 1947 , though he emphasized his later work  ) in these dark looming times.

But that would merely be just another clever show, and giving in to the festival bubble to go no further than the nearest bar after that !

… The Critical Ensemble is well-known for its uniquely tactical interventions over the years, operating since 1987 ( roughly around the same time that Transmediale began ) … on a variety of levels from publishing, pushing the limits of exhibition formats, hacking, teaching, to diy gene-splicing, … which ultimately led to painful legal contestations and attempted persecution, leading to Kurz’s not-s0-brief interim incarceration.


30 Years of Transmediale, Another Modest Alien Proposal ?

January 24th, 2017


{ Plastic Raft of Lampedusa. YoHa., XLT remixed }

Transmediale Festival for arts and digital culture turns 30 !

Will a festival which celebrates all the technologically-infused and entangled ways of being, be able to sufficiently grapple with the challenges our civilization, our society and all living species face in these devolutionary times, wherein the cybernetic vision-cum-regime takes the center-stage as a fully-grown techno-fascist alien threat !?

XLterrestrials and Anonymous Swift will be on hand to snark the feeding of digital and non-digital natives to the machines… and/or strategize for the survival of living breathing aliens on their home turf!

We’ll need to assess the functionality of a program which may have been carrying an industry virus … for who knows how many years ?! Perhaps some satirical angles and psychomedia analysis will be required to know What Time It Is !

30 Years of Transmediale, Another Modest Alien Proposal ?

coming soon !

< Feb2. – March5 > Transmediale + CTM Fest 2017 – “Ever Elusive”, Berlin

< Feb2 – March3 > Alien Matter Exhibition, HKW

< Jan20-March3 > Vorspiel, all around town

etc, etc….

In the meantime, fascinating text specimens already online from Kristoffer Gansing, Daphne Dragona, Ryan Bishop, Jussi Parika, Inke Arns, which will be a part of the “Ever Elusive” catalogue.

The XLT Guide for The U.S. Inaugurrhea Day – J20 !

January 14th, 2017


# j20 // # j21

XLterrestrials are currently working with CiTiZEN KINO and a number of other artists to prepare for an “Arts Strikes Back” response to the inauguration of the new creepy era ( the Insane Clown President – as Matt Taibbi describes it ) – on January 20th. These are very dangerous times !

There’s an incredible number of events + protest actions happening around the world, and we can’t possibly list them, but feel free to let us know what’s on YOUR RADAR for strategical maneuvers happening in your area … if you want them posted and spread here !

We will be updating this list as much as possible up until Inaug. Day !



This image comes from the grassroots agitprop masters at Just Seeds, who have put out a call for art action here…

< JAN14>  Inaugurating Resistance Propaganda Party at the Interference Archive in NYC ( frackbook invite )

see also: @justseeds and @InterferenceArc


< JAN 20 > Inauguration Day Protest: No to Global Trumpism!  ( Eventbee invite ) … Follow on Twitter here : @TheCoalitionDE

In D.C. + Everywhere:

< JAN21 > Women’s March on Washington + Beyond : #WomensMarch

Is this the end of Democracy < or > Vampire Krapitalism ?!



There’s an interesting post circulating  out there…

Some advice:
James O’Keefe, domestic terrorist and spreader of disinformation about repro justice groups, is trying to infiltrate groups planning to protest at the “coronation” and also groups planning to attend the Women’s March. He produces secretly recorded undercover audio and video encounters, some selectively edited to imply its subjects said things they did not, with figures and workers in academic, governmental and social service organizations, purporting to show abusive or allegedly illegal behavior by employees and/or representatives of those organizations. He gained national attention for his video recordings of workers at ACORN offices in 2009, his arrest and guilty plea in 2010 for entering the federal office of then-U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) under false pretenses, and the release of videos of conversations with two high-ranking, now former, NPR executives in 2011.
A friend got this information from a source she trusts. [ This post came to us via a highty=respected UC arts professor + lifetime activist, who we will leave anonymous here, but feel free to ask us for more info, off the blog. ]

If you are planning any protests of the inauguration, please be aware that you may be a target of James O’Keefe operatives. If you have spoken to anyone from Breakthrough Development Group, this is an O’Keefe front.
If you are working with Disrupt J20 specifically, you are being targeted by O’Keefe. He is apparently trying to get progressives to incite violence.
There will be moles in your campaigns. PLEASE make sure to vet your volunteers.”

[ Note: Please copy / paste this as a status, rather than sharing it. You'll get better display through the FB algorithm.' ]

Also here’s an INAUGURATION PROTEST 2017: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Guide from the ACLU


Do Not Go Gently Into Those Nights Of Normalized Tyranny + Fascism

Beware / Avoid:  Shepard Fairey’s and Amplifiier Foundation’s “We The People” Agitprop Kickstarter !

[ Added: Correction - The source of Fairey's agitprop is discussed in a new article in the Guardian - 23.01  - and is from a fotograph from 10 years ago. So our interpretation of it referencing an appearance of hijab-wearing Saba Ahmed on Fox News in 2015 is inaccurate, though it was the first algorithmicly chosen image in our google search. And still the questions arising in regards to imposing patriotic symbolism upon Muslims living in the current climate of race-baiting and warmongering America is still an important discussion to have ! ]

Fairey is perhaps best known for his Obey art and the 2008 Obama Hope campaign. There’s lots of debates around his work, from the lack of attribution for imagery used from the Zapatistas and Black Panthers agitprop ( used for a very commercial brand ) to questions around whether an agitprop street artist making campaign posters for the Democratic Party (using vague and weak PR slogans like “Hope” ) removes him from the grassroots and/or the streets.

Appropriating imagery from popular inconography is pretty much the modus operandi for successful meme-making.  But his 2017 Inauguration poster is possibly his worst venture into muddy waters, and may even be straight out of the alt-right playbook MUCK.  Apparently his source material now references imagery from the Republican Muslim Coalition + Fox News ( more below ), and potentially constructs an ill-conceived patriotic kumbaya message for the Inaugurating event of an unambiguous racist demagogue.  His poster arguably fetishes both American imperialism and the submission of immigrant culture. This projected fantasy for unity in the the midst of systemic nationalism, war-wagings and exploitation/targeting of cultural identities, illuminates the fantasies of white male privilege, not the diversity of “we the people” and social justice for all. Either he’s a politically clueless fool , or a profiteering + useful tool ! ….

It’s an extremely COMPLICATED and problematic campaign… and difficult to criticize given all the problems and challenges we face in the TRUMPYDOM-era. We wish to be sensitive to the situation of all immigrants and the strategies they might take to navigate forseeable pressures and divides under a fanatical + racist administration, but as arts + culture propaganda, Fairey’s latest work requires (again ) some deeper critical + political analysis + debate ! *


” Fairey’s poster appears to reference Republican Muslim Coalition President Saba Ahmed, who wore the American flag as a hijab on Fox News… Very possibly a coordinated political stunt ( think: Breitbart strategists ? ) ! So now we have “progressive” political artists appropriating material from Republican and Fox propaganda ?!

Not to mention that Saba’s reasons for building a Muslim republican coalition is mostly because she’s positioned herself as a Homophobic Pro-Lifer, and says Sharia Law is closer to Republican values. Not to mention, she’s against taxing the wealthy ! LOFL ! Read her interview with Aljazeera here ( Feb 2016).

Hard to say if she’s being used. If so, we might sympathize with her sad predicament. Either way, it is crappy politics that should not be further publicized with money from kickstarter funders, who think they are supporting some form of progressive politics !

And Amplifier’s kickstarter video !?  With some good social justice and multi-kulti intentions, it nevertheless looks more like a Bennetton-like ad, full of all young, good-looking, fluffy irrealities, not cultures of resistance in nakedly vicious times ! i.e. Let’s all just be happy together shall we, as the country drones + tortures for oil and obedience ! “

At a certain point, does whatever positives you attempt to spread become negated by crappy self-centered american politics, and a liberal patriotism ? Is this empire-washing agitprop !?

To what extent does this play along with the new Trumpy strategy of washing one’s hands of all the imperial strategy fuck-ups that came before him ? And let’s not forget billionaire Trump is a product of the neo-liberal policies existing now for decades. So he cannot separate himself from other administrations, by conveniently calling everyone else stupid !

[ SEE Gary Younge's sharp critiques in the Guardian this week ]

Usually a new president must inherit the mess left by shitty economic games and all the wars bought by the previous ones. In Trumpy’s case, the prez-elect is already shooting his mouth off about leaders like Merkel and her assistance policy on refugees, rather than finding strategies to cope and deal with the impacts of one’s own countries disastrous foreign policies.”

Toothless liberal ‘democrat’ agitprop is only making that an easier task for this new collaborative con of bullying and obfuscating REPUBLICRATS  ! “

XLt analyst


We should mention, XLterrestrials have been developing our own agitprop…ART STRIKES BACK against NORMALIZATION – read more here!

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XLt Analysis : The High and Low Tides of Chaos #33c3 – Part 1

January 4th, 2017



( We will post most links at the end, so you can hopefully read to the end of the article, without surfing off into the hyper-ether . Images collected from the web, fotographers still to be added below. )

The High and Low Tides of Chaos #33c3

One of our favorite parts of visiting Congress this year was staying on the east side of Hamburg and riding each day to and from the city center along the Elbe River by bicycles. A long meditative ride, which provided a small window of time to breathe in this unfamiliar modern port and to meditate on the complex dilemmas of a society on the brink of environmental, economic and civic collapse. A society, with its tentacles of technological creations reaching into all aspects of daily life and pulling us like a powerful tide out into deep unchartered waters. Not exactly a hospitable place for mammalian bodies nor democracies, but an apparently seductive place for human brains, at least those who are diligently absorbing all the ads for a disembodied technotopian tropical island somewhere out there in the thick fog.


The industrial organ of this port city has now evolved to be on one side of the river as a separate territory from the living space of its inhabitants, with the appearance of a clean tidy division between the labor, the machines, the “plumbing” and the guts of its primary economic engine on one side, and the areas where people live on the other.  But there are of course other versions of interspersed lives + livelihoods on the city-side which we’ll have to come back to further down.


We should preface here that one of our primary agendas to go to #33c3 was to meet with our colleagues from the Uncivilisation list [ #Unciv ] * which is a growing diverse community which develops a complimentary and/or radical Other view of all these technologically-centered frames being presented at a hacker conference. Some are longtime participants of the hacker culture going back to the early days ( i.e. Hippies From Hell ) and now very involved in the current hacklab scenes, primarily in the Netherlands. That said, we seem to have taken a relevant turn, a bend in the river, and have begun to deeply question the possibilities of creating any kind of sustainable culture out of this wave of obsessive pre-occupation with the wired worlds. But no doubt there are others in the group with topics that go beyond and/or contrary to this description.

The list name Uncivilisation is in part inspired from the writings of Dougald Hine and Paul Kingsnorth and their own network created around the Dark Mountain Manifesto * . In short, many or most on the Unciv List, consider our current civilization will ultimately, inevitably collapse, and very likely quite soon. There are many debates about this, and many discussions and strategies for another possible world, and how to address the current and looming challenges regardless of one’s level of dystopian/atopian outlook + analysis.

If you have read any of our own arts + praxis blog, the Unciv peeps are a natural garden for the XLterrestrials to inhabit, experiment and plant fresh ideas + strategies, and to engage in concerned and respectful dialogues re: fertile cultures of resistance.

Since there’s a diverse crowd at 33c3, it helps in focusing this article as though it is an ongoing discussion with Unciv.  Otherwise we would be stumbling into all sorts of territories which are better sorted out by the the adept coder/programmer tribes.
Nevertheless, as we express a critique of the current technological-based (+biased) trajectories, from sociological, environmental, humanitarian, philosophical and non-anthropocentric angles – an XLterrestrial psychomedia analysis – which may be crucial to avoiding the pitfalls of a cybernetic agenda + logic… the precarious, unstable and wildly speculative digital exodus now underway …  and the technotopian’s faith in western progress, we also gladly welcome those of you on the other side of the river, on the side of the machines so-to-speak, into the dialogue and debates.


The Myopic Tech + The Nerd-Selfies On The Edge of A Raging River of Madness

Ok, enough pleasantries, Houston we have some major motherfuckin problems !

There’s a majority of sessions we have yet to examine ( and will never get to many extraordinary presentations ), so in this report we will only have time  to take a tiny cross-section analysis of two crucial talks. Consider this the work of cultural sector security hackers discovering gaping holes in the Chaos perspectives, tactics and approach.  We share them as respectful colleagues to raise the alarms, and welcome the community’s feedback !

“An Uninvited Security Audit of the US Presidential Election”


“Welcome to The Anthropocene?”

Let’s begin with Matt Bernhard and J. Alex Halderman’s talk on US elections. It is absolutely unacceptable that a house full of 13,000 hackers, many activists + several thousand more viewers online should let 2 speakers walk out of the room claiming that the US election was NOT HACKED ! * And that the US public and the global population can retain confidence in the process of US elections.

WHY you ask ?! …

The only way one could possibly come to this absurd and infuriating conclusion is if you immersed yourself in a myopic tech bubble perspective of how democracy and ballot counting works. Which is an extremely naive, cowardly and/or careerist thing to do, given that a racist misogynist billionaire demagogue has just taken the reigns of what was an already dangerously imperialistic and predatory super power.  There’s no need to go for the Godwin jugular here, making comparisons to the 3rd Reich times, because things are far more complex than that, and possibly far worse !  Given the contexts of environmental challenges, finite natural resources, deadly corporate krapitalism + globalisation terror now melting down into isolationism and free-for-all neo-liberalism + nationalism, WW4 potentials growing, etc etc … THE LAST THING THE PLANET NEEDED WAS AN ORANGE CLOWN BANGING HIS FLABBY + PUFFED TWITTER CHEST and running global-scale policies from a NEW YORK REVOLVING-OLIGARCH’s PENTHOUSE DOOR !

OK, granted Bernhard and Halderman are meticulous, scholarly and perhaps well-intentioned … though we must say: it’s exactly this kind of detached, soulless academic, scientific reductionism that NORMALIZES ATROCITIES, as they are coming swiflty down the expanding pipe !

A number of people we spoke with ( including an EFF colleague ) have already pointed out that a good scientist will – by necessity – limit their talk, proof or a thesis down to a reasonable territory and scope. Otherwise it will just become a mess of inconclusive theories and speculation. Fine. We do not disagree with their findings; We disagree with the insufficient and obfuscating approach to a nasty life-(+planet-)threatening emergency ! ( i.e. See: Chomsky’s latest article) . In short, we do not and cannot afford to accept a retreat into this myopic techno-bubble !

So in the conference’s own clever title/words: NO, THIS DOESN’T WORK FOR US ! – ( us being the human species, us being the non-U.S. internationalists/globalistas,  us being the XLterrestrials ! )

The analogy here would perhaps be if you told us how you devised, proofed and foolproofed a successful method of counting the living and the dead after a national contest of Russian Roulette. [ No offense, blame, or provocation to Russians ;) ]. And then you explained: We can now be confident in this election process because we are improving the paper trail, and the numbers coming out of this Casino-House-Always- Wins Suicide cannot be hacked ! Great ! Moreover we assure you, this is an authenticated and secure democracy, and with that we’ll be better prepared in 2020 to prevent ballot hacking ! Smiles all around, everyone goes home safer, happier.

Pulling out the manual: How To Strangle Scientists !

This (S)elections/horse-race-blinder mentality may in fact be a strange but useful analogy which we can apply to the current trajectory of technological fixes in a complicated world floating deeper and deeper out from reality and into a truly foggy technological-induced mindfuck !

Stay tune !


* https://unciv.nl/

* http://dark-mountain.net/about/manifesto/


What we mean when we talk about an election being “Hacked”, and what the CCC presentation describes as “Unhacked” :

For us the US elections are hacked in myriad ways. The list would be too long to be comprehensive here, but to provide just a few of the glaring examples…

- the dilemmas of a locked-in two-party system

- selected Rep + Dem candidates ( now ludicrously exacerbated by the need for candidates to be millionaires and billioniares to run a successful campaign )

- Super Pacs + Corporate Lobbydom

- a colluding corporate media, which downloads to the public the only 2 “acceptable” candidates, and excluding any outside voices.

- manufactured consent ( and edward bernays and perceptual management )

This pretty decent, but brief, Guardian article – Five things that got broken at the oldest hacking event in the world – covering the CCC and the election talk was sent to the XLT analysts via the Unciv listers, to suggest that there is another interpretation of their conclusions:

via Guardian: “The abortive recount didn’t find any evidence that a hack had happened; it just also didn’t find evidence that it hadn’t happened.

But if you watch the CCC archive, they clearly state that from their conclusions we can trust the results of the ballot count and election process in 2016. [ at c.46min ].

The absurdity here if we must elaborate further… Who cares if you can properly count votes, when the system has successfully gamed the electorate by forcing their desires into a miserably self-abusive choice between RED or BLUE, corrupt Dems vs. corrupt Reps ?! A suicidal roulette or a nation-wide Kool-aide ?

PART 2 on:  The Digital Natives in A Dark Anthropocene Back Alley

coming soon !