If Only THE INTERNET Could Make Better Global Toast …

July 8th, 2016



The artivist Erik Drooker reposted one of his ingenious “pressure cooker” images today, without words. Presumably to share in the screams + tears + outrage in response to the latest eruptions of racial violence, police terror and public fury in N.America. #Castile #Sterling #Dallas #blacklivesmatter …

And there’s a pile of underbelly things to analyze in all that unravelling social fabric re: white supremacy, the unaccountability of killer cops in the US, gun violence, etc…

But as we all now mostly experience these kinds of events and many other crises ( in a barrage of bad news ) via net cullture platforms, the XLterrestrials – currently on another alien continent – find it a particularly interesting moment to assess if we have reached some very real Ends Of The Internet

Incidentally, the title of a deep look into the state of our digital worlds, that also first appeared on our screens today. From the Institute Of Networked Cultures, via Nettime, via Geert Lovink. New essay by Boris Beaude ( and translated by Patrice Riemens ).


( a great series of free downloadable reads, but also in nice pamphlet print form, that you should get your local book stores to carry ! )

The Blurb: “ The Ends of the Internet is an investigation into all the reasons why the Internet, which has been with us for over thirty years, is now on the verge of disappearing. Originally conceived as a space of freedom, the Internet has become the world’s largest panopticon and freedom of expression is subject to surveillance and supervision on an unprecedented scale. The utopian theories of collective intelligence have been undermined by a growing tendency towards commercial exploitation. A small group of companies profit from the majority of online activities. Even the robustness of the Internet itself is now at stake, with vulnerabilities increasing and many organizations, governments and individuals targeted by malicious cyber attacks.

- Boris Beaude

If you’ve been here on The Podopolog before, you’ll recognize a number of perspectives in Beaude’s work that have – in part – been a running theme of our technotopian critiques + rants + analysis over the last few years. Something Drooker’s image captures so well, and worth a thousand words at least ! … [ We'll try to come back and say more about the INC essay, and pull some juicy extracts, and perhaps express a few qualms re: its potential technotopian reformist angle. ]

And similar messages and signs being hinted at in the image below. An elaborate sculptural work made in the eighties by a Czech artist – Ludmilla Seefried-Matejkova.  “Doppelter Admiral” presents the figure of a ‘mutige’ bronze punk girl sitting at the foot of a tree-sized hourglass, atop which stand two admirals back-to-back looking through their telescopes, keeping watch… perhaps one on the east, the other west ( in the cold war ). Though originally, it was designed as a kinetic work, which slowly revolved. No one’s quite sure how long it’s been still, or if it ever fully functioned.


{ … the laptop temporarily added by Topsy Qur’et in July, 2016 }

This pic we snapped just some days ago, as we met with a newly forming collective project, discussing street arts and political actions, and putting together an upcoming event in the context of Topsy Qur’et’s Doppelwelt project – a tribute to Wikileaks and  press freedom – in Kreuzberg, the district of Berlin that Green-party politician Hans-Christian Ströbele has sought to make a safe-haven for whistleblowers (i.e Edward Snowden).

Topsy’s collectively-organized street art painting (  see video, < Making Of , w/ the Omnidome project )  is an appropriated reference,  cleverly re-contextualized and refitted over the ol’ 80s Kberg punk nod,  to the hourglass filled with two worlds. One dripping into the other, like the sands of time, or the leaks of one represented world into a lower one. A poignant image which Wikileaks came up with as a logo, alluding to the virtual double, of the Net impacting our physical earth. As above, so below, and all that.  Wikileaks, a pioneering form of cultural and political resistance, a tactical tool, ( mass ) media self-defense, self-publishing, a product of the hackers and the cypherpunks, comes from a generation that was fed on the liberatory ( and/or liberatian ?) tales of the cybernetic revolution.

One might think of John Perry Barlow’s Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace ( politely examined in Beaude’s essay above ). Though Wikileaks already springs from that point at which some people recognized the situations are more dire, the clock was ticking, and our backs were already up against all those new dividing – and cubicle-izing – walls.

Ironically looking back, Barlow and Timothy Leary  joined forces to promote and evangelize this big cybernetic dream/enterprise – Virtual Reality being the buzz words – to a seismicly-shifted new Europe, just after the history-making 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. [ Sept, 1990 in Mannheim, a funny clip trip back into the early technotopian times ]

[ Links here to Bureau D'tudes' first issue in francais / and english of The Laboratory Planet which include some analysis of this double world of cybernetic control. And Brian Holmes' expansive investigations Escape The Overcode: Activist Art in The Control Society ]

Somehow the image of a lone hacker fighting global injustices on her or his little consumer-grade machine is now very dated 80s, 90s or naughties fantasy, or a juicy italian Ranxerox-like graphic novel that looks more like mutant superhero characters wearing outgrown tights  … in hindsight. Autonome, Ubermensch, Libertarian, Neo-liberal, Silicon Valley Unicorns  … all colliding with a splash and splatter of Liberatore’s X-rated comix ! … And Nothing against the delicious underground arts which are a surefire hack of the usual bored-stiff educational factory-dom, but incongruities and paradoxes abound when fantasy meets in-the-fleshy school of hard knocks…  And sure, all the individualist subkultur surf scene has their own particular take on the matter, let’s call it for now a bricolage-machine of 2-d cartoon cyberpunk, Techno-priests, PK Dick, Japanese Post-Nuke Anime, Matrix-angst + Hollywood-saviour-redemption overflow … that now after 30 years of colonial-manifest-destiny and anthropocentric + techno-fascist mayhem requires some serious re-assessments !

{ more }

Today to have power to repair or reclaim our endangered planet and all its species, now in realtime getting swept under a massive new recombinant materialist-spliced- immaterialist industrial virus-tsunami, we will need to form a different kind of collective + community intelligence, with our feet back on the ground, and most probably in the streets !

Think Baton Rouge ! Nuit Debout, Oaxaca, Gezi, Tahrir, etc…  Plus … some new other dimensional + strategic aspects to be added.

Isn’t that what we were doing through all these technological communications infrastructures ?! Building empowered communities ?!

Long story short and to be blunt… XLterrestrials have often argued that it’s been something else entirely. It has all the tendecies of a very alien and antagonistic enterprise to the wild and diverse inhabitants of our planet ! And contains a whole range of messy elements from flawed and naive social-engineering strategies, to autistic and detached primarily-male nerd-herds,  to well-funded white-privileged techno-optimist enrichment, to a sinister new colonial-totality ruse.

The corporate krapitalist titans (+ their policing states ) are laughing as they devour all our labor and shit out a panoptical sticky web that mocks any authentic communal and inhabitable dreams… as it serves to consolidate their own vested agency and plunderings across the wide frontier of daily biosphere crashings and its parasitic nocturnal digitized intestinal tract.

Accelerated Mock Space, Unhappy Meals in Meatspace, and the Cold Mad Disembodied Race where winners take all and nothing … Taking all of us along with it on a very experimental + precarious ride…

Doppelwelt Helium-Balloon

{ pic: another ingenius remix from Topsy, which combines the new Wikileaks Doppelwelt with Berlin’s very visible icon of corporate + conservative mass media, Die  Morgenpost Welt. An added hilarious juxtapostion in that it’s also a symbol of tourism that can be seen floating in the sky on good weather days. Though more recently representing a kind of thrill-ride gone awry, as unexpected winds nearly caused the tethered balloon to fly away and/or crash …w/ 19, mostly Danish, students aboard who had their lives flash before their eyes … before the balloon could be wrestled back to its landing. }

{ to be cont.? }

Added: One could say we have over-interpreted ( and adding our own analysis to ) the logo made by As?ka in 2006, the designer which Topsy sent us a link to… from a BoingBoing article… also linked is a longer fascinating interview with her by Metahaven.

XLt Guide to Collective Art Identities …

June 26th, 2016


XLt Guide to Collective Art Identities

and Collective Agency …

If YOU are a Podopolog reader, or just discovering our site now, please consider donating to help us cover arts + politics stories. Write us for details.

We need your support to produce articles like the one currently under construction here: an investigation into people – in various situations – who take on collective identities.

1. to build projects with the potentials for wider impacts on society and systems of governance

2. to escape the parameters of the more conventional and/or banal artworld scenarios which are grotesquely intertwined with the production and consumption of celebrities and personality cults, and transforming human creativity primarily into commodity forms.

3. to provide a shield for individuals and communities who wish to push hard on political positions in a world where free speech – in reality – is more like a valve that can be turned off when people + corporations in power are threatened.

And 4. because our shared habitat is in grave danger, and the only way we can even begin to reclaim it is to work together ! … etc…

to be cont.

CiTiZEN KiNO #54+55: Ubermensch +/or/vs. Collective Identities

June 9th, 2016


< 12.06 > CiTIZEN KiNO #54 at Spektrum, Btropolis

< 23.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #55 at Panke Cafe, Btopolis

updated :

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< 23.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #55 ( and #54 ): “Collective Art Identities” at Panke Cafe, Btopolis

C-KiNO is an ongoing series of public media navigations. We combine “cinema hacking”, theater, community forums and occasional psychomagic experiments to analyze ( and react to ) local and global situations. And we take aim for better possible worlds !

C-KiNO #55 is a special DOUBLE FEATURE, which combines research, media and analysis collected to investigate two topics: Ubermensch + Collective Art Identities. By mixing the two into one episode, we have the ability to debate the questions arising in a conflicted world where consumerism and hyper-individualism has lead to a planet out of balance, in continuous conflict and accelerating toward ecocide. Our only exit may lie in how we create together alternative methods+ structures for collaborative identity, i.e. operating together as a truly intelligent organism. One could argue that our current interconnected communications web is an early stage of such an entity, but 1. it omits the representation of all other interdependent species and 2. it’s increasingly becoming a corporate and military-owned beast, fixated on technological products. Artists + Activists with some experience in working beyond the limitations of individual outputs and conventional art platforms might provide some ideas for a radical new life form to emerge.


We’re still working on a longer article on Collective Art Identities + Collective Agency, in the meantime, here’s some more evolution of where we’re headed with C-KinO #55 …


The XLterrestrials newsletter #9,098,666,023

We need YOUR Support !
On June 23rd we will present what may be our LAST CiTiZEN KiNO show in Berlin until the fall season. And we will have some potential funder/patrons attending, so we really want to make it an energetic show with lots of audience interaction !
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Invite < THURSDAY, JUNE 23 >
CiTiZEN KiNO #55: Ubermensch +/or/vs. Collective Identities
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showtime 22:00h

IF good weather, we’ll be outside in the garden, a beautiful spot for a Freiluft Kino… Bring a jacket.

Donation / Spende
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About: THIS show combines two themes that are very near to our hearts, one like a dagger, the other our passion for better worlds. Stuff we consider extremely relevant for the future of TACTICAL ARTS and CULTURES OF RESISTANCE in our current precarious global situations. Together with your help we aim to illuminate some fresh territories to imagine planting the seeds for a more empowered and collaborative future !

A special DOUBLE FEATURE, mixing and analyzing the rise of a dark new accelerated “ubermensch” in parallel or in contrast to communities which operate within collective entities and identities. Provoking questions between the two poles, a hyper-individualist culture in conflict with social organization among connected and interdependent organisms. What directions can we take now for sustainable,egalitarian and multi-species futures ? Are we witnessing another dangerous re-appropriation of Nietzschean ‘will to power’ and technological-driven “super-men” ( i.e. post-humanist ) or are there an opportunities in the global crises to evolve as closer-knit communities enabling local Commons strategies on a planetary-consciousness scale? Can we still detourn the Oligarchic habitat-crashing + self-interested Looneys when we align our creative forces and unleash our social-organism potentials !?

You can follow updates on the theme(s) here:
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the XLterrestrials

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XLt on Art Collectives + Tactical Communities + Time Travel

June 6th, 2016


{ usual day in the lab, XLt at Spektrum. foto: Maria Runarsdottir }

Recently, while giving an interview to The Exberliner about our work, we were given an opportunity to revisit WHY we’ve chosen a collective identity platform, as opposed to individual identities expressing themselves through our various XLterrestials’ mediums like this Podopolog and our CiTiZEN KiNO series.

We discovered that what was once a tactical decision is also an intuitive path which – over time – reveals traits of complex and multi-layered origins, and begins to shape – over time – a certain philosophical orbit, forms of resistance and a (counter-) cultural trajectory of conscious + interconnected organisms. And the collective platform is most definitely an extension of our work to explore and experiment with “media self-defense” … in a perpetually shifty climate of a globalized cybernetic regime.

We’re very happy to have gotten some much-needed exposure through the magazine. Afterall we do strive for meaningful livelihoods with our productions and creative activism; And public support is absolutely essential to our well-being and sustainability.

Now out-in-print the new ExBerliner June issue on ” post-capitalism / radical futures” is available for purchase at local bookstores and various cafes ( i.e. Buchhandlung Cafe and Pro QM in Mitte, B-Books in Kreuzberg, etc. ). A fascinating and timely topic ! Go out and buy one to support their efforts to cover the local scenes, while also managing to dig into juicy zeitgeisty topics. And also because many parts of this issue will probably not be featured online.

Out now_JUNE2

{ Features interviews with Dmytri Kleiner, Max Haiven, Jeremie Zimmerman, XLt collective and many more.. }

Given the fast-paced nature of city mag productions and their slim cost-efficient journalist + intern teams, there is in our XLt view much much more that can and should be said about the topic of collective identities in a predatory krapitalist world.  Things that we only touched upon in our interview with them. [ Look for: Interview with the Aliens ]

And we thought it would be a great theme to elaborate on HERE for our own Podopolog outlet for far stranger, non-commercial and more radical investigations. And no doubt raising more questions that we – alone – will be able to answer !

So …

XLt on Art Collectives + Tactical Communities ( + time travel ) …

- work-in-progress -

To begin…

The XLterrestrials have been a collective art project since…


i.e. since 2133

[ We just discovered Wordpress does not accomodate Tibetan fonts, at least not with our version. One of us may need an upgrade. ]

Truth be told, we may have  been operating longer than your notions of planetary time might guess, and will hopefully extend much further into the future than any contemporary earthling art scene’s attention spans will allow.

to be cont.

On The XLT Summer Radar, Things Are Heating Up !

May 22nd, 2016



< 12.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO #54 at Spektrum, Berlin

< 23.06 > CiTIZEN KiNO at Panke, Berlin

Our titanpad for the “ubermensch” theme, where YOU can help us shape the event and share resources, and view some selected media bits.



< 03-04.06 > Digital Bauhaus Summit 2016 Luxury Communism, Weimar

Features a mighty group of Left-brained speakers, incl. Bruce Sterling, Jasmina Tešanovic, Evgeny Morozov, Juliane Landmann, Trebor Scholz, Heather Moore,Vinay Gupta, Shu Lea Cheang, Dmytri Kleiner, Soenke Zehle, Estelle Hary, etc…

XLterrestrials will be reporting ! :)


< June 4/5> Torstrassen Fest  …

< May 27-30 > Hedonist International camp  ..

<July/Aug > Lika Camp …

< June>  Deep Cables – Disruption Lab …

< June 12 > Yes We can Fly at SO36 …

… and other Btropolis art attacks …

more coming soon !

[ please note: do not be misled by the innocent-looking cartoon images, things are getting hotter ! Time to get SERIOUS  ! ]

18.Mai >> CiTiZEN KiNO #53: Technospheres and Exit Strategies

May 6th, 2016


< May 18 > CiTiZEN KiNO #53: Technospheres and Exit Strategies, at Spektrum-Berlin, 20:00h

A titanpad for collecting resources + media links

the frackbook invite



TECHNOSPHERE (s)“  … A curious + controversial new-ish term – (1960s; earliest use found in Science ) which attempts to describe a human-made “novel ecosystem” ( see wikipedia ) which we now – more or less – inhabit.

Perhaps HKW Berlin ( House of World Cultures ) is developing over the next couple years one of the more expanded and multi-cultural elaborations of what it all might mean. “A new component of the Earth system is emerging today, comparable in scale and function to the bio- and hydrosphere. It is driven by the intertwining of natural environments with vast socio-technical forces and increasingly diverse technological species.” Ongoing public programs continue until 2018.

As the XLterrestrials found out in our recent encounter w/ a 9-day HKW seminar on the topic, it also depends ALOT on who you’re asking and who’s being affected by its impacts how these issues are being framed.

XLterrestrials would like to add to the mix, a little fact and social friction : “Technospheres represent either an urgent field of research for illuminating how + where + by whom Corporate Krapitalism now threatens an expanded Techno-Industrial Fascism, a global-scale ecocidal trajectory… OR, if we’re lucky, A WAY OUT ! “

Dangers + complexities abound !

We wish to put the raw and incomplete view on the table for the public to analyze, react, navigate, take further. We’ll feature some collected media bits and ask questions to trigger your own interpretations . (  See a possible playlist below )

Where art we now in the technotopian cesspools ? And should we stop beating around the dying shrubs and begin asking what’s to be done?

Is it now techno-turtles all the way down? An endless warehouse of human-made cans of worms with an ominous shelf-life? Or is it all fodder for creative and ecologically-invested mind-bodies to come up with better possible worlds !

Warning: Superhuman Humor + Handkerchiefs ( for the teary-eyed ) may be required !

” Technospheres, you’re soaking in them ! ” XLt analyst


Possible Playlist + Notes + Your suggestions welcome !



Future C-KiNO dates:

June12 – Spektrum

June23 – Panke, Wedding

TBA – F.I.T., Prenzlauerberg

A Military Theater and Its Double …

May 3rd, 2016


There’s probably no better place to be contemplating and writing about the various inputs of the last days then at the 10th Re:publica #rpTEN…

The volatile and sublime stew of multi-purposed ingredients cooking in our brains, as we sit in a corner of The Networking Lounge …  cozy … equipped w/ 1st coffee of the day… an insecure net connection …. and a bubbling repulsion of these corporate-sized rainbow scoops of our deranged Doppelwelten ( double worlds )… the Digital Cult… and the freshly-served Happy Meal packages of a hyper-duped Citizens Industrial Complex.

Luckily David Hasselhof is not around this year to tell us how he champions privacy… rather Snowden will have to fill his shoes.


“If our life lacks a constant magic it is because we choose to observe our acts and lose ourselves in consideration of their imagined form and meaning, instead of being impelled by their force.”

Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double


Over the last days, we’ve absorbed many stories that when juxtaposed and allowed to seep into each other become like a prism through which to see the planet in it’s current upside down form, tumbling into a collective and personalized miasmic spasm….

A few things: Technosphere campus at HKW – house of world cultures, Nervous System exhibition at HKW, Doppelwelt Street art project by Topsy Quret, a trip to the Leipzig Zoo… and now Re:publica, another kind of zoological collection, inappropriate and undignified. Like people who are voluntarily putting themselves into various display cages, doll houses, quarantined, as though they might serve as reminders of a former time when the planet roamed with life forms prior to The Great Disneyfication …


Meanwhile, if you are in Btropolis, go see Topsy Quret’s new street art project in Berlin…

… In Kreuzberg….

more on that also coming soon…

And yesterday in World Press Freedom Day(s)… Snowden writes in the Guardian about a world of “tagged animals”

XLterrestrials Attack ! Your City Might Be Next…

April 29th, 2016



~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~

It’s springtime, and XLterrestrials are on the move… We are currently booking upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO shows – cinema hacking, psychomedia analysis + tactical interventions, a live performance.

AND dj Podinski, Podmosis and Podopo are also available, bringing along the Globalista Radio Kits ( XLT archives, i.e. some of the most diverse and engaged collection that will make everything between your ears swim )

We’re up for invites from anywhere … fees always negotiable… and some freebie benefit and educational shows always considered. Contact us !

A few events coming up:

< April 30 > CiTiZEN KiNO #52.1 at GeorgSchwarzStr.Fest v.7 at Autodidaktische Initiative, Georg-Schwarz-str. 19 – 21:00h – Leipzig

< May 18 > C-KiNO #53 at Spektrum – 20:00h – Berlin

< June TBA > C-KiNO #54 – a Freiluft ( open-air ) Theater Special w/ Xtra Guests, at Panke, Berlin

< July/Aug TBA > LikaCamp and MMKamp, arts+ activism stuff, Croatia


to be cont…

Life and Death in the Technospheres v.3

April 24th, 2016


|—- | —-|

” Technospheres, you’re soaking in them ! ” XLt analyst

[ { V.1 } and  { V.2 } on the theme ]

| —-|—- |

An upcoming XLterrestrials public analysis event :

< May 18 > The XLt Guide to Technospheres + Exit Strategies, at Spektrum Berlin - 20:00h

An evening of cinema hacking + media navigations + public forum … to investigate where we’re at in the globalized Technotopian cesspools, and to set our sights on what’s to be done !


< ~——<|>—–~ >


XLT analysis : Life and Death in the Technospheres v.3

( work-in-progress )

Foto Notes + Analytical Trajectories

Everything you ever wanted to know about the technosphere mindfuck, but were afraid to ask …

The central image(s) in the poster above are from the work of J. Henry Fair’s “Industrial Scars” found at this site (*) . Each foto is an aerial view of the devastation and toxic legacies of corporate industries.

If we have time, we may track down the story of each, but just to give you a few examples: the two grayish ones are “Coal Ash” byproduct from a power plant in Moncks Corner, South Carolina ( top-right ), and another in Pineville, S.C. (bottom, center ). *

Another pic is from the tar sands in Alberta, CA,. from inside a tank, an oil sands “upgrader” ( bottom-right ). In one sense, the single-most ecologically devastating + earth-changing industrial project on the planet.

All 6 pictures represent one of the primary aspects of the term Technosphere(s) – the corporate-krapitalist threats to life on earth !  One angle on the multi-faceted ways this term is now framing our planetary crises, it reveals how our current social operating systems has constructed legal + economic frameworks for systematic exploitation and environmental degradation on a global scale, and which must be challenged and/or eradicated, if we want to get any handle on the forces that now threaten the entire habitat of ALL living species.

On the surface, this is NOT exactly the immediate or implied focus of J.Henry Fair’s exotic visualized versions of illuminating these environmental nightmares. Many will know by now that by examining deeper, one will eventually uncover that it’s the socio-political-economic engines – and mis-governance – that are driving this off-the-cliff level of destruction. Which can and should be defined as Ecocidal.

Other pictures at the ground level and community levels will illuminate the more specific horrors as they are unfolding:  real people’s suffering, children suffering, people dying of cancers, bodies mangled in resource wars, etc. Arundhati Roy calls them with a valuable precision Lifestyle Wars.

We don’t know enough about Fair to critique the intentions, but the omissions are important. And companies responsible are not detailed in the website documentation ( for that approach, see below). And exhibitions and press coverage for the project are taken to a highly professional art business scale. Just to say, harder + more precise confrontation will not get this kind of exposure.

The introduction to his views of industrial scars, published in  2011 as The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth In Crisis, states that ( aside from its aesthetic capture of a strange macabre beauty ) his book is also “about the power that the consumer has to shape the world through the purchase decisions she makes. “

But this not an entirely accurate nor useful analysis of “industrial scars” nor a properly-scaled strategy against its global implications i.e. climate terror, total biosphere impacts, ecocide.

Similar flaws may be found in the way we construct new conceptual frames for the Anthropocene, and let’s call it, for provocation, its bastard twin : the Technosphere.

Currently an individual citizen does not have much room to maneuver outside these corporate-designs, the dominant, aggresssive, predatory and thoroughly undemocratic technospheres.

And To exit these disastrous constructions (+ imperial habits ) requires revolutionary thinking, revolutionary politics, and revolutionary mobilizations from below. An internationalist citizenry reclaiming earth’s biosphere and its natural resources ( protected as a global commons ) and establishing an entirely new governance, which acts as reliable custodians for our shared habitats seems like the only intelligent way out, if it’s not already TOO LATE.

To say “Exit” is already a controversial frame in academic settings … But XLterrestrials may be positioning this language in order to accommodate a more activist-oriented platform.

It appears that Scientists have already attempted to define ( and limit ) the Anthropocene concept to a non-negotiable identifier, and thereby setting the dials for a specific future, which entails devolutionary + mutational outcomes and ongoing species extinctions. I.e. we heard multiple times during the HKW seminar, that there is no longer a “natural” biosphere to be reclaimed.

In their accounts and interpretations, we already live in its altered realities. We have entered a 2nd nature realm, made by us. Fair enough, for many contexts. But therein enters a future trajectory, that rather than taking some responsibility and urgent ( turnabout ) actions to preserve and repair, we proceed towards a planet with this irreversible co-evolutionary techno-industrial production stage intact. I.e. further disrupting and experimental, intentional geo-engineering ( w/ vested interests ). As if, we then agree – as some scientific consensus – to provide psychopathic corporate entities the license, the keys, the go-ahead to further profit, plunder and eco-mutilate.

We’ll have to come back to those debates later… But to lay some seeds here: Even if one accepts this conclusion of irreversibility ( the ‘no going back’ ), there are vastly different cultures which will have vastly different relationships to these questions, these trajectories, these destinies. As another provocation, we will perhaps suggest the tact of a 3rd nature ( which was mentioned by a HKW participant in jest, but we’ll take it here as a useable abstraction goal ), whereby all corporate resources be immediately reconstituted as public resources in order to begin reparations + restoration ( as much as possible ) – toward 1st nature origins.

One might argue, our situation now is that the global population is locked-in, a hostage to an authoritarian technological determinism, an authoritarian western-centric technosphere logic and agendas…  And one must not be too timid to call it Techno-Industrial Fascism, whenever applicable. The casualties of our technospheres are already immeasurable, ruthless and grim.

And this is an angle one hoped could be put more on the table at a fairly diverse group that gathered for HKW’s seminar last week… but even there, in a relatively diplomatic and open, explorative setting, the crux of the matter seemed often sidelined by the less confrontational frameworks.

Nevertheless examining HKW’s curriculum experiments and results- which essentially is a social laboratory microcosm of the new planetary classroom – will be extremely useful to understand how a citizenry can become better informed and more aligned in global solidarity in order to navigate these dangerous, volatile and highly contested places and times.

In contrast to Fair’s photography…

A more tactical depiction + scope of what we may now call the Maladies of Technosphere, is the mapping project – Petropolis – created by Brian Holmes and contributors….


This was presented in the Seminar: ” Governing the Technosphere “, and there’s much useful information and perspective to share on that, if time allows, in our next texts.

Given these contexts, perhaps now we can begin to properly discuss Irreversibles and Inevitabilities.


* A quick search – as we were hunting more info on the locations in Fair’s images – reveals an article in Scientific American about how coal industry waste is far more toxic than one might imagine. Among a variety of problems, it actually leaves horrific radioactive toxicity …  The article claims its more serious threat to public health then nuclear power plants. But that also opens more complicated political debates, which plays out between different energy company interests.  More than we have time for here. Suffice to say, for humans and living organisms, they both suck !

v.4? … coming soon !?

Life and Death in the Technospheres v.2

April 22nd, 2016






See v.1 for HKW links and seminar curriculum

An Intro to the XLterrestrials Analysis

Following 9 days of a trans-disciplinary seminar at HKW on the theme – Technosphere – which was a follow-up from a similarly-framed curriculum in 2014 on Anthropocene – one could easily feel overwhelmed by the immense challenges, and left to float in a muddied pool of academic and theoretical inquiries, a multitude of incongruous and conflicting perspectives.

What occurs inside the “HKW container” is not merely a unique and crucial pedagogic experiment, but a gathering which may ultimately be highly influential upon what eventually will become angles pursued in the socio-political + the technological, the scientific and analytical, then executed as public exhibitions, which then become threads informing policy in one of Germany’s  ( and EU’s ) most central cultural thinktank nodes.  The HKW sits directly across from the Reichstag, beside the governing legislative bodies, the Bundestag ( parliament ) and the Bundesrat (federal council ).

It seems incredibly unlikely, in this world of rigid bureaucratic dominance and controlling dysfunctions, that a strange and lively mix of diverse creatures – scientists, professors, artists, historians, students, critical theorists, activists, humans (and even a few XLterrestrials ) from various international contexts  – were given access to tinker, to question, to contest, to play and meddle with a topic that attempts to grasp and handle…  perhaps even steer… and maybe even set a course for … the future of the planet and a new planetary consciousness.

Hah, you / we may both laugh : “Such cultural inquiries will never come near the real levers that move today’s techno-futurist, increasingly cybernetic and post-democratic systems of governance.”

But then again, the inquiries and practices of defining the philosophical and conceptual frames of the Technosphere are so far beyond the day-to-day bureaucrats, the economists and corporate-krapital investment realms, that they probably cannot imagine what future maps could be born out of such a seminar. Maps, visualizations, deconstructions, alternatives, cultures of resistance, feral + garden mind-bodies, and actualized communities that hold the potential agency to wholly disrupt those myopic and/or murderous agendas.

That said, not all the forces and power of contributors within such seminar experiments do venture beyond their own primarily academic-institutional orientations, settings or horizons. [ In a later article we hope to elaborate on the timidity that arises in these professional / academic environments ]

And, in fact, there did exist a kind of tug-of-war between wild imaginings and the gravity of habits and habitus. But for those who have already jumped the fences one could detect a persistent strain – an obedient species of colonial + instrumentalizing thought patterns, an adherence to the permitted and conventional tracks, a subservience to some usual hierarchies.

So how wild and how high can one climb when the topic essentially comes down to the survival of life and human dignity on a planet that has already tipped the scales into a ridiculously eco-cidal, pathological and – it must be said – FASCIST trajectory?!

That is something we will have to tease out in whatever number of articles or events we’ll have time to produce over the next weeks, months… years?….

Meanwhile the Technosphere train at HKW will be running until 2018. Whether or not the XLterrestrials will find it a productive and sufficiently interventionist platform for that long is yet to be determined. But certainly we will not limit our analysis and strategies to that “container” alone !

to be cont.

[ Note: There is an immense wealth of information and many exciting ideas to relate from our experiences of the HKW curriculum which we'd like to be able to bring to your attention. To do it justice, and/or to challenge it, will require TIME + FINANCIAL SUPPORT. We have no institutional affiliations. We are an alien community garden where known and unknown seeds get planted. If you would like to donate to the XLterrestrials, please contact us !  ]

Foto Notes: 1. The aerial view of a factory farm / slaughterhouse in Texas 2. Rice fields in Southeast Asia.

These questions ” Whose Anthropocene? ” came from the seminar of looking at things from the African contexts… and a breakout group led by Chaz Maviyane-Davies… a brilliant artist, designer and “consciousness hacker” from Zimbabwe, now teaching in Boston  … more on that in the next piece.

One resonating lesson from him was: “put it all down, try things out, you can always take things out later”… which helped us get over the writing blocks of the last days and overcome the feelings that the task to process the complexities here were too daunting !