Dismalware² + XLterrestrials + CiTiZEN KiNO #39 …

June 6th, 2014


Coming Soon to Supermarkt-Berlin ( june 7 preview ) and Panke ( June 25 full episode ) …

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< 07.06 > Dismalware v.2 w/ Telekommunisten, Monochrom, XLterrestrials, at Supermarkt – Berlin, 19:00h doors open

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< 25.06 > CiTiZEN KiNO# 29 : Who Killed Bambi’s Internet ? at Panke, Berlin

A Special Berlin premiere at Dismaleware v2 of…


More on film here at Monochrom site.

And an excellent write-up on the film by Bonni Rambatan at the Telekommunisten site ! ( apparently one of their most trafficked posts of late )…  XLterrestrials are looking fwd to more of his writing…  follow here @Bonni07

And there’s already talk of a Dismalware3… we only await Kubrick’s green light before we go into production mode…



Bringing the Over-Mediated back to life…

May 30th, 2014


{ Rabih Moure’ , HKW 2010 }

We Really didn’t want to get sucked into another festival/conference right now. We’ve been feeling a bit on input overload. But we landed at the opening of

< 29.05- 01.06 > HKW’s 3rd Berlin Documentary Forum, Berlin

And now we’re hooked !

Truly an incredible pleasure on opening night to be introduced to the intimate work of Rabih Mroué – the Lebanese stage and film actor, playwright, and visual artist.

Actually we crossed his path in Kassel at Documenta13, but in the flood of so much detached and taxidermied art there it was often difficult to get past the supermarket-aisles-of-culture context, and to see the deeper value of whose actually behind the works and the messages being delivered.

There was no chance of missing a deep relationship to his latest work. All artworld(+showbiz) framings, all artifice was instantly and magically dissolved. Riding The Cloud was a riveting biographical narrative of personal trauma and inspirational overcoming. Rabih’s brother Yasser takes us through a mesmerizing journey of living through Beirut’s Civil War, which is probably as close as “theater” will ever get to the experience of … dramatic pause… having a sniper’s bullet pass through your own brain… and surviving !


{ Yasser Mroue’ HKW 2014 foto by © Marcus Lieberenz }

While that may not sound like everyone’s infotainment-cup-of-tea, it was groundbreaking and profoundly MINDBLOWING art!  And while it might seem there’s no way to sweeten such a harrowing tale, they did manage to leave our spirits on some higher, and more connected, cloud !

Note : The XLterrestrials work in this field of using media in performance ourselves ( CiTiZEN KiNO project ), and what was also impressive for us was the soft balance between the archival mix and Yasser’s presence on stage. Both the video and performative elements were so casual and unimposing, we received the content as though we had just met the Moure’ brothers outside the mediated sector. As if in a local cafe, back on the ground, back within the common human territories.

For more context to the work. read more here.

to be cont.


Meanwhile, catch what you can at the HKW – BDF #3 program now through sunday !

WHat Would Astra Taylor, Glenn Greenwald, You and We Do ?!

May 29th, 2014


{ Note: We’re still processing these two astounding books. This is not a review, but some initial impressions. }

WHat Would Astra Taylor, Glenn Greenwald, You and We (and that bloke in a Congo mine ) Do ?!  – -  Part 1

Often the analysis we receive today about digital culture is as if you are being given a picture of atomic energy after yet another catastrophic spill…  And it’s a picture painted from inside the control room of a rickety spaceship that’s still running on dreams, contracts and promises made by evangelical nuclear physicists and investors. “   XLterrestrials

We had the extraordinary chance to ask Glenn Greenwald about the Cybernetic Regime while he was in town speaking about No Place To Hide. It was just a two or three liner question, not an interview… But the answer was, in our view, not up-to-speed with Astra Taylor’s new ingenious call-to-arms in The People’s Platform – Taking Back Power and Culture in The Digital Age.

But then Glenn has probably been just a Little Busy with reporting from ground zero of the military industrial netplex. Germany’s Die Zeit, which hosted his talk in Berlin, introduced him as “THE Most Important Journalist working today”. And we concur.

Even before the Snowden documents hit, rarely did a week go by without reading an article, dozens of tweets, and/or some other media referencing his dedicated fight for justice in the ubiquitous shadow of abuses by the imperialist tentacle reach. Reports which not only made us consistently smile w/ a renewed faith in journalism, but as if we were reading news now formatted w/ an Oscar Wilde-like wit that provided us with a global poetic solidarity in the struggles ahead.

The question : We were struck by the one part of your story, where you tell us that you did not really trust Edward Snowden’s story until you met him face-to-face in the Hong Kong hotel.  And at that point there was not a single doubt in your mind that he was anyone other than who he claimed to be! … Given all the situations we are now experiencing in a “Cybernetic Regime”, do you think that EVEN WITHOUT the NSA, GCHQ, Five Eyes, etc. we are getting ourselves into serious trouble with the heavy reliance our society puts on technological communications ?!

to be cont.

( the following text is under construction )

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CiTiZEN KiNO #38: Catzilla Clips Forever !

May 27th, 2014


< 28.05 > Another episode of cinema and digital territories hacked by the XLterrestrials for all your tactical pleasures ! CiTiZEN KiNO #38: Catzilla Clips Forever ! at Panke., Wedding-Berlin. 21:00h …

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ABOUT : Citizen Kino is an experimental hybrid of expanded cinema, theater happening and cultural resistance. WARNING: You may be engaged beyond the media bits for a fully embodied detournement !

dr. Podinski, a psychomedia analyst from the XLterrestrials arts+praxis
group, navigates a specially curated collection of audio/visual materials
on topics related to planetary survival and kicking the habits of the
corporate mediated cult !

Sometimes we have special ninja guests, and sometimes we depend on YOU to push US to go where no ART KiNO FORUM has gone before !

For more info on themes presented for CK#38 ( and previous shows) check out the Podopolog Organism HQ:
end transmission.

The Balkan Floods : Arts In Action + resources

May 24th, 2014



People in the Balkans are no doubt still reeling from the floods. So many left homeless, many losing all their possessions, city infrastructures in chaos, etc. All this to people who are still piecing together their countries after the war which tore them apart in the 90s.

And the flooding appears from our distant view, far worse than the Katrina devastation in 2005, which was so widely covered in the media. And it took an incomprehensible couple days before global media covered this catastrophe ( Oh yeah that happened w/ Katrina too ). And it’s hardly covering the urgent need for help now ( Oh yeah, same as Katrina, the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Fukushima province, etc etc… )

We’ll try and make a list of resources of where you can make donations below, along with some socio-political analysis,  and climate-f*ck issues as well.


Last night in Berlin – 23.05 – was an inspiring solidarity action event Folk The Flood at Antje Oeklesund in Friedrichshain to support all those in need. Assembled in only 2-3 days, more than a dozen acts, musicians + djs came together, and the house was at maximum capacity.

Raising nearly 1,500 euros and 55 boxes full of donated goods .

That’s arts and community in action !


One of the organizers Carla aka StereoChemistry made some of the usual cynical jokes about F*cking Facebook, rightly so, as she described organizing the event in such a short time, but it was obviously an essential took to make it a success…

And then this morning we awoke with our own usual addictions to the web, and necessities as an arts+media org , and pondered it further …

It surely wouldn’t have flown so well w/o this Fbook thing. So many of us are linked there. BUT more importantly it wouldn’t have happened w/o the historical Autonomous Zones of Rigaerstr. and the people who kick it as artists + freaks there… And w/o the physical non-commercial spaces like Antje Oeklesund existing.

In otherwords, FBook, yur Still a parasitical piece of Zuckerlogical tech-shite most of the time, fully dependent upon WE The Creative PEEPS for all yur slimey leeching ways !

Hopefully we will develop some sort of autonomous zones on the internet again soon, because the issues of a corporation wielding so much power over our communications cannot be understated. yes, we are permitted the possibilities to organize projects aiding a catastrophe, but what about initiating the actions required to prevent environmental catastrophes ahead.  Just one example of many territories that are likely to become untenable in Zuckerberg-Land as the global crises expand.

to be cont…


Some # poplave2014 resources:





Very quickly assembled, we’ll come back for more soon…  And send us yours !

Tactical Media + Tactical Presence ! ( Berlin Past + Egypt Present )

May 19th, 2014


We’re just catching up on the films of MARCO WILMS… somehow we’ve managed to miss them until now.

If you’re in Berlin this week, now’s your chance to get your fill, a serious dose of resistance culture, brought to you in tactical technicolor and practically dripping from the screen w/ current news …

ART WAR features a variety of tactical artists from Egypt, including Ganzeer, who is NOW under serious threat in Egypt, having been accused of working with the Muslim Brotherhood… Follow the news at Perpetuum Mobile ( and on FB at: Perpetuum Mobil? ) and at #Ganzeer


{ Ganzeer at work }

The next 3 days you can catch almost all of Wilms’ works, and discussions, w/ him in attendance.

< 19-22.05 > Radical Frame Films – Marco Wilms – At Lichtblick Kino in Prenzlauerberg.

Arrive early, it’s a cozy micr0-cinema, which can, and probably will, sell out fast.

We’d like to write about our impressions of his brilliant and complex document of Berlin in the 90s – MITTENDRIN, infused w/ a biting GDR – eastern – view, but we’ll have to come back for that …

” Mittendrin is bad ass ! Should be REQUIRED viewing for all Berlin transplants who missed the 80s/90s/00s … and even those who passed thru it in a wild blur, and are Still wondering What The Fuck Happened ! ” Dr.Podinski – XLt + CiTiZEN KiNO analyst



Further Into The Wild Digital Industries ? #rp14

May 8th, 2014


{ 367 views and many reposts }



{ 1, 514 views + a flood of spectacle media + digi-citizen reposts }



{ 335 views, and ? reposts }

#rp14 / re:publica14

So, to begin, a slight disclaimer, we are covering #rp14 from a safe distance!

1. We have lots of other pressing work to take care, so we are not physically there to gather perspectives 2. We have covered RP many times now, even worked for them once, but what is missing for us is a deeper critical analysis of digital culture itself, and the lack of Technotopian, Machine-Spectacle Colonization + Cybernetic Regime critiques.

As Chris Hedges calls it, in a broader sociological context: The Empire Of Illusion. And is ANYONE expressing an emotional and center stage contempt for the conference’s own alignment and compromises w/ corporate IT companies ?!  … w/ the exception of a penetrating but brief off-the-cuff intro comment in Evgeny Morozov’s talk:

RT ::: “I see that [data +] capitalism is represented in spirit by all the [corporate]  logos behind my back.” @morozov #rp14 http://youtu.be/XpbpJiUJ2fM

Daimler, Microsoft, Evian, Deutsche Bank, Vodaphone… ( please check out their partners list, as there’s probably a few other unsavory things in there. ).  Some years ago this would have made such a conference Not credible to hackers and activists. Why does this pass for credibility for most attendees now ?!!

One sample rant: plastic bottled water is FUCKING STUPID ! Let’s Stop participating in it NOW ! ( easier said then done, we know. Attendees, this is also on your shoulders to DO Different ! )

[  We are just catching wind of the Yes Men-like Google Nest prank performance, which did happen on one of the main stages, but not sure that extends to a critique of Re:publica itself. )


So, before we take more backseat "potshots" and longviews from afar,  we do respect many on the RP crew for bringing into the public discourse many extremely complex topics which are so urgent to navigating a healthier and collaborative human path ! And we noticed the RP organization making a clear solidarity statement in support of asylum in Germany for Edward Snowden.



Unable to give time for a serious and thorough essay on the matters here in this one (another unpaid) blog ... but our ongoing work w/ XLterrestrials and the CiTiZEN KiNO project is full of attempts to articulate a robust theory, and possible forms of resistance to the, let's call them, the over-mediated environments.

[ And if these topics are of concern to you, we would appreciate your support, links, feedback, etc. ; It has not been an easy road, to get exposure. ]

But here, we can give you just a quick slice ( as it goes with Twitter exchange ) of one of our major problems w/ Re:publica’s positioning in the digital industries :

RT ::: Peter Weibel : We can’t know yet how the global security junta will turn out, or the effects of colonialization of data worlds. #rp14

RT ::: XLterrestrials : What seems to be lacking in the Technotopian #rp14 Happy Meal is that data worlds ARE the colonization … of intelligent life forms.

[ thanks to RP coverage bits by @nadia_z , and note, we have yet to absorb the full lecture by Mr. Weibel ]

Re:publica has been at this game since 2007. Its producing team New Thinking a bit longer (?). What amazes us – sometimes – is that very smart Net Culture builders didn’t see this “Junta” coming… Cybernetics and its technocratic ( even techno-fascist) evolutions were and are all about a Control + Management Society. As it was all being installed by wild west commercial enterprise … What The Fuck Did You Expect ?!

And STILL there’s some kind of bizarre reformist attitude, that if it wasn’t for corrupt govts, bad corporations, NSA, BND, GCHQ, etc. a digital society would be all hunky dory progress.

Actually a mass mediated society brings with it a wide-range of questions + problems all by itself…  At the very least, where the hell are the communication theories of The Frankfurt School in all this Berliner Digi-Pop ?! … For example.

In any case, clearly a shift in the “new thinking” is beginning to occur … we are no longer so in love with our machines … and increasingly appalled by the latest invasive sales pitching … entirely distrusting of the operating systems…. And that’s already turning into some Very Interesting manifestations of discontent !

And hmm, maybe by 2020, if there’s anything still left of corporate empire and Silicon Valley, re:publica will have caught up to Situationist theory … and the Occupy movement ;)

Well there’s so much more that we would like to get into … Thus far we would highly recommend SPREADING the talks by Morozov and Alexa O’Brien’s interview w/ Sarah Harrison !

Many, many more archives online… sure to be other worthy + tactical bits in the mix… Respex to all the archiving tech team !

Here’s one quick insight into a seemingly small bit of evidence on how the conference for digital devotees slips into synch w/ the corporate agendas… the audio-visual and data-slick view…

The little trailers for the lectures are cleverly designed. A scene from a peaceful forest in a juicy high-res slow gliding frame, which then suddenly stutters and glitches…This is Not a scene from nature at all, it’s a hyperreal mediated and remote specimen of our DIS-engagement. Kind of a cool, poetic rendering of the ever-present mindfuck of displacement! But is it critique or another cool detached techie wink. Nowhere in the program, that we’ve seen, is anyone posing the kind of critical questions ( environmental, psychological, sociological, anti-corporate-capitalist, neurological, pedagogical, indigenous rights, 3rd world exploitations, etc. ) which would confront this freaky malfunctioning relationship…

It brings to mind Corey Doctorow’s techno-evangelist talk last year at rp13, his enthusiasm and ‘inevitability’ for the internet-of-things, everything connected ( by code ) w/ little challenge or debate from the fawning technotopian rp crowd.

What does it mean as we – as a civilization – undergo a severe shift, a virtual migration ( or deportation) from a diversity of cultures to the homogenous digital/cybernetic logic … The increasing dominance and impositions of digital culture on all spheres of life !? Is this a precarious separation from the “natural world” ( warning: a loaded debate, where high-tech western bias dominates ), a separation from our actual habitat, from all other living species, and from the fully embodied human experiences, which will often naturally inform us w/o delays + abstractions of the fuller folly of our parasitic and plundering ways ?

These questions are often too contrary to the view of “technological progress” , too wild, and not relevant to tech and social media conference biz, and to the technology+consumer-driven economies, and to all the techno fixer solutionists !

But without posing them to the makers, tweakers and laborers and users,  to all the global citizens ( and not just those at the forefront of the gadget-empowered ) now in the claws of a data-crunching and data-colonizing, and we might add data-terrorizing operating system, we will continue to be at a loss in regards to what’s going so disturbingly wrong. And perhaps incapable of accessing meaningful tactical manuevers in response.

Other random and often prickly impressions can be found by XLterrestrial analysts – i.e. dr.podinski, @podinski

Added: This article from The Earth Island Institute on The Anthropocene concept is definitely related to the analysis / angle above…

RT ::: The Anthropocene. It’s Not All About Us. We need to recognize we share the planet with millions of other life forms http://www.commondreams.org/view/2014/05/08

Added: Pretty difficult to get the drift of rp14 from the 1st 3-day scoop, it’s so densely packed w/ talks, but as we catch up on some more interesting voices, mostly powerful women from a little outside the tech development sector  … Maybe there is Far More agitation then techno solutionism than in previous years… still absorbing, but here’s a couple … Saskia Sassen and Laurie Penny

If you have some other tips or feedback for us, please send …


UKR Situations + Resources v.1

May 5th, 2014



{ Eastern UKR map from WSJ article, red dots – areas of unrest }

We guess it’s been seriously on the brink of war for some time, but this morning’s news of helicopters shot down over Slavyansk seems to indicate a frightening escalation, with Putin saying “Ukraine’s action against Slavyansk has destroyed the last hope of the Geneva agreement ” ( Guardian ).

Time to create a little UKR resource page, and hope that it helps citizens, peace activists and journalists in their efforts to pull this story away from the trajectory of the superpowers’ agendas, nationalistic divisions and conflict zones.


- Guardian Live Blog

- WSJ map + Satellite imagery

Editorials + Analysis

- It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to the brink of war, Seumas Milne

- Marx’s last stand: Eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Golstein

- Red Lines in Ukraine and Elsewhere, Noam Chomsky

Useful Twitter Feeds:

#Ukraine, #Slovyansk, #Slavyansk, #Donetsk, #Crimea, #Luhansk, #Kramatorsk, #NATO, #Kremlin

( in no particular order )

Journos ( a mixed bag ) :

Truthout@truthout / Maxim Eristavi @MaximEristavi
/ max seddon @maxseddon / Yannis Koutsomitis@YanniKouts / Rixstep News @rixstepnews / Brown Moses@Brown_Moses / Kyiv Post@KyivPost / grasswire@grasswire / Asteris Masouras@asteris / Ruptly@Ruptly / RT@RT_com/ Emma Wells@Emmawells1 / Myroslava Petsa@myroslavapetsa / / Christopher Miller @ChristopherJM ( Kvivpost) / GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP / Mark MacKinnon@markmackinnon / BBC News (World) @BBCWorld / SPIEGEL ONLINE alles ?@SPIEGEL_alles / Abby Martin ?@AbbyMartin

A Bit Random ( wingnuts and/or genius ;) :

@euromaidan / rouge68 / Ukraine Scholars@UkraineScholars / AutonomousOperations@YourRevoCentral / uacrisis@uacrisis

This is all quickly thrown together , so please tell us if we have perhaps wrongly categorized, or YOU have some incredible resources of your own to share w/ us …

Added: Crisis spreads to # Odessa

Howard Amos@howardamos /

( live stream : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/t1merodessavideo ? )

more coming soon!

CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-filet” … Coming soon ! ( Berlin + Leipzig )

May 3rd, 2014


< 24.4 > CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-Filet” at Panke, Berlin – 21:00h

< 03.5 >  CiTiZEN KiNO #37 : “X-Filet v.2″ – 1st time in Leipzig ! … at the Autodidaktische Initiative, ( Georg-Schwarz-str. 19 ), 20:00h

Calling all CiTiZENs ! Help shape the next C-KiNO… Join us on the Pirate Pad, help assemble our themes, suggest some must-see media bits, and see what sources we’ve compiled so far !

+ the Fedbook invite

Our topics for this episode of CiTiZEN KiNO begin with an image of the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex ( above ), which was built in the 60s during Cold War 1.o.

“Built at a cost of six billion dollars in North Dakota, the site was a massive complex of missile silos, a giant pyramid-shaped radar system, and dozens of launching silos for surface-to-air missiles tipped with thermonuclear warheads. It included a PAR “backscatter radar” site, designed to follow missiles being fired from Russia, which it would shoot down over Canada.”

Some reports say it was operational for only 3 days, others less than a year… After which it was flooded, and now stands as a monument of the utter waste and stupidity of the Military Industrial Complex, and a planet where faction governments spiral into technological power games and bizarre necrophilic fetishes, which are ultimately useless to society and our survival in the 21c.

As we navigate beyond the Cold War 2.o, we”ll explore a wide range of media bits with you to imagine how we might shift into higher grade life forms !


Some media inputs that we’ll be showing excerpts from include…

: : 1971 the film ( about the Citizen’s Commission To Investigate The FBI , trailer only)

: : “Come back. A story we wrote together.” about Enric Duran – the “guerrilla
banker” – and the social movements in Spain. ( Article + Link to film )

: : Michael C. Ruppert’s doc for VICE: Apocalypse, Man ( 2013, youtube link )

: : Fascism Inc. ( the new film from the makers of Catastroika )

: : The Gospel According to St Derek ( new doc on Derek Jarman, who died 20
years ago this week – Guardian article and link to doc )

: : Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl (2014) by Monochrom

: : And too many strange and inspiring shorts to list here… BUT here’s one Killer Teaser for CK#37… new from EastCross, A tribute to Berlin Street Art part 3

: : Plus the extraordinary book “Empire of Illusion” by Chris Hedges (2009),
a “society of spectacle”- like vivesection of a cultural cul de sac
from the former NY Times war journalist w/ a spiritually sharpened twist.

AND in other news… from our recent explorations in Poland :


While researching for upcoming shows we spotted this MINDBLOWING work in the city outskirts … haven’t had time yet to translate, polish speakers out there could you please help ! very very very curious ! … click foto to enlarge, must see in FULL, it’s a masterpiece ! Artist(s) not yet identified. By the incredible Lump from Lodz.

Charles Eisenstein’s Talk Of Generosity, Miracles and New Stories. Stockholm Syndrome Alert !?

April 26th, 2014


Last night we went with an open mind to check out what author Charles Eisenstein had to say ( currently on a short Germany tour ) …

In general, we like his idea of ‘amateur economists’ and Sacred Economics ( the title of one of his books ), primarily because the language of academic or professional economic theory can be PAINFUL , especially if it’s not your bag! With the typical elite constructions which make it difficult for the everyday citizens to enter the maze, and tinker !

And we desperately need fresh perspective, new narratives and DIY initiatives in the realm of one of those root social+political issues/structures which has us locked into a deadly, losing game.

If one were to pick the top factors which are driving human beings off the cliff, economics is probably issue #1. And to get out of the current operating system is a massive challenge, in part because there are powerful interests, dedicated and entrenched efforts to keep us locked in.

We first learned about C.Eisenstein’s work through Daniel Pinchbeck and Reality Sandwich… a place where a genuine and positive spirituality ( often infused with the wisdom of and solidarity with indigenous cultures)  is mixed with activism… and sometimes psychedelics and neuropolitique… And attempts, platforms and experimentation to create new vision and consciousness upgrades are tried and supplied.

Spirituality does not often mix well with hard left and oppositional activism, and secular logic. But we XLterrestrials remain open for a wide-range of exploration in these realms, because the western paradigms are truly limited (and extremely arrogant) in their understanding of the non-rational and non-quantifiable aspects of being, consciousness and the full scope of living organisms. Logic and Reductionism have been powerful tools, instrumentalized to drive the “conquest of nature”, and the separation of humans from their habitat and eco-systems. Things which C.E. is doing well to expose and pinpoint as another root cause of our fucked scenario and dismal state of global, social dysfunction.

But, to cut to the chase, where his talk went into New Age Mode for us, was when he tried to steer away from obvious social struggles, the inherent conflicts, the oppositions to liberation… as if New Vision alone can save the day !

And in response to our statements about needing to act in solidarity, to participate in cultures of resistance, and to consider the scenarios that Do absolutely require civil disobedience, he went off on faraway anecdotes like: a Rwandan woman who forgave the general who slaughtered her entire family and she served him soup, and he was changed…

It was suddenly like some christian evangelical messenger took over the discourse, and, for us, an intolerable pathology of pacifism was obscuring the reality of the situations … and obfuscating the challenges ahead.

And that was time for us to walk out !

We are in extremely dangerous times, where there is IN FACT a 1% which is obstructing – w/ militarized force, legal force, by any force necessary (i.e. state terrorism) – the possibilities of a more intelligent and more sharing, connected, intelligent society.

Actual people, not abstractly evil, rather people precisely calculating to retain their power, and actively exploit the various systems, situations and psychologies, etc. to increase their control and dominance. Their objectives undeterred could quite possibly, if they haven’t already, produce a period of mass extinction and global scale survival-of-the-fittest – i.e. fascist – endgame.

This is a subtle and complex topic, and one we can’t easily discuss so openly in an online blog format easily… frankly…

But to begin:

Today we witnessed a city in action, a city with a terrible history of fascism, and a city with strong resistance movements and an informed and engaged public ready to fight for human rights and justice. ANTIFA groups , average citizens and even a couple concerned politicians came together to prevent a right-wing party and brazenly racist march in Berlin, and they were entirely successful – by sheer numbers, and probably for that reason, without the need of violence – in shutting this shit down !

Roughly 6,000 people to give you a clearer picture ! Read more at TAZ ( auf De ).

added: And this video at RT

to be cont…

- work-in-progress -


{ in Berlin, April 26 }


This pic from Bogota which went viral during the Occupy days, was also used on some website to advertise one of C.E.s talks…  though not clear if it was made by him or those hosting the talk…

Probably not the free hugs you were looking for… And the meme hints at something akin to “what’s wrong w/ this picture?”,  hitting a nerve , an instinct that we are still unravelling… analyzing…