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Upcoming dates + projects which could use your support:

25.07.13 - Citizen Kino #27
- and every Last Thursday of the month at Panke venue - Berlin

12.09.13 - Citizen Kino's Dr Podinski, guest speaker for
Transmediale's reSource 006 event and open debate,  venue TBA.

12-15.08.13 Citizen Kino presents… ( tentative )
at MM Kamp + Putujuci slobodni radio, Croatia

+ every tues. night dj/vj/xj Podinski
at Telekommunisten Stammtisch at Buchhandlung Cafe, Berlin

+ FALL TOUR - XLterrestrials media education -
landing in North America - ( in development )


We are developing a variety of media education projects which attempt to initiate serious engagement w/ urgent social situations. Dialogues, debates, info-and-skills sharing, organizing communities and actions, responding.

Primarily, this involves expanding upon our CiTiZEN KiNO series, which is a participatory cinema environment to investigate and explore a wide range of crucial topics. We have been experimenting with this format for over 2 years, now reaching close to 30 shows. And we wish to take it to schools and on a North American tour, where perhaps an educational intervention is most urgently needed to turn media environments into more constructive information processing… and applying it to ( community ) action.

We have more projects we will in the coming days share with you here. And hope that you will contact us if you can support us financially or wish to collaborate with us.

See our ” Kickstarter ” page for more details.

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For Transmediale Festival’s  Vorspiel + Re:source program:

< 25.01.13 > CitiZen Kino : “20th Century Fix, social media for social bodies is retro-hackable “at Naherholung  Sternchen, Berlin

< 27.01.13 > CitiZen Kino : “20th Century Fix, social media for social bodies is retro-hackable “ …  14:00h a sunday brunch matinee ( all ages ) …  + 20:00h  an evening Adult X version at Panke, Berlin

The XLterrestrials present an all new Citizen Kino :

“20th Century Fix: social media for social bodies is retro-hackable !”

w/ special guests, to be announced.

Citizen Kino is a hybrid of cinema, theater and digital culture, where we collectively navigate the topical storms and/or currents. An ongoing experimental format performed in a variety of venues.

In this version specially written and curated for TRANSMEDIALE’s BWPWAP, we explore the possibilities of retro-hacking. As the trajectory of internet and digital culture has produced a dangerous and/or unwinnable corporate landscape in opposition to organisms living in chaotic, diverse and collaborative social settings, we seek an emergency exit. This is no steampunk fantasy, not a hypothetical or sci-fi exercise, but an extreme tactical maneuver.

In 1908, Charles Pathe’, the son of a butcher shop owner, invented the newsreel in France. By the 21st century, the medium had devolved into such artless and disconnected spectacles, so removed from consensus reality, that a so-called information society began to resemble the blind and automatic mimicry of a crippling malware. C-Kino goes back in retrospex to change the course of those early gatherings in the dark to create another kind of collective and interventionist ‘newsreal’ experience.

< On 25.01 > Afterwards at Sternchen, we’ll be hosting an afterparty w/ Djs, Vjs and Xjs…  to be announced. Til late.

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