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For CiTiZEN KiNO info + booking, contact Paolo : pod (at) xlterrestrials (dot) org or by tel. +49 0157.5867.4013 ( sms only )

XLterrestrials present **CiTiZEN KiNO**

This is Not another program for more media consumption, Not another
downloading of hypnotic bits in a deluge of irrealities. This is A DECLARATION OF MEDIA SELF-DEFENSE !

CiTiZEN KiNO is a (touring) film, internet and theater hybrid. We screen a rare collection of art films, tactical media, and a fresh harvest of the planet’s strangest and/or most relevant digital behaviors ( from the net ). We mix it all up into a Live interactive performance art event that turns the act of viewing media – watching -  into a profound and participatory mirror of our “media-massaged” lives…  in these precarious “Technotopian” times.

CiTiZEN KiNO is a series, and each new chapter investigates a new theme or situation in this intensely mediated environment.

One possible scenario: Dr. Podinski and special XLterrestrial guests, a variety of underground + local artivists playing the sci-fi “psycho-media analysts” ( the panelists, researchers, professors, artists, amateurs ) from the future, who lecture on earthlings – ( the audience-on-the-couch ? ) …  who may be in danger of vanishing into the thin media air… or can be awoken to collective and tactical response!


the CiTiZEN KiNO series thus far:


( -needs updating- we have now presented more than 40 episodes – follow the podopolog for current programs )

#19 : … coming sooon !

#18.2: Citizen Soup, Occupy A Place Called Home 

#18.1 : Citizen Soup, Let’s Play Bank

#18 : Economic Hoodoo

#17 : Society Of The Psy-pOp-tacle

#16.1 : Technotopia/Dystopia(for Documenta13)

#16 : Technotopia/Dystopia or Garden-i-fication is Elsewhere !

#15: Viddy Me Well, Big Lil’ Brother

#14: Electric Sheep Revisited

#13 : “We Want the Whole F*ckin Bakery !” ( Tribute to Rosa )

2010 -2011 :


#12 : “Occupy The Cinema”

#11.1 : “The Screen is Not The Territory”

#11.o : “Media Implosion”

#10 : Animal Spirits vs. Hackers in Space

#9 : “Ground Control to Major Tom ”

#8: Don’t Just Click There, DO SOMETHING !

#7: Electric Sheep Revisited

#6: If Not Mutants, Then Who ?

#5: Replicant Memories (part2), Enjoy !

#4: Replicant Memories ( part 1 ) Voigt-Kampff Test v.2

#3: a 2DH5 tactical media special (Netherlands)

#2 : “Now We Play For Real (Money)!”

#1: Launch !


Excerpt from CiTiZEN KiNO funding proposals in 2010/2011:

XLterrestrials present CiTiZEN KiNO

Proposal :

Working in the framework of a project called “CiTiZEN KiNO ” launched this fall in Berlin, we propose an experimental, expanded and web-integrated format of public screenings, which takes into account the full spectrum of the New Media Ecology.

The concepts for C-KiNO performances grow out of nearly two decades of work with theater, media arts and activism and is the latest production from the XLterrestrials, an arts and praxis group which was co-founded in San Francisco in 2005.

Research regarding our society’s deep immersion into a frenzied marketplace of technological advances, unveils a growing body of alarming works ( Morozov, Jodi Dean, Carr, Rushkoff, Lanier, David Golumbia, … Astra Taylor, Geert Lovink, César Rendueles,  etc. ) urging an inquiry: How do we navigate this deluge of new media in order to survive the 21st century… with our humanity intact ?! ” Along with offering a platform for such questions, we develop a feedback system for Media Self-Defense, not without a durable humor component.

Cinema was the last century’s grand art of communication. And hardly has it diminished as a powerful social mirror. And as the form migrates to digital territories, it remains a central code and grammatical user-interface (i.e. clips). We create an opportunity to back up, to re-examine, to tweak this download-only, spectator medium. As a primary building block of the many-tentacled communications of the Web, with all its potentials and dangers, we set a new course for increased co-produced experiences, in one of the world’s favorite social settings.

Now transformed into a participatory theater, an XLterrestrial host, Dr. Podinski ( various actors/performers ) plays a “psychomedia analyst” and guides the cinema content (playlist). But passivity is consistently interrupted and the program flows are navigated collectively.  C-Kino thus projects an open “operating system” onto the broader social current.

Recently at the alternative Copenhagen Klima Forum, concerned citizens arrived upon a very telling new directive. Attending to such social challenges today is less about fighting symptoms such as climate change, than about creating a “system change”. Our work with arts + media in a variety of formats have given us some unique perspective to unravel one of the root causes of our individual and civic disenfranchisement.

CiTiZEN KiNO is designed to go to the heart of changing “operating systems” because it works with the dominant code of current social organization, and brings us and our communities back from the abstract, the virtual, the disorienting and endless elsewheres. We rebuild the value and sum experience of group participation in realtime social situations.


{ Simpsons / Citizen Kane }

Note: CiTiZEN KiNO takes its name from one of the more pioneering media makers of the 20th century. It has been noted by many that Citizen Kane may be one of the greatest films of all time, but one is seldom reminded that Orson Welles most spectacular feat was that he managed to critique and deconstruct the life of one of the most powerful media moguls of the times, via a roman a clef, a story about real events and real people under the disguise of fictional characters. Perhaps from a media activist perspective today, one might see it as a soft attack. But as part of a body of work, he broke through the barriers of media control on numerous occasions in radio, theater and film, and can be considered a godfather of media pranksterism, culture jamming, tactical and subversive media.

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