The XLt Glossary

The XLt Glossary:

* rupert pupkinism

{Informal, small dog craving for power [Greek pup + kin Old English cyn relative, family ] }

1. n. the act(s) of doing whatever it takes to be a most thoroughly annoying celebrity
2. the metamorphosis of mental + social irritants into lucrative entertainment

Rupert Pupkin is a character in Martin Scorsese’s King Of Comedy played by Robert De Niro, which is nearly a sequel of his Travis Bickle role in Taxi Driver, recreated as tragicomedy.

* psychotronic

The term “psychotronic” originates from a film made by Jack M. Sell and Peter G. Spelson in Chicago called “The Psychotronic Man” in 1980, at a time when the reigning mayor Daly refused film permits to most artists. The film was shot illegally and later became the term for a genre of films that are traditionally ignored or ridiculed by mainstream critics.

Xlterrestrials upgrade the concept to present interventionist + subculture media at a time when society may be drowning in the entertainment industry’s deluge of Entirely Useless Media.

* transmigration

It’s a long story … but imagine if reincarnation ever became a Walmart prescription, you’d probably need another box of odorizers for your next life.

* the technotopian Bacon

It’s a long story … but check this quote : “I am come in very truth leading to you Nature with all her children to bind her to your service and make her your slave.” Novum Organum, by Francis Bacon 1620. In case you’re wondering how we got into this 21c MESS, more plog here and here.

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