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[ Hmmm, a project idea started in 2006/7 ? We'd like to come back to this eventually, in any case still great music tips below , if you haven't already played them to death while drooling over the sexy album inserts, ahem, that should come along with the torrent downloads : ) ]

We’ll soon be collecting some current playlists from djs and musika-heads at the epicenters around the planet and the far peripheries…( from Mexico DF to San Fran to Berlin to Barcelona to Brooklyn to Istanbul to ??? ) stay tune …

Meanwhile here’s a Podopolog special platter of hot tracks from dj Podski (XLTs), in no particular order, well 4 now these are mostly just links to the myspace corporate shithole ( ok, spare ya the full rant ), but we’ll be back to mix em up and serve em fresh elsewheres soon, maybe up at Musica Para Espias/Possible Worlds, which is being re-animated after some downtime :

Nomad Sound System’s debut album, ‘no w. peace’ track. It’s all about next levels of multi-kulti , with a Rai base, ingenious and not overbearing program weavings by Tomoki Ikeda, passionate vocals by Karim Sfaxi, and all-around tight fusion from some of the phattest corners of the globe converging here in Berlin’s ethno underground.

Bartosz Waglewki aka Fisz – anything ! highlighted tracks coming soon.

Fosforo’s version of Guerra (Bob Marley). This highly-charged Atzlan LA-based no borders ensemble just recently played for an Immigrant Rights Mayday gathering in Echo Park, the one where the storm troopers marched in to beat down the rise of the Latino majority voices of the metropolis… but one which surely cannot be silenced in the long run! Read about it at La.indymedia.org and there’s a U-tube clip up from the event.

Maria Peszek from the Miasto Mania Cd, which is also from a theater performance project … someone want to translate any of these jewels for us?? We are soooo curious what genius lurks within that sweet eastern croon. Track #10: “nie mam czasu na seks”, not available for listening at myspace but maybe just as well, as it has a tone that can rip yur heart to shreds…( especially if you just got it on a mixtape from a sister spirit who just left town ), try track #2 “Cmy” a small taste of the pioneering directions and delicate studio crafting at work here.

SoCalled Yiddish hiphop project from Montreal just played SF before heading off on a short european tour which will include the Fusion festival in Berlin… there’s a mad multi-kulti meets oddities fusionist/collager/collector at work here, not to mention a rippingly fun live band. Check out the track : ‘Recce Cicca’ from the debut album GhettoBlaster. Ah and what nectar on vocals on ‘You are never alone’!

Dona Dumitru Siminica, Asphalt Tango label just released Vol. 3 of Sounds From A Bygone Era… Siminica died somewhat in obscurity in the eighties, most probably because he sang many of his unique falsetto ballads of love and lament in the Romani language which was hardly rewarded in the Communist Party-controlled Romania. All hats off to the Tango team for making these nearly vanished treasures of ‘muzica lautareasca’ come to life again in astounding restorations, and the label (most known for their giant Fanfare Ciocarlia releases), has a way of doing history right, i.e their liner notes are rich with deep respects ! Open a bottle of wine and be transported to these re-opened Bucharest portals of the heart. Not available for listening online, but for those in the Bay Area, just noticed the whole Bygone Era series is now available at Amoeba., which probably means the LA store is carrying them as well.

Fun-da-mental From “All Is War” Track # 12 – Srebrenica Massacre. This follow-up “part 2? cd may have stirred so much contention that it required its own label for distro. For those outside the UK it may be available as an online release only (2006), as we haven’t seen a cd of it anywhere. Still previewing it, but so far this track best recalls the composure, emotional precision and masterwork compositions that appeared on “All is Love”. Nation Records founder Aki Nawaz and crew are still unrelentingly bearing witness and waking us up to the global terror of the empire, with beats to shake out any bone of complacency. F-D-M are performing at Sziget festival in Budapest this summer.

Boikutt (Ramallah underground) You don’t need to understand the lyrics cause you can feel the heat pouring from these mostly arabic hiphop tracks, but if u do it can only multiply the charge. Ready-to-use beats and quick-on-the-draw scratches to tear down the walls from whatever side fate has placed you ! Sign of the struggles here, where myspace ( a US-Murdoch mega corporation ) does not list a nation of Palestine, they have filled out the country form appropriately. Try “Qararat” for a quick listen… somewhat reminscent of Ceza from Istanbul to these ears. But even stronger tracks are downloadable on their own site above, where they explore some beautiful downtempo styles on their own liberating territory, like “Sot Ramallah” and don’t miss the international solidarity rousings of “Reporting Live”.

Baba Zula hail from one of the all-time epicenters of merging and/or colliding cultures, Istanbul, a metropolis of 16 million inhabitants, a crossroads of so many tribes, the place itself already plays like a living treasure trove of musical histories. BZ appear to incorporate as many of these influences as possible by collaborating with such a wide variety of artists … celebrated Turkish co-conspirators – clarinettist Hüsnü Senlendirici from Laço Tayfa) and Turkish rock and pop (Özkan Ugur from MFÖ) to far further afield guests like Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke, Sly and Robbie, Mad Professor, Ralph Carney, etc., they are truly emerging with multiple identitiy/genres: “Psychebelly Dance” to “Oriental Dub”. Also experimenting as much with their live performance, when we caught their show in Berlin last year at our favorite livingroom-esque venue Eschschloraque, they played behind a screen and projected themselves from behind as euphoric twisting dervish-silhouettes. We’ve heard them being described as both the Os Mutantes and the Can of the East. Expect the unexpected, this bands burning new global routes while roaming freely thru all those Turkish roots! Try the track “Free Spirit” or “Cecom” ( the 2nd featured in Fatih Akin’s spectacular prize-winning doc of the exploding Istanbul music cultures, Crossing The Bridge ).

Girls United ! We first came across this beautiful black hole poetry crammed into its un-shrinkwrappable music package through a mixdisc given to us during our pirate radio interventions of 2005 as a resident of the Arena venue in Berlin… from “Lifeloop”- Seamus, who also is a core member of Salon Bruit experimental sessions series at K77. We found this fragment of some scapel-like voice reciting Hakim Bey over a soundscape that could have been ripped from 12 different movies, so we plundered it for one step further, another soundtrack for internal films, the “Tele-espiritu” b-side, for Musica Para Espias debut release, and found out much later this was the collective work of Girls United. While not the same track, Pronography Myspace takes the same wild deconstructive venture which recalls the kind of story-telling genius of John Cale/VU’s The Gift perhaps reformatted for out-manouvering our postmodern mass media swan dive into the paved emptiness.

Gipsy.cz’s debut album is probably the first full Romani hip hop album, though the first track we heard to take on this territory was the Terry Hall and Mushtaq Ensemble’s ( “This and That” track from 2003, which was more arabic than roma, though the musicianship ran the gamut…read here). With Gipsy’s headstrong Roma vibes, with an upbeat and Bruce Lee-like fire, you are unlikely to find anything more intoxicatingly danceable this year (or last year)! I was first alerted to this work by dj Shazam whose been grabbing up some samplers from his last visits to Womex fest in Spain. Also Gipsy’s “Life of a Roma” was featured on the first Kaffee Burger sampler V.1 put out by Duplikat. Unfortunately you can’t get a full dose from any of these at Gipsy’s site, but short exceprts, like “7 to 8? can cause immediate addiction! And “Maultin” with a mix of english, romani, and czech lyrics is probably our favorite, though the free clip won’t even get past the lead-in where the shit really starts to fly.

more coming soon!

…And got a playlist you’d like to share with us ???

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