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Contact the XLterrestrials here : podinski (at) mailbox ( dot) org

For CiTiZEN KiNO info + booking, contact Paolo ( in subject header )

[ Our old domain contact : pod (at) XLterrestrials (dot ) org is NOT YET repaired ! ]

Indy Arts+Culture and Fertile Resistance Territories urgently need new economic models. Part of that may be citizens with resources to help strengthen our community. If you’d like to become a supporter, patron, donor …. Write us and we’ll send you our *new* patreon or paypal account info for donations… And/or ask us how you can assist in our projects. Thx !



What is an XL Terrestrial ? Can I get abducted here ? Am I already a card-carrying member ? Will there be anything for sale ? Will there be info on how to participate in the escape routes ? Are C-jammers welcome ? And when will the movie be coming out ? All possible answers to come in the Podopolog, all in due time, the monkeys are typing in their cubicles now as you read this.

We wear many different hats. And when we are not obsessed with developing arts + praxis in the lab, we are also performers, theater interventionists, and realtime creatures who like to interact with other creative beings making arts + praxis in-the- flesh.


One of our projects ( available for your events, parties and sustainable insurrections ) that has existed already for aeons :  dj/vj/xj  Pod(s) and the XLterrestrials crew, catering to all sorts of eastern and otherworldly desires.

We have done projects for Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Pergamon Museum, Louvre  and British Museum, Altes Museum, Piranha Events, Ars Electronica, Next Five Minutes, Other Cinema – SF, Arena Berlin, Humboldt University, Transmediale, Haus Der Kulturen , CCC Berlin, Kulturbrauerei, Fusion, CRCA – Center for Research in Computing and the Arts at UCSD, UC Berkeley, Document – Glasgow, No Border camps, Indymedia, … and the list goes on.

Some artists we’ve had the great pleasure to collaborate with: Dj Shazam, Dr. Das ( from ADF) + U-Cef, Dub Gabriel, Master Musicians Of Joujouka, Adam Chalk, DVA, Speed Caravan, Afel Bocoum, Dj Seufo, Nomad Sound System, 17 Hippies, Fran Ilich, Giraff Graf, Christina Voigt, Shulea Chang, Russell Howze, Asaf Zulah, Die.Puntigam, Pedro Zaz, Lillevan, Dmitry Kleiner, Baruch Gottlieb, Francesca Romana Ciardi, Craig Baldwin, Negativeland, Josh Dolgin and So Called, Aziz Sahmaoui & Gnawa University, Hassan Abul Fadl, Malika Zarra, Suki O’Kane + Michael Zelner w/ The Noodles, Jef Stot, Sukhowhat Ali Kahn, Delphine Mae, Ledoh, Jesse Drew, Hans Peter Kuhn, Anne Bogart and Siti Co., George Coates, Tim O’ Brien, Tim Etchells, David Byrne and Dave Eggers, etc… ( someday we’ll make a complete list and not forget anybody ; ).

No, we are NOT connected to the Steve Job’s branch of the Military Entertainment Complex. We have more affinity with whales and dolphins than with corporate beasts, and we have been presenting multi-media and D.I.Y events long before the Apple Empire infringed on our identities. We have been performing as pro-active decon + constructivist artists and culture jammers as Pod(s) and the XLt, i.e. pod, podmosis, podinski, marquis de pod, podski, podska, podopo, ei pod, podpourri, podopolog, etc. etc… and many many collaborators, even before we were fully aware of collective resistance, radical organisms and temporary autonomous zones.

In general most everything on these pages is copyleft, but if yur using it , we’d appreciate hearing about it. And if yur gettin rich off it -haha- we’d like our cut! And if yur gettin high off it, we’d love to hear yur tales and tactical applications!

For further inquiries and requested services:

Contact: pod (at) xlterrestrials (dot) org  Lok (Look above your head, or the top of this page )

And if you have any music, media, wads of cash, love letters, and/or advanced non-violent weaponry that will keep us fully activated and advancing toward positive social change, u can also snail-mail things  …

Please inquire by email to send snail mail to our European “office” in Berlin.

We are now accepting suitcases full of unmarked bills.

Bitcoins? maybe.

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