0.) 2015 ** XLt FUNDRAISER ** YES !




Added: Indiegogo Campaigan has been posponed ! But we are still building on the concepts we discuss here below. And for now, we are still accepting donations via a paypal account. If you want to read more about upcoming XLt plans for the summer 2015 and beyond, click HERE.

The XLterrestrials are coming up on a 10 year anniversary… and it’s been nearly 5 years of producing and developing the CiTiZEN KiNO platform.

We are finally launching an official fundraiser campaign on April 16th in San Francisco at the legendary Artists Television Access ( not really much to do with TV, but a hub of pioneering arts+media for 30 years and home base for Other Cinema and the OCD label ).  To take it FURTHER, and turn it up a few notches !  For those who will be in the SF BAY area, You all are of course invited to the show + party ! And we will send an official invite in the next few days.

Some Info already online at:  http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/?p=13944

Note: We are currently debating switching to another fundraiser platform other than Indiegogo which is currently embroiled in a scandal for not removing a campaign to raise money for a police officer who clearly is seen murdering in cold blood a black man in South Carolina. We hope they will refuse to host this campaign, but if not we are considering GoFundme. Suggestions and feedback welcome. Say tune.


Below is one of the (limited edition) posters you can receive by supporting the CiTiZEN KiNO project, and we’ll be putting more up here for viewing soon ! This image came from CiTiZEN KiNO #9, in 2011 at Filmkunst, Berlin. The poster didn’t exactly exist in this form, but we decided to upgrade some of them for the fundraiser, to project the possibilities of what we can make with a bigger budget and make some juicy art collectibles ;) … And we’ll be revisiting some of those ideas from the past episodes in our future tours.




a portion of our Fundraiser Draft … Feedback Welcome…



to be cont. !

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