The 29th Chaos Congress (29C3) – “Not My Dept.” and E.H.S.M. v.1


{ paranoia warp factor }

Ever since the XLterrestrials have been attending the Chaos Communications Congresses, we’ve had our numerous critiques (and our paranoias well-greased). One XLt angle has often been that those within the IT and coder scenes don’t have or make a clear assessment about the big picture, i.e. who exactly is empowered by these various technological advances, nor attentive perspective on the sociological impacts of the tech worlds on the greater society and environments. BUT if any gatherings have the ability to bring incredible new insights to all the complexities therein, it’s inspiring gatherings like the CCCs.

This year’s title reveals once again that they Do realize things are getting increasingly dangerous. “Not My Department” is a quote attributed to Werner Von Braun ( infamous rocket scientist for both Nazi Germany and later the U.S. ) which we’ll get into more later. For now, here’s the basics to get yourself oriented, and to find the live streams to watch, listen, learn and ANALYZE + ACT from wherever you are:

< 27-30.12 > 29C3 – Chaos Communications Congress, Hamburg


CCC event weblog

the public wiki


Live Streams


more resources coming soon.


< 28-30.12 > E.H.S.M, the 1st Exceptionally Hard and Soft Meeting, Berlin

Originally planned to coincide with 29c3 in Berlin, but the Chaos community made the decision last summer to move to Hamburg to better accommodate the growing #s of attendees ). EHSM now gives a lot of Berliner locals something else to explore close to home. And we’ve  heard of a few preseners who will participate in both. And this premiere event is an interesting expansion of the DIY and Open Source worlds to something perhaps much broader than the IT specifics of CCC.

:: updates + perspectives ::

The # 29c3 keynote by Jacob Appelbaum / @ioerror is now up on YouTube. “Not My Department” –

( that’s heavy stuff ! )

And the OTHer BIG NEWS that hit the CCC community:

RT @BiellaColeman …For those that missed the most important post of 2012 on tech/hackers and gender by @Asher_Wolf here it is again

Respex !

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