CiTiZEN KiNO #20: AhPookalypso


< 21.12.12 > Citizen Kino (#20): Ahpookalypso, the end of the low-grade world, and a beginning of higher consciousness… at the incredible Panke ( also on FBook ) in Wedding. 17:ooh Doors + Soup ( Voku ), 18:30h C-Kino show.

“ 2012, Mayan culture is still here. The end of western civilization began with mass media in 1947.” XLterrestrials

CK#20 Fbook invite




A Possible Playlist:

Excerpts from Joao Amorim and Daniel Pinchbeck’s “2012: Time For Change” —  “Pots, Pans And Other Solutions” ( about the Iceland ‘Revolution’ and/or the revolution Myth ?) — Eugene Jarecki’s ” Why We Fight” , Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto (Blu Ray Xtras), Roland Emmerich’s 2012…

and Xtra bits from Terrence McKenna ( Time Wave) , Evo Morales, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s L’Inca series – an animated trailer,  “Madame Blavatsky Overdrive-Self Replicating Machine Elves “, Zumbakamera , “Ah Pook” animation by Philip Hunt based on W.Burroughs work, Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy ( perhaps the most psychotropic television ever made ), etc…


{ Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy (2012) }

And suggestions always welcome !

PLEASE NOTE: this is an early show, because Citizen Kino is the first performance of the evening. Doors + Soup (Voku) begin at 17:00h. Kino begins at 18:30h, sharp. Afterwards at 21:00h, you are all welcome to stay for Nomass group performance…



A farewell to the old world. Nomass performs an assimilation game tuned on
5 rules, 4 performers, 2 musicians and a survival kit … at 21:00h )

Nomass is: Litsa Kiousi, Marco Wittorf, Vasso Polymeni, Pavlos Kapalas,
Theo Klissiaris and Mathieu Sylvestre.


And no doubt a niice party afterwards…

PANKE, Berlin
Gerichtstrasse 23, Hof 5
13347 Berlin

ALSO … for upcoming CiTiZEN KiNOs- see our *new* news page

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