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{ L’Incal by Jodo and Moebius }

News hits the webstreets that the psychomagician himself is coming to Berlin in Feb for Transmediale Festival … Jodorowsky “will discuss his epic sci-fi comics oeuvre L’Incal, originally conceived with the artist Moebius in the late 1970’s. The conversation with Jodorowsky will be followed by a sci-fi and Jodoverse tinged performance double-bill from Demdike Stare and Gatekeeper. Dates TBA.

the source: TM 2013 highlights



{ 20th Century Fix }

And XLterrestrials will also be presenting new and special editions of CitiZen Kino

< 25.01.13 > CitiZen Kino : “20th Century Fix, social media for social bodies is retro-hackable “at Naherholung  Sternchen, Berlin

< 27.01.13 > CitiZen Kino : “20th Century Fix… “ …  14:00h a sunday brunch matinee ( all ages ) …  AND 20:00h  an evening Adult X version at Panke, Berlin

In this version specially written and curated for TRANSMEDIALE Festival (BWPWAP theme), we explore the possibilities of retro-hacking. As the trajectory of internet and digital culture has produced a dangerous and/or unwinnable corporate landscape in opposition to organisms living in chaotic, diverse and collaborative social settings, we seek an emergency exit. This is no steampunk fantasy, not a hypothetical or sci-fi exercise, but an extreme tactical maneuver.

And that’s not all:

< 21.12.12 > Citizen Kino (#20): Ahpookalypso, the end of the low-grade world, and a beginning of higher consciousness… at the incredible Panke (Fb link) in Wedding.

See More at CiTiZEN KiNO news page



{ Start-up City, Beware ! }

And more news on the state of the Btropolis….

We are always a little suspicious when we receive news from friends thousands of miles away which paints a picture of developments in our own neighborhood(s)…

Guardian UK weighs in on Berlin as the new BIG startup sector…

How poor but sexy Berlin has tapped talent to be Europe’s startup capital

Standby, we’re working on an article to analyze the situations, and we’ll try to be constructive, as this can mean many positive things… and we are NOT anti-progress and increased economic opportunities,  but then someone has to give the BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAMS version…

To begin with, whenever someone writes “tapped” and “startup capital” in the same sentence , u can be pretty sure it translates to INCREASED EXLPOITATION !

Mind you, many XLterrestrials were in San Francisco’s Mission District when Silicon Tsunamis (2 times) wiped out 50% of the arts spaces, and pushed all the non-winners to the 4 winds ( including octogenarians getting evicted to make way for the flow of enhanced gold-digger greed ) and essentially turning a beloved neighborhood to Starfuck’s dust.

And we believe there is already an advisory neighborhood committee forming to protect Btropolis residents from Ashton Kutcher projects ; )


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