CiTiZeN KiNO #19: The Naked Net Lunch, or Economic Hoodoo Part 2


Yeah, Photographer Hal’s zeitgeist-ly shrinkwrapped couples have been hitting the web and sucking in our eyes for about a year… ok, so we’re a little late to recognize its scalpel-like social commentary… … but wait til you see where we’re going with this…

The Naked Net Lunch


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< Thurs. 29.11 > Citizen Kino presents The Naked Net Lunch ( or Economic Hoodoo Part 2 ) at Die Kuglebahn, Berlin – 20:00h: cocktails + snacks, 20:30h show begins…

Films to analyze the financial sector and system meltdown, and finding paths to replace the current social (t)errors … and afterwards, a little C-kino community bowling contest ?? … for prizes ?? for comic dada relief ??

< the fedbook invite >

So we’ve been trying to assess the other nite at Supermarkt w/ Trebor Scholz’s presenting his work and analysis on Digital Labor

And to be honest, we never really wanted to get too close to the issues of Labor and Economy. Life and Art were elsewhere ! It’s only in the last few years, we see its relevance at the core of creating autonomy, liberation and a green, inhabitable planet, that is, a space to live art. In the modern world, perhaps it always has been, at the core of art survival and community life. Our axes shifted at this moment where The Whole is on the verge of collapse, and we no longer see the ‘escape arts’ as socially viable. In its most extreme form, the human escapades to triumph individually and outside the box, outside the circle, has made the planet the ego-fest warfield and neo-con trash heap that it is today.

Are we being devoured by the ultimate
life + labor capturing device ever invented ??!… Julian Assange calls it the
greatest spying machine ever invented, but the only reason The Net
has amassed such power ( over our lives ) is because it has tapped into our
desires to connect, and transformed them into the ultimate product, the ultimate marketplace.

Is Net Time the reduction of organisms and cognitive functions into the quantifiable absolute? Into the mathematical , mechanical and managerial butcher shop  ?!

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here! … but wait, there is a way out !


{ by Asaf Hanuka }

Possible playlist of films include: BBC doc on Cronenberg and his special brand of horror w/ D.C., Alex Cox, George Romero, etc., an excerpt from Naked Lunch, a rare William Burroughs clip or 2 ( i.e. a radio special by Laurie Anderson), (new) Scott Engel Walker video(s), Occupy Sandy trailer by Josh Fox, The End Of Oil by Bruce Weaver,¬† extracts from Miyasaki’s Ghibli Studios, an interesting Israeli-Palestine experiment by Itamar Rose, “who are you? ” with Alan Watts, Adam Curtis, Honest Trailers, etc…



XLterrestrials aren’t sure what to make of this newly discovered “web item” , but we will ask our psychosexualmedia analysts to investigate it ! please note films begin at 20:30h ( not 21:30h, we need to leave plenty of time for bowling ; )


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