XLt Berlin blurbs: Digital Prozac, new C-Kino and more…


< 23.11 > Digital Prozac: Labor and the Business of Life, lecture by R. Trebor Scholz ( New School, NYC ) with respondents Geraldine de Bastion (International Consultant/ Re:publica) & Joel Dullroy (Social Media Week, Berlin) at Supermarkt ( details ), 19:00h

extract >> Have you ever thought of your social media life as labor? Consider that every Google search, tweet, or video upload we produce helps to raise the bottom line for online intermediaries. But not only oligarchic media corporations take advantage of this shift in labor markets; thousands of young, optimistic startups position free labor of netizens at the heart of their business model. At the same time, a growing number of people are starting to become aware of the price of their freely given gifts and stake their claim when private enterprises expropriate value from the public commons. “You can’t share us!” is their leitmotif in the search for autonomous ways of thriving online without selling their soul. <<

added: Lots of information to process from last night’s presentation, XLterrestrial analysis coming soon ! But this might take awhile to assemble, so in the meantime, here’s the link to Trebor’s book. which comes out of a conference on Digital Labor in NYC in 2009 :



More XLt blurbs :

< 24.11 > 20 Years of Praxis Label ( the Berlin event) at Kopi


< 24.11 > HBC-related new venue opening  ” + – 0 “,
Strasse der Pariser Kommune 8, looks like a big one ! see fedbook. Free w/ print-out before midnite.


< 16.11- 16.12 > Mindpirates exhibition, RALF SCHMERBERG—DER TOD NIMMT SICH EINEN TAG NACH DEM ANDEREN w/ many added events all month like:

< 24.11 > Mindpirates salon nite w/  Elyas Khan (NYC), Lando Kal , Manapotamus & Privacy (live), 23:00h …  [ fedbook invite ]



{ from C-Kino #17 }

< 29.11 > Citizen Kino at Kugelbahn, in Wedding


And in Prague:


< 6-8.12.2012 > the 6th Mutamorphosis, Tribute to Uncertainty, Praha



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