Another Nobel Peace Strike in The Middle East !?!


{ Nina Paley’s on target animation }

The haunting images, tales and heated opinions flying across the web regarding the latest outbreak of horrific violence in Gaza has triggered us to create an XLterrestrials plog page for listing resources to analyze the Middle East conflict. And to seek appropriate citizen actions to stop the violence, again taking it’s toll on civilians, women and children, and journalists, etc.

And what better way to start than with Nina Paley’s disturbing wake-up-call animation This Land Is Mine ( on vimeo ). She manages to create an incredibly balanced view of the insanity (of Men), and here’s her blog page, which reveals a pretty meticulously researched version of this centuries-old conflict in a nutshell… but alas there’s already nearly 400 comments to debate her take on the matter.

But, now that things are intensifying AGAIN, this is certainly no laughing matter, and animation is hardly adequate to convey the urgency and the need to de-escalate the situation. Nevertheless, we see it as one art tool to begin discussions from a fairly neutral perspective. And actually this clip, brought us to tears, when we found it to curate for Citizen Kino’s “Economic Hoodoo” analysis back in… Sept.?

Where’s Obama, Europe and the UN on the matter ?!! … Is it another Nobel Peace Strike !?!

A resource page for such complex issues, is going to take some time… but here’s a few more interesting starters:

Noam Chomsky: My Visit to Gaza, the World’s Largest Open-Air Prison ( posted Nov. 9 at Truthout)

Us’, ‘them’ and the disconnect between Israelis and Gazans ( posted at +972 magazine on Nov.18 … includes the link to reports by Suroosh Alvi, posted in July by Vice News …on life in the Gaza strip )

Top Ten Myths about Israeli Attack on Gaza by Juan Cole ( re-posted by Cultures Of Resistance )

more analysis coming soon…

Co-existence must be the basis of any solution !

The imagery of the murdered children in Gaza and this report below about the attack on journalists has pushed the XLterrestrials to direct our focus on seeking actions for immediate peace talks, negotiations, a cease-fire, a truce, and long-term solutions :

“Israeli forces fire missles at office towers known to house international journalists since 2000, and this time hit Russia Today TV Channel Office… A rabid Netanyahu working overtime to start WW3 ( or 4?)…. this really needs immediate international mediation !!! ( for ages already )”  XLt analyst.


And as Howard Zinn would say, you can’t stay neutral on a forward moving train…

International Solidarity Movement list of Emergency Global Actions For Gaza

Jewish Voice For Peace


[ Please send us any links you would like us to consider adding ]


Hackers take a position and action for Freedom of Communication and Peace in Israel – Palestine conflict …


15-Year-Old Egyptian Cyber Activist Takes on Israel in the Daily Beast.

and Anonymous launches # OpIsrael :




{ foto from Electronic Intifada }

And Glenn Greenwald on the role of the US in the violence :

The ‘Both-Sides-Are-Awful’ Dismissal of Gaza Ignores the Key Role of the US Government. The temptation to wash one’s hands of the whole conflict is understandable, but US support of Israel is a central force driving it all


Gaza Youth Breaks Out

A new forming initiative of (anonymous) Gazan youth who want 3 things : to be free. to be able to live a normal life. and who want peace ! The manifesto is impressive !

Show them your support !

There’s a wordpress blog and a Fbook site ( this Will be tracked by unfriendly forces so be aware.)

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