Can You Say ‘Selection Fraud’ ?!!


{ a remixed Dish satellite ad }

We can appreciate all those who are taking the time to ‘vote’  … tactically… ( i.e. anti-Romney ). But when this dismal Zombie Game Show is over, if there’s still 2 walking Republicrats, who are not in jail, you’ll know there’s a Lot to be done !

The US election has already been a fraud for some time. From the huge sums of money in the game, the duopoly party system, the colluding corporate media, etc etc. And it became most painfully obvious in the final staged debate, when the two puppet Republicrats avoided the most serious issues of our time, and meanwhile outside a legitimate Green Party candidate – Jill Stein – was refused entry ( among others ) and driven away in a police vehicle, arrested.


This 1:36 min Simpsons trailer, pretty much sums up the state of elections, surprisingly packing in a lot of embarassing and dirty details of how the system functions.

While there is a small chance that the powerful money players in the Republican Party could attempt to even further corrupt the process and pull a victory for Mitt Romney, the XLterrestrials have long considered that the elites have already chosen Obama for an 8-year strategy. Consider this: Evil Clown Romney has been CAST for a role in the election theater, as a punching bag, an object and easy target upon which all rational minds can project their disgust with corporate America. The effect being that the masses, a majority, will be appeased with a Democrat victory. In actual fact no matter who wins, this dangerous and corrosive operating system remains the same … with some minor differences.

[ note : these differences are enough reason to vote, but do not get sucked into believing that you can actually gain a true victory. Picture it more like piling sandbags in front of your homes to prevent the flood of injustices from taking you and your communities under. ]

Given that the population has now been subjected to nearly 2 full years of multiple platform campaigns and Duopoly advertising, it will be very difficult to get the real issues back on the table with any leverage. If indeed Obama remains, the theater concludes with a good- triumph-over-evil scene, the commander-in-chief then rules with the so-called ‘mandate of the people’, a resounding popular will, a thoroughly manufactured consent.

We will attempt to prescribe a few possible ways for citizens’ desires and anger and need for real change to not get swept out w/ Romney’s exit/fall stage right and Obama’s reBOOT.

What is urgently needed is a parallel politics, parallel governance: Greens, Occupy, Community Autonomy… and more….

stay tune…

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