Do You Believe in Climate Chaos ?! + REsources v.2


{ foto by @andjelicaaa }

One of the spookiest fotos of the nite, the submerged US-merry-go-round  in the eye of Global Chaos… ( Brooklyn)

… In particular, because as we woke up this morning and scanned the international news, heard a few radio news hour bits, there’s No mention of global warming, not much about nuclear alerts – like at Oyster Creek Plant. And in a few cases ( like the radio), Sandy was not even the top story…

What is f**king Wrong with Mass Media + Journalism !!!? ( short answer: yes corporate brain parasites )  So in Germany, pretty much a science-based culture, it seems the MSM plans to stick its head in the Sand(y) spectacle ?!!

And this from ‘Ecological Internet’ :
“If after Frankenstorm Sandy devastates East coast, Presidential candidates still won’t speak of climate change, something is very wrong! ”

yep, That’s an understatement… The morons are still running the show, and the peeps are going to have to find a way to can them!


{ agitprop maestra: favianna rodriguez }

Here’s our : Climate Chaos + REsources v.1

AND More Updates coming :


{ Hoboken, NJ / foto: Gary Hershorn }

RT ?@RT_com : BREAKING: New Jersey levee breaks, borough flooded: 1,000 need evacuation #Sandy

Cholera and Food Crisis in Haiti… Many in Cuba still without power after 4-5 days… More on that soon.

Do you know this character ??!


It’s Simon Barsinister from the cartoon Underdog. We are looking for a video of the episode where he controls the weather, for an article on Geo-engineering… ( prefer another source than Youtube, but we’ll take any links ya got ).

First responder gets a free ticket to the next Citizen Kino program ( Berlin ) or some nice mail surprise  : )

Added: We already have a winner !


Watch “Weathering The Storm Part 3″ and decide for yourself… Is Simon Barsinister back ?!!

Some very silly cold war-era cartoon (propoganda-esque)…

But what exactly do militaries (MIC) around the world know about manipulating weather ?? Now, any psychomedia analysts worth their salt, would surely investigate !


to be cont.

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