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Nature comes knocking at Washington + Wallstreet ??!!

We started this blog at 29.10.2012, 3:00h CET, and we’ll continue to add updates, so it’s a bit of a timeline of thoughts and found resources as you scroll down… Please feel free to comment w/ what you come across !

There’s a lot of both downplaying and sensationalist reporting going on right now  as Hurricane Sandy nears the eastern coast… but also Some good resources to GET PREPARED if you happen to be in the area.

Sensationalism is easy to explain. Media enterprise is in the business of getting your attention. Downplaying, we might conclude is/was happening so as not to cause mass panic in the most densely populated areas of the US. But from our perspective what we were reading from Jeff Masters at Weather Underground, the facts surrounding the storm were pretty revealing enough to assume that this could be severe ( full moon , tides, hurricane mixed w/ cold front from the north, etc. ) as early as Sunday morning CET.

Some things you won’t be finding are any resource links on the net for looting Corporate Chain Stores, Banks, Supermarkets and wealthy Ne0-liberals’ + investment traders’ abandoned homes ( who will probably escape to their vacation mansions in… FLorida?… til it blows over ) in the event of a devastating storm ; )

You should know the web’s limitations by now !

XLT is wishing the Peeps all the best and hope they find their way to safety.  And wishing All Hell for the Republicrats who have been avoiding the Climate and sustainability issues, bullshitting their way to power, and aiming for the short-term gains in the carpet-baggers’ game !


If you’re needing some Emergency Resources, see below, and more added at bottom:


{ airports + nuclear power stations }

Resources For Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm, A Hurricane Mixed With Winter Storm That Is Headed For The Northeast Coast of US @ Laughing Squid

Note: L.Squid truly SUCKS for informing yourself during the political + environmental crises… and engaging in solutions! BUT when it comes to posting resources during a natural disaster, they happen to be Very Very Good ! Their  skills for navigating the web are on a high level! And they’re now based in New York, so this one’s also a personal concern.

And perhaps if there’s time we’ll do a little XLt analysis on the climate situations… Is Climate Chaos part of the political agenda ??! This could be approached from a number of angles, but just to give you a couple examples: I.e. Is geo-engineering already occuring ?! I.e. National Intelligence Agencies are far more on top of the science and situation, then the dumbed-down political speeches carefully constructed for mass media + public consumption, so are there agendas behind allowing environmental crises to occur ?!  That’s a longer article that will take a bit more time to process. stay tune…


We noticed an important and alarming topic breached by the sometimes sharp Common Dreams readers:

From KyleGo : “Guess I’ll mention the elephant in the room: the nuke plants, including one 85 miles from NYC. Nuke plants need a power grid to maintain cooling functions and avoid meltdown. Battery back-up can’t outlast a 3 day storm. It’s probably a safe assumption that they weren’t engineered to withstand storms like Sandy or worse…”

There’s Indian Point on the Hudson River, which already has a history of problems. And we haven’t checked what’s in the ‘red zone’ for other states.

As Climate Chaos increases, we need to push for the shutdown of all nuclear reactors, especially those in vulnerable – idiotic – locations!

Added: Democracy Now covered this today w/ Arnie Gunderson

According to DM, there are 16 nuclear plants in Sandy’s current path…

Gundersen: “Biggest problem I see is Oyster Creek plant near Jersey Shore — No way to cool spent fuel pool while power is out — All nuclear fuel is in pool, none in reactor”


And this from Occupy Wall Street ?@OccupyWallStNYC

If you are poor and in the path of this event, the term “perfect storm” has a whole new meaning. #Sandy #SandyNY

Our thoughts go out to those, who Do Not Have The Resources to prepare !


{ Haiti … STILL rebuilding after earthquake, hurricanes and relentless empire ! }

Over 60 reported casualties in the Carribean.


ADDED: More Resources:


{ Huffingtonpost projected path/timeline }

Joi Ito ?@Joi : Realtime shared notes for Hurricane Hackers at … #Sandy #Frankenstorm #HurricaneHackers

Sasha Costanza-Chock ?@schock : Hey #hurricanehackers, looking for help adding events & links to #Sandy #Frankenstorm crowdsourced timeline


Con Edison’s Map of power outtages


Huffington Post’s projected path (graphics )


Perhaps a little voyeuristic, but maybe helpful for someone ( reporting, blogging, etc. ):

The Atlantic’s list of live webcams for various states


Twitter feeds:




We think this might all be getting a little out of hand…


So we’ll try to keep a little humor in the mix…

to be cont.

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