A few notes about Global Music: A Viewfinder for All Our Relations

This weekend we visited Camp Tipsy, a very non-commercial cultural festival on the outskirts of Berlin. High on the list of inspiring moments (which we are willing to make public in the plogosphere) are as follows… sleeping in a Tipi* while it rains; Jumping in the cool lake waters after not sleeping for more than 24 hours; being nourished by all the Volkskueche action; watching the crew and citizens of the camp delicately attend to an over-intoxicated passenger; witnessing a collective member of the Dub Pub with hardcore, unshakable principles refuse to allow Non-Bio milk to remain anywhere in the vicinity of his bar/dj table at sunrise inbetween making coffee for the few dawn survivors and dropping vinyl…

And oh yes, The MUSIC…

But before I get into the finer details of shamanic beat-sharing ( from folks like dj Shazam, A Guy Called Gerald, Hanuman + Peter from L.U.X.,) this post is also meant to alert those of you in Berlin that Popdeurope’s season is a little more than midstream… and 2nite is Buraka Som Sistema (Po), Panteón Rococó (Mx), and Berlin’s own La Chusma djs at Arena.

We had our first interaction with Popdeurope during Arena’s 10 year anniversary in 2005, while organizing a Radio Organisms outpost for the convergence of radio makers and djs, musicians, and alternative media pilots… and hosting youth radio workshops together with Haus Der Kulturen.

Popdeurope has been producing world music programs since the summer of 2002, and has pretty much invited musicians from every corner of the globe! This is not just Pop, No No not your Uber-mediocre to bottom-feeder music industry Pop, this is the heart and soul of ethnic diversity, a micro-to-macro viewfinder for the way the world really comes to dance and play on the post-modern popular culture stage.

Yes there’s a litte business being done around this, and a lot of the program runs a little more mainstream than what XL Terrestrials are usually covering, but when you get right down to it: This is where the 3rd world majority ( to borrow the phrase from an oakland activist group) makes its voice the loudest, and undoubtedly most alluring… and perhaps most invincible! And over the years, alongside its most popular fare, popdeurope has even invited a few of political rock/world music genre’s current heavy-hitters… Fun da Mental, Balkan Beat Box, Nomad Sound System, Transglobal Undeground, Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Aiwa, Ojos de Brujo, Visionary Underground, Black Baudelaire, Temple of Sound, Femi Kuti, and P18… etc. etc.


*Tipis: along with bicycles are perhaps one of the most ingenious human inventions for practical + sustainable living … it’s conical shape with its narrow portal to the sky is also a guiding conduit to dreamtime.

more info coming soon.

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