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{ Benka from Serebranaya Svadba }

Last weekend at Digital Backyards symposium we met Inga L., a sharp and courageous cultural creator from Belarus, a country often called Europe’s Last Dictatorship.

Often in the West, when we read accounts of dictators we have to ‘chuckle’ a bit. [ up-chuckle? ] For example in the first list of “top 10 dictators” that shows up in a Google search, one gets an article from Parade.com, no doubt a Conde Nast publishing lifestyle rag from the U.S.  Therein we get a list that includes the late Kim Jong-il, Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, Bashar al-Assad … the usual suspects ( and some obscurities like Eritrea, Guinea, Turkmenistan), mixed in a US foreign policy gumbo of agendas + disinformation. Note, Chavez was just popularly re-elected a couple weeks ago in a country where upwards of 90% of the population actually vote.

Not that we would argue that these countries are without their difficulties, and some quite clearly in a miserable state. But these days when there are so few “freezones” around the planet, places which we may call Free From Tyranny, it becomes more accurate to consider the soft and hard dictatorships, the wealthy imperialist states and those severely oppressed ’satellite states’ ( as former Croatian president Stjepan Mesic once called them at a lecture at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco.). And many complex categories and regions inbetween.

But to keep it simple, it seems rather clear: there are No friendly governments. And it seems: there are today probably no uncorrupted leaders in the officially recognized states, as the superpowers and corporations vie for control. From the XLt perspective the planet has been abducted!

It was enlightening to hear the panel on “Movements “- archived here – at Digital Backyard to get a sense of these ( cultural + dictatorship) differences… And hear from Inga what it’s actually like just to produce a cultural magazine ( infused w/ political perspectives ) in Minsk. Yes, it’s actually a challenging and scary business! At one point their production was halted when the govt. accused them of printing … with a poisonous ink! Another great and surreal anecdote was that they continued by a quick tactical tech maneuver; They put  their magazine out on a CD instead, which at that time was coincidentally already called CD Mag. ( trying to remember what the ‘CD’ in cyrillic meant, something else, anyone ? )

Have a look at the flourishing 34Mag, many articles are translated into english.

A complex arts +media initiative that deserves a much deeper article, but for now we wanted to share that we’re elated to find a comrade who knows the band Serebranaya Svadba ( ‘Silver Wedding’, also known as Freak Cabaret ) whom we hosted together with Club Der Polnische Versager a couple years ago.

We are just a little obsessed with lead singer Benka’s magical voice (and often dada-esque stage presence) ! And it just occurred to us that maybe what’s being channeled here are the sounds of an artist (and band) reaching out with a burning passion for the freezones in severely limited situations. It may not come across as some anarchist manifesto, not the lyrics of Immortal Technique or The Coup, not exactly an Indignados in the streets, but rather one can feel it in all the nuances of a musical+poetic thirst for the outside, for straying over the fences, running into the hills, and escaping to those theatrical + autonomous plateaus. [And that's an impression without a translation of the lyrics.]

Btw, and sorry for the long digressive text-road to get there, you can listen to (+download) their entire new album via Inga and crew’s 34mag !!


spa-sEE-ba !!!

And for sure you’ll hear some of these tracks at these upcoming XLterrestrial gigs:



{ bread + butter reboot }


upcoming Podinski gigs:

< 26.10 > dv.vj.xj podinski ( XLterrestrials + Piranha Events ) is dj/vj/xj and globalista spinning Ostblock, electro-Balkan and Psychotropic beats… at a beautiful ‘new’ cafe/bar in Neukoelln, the Kindlstuben ( fbook page )… ab 21h til late. Only 1 euro w/ 1st drink.


< 27.10 > H is for Halloween, w/ dj Podinski, DJ Soul Jah Sista, & Andrej aka DJ Huye @ Buchandlung Cafe, B-Mitte

the Fedbook invite HERE.

/eng/ The Buchhandlung Crew warmly invites you to come along to our little party on the occasion of Halloween. As we all know … ‘H is for Halloween’ … and so, to that end, you are VERY MUCH encouraged to come as the ‘H’ of your choice … and who knows, maybe there will be a little reward for your creative endeavors ;) … see below for inspiration:

H wie Hawaii, H wie Happy, H wie Hamburg, H wie Haarig, H wie Hobbit, H wie Harrison Ford, H wie Harry Potter, H wie Himmel, H wie Hölle, H wie Hungarians, H wie Her Majesty the Queen, H wie Haris Pilton …

ANd more dates coming soon : )

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