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{ foto: Paul Biris, Barcelona }

< 24.10 > Citizen Soup presents tactcial cinema every Weds. Nite at KugelBahn in Wedding, films start 20:30h. by Donation.

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CiTiZEN SOUP # 002 presents Occupy A Place Called Home : w/ Pfade Durch Utopie ( De, Fr, Es, w/ eng subtitles ) by Isa Fremeaux and John Jordan. A wild and tactical media ride through European Squats, Communes + Communities, i/e Christiania, Zegg, Cravirola, Longo Mai, and many more. 20:30 film starts and w/ public discussion.

[ sorry still no soup, bring some snacks to SHare ! ]

We also share some Xtra clips, from other projects like the new Calafou, Techno-Industrial Eco-village ( in Spain ). A mini-doc by

… followed by a discussion, resource sharing, analysis, perspectives, etc.


{ Pfade… on an upside-down european map, on the collective communities research trails. }

»Ein leidenschaftliches anarchistisches Roadmovie.«
Le Monde


{ Can Masdue, occupied in Fr. }

Pfade Durch Utopie is a poetic, inspiring + informative ride, a film + book project on publishing. John and Isa took six months to travel to a wide variety of european communes, squats, community land projects, and people living off-the-grid…

They were recently in Berlin presenting the film at both Lichtblick and Sputnik Kino. We asked them if they found that these kinds of projects often finds people living in a kind of escapist bubble…( or, rather, it does not confront the forces which are destroying the planet ). And they said they mostly encountered people who were deeply engaged with their communities and the local + global political landscapes. And for them personally, their interests as activists are far from dropping out from the crashing system around them, but rather creating a base where ( interventionist?) workshops (and residencies?) can happen. We also asked if they’d be interested to document such projects on other continents, and they smiled… For them this was an intense production… and they couldn’t foresee jumping into another media-making endeavor so soon. They seemed eager to use the research for building their own home, family and community outside the London rat race… in northern France. And continuing to organize and give workshops on arts + activism. ( i.e. at events like where they had just come from – Kampnagel festival in Hamburg).



Speaking of homes, Xj Podinski has a sort of new… residency…

< 26.10 > dv.vj.xj podinski ( XLterrestrials + Piranha Events ) is dj/vj/xj and globalista spinning Ostblock, electro-Balkan and Psychotropic beats… at a beautiful ‘new’ cafe/bar in Neukoelln, the Kindlstuben ( fbook page )… ab 21h til late. Only 1 euro w/ 1st drink.

< 27.10 > H is for Halloween, w/ dj Podinksi, DJ Soul Jah Sista, & Andrej aka DJ Huye @ Buchandlung Cafe, B-Mitte

the Fedbook invite HERE.


MUsic from Belarus >>


{ Benka from Serebranaya Svadba }

Read about the new album Laterna Magica from Serebranaya Svadba ( ‘Silver Wedding’ ) via Minsk, Belarus. More here !

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