FEarless RADicals and SPace ODDities !


{Yolandi from Die Antwoord}

Clearly one of the fave clips we screened for Citizen Kino’s new Economic Hoodoo show was the new music video from Die Antwoord “Boom Boom Fatty”. It’s not often you get to see someone fucking with pop culture so viciously as getting to see ‘Lady Gaga’ at a Gynecologist visit and [ warning : SPOILER ] … then getting eaten by a lion !

But that’s the nature of getting your teeth into interventionist spectacle these days… that’s Show Beez !

<Updated> see links below.

But on a more down-to-earth serious level, we met some tangible neighborhood ferocity from the Barcelona outskirts ( Calafou ) and Belarus… at a Berlin conference called Digital Backyards.

more coming soon…

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