CiTiZEN SOUP ! Now Available !


“You can’t eat media environments … until now.” XLterrestrials

< every Weds > CiTiZEN SOUP at KugelBahn, Wedding, 20:00h

An ALL NEW tactical cinema night + Volksküche ( Voku ) in Berlin, at the extraordinary bowling alley cafe/bar/venue in Wedding.

Bear with us on the food side of things, as we are still building a team, finding sponsors, and preparing the use of the Kugelbahn kitchen. But we’ll begin on Oct.17th with a film, a short community ‘investors’ meeting, and some snacks ( while supplies last ).

And since we are building a touring show called Economic Hoodoo which premieres on Oct. 18th at Z-Bar, ( SEE MORE BELOW ) we are gathering films on the theme of how to survive in the economic meltdown climate. We have gathered an abundance of incredible materials, which cannot possibly fit into one show. So we are going to use the CiTiZEN SOUP nights to screen all the overflow ( and some of the feature-length films in their entirety).

So, the theme of This Month at Kugelbahn is:

Let’s Play Banky !

And check out our growing Economic Hoodoo playlist, and add some of your own faves !



Citizen Kino presents films from The XLterrestrial archives to try and understand the global economic meltdown and how to create alternative economies and community / kiez activation.  A mix of strange art films + animations, serious docs, juicy brain-treats and something for the belly!

Possible upcoming films : Let’s Make Money, Lucio -The Film, Bande a Part, Bonnie and Clyde ( + the BBC’s The Real Bonnie and Clyde ), Catastroika, Debtocracy, Pfade Durch Utopie … and just recommended The Green Beautiful ( thx Gabor ) and more to come !

Stay tune for a more precise schedule + Check the websites for listings:

And we wish to thank Victor at the Buchhandlung Cafe for being one of our first sponsors !!!


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