CiTiZEN SOUP + KiNO + a little economic HOODOO


Standby. Top Public Secrets coming soon! CiTiZEN SOUP + KiNO + a little economic HOODOO… YOU In ?!

So Here’s the deal: we’re building a team for a new VoKu ( folks kitchen ) + engaged Cinema, and have a couple local places in mind… … ( Wedding + Neukoelln )…

BUt anyway it’s a mobile + touring project… and it’s a rhizome + replicatable anywhere; after all ‘vegetative reproduction’ is something you can eat ( when the going gets rough) ! SO there’s a much much larger concept behind this, and a little economic hoodoo involved as well.

These are top top public secrets…

[ Note: following the experiences of "ANd ANd ANd (16 Beaver Group) at DocumentaX13, we were already looking towards a more tangible and edible praxis beyond this endless media battbble... ANd Then, this weekend we had an illuminating night w/ writer Darius James and friends who did a sneak preview of his new project, a documentary called United States of Hoodoo... extraordinary... and Miss D.'s cuban + carribbean FEAST pushed us over the edge! ]


Currently on the reading list for CitiZen Kino #18 is Sacred Economics, by Charles Eisenstein. Here’s a fantastic article from 2011 at Disinfo on the subject of his new book. And here’s the current central video – by Ian MacKenzie – on Vimeo, for our next cinema engagement !

Recently we wrote at Otherzine #23, that :

“Surely we won’t exit this contaminated big picture [ i.e. Media + technosphere ] by technological means alone. We consider the scenarios that we are in desperate need of a perceptual, behavioural, neurological or psychomedia hack, no less potent and ambush-ready than the psychonautic and situational interventions of the ‘60s.”

The new key to hacking the operating system and/or our behaviours may be within the rituals of money, the new dying God. So what would it mean to launch a little Hoodoo economics ?!

( thx again to Darius for getting us thinking in Hoodoo terms ; )

And looks like Charles E. has got some plans to share !

And if you still don’t know where we’re coming from, here’s David Suzuki to explain, with another clip from Ian MacKenzie and a fitting tune by M83 ( Outro ).


So, coming soon, the ingredients of CiTiZEN SOUP !


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