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{ Blue Moon over Ritterstr.,Xberg }

< 21-26.08 > Campus Party Berlin, the world’s largest tech convergence. At Templehof Flughafen

< 22-24.08 > Transmediale’s Re:source – Out of Place, Out of Time – at Bethanien

< Sept.> An XLterrestrials Report – Globalistas Crack The Flatscreen World – for Otherzine #23, Online

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” If an o2 Campus Technology Party is the “Woodstock of the Digital Youth” ( morgenpost ), and Woodstock itself was the muddy pop commodification of liberation politics, does that make us the gadget-era of simulacrum cannibals, the shrunken head keychains of our youth?! ” XLt analysis

In XLt news:


{ Ridley, Tony and Jerry Bruckheimer }

This year we award Tony Scott ( 1944-2012) the XLt’s Leni Riefenstahl Award, for lifetime achievement… posthumously.

Gee, we wonder if jumping off a bridge to off himself in the port of L.A. had anything to do with feeling at all guilty about working with some of the sleaziest of Hollywood propagandists, warmongers and brainwashers. (i.e. see above)

As yet we haven’t read a single critical assessment or investigation of his decades-long work making commercials for odious clients, but plenty of celebrity drooling… there just doesn’t seem to be many ‘professional’ journalists or film critics left with any guts these days.

If there’s one good thing about the so-called “Society Of Spectacle”  -  Debord’s now classic analysis of mass media’s role in the atrocities + alienation of an all-consuming and brain-shrinking corporate-capitalist operating system  -  it is that not many of the opiated masses will have much of an attention span to dote over the supposed genius of an advertising whore for more than a day.

It’s now popular knowledge that Top Gun is the most successful military recruiting film of all time. And if we have a chance, we’d like to examine deeper the sort of propaganda messages in films like Last Boy Scout, Enemy of the State, Spy Game, Man on Fire,… From a quick glance at a few these dreary and offensive synopses, these are more than just action thrillers. There’s plenty of reason to analyze the Hollywood agendas behind them.

And here’s a longer tale we’d like to tell in full, but for now, an excerpt :

Some years ago we had the opportunity to debate Ridley Scott in public as to whether or not Blackhawk Down (2001) is war propaganda. [Btw, one of a whole slew of films produced prior to the invasion of Iraq, one might conclude, to gear up the US audiences for the shock and awe campaigns that were coming aroud the corner. ] Ridley claimed it was an anti-war film, and yet the Pentagon ( and Bruckheimer ) was clearly behind the production.

(Eerily) Just last week we screened for Citizen Kino (#17) an excerpt from an investigative report by Al Jazeera on Hollywood And The War Machine (2010). Oliver Stone, Michael Moore and Chris Hedges call it straight up – “war porn”. Watch here.

more to come…

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