Radical Summertime Blurbs (Part 8)

[ Images: Zulah (Xlt) + Skolska28, Praha - Street Art Exhibition, 2007 ( Xlt remix) ]

30.7 : Dj Podinski’s Psychotronic Ostblok + Balkana set at Bar25, Berlin

1-3.8 : Camp Tipsy, Kleinwall ( near Erkner)

Cultural fest off the consumer grid ! Musicians, djs, soundresearchers, workshops, film makers, video artists, theater people, acrobats, clowns, entertainers, artists, and the unusual creative peeps.

Sat. and/or Sun : featuring dj Shazam + dj/vj Podinski sets ( ie. Arabian Dark Night-Beats from their Babylon Now series ) and another Psychotronic and Balkana set.

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Text from the Summertime Blurbs Newsletter v.8

” Because their cosmology does not allow it, the sorcerers of
techno-scientific societies ( unlike their Tibetan counterparts),
apparently make no attempt to escape from the creatures they have created On the contrary they industrialize them, replicate them, and increase their size without worrying about the terror they provoke.

…What is [more] important here is to establish other kinds of technology that do not pose the relation of the subject to the world through knowledge, but cause another world to emerge than the one we now know.”

Ange Valderas from “The Laboratory Planet” v.1 ( v.2 now in distro, but not yet online )

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