Alexander Cockburn 71. rip


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Alexander Cockburn 1941 – 2012, rip

“I am counting on Alex Cockburn to push his way into Heaven and kick God in His tiny testicles. ” writes Greg Palast …

His articles always made us at the XLt Lab smile with new ferocity, especially when he made mince meat of Vanity Tool-Boy Christopher Hitchens !

Coincidentally, we were JUst chatting with two Bay Area writers, one of whom was a friend of Alex’s and is a producer of Against The Grain, an exceptional program at KPFA, and thought we’d send the link to their show, Monday, July 23, at noon Pacific/3 Eastern: A tribute to the muckraking radical journalist Alexander Cockburn:

And since we were just discussing the Rio conference, he sent us the link to one of Cockburn’s last articles:

Failure in Rio

It would be interesting to discuss what some called his 2 blindspots or oddities – the climate issue and 9/11 – and we might add the one about his contrary take on ‘peak oil’ as well, but always he had extraordinary angles to consider and a razor sharp pen. For any writer, he was undeniably a dazzling master of the weapon, a sight to behold ! Those debates, which may have cost him many readers in the last few years, are perhaps for another day. Thx for keeping us on our journalistic toes Alex !

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