Whitey’s On the Moon … Again ! And all we got was Tang + Velcro + Higgs Boson in the morning


The XLt BOSS HIGGS scoop… coming soon !

Breaking News:  Robert Foster’s Rap News on the scene at CERN:


w/ Professor Scott Ridley live from CERN

And the incomplete XLT bits:

So who gets to choose the directions of all these mega-science expenditures? Cern’s budget is currently disclosed at 7.5 billion euros.

Don’t look to us like it’s the taxpayers, the citizens. And personally, we at the XLterrestrials, now given plenty of facts on the table, might have have voted for science which could save the planet from becoming a crispy potato chip by …2050 ? For science which could save the Congolese people ( and “mineral-rich” Afghans too btw ) from titanium mining for all the mobile gadget industry!  Save the Arab cultures and the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic from the oil wars! Science which would save the oceans, science which would get us off the toxic plastic overproduction overdose, science which… etc…

Basically this was the tact of an article by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez at CommonDreams.org titled: What Good Is Higgs Boson When The Planet Is Burning? There’s a few minor flaws in the article, but essentially we can easily agree something’s wrong with this big picture. And it seems that mostly men are attacking her for questioning the directions that Big (male) Science has taken.

So we’re going to analyze some of her attackers, stay tune.

Meanwhile the Guardian article hails the Higgs Boson discovery analogous to the still great pride in the ol’ MAN-on-the-Moon ventures. And we always love picking apart that scenario, cause it’s so full of mesmerizing myth. fallacies + disturbing idiosyncracies.


{ ol’ Tang advertisement in those glorious NAsa days }

we’ll be back…

Whitey’s On the Moon

and Meanwhile here’s a youtube mix of Gil Scott Heron’s classic ! ( blocked by Gema ), another nice remix link and here’s a fascinating version we just discovered, Howard Stern, sattelite shock-jock radio millionaire trying to put the spin on Ami-land racist history and ongoing tensions from his cush lunar-crater-dementia Part 1.  Warning: this may incite hatred and/or violence toward wealthy spin-media dickheads !  And Note: Part 2 is also blocked by Gema Inc… so apparently one cannot study media racism ( in Gema-land  ) which is still ubiquitous in the U.S.?! And so the white man label owners can still make money off of Gil Scott Heron legacy, while denying the right of global citizens to view it online ?

We’re having some great debates offline about this topic, and we’ll have to come back and summarize, but in the meantime, we want to remind you about the extraordinary Bendito Machine project which delves into this topic and others, without words, an aesthetic immersion ( and with brilliant soundtracking by Sxip Shirey) and  encapsulation of some of our own XLt hypotheses. And they’ve launched a Kickstarter, and you can score some great stuff, if you support them, like this postcard ( wish it was one of the t-shirts   ) :


{ Bendito Machine Kickstarter }

And image reminded us of some ol’ XLT analysis of how we got into this 21c mess, we now called it the Technotopian Bacon ( Xlt Glossary):

“”Francis Bacon’s favorite metaphor of the natural world was that of a powerful woman who needed to be conquered and subdued. … [and] viewed science as the means to gain power over Nature, “to conquer and subdue her, to shake her to her foundations.” Bacon’s metaphors might sound disconcerting to our 21st century sensibilities, but they form the foundation of the Western view of science. “


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