A follow-up analysis: {CK#16} Technotopia/Dystopia or Garden-i-fication


{ Bendito Machine Part 4 }

As we were finishing the preparations for CiTiZEN KiNO #16, some Xtraordinary things were passing through Berlin. Events like Brian Holmes landing at the 7.Berlin Biennale to give a workshop focusing on Crises + the Autonomous University project, D-Watts Riot of Ear Conditioning and F-D-Mental / Nation Recs fame gigging at Gretchen, Extra Action Marching Band from SF ( performing for the grand opening of the new Platoon.org base as Amanda Palmer launched her strange self-altar + community-supported – ‘Kickstarter jackpot’ – tour ).  And then getting fantastic news that ZumbaKamera was launching its newest animation – Bendito Machine Part 4 – and a Kickstarter on June 21st. Many thanks to them for allowing us to premiere it for CK#16 at the C-base hacklab / space station !


Watch the Bendito Re-launch Here!

New Machines, New Website, and heavy visual artillery : ) …

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{ CK#16 follow-up }

Technotopia/Dystopia  or Garden-i-fication

On June 22nd, the XLterrestrials presented Citizen Kino #16 in the program of  “Connecting People Apart”, an event series put together by some deep-thinking cats at the Post-Media Lab ( Leuphana University, Luneburg ) and Mute Magazine.

In less than 2 decades. digital networks have moved from providing a macro-backround environment to pervading and augmenting our lives at an increasingly micrological level. As our world is plugged into an ever growing media matrix, we know from direct experience that the pace of change is feverish, the scope infinite and the effects in need of constant reckoning. The Post-Media Lab takes up the concept of post-media – originated by Felix Guattari – as an inherently critical notion adequate to the media strategies of scenes, movements and collectives – rather than the individualities and normativities produced by commercial media. Post-media operators are those who use media to construct and intensify social agencies, help develop new forms of relation and generate counter-meanings.” PML

For the XLt , all these POST-things might be getting a little out of hand. ; ) And yet it opened up some extraordinary topics -including a panel on The Community Complex and Post-Privacy debate – and a well-curated convergence where we could drop our own intervention experiments. Certainly one of the things that concern us the most these days is there at the core of “virtual migration” trends, where POST-HUMANITY rears its ugly head. This is nowhere better illuminated than in the futurist commercials put out by the Singularity or Extropian movement, which one might see as an escalation of California Ideology and the MIT cybernetics dept. Themes which we also find ubiquitously flowing through the Hollywood Sci-fi projectionist pipe.

So we constructed a show around the theme of Technotopia/Dystopia. A clip from the new Singularity salesman – Jason Silva – became central to our deconstruction and psychomedia analysis. Juxtaposed with bits from the new release “Prometheus” from futurist marketeer Ridley Scott ( an advertising veteran, w/ actual Pentagon credits to his name! ). And lots of oddities thrown in to add to our new Media Self-defense tact – devising methods for a counter-agency, which we submit here for the first time, and now available to ‘upload’ to your own activist toolkit : Direct Action Science Fiction. [ A concept we'll be expanding upon as we further develop our C-Kino #7 and #14 -Electric Sheep Revisited - programs. ]

With even ( dreams of ) the future undergoing colonization by corporate mechanism and a 1% wishlist of technotopian values and architectures, we must begin to write the scripts for our own future dreams and gardens, before we all get herded into the elite’s game… which could easily become a ‘virtual’ slaughterhouse for the 100%.

It is not a given, that life on earth will make it through this frenzied information age! At the current pace, the current social operating system, which dreams Technotopia and predominantly produces Dystopia, is wiping out the earth’s miraculous bio-diversity and irreplaceable library of genetic creations, with over 200 species per-day becoming extinct !

One could say, the elites are having a party, one which they are entirely incapable of cleaning up. Take the nuclear industry as an example.

Welcome to the Unacceptable Anthropocene * ! ( a reference to one of the clips we analyzed in the program, which we will list/link below ).

Welcome to Techno Fascism !?


{ forced eviction of indigenous cultures, like the Xingu tribe in the Amazon }

During the assembling of Citizen Kino #16, we also submitted a few proposals to institutions which could assist in our development.

Our concepts became more clear for reclaiming media, communications and community networks.

By stepping back into the grand art of 20th century social media – the cinema – we attempt to reboot the medium, precisely at that profound fork in the road. > Rather than advancing the community forum which public cinema could have become, the entertainment industry ( and military industrial complex), empowered by the advances in digital replication, took the dismal and asocial path of the television. The cubicle-ized , isolated environments would prove far more efficient for top-down system download, not to mention product-heavy and highly profitable corporate sectors. So society is narrowly channeled from Broadcast Television to a “One-Laptop-Per-Consumer” mode. This seems to be the going (commodities) game… at our planet’s peril ?!

[ Of course there are upsides in all this, as in evolving from a one-way download-only broadcast medium to a participatory network, but the consolidations and agendas of corporate media continue to expand and cannot be overlooked. They are on entirely new and invasive levels, which have the power to shape a total surveillance enclosure. ]

Citizen Kino proposes an alternative media navigation route, and an exit door for communities to remain connected on “the outside”. An open source model of sharing information while still engaging in realworld organization platforms.

We will now begin posting our themes far ahead of a performance, and begin assembling suggestions from our XLterrestrial + netizen participants, thereby realizing a new cinematic forum for current (media) interventionism. By making this publicly available, anyone can rhizomaticly recreate a similar DIY micro-cinema. For us, this is a way to go against the grain of cubicle-ized, disembodied media environments, and the Hollywood oblivion. We operate a media sharing in the ‘neighborhood flesh’ ! We operate + cooperate with a face-to-face community in physical, local and primarily non-commercial spaces, not to suck down escapist media, but to address a wide-variety of social crises and solution-orientation.


{ Ted talk w/ Mike deGruy }

“It’s time to cut thru the 3-d gobbly-spectacle-gook, and open up a can of garden worms! Community-style !” an XLt (cinema-) gardener

” Which is more advanced ‘technology’: the seeds (of living organisms) or the microchip ?!  And which will we hold more sacred in the future ?! ” XLt psychomedia analyst

A CK#16 suggested Playlist : ( links and makers , coming soon )

- Champions by mato atom (2008)
- Titanic in Super 3-D
- Follow The Sun, by MK12

- Bendito Machine IV – fuel the machines by Jossie Malis
- Welcome to The Anthropocene
- Imagination- Jason Silva
- The Last Capitalist
- Meat the Future

- Paper Prometheus trailer
- Peter Weyland TED Talk -2023
- AdamCurtis’ All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace Part 2 ( first 5 minutes )
- Ein Andere Welt ist Pflanzbar, by Ella von der Haide ( first 10 minutes ) **
- Mike deGruy TED Talk

- Fun-da-mental remix clip

please note: Since our show is live and partially improvised, and open for discussions, we do not always get to All of the clips we assemble. Unfortunately we did not have time for Adam Curtis or Mike DeGruy. [ We often end our programs with astounding bits from the very real but seldom experienced natural world ]. Both clips highly recommended ! And perhaps we’ll list a few others that landed on the cutting room floor.


{ Another World Is Plantable! }

** please contact us if you would like to access +/or screen this film.

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