on the podfly… chat sketches sf<>labin – part 1

“Jako Was A German SS and Sako Was My
Japanese Benefactor” or ” My Personal Psychosis Will Be In The End Untranslatable ”

Assam: podinsky
Assam: goot morgan
WE-pod: oi, greetz from beograd ( again )
Assam: again?
Assam: me and tory watched the net
WE: loop, just returned from transylvania,
got fang marks to prove it… no just kidding , fantastic peeps/hosts !
WE: loop. just …
Assam: I thought you were going forward… not
Assam: something about a tour

[break ]

Assam: ya bak!
WE: game over …start again… kaching!
Assam: this is not a game
WE: little wifi in tese parts
Assam: so when are you joining this tour thing?
Assam: I am anctious to hear news from ‘the open
WE: ah ok funny u ask, eyfa
crashed…after novi sad… and will regruop at ecotopiafest…
WE: long story, luckily we were far fro
the wreckage… having good/productive time in transylvania
Assam: eyfa is a server? a bus? a person?
WE: the caravan … mega burnout after
greece albania montenegro, serbia…lets say they bit off more than
they could chew … somethin that i can relate to …hehe
Assam: so youre headed straight to ecotopia?
WE: but we are on our own “tour”…
Assam: who’s we?
WE: with some prep and stops in
craotia… and hungary…
WE: me and dan seizure … and he is at
the moment scooping up some friends in bosnia who may or may not join
in for hungary…
Assam: you guys are driving around?
WE: its all very on the podfly… excet
for a few key spots like bpest , slovakia, and maybe now a stop in
czech land… then berlin dates.
Assam: yes… very podfly
WE: hey , if yur itching to get yur web
saavy paws on the xlt site … ?????
Assam: ha ha
Assam: itching is a good word
Assam: whats up?
WE: i got jammin fotos that i’ll try
getting up there as soon as i can get online with m,y computer …
hopefully at the mama lab in zagreb tomorrow.
Assam: you cant figure out the pictures
Assam: to upload I mean?
Assam: you dont need me… you got a blog
WE: AND, we had this rad idea to make the
org nodes , interactive… add yur nodes kind of thing … i’m goona
talk with some peeps at mama and egoboo about that…
Assam: my agenda is purely visual
Assam: make the pages look nice
Assam: reproduce the texts in html
Assam: that sounds like a cool idea with the nodes
Assam: but I dont really know how to do that
Assam: maybe flash
WE: i only got another hour b4 i hop a
train… gotta write a bunch of venues … but b4 i go, whats the word
from la mission… and btw will chat with ya from zagreb tomorrow if
yur in …
Assam: word from la mission?
Assam: it’s hot and steamy
Assam: people are loosing their mind
Assam: nothing special
WE: da da likwise in serblands.
Assam: it’s a good thing the shit is going down
in lebanon
Assam: otherwise we would have to think about
global warming
Assam: it’s all a ploy to divert attention from
al gores movie you know…
Assam: and from the mexican stolen election
WE: HMMMM?? good?? … OH that , yes
distractions abound. time to transmigrate …
Assam: but thats a whole other story
Assam: plog away
Assam: plig plog
Assam: plig plog…
Assam: plig…. PLOG!
Assam: bye
WE: plalalalalog, adieu 4 now
Assam: ah
WE: aha
Assam: yoohoo
Assam: !
Assam: where at?
WE: how goes it??
Assam: it goes
WE: me in romania about to teach after a
funintro seesion last nite
WE: good plog stories should i ever get
free to write them
WE: soon
Assam: I just had an extreme psychadelic 24
hours that involved Jako who was at Sako’s birthday where there was a
nice big pot cake while still reading man in the high castle and having
just watched scanner darkly
Assam: I think I just finally landed back here
in san francisco today for the first time since the island
WE: oooh , be aware of the pink lites
and valis-ian fly bys..soryy its 7am …and dont expect me tomake sense
Assam: I dont ever expect you to make sense pod
WE: its the 7am universe 24/7 around
here …notmuch sleep fer the XLTs
Assam: jako was a german SS and sako was my
japanese benefactor, and he rambling on and on about the NSA and
security culture but in my mind he was trying to get me to reveal my
jewish heritage
Assam: you can only imagine what happens when I
have one of those ww3 conversations with tim about the stuff going on
in lebanon right now
WE: oooowww, that sounds a little
scratchy… just got email from jako…… …. make that ww4 btw
Assam: 3, 4, whos counting
Assam: I think he’s going to germany on
something or other
WE: george abbot maybe? ( mathemetician
who wrote flatlands )
Assam: I have to read that!
Assam: I had a long conversation about
dimentions with some kids in portland
WE: well its not really ww related …
but more like an elevator in deep shit illusion times
Assam: this jake dude was trying to explain
flatlands to me and I was trying to explain schrodingers cat to him
WE: hehe, coincidences prevail
Assam: I think the conclusion was we both need
to talk after we did our perspective reading assignments
WE: gota prep me class …
Assam: go prep
Assam: I have to continue my borderline digital
WE: stay tune for poster ideas #3 , in
the near future… ah yes, borderline #2, count me in !!!!!
Assam: my current thoughts are going towards the
DVD format rather then the live show
Assam: stay tuned for more
WE: sounds great !!! we’ll have to get u
out on othercinema!!!
Assam: ok
WE: hmmm, perhaps we can skype or audium
station 40 while here in cluj, but thats xtra credit task… forlater
WE: la reverdere ( ciao in romanian)
Assam: bye

Assam: live from germany
Assam: it’s POD!
Assam: oh wait… your not in germany
Assam: where are you?
Assam: well… you sure aint here

WE: oos i think i just threw away some
chats from you , which i saw out of the corner of my eye, greetz
WE: oops
WE: ok, maybe not
Assam: so youre not ignoring me because youre
gelous that I got to see scanner darkly for free…. hmmmm
WE: in any case gotta check out here in
bgrad and head to transylvania… ah yes scanner , sure it rips a
mighty whallop , jealous indeed , no sign of it hitting here yet
…maybe germany
Assam: are you on tour yet or what?
WE: well in fact i djed last nite with
dan seizure in a funny bgrad dive …last minute organized by dan’s
hosts here
Assam: so youre officially on the tour now?
Assam: like physically with a caravan and all?
WE: as official as one can be by the seat
of one’s pants
WE: no, the caravan is in novi sad… we
connect with them in bosnia and slovakia
Assam: you carrying all those 2000 postcards in
your backpack?
WE: but in fact i’m as they say in
football a stringer …on the bench ,until ecoptopia fest in slovakia
Assam: I see… youre picking up the leftovers
WE: haha no they are mostly in my room in
Assam: and my room
Assam: I have a date to watch ‘the net’ with tory
on wednesday
WE: romania is my big launch, my gig,
residency …paid for by radia, and radio territories project …, then

Assam: were trying to figure out what the hell
youre talking about
WE: the net the net ,,, look fwd to yur
impreessions there !!!!
Assam: so thats where you get to pioneer your
WE: u mean in general , … i think my
personal psychosis will be in the end untranslatable…. : )
WE: hey i gotta run to the 150 years of
tesla exhibit … crucial clues for workshop… will check in from
Assam: ok… run away
WE: jam on!
Assam: you cant run forever1
Assam: ha ha
WE: ok ill walk
WE: so , scanner …in one phrase ????
Assam: awesome!
Assam: a little rough at the end
Assam: a little less than expected after waking
WE: yes as i remember it was a heavy
Assam: but still… drug induced multireality
Assam: downer… only because of matrix
Assam: but more like downey
WE: read transmigration of timothy archer
and the 3 stigmata of palmer eldritch next… : )
Assam: as in Jr.
WE: hehe
Assam: are those PKD books?
WE: si senor
Assam: oh man
Assam: Im almost done with man in the high castle
Assam: valis made me feel like I am starting from
the end
Assam: but I guess if I cant wait for you I’ll
just buy them
WE: thats just primer stuff … yeah true
valis is late , but not the wild scifi scenarios …more persnal
WE: dont have copies …yur on yur own
there amigo …ok im off
Assam: bye

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