v.4 Radical Blurbs for Summer Rev: Ready to Occufly !


{ BB7, KW, Mitte, foto by Max Liboirox }

It has taken the XLt awhile to cover the 7.Berlin Biennale, b/c there were/are so many complex critiques + struggles arising… and it will still take time to unravel whether the artivists are transforming the galerie/museum, or the museum has captured the occupy zeitgeist and turned it into an artivist zoo. Probably both. But the above picture clearly shows the new direction of the Art World: agitprop production shop, assemblies, a people’s public library, arts + praxis laboratory, occupations, etc. And one could say, there’s no turning back now ; )


::v.4 Radical Blurbs::


{ Red Square Soli ! }

< 06.06 > Casseroles Berlin! Solidarity March, Humboldt UNi, Unter den Linden

Leaving from Humbolt Universität zu Berlin
FB event … A March against austerity measures and anti-protest laws, and in support of access to education and the struggles of peoples of Quebec, Mexico, Spain, Chile, USA, and around the world!

<08.06> Roma im Kosovo: Konsequenzen westeuropäischer Abschiebepolitik Freitag, 08. Juni 2012 im K-Fetisch, Wildenbruchstraße 86, Berlin-Neukölln( auf albanisch , mit deutsch ubersetzung )

fedbook invite.

< 09.06 > Kotti Action, gegen steigende miete / against rising rents ! , Kottbusser Tor, 16:00h, And a camp is there across from Sudblock < every day >


< 11.06 > Cultural Workers Association Berlin,  8 PM at alpha nova kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura, Flutgraben 3, Berlin ( On FB )

Stemming from the 1st Artleaks Assembly in Berlin this week, a local group is forming to continue the conversation arising around unifying and organizing artist labor… art workers rights! Join Us!


< 09.06 > EXtra Action Marching Band, w/ added XLterrestrial support. Jesse Evans, Tycho, and Podinski ( XLt) will all be doing dj sets long after after the moon skinny dips into the luminescent vodka-green Spree horizon… https://www.facebook.com/events/232943806821360/

< 11.06 > Extra Action w/ Jessie Evans + Toby Dammit, 22:00h White Trash, Berlin

Check their full EU tour schedule. ( Berlin is the midway point )

< 15-17.06 > The 14th 48 Hours Neukoelln, Berlin


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