{CK#16} Technotopia/Dystopia: Garden-i-fication is elsewhere!


{ C-Kino #16 : ‘TechnoDyskopia’ }

Coming Soon to A Crashed Multiplex near U !


< 20-23.06 > Connecting People Apart, A Post-Media Lab event series, Lüneburg/Berlin

includes : Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits (RIXC) , Nishant Shah (Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore), McKenzie Wark, Marcell Mars (MaMa, Zagreb), Tatiana Bazzichelli (transmediale/reSource), Clemens Caspar Mierau (Spackeria/c-base), Pod (CiTiZEN KiNO/XLterrestrials, Berlin/San Francisco), Graswurzel TV, foebud e.v. (Bielefeld), Tactical Technology Collective (Berlin and Bangalore), Freifunk (Berlin).

Full program @ PML + @ MetaMute


< 22.06 >XLterrestrials w/ Post-Media Lab ( Luneburg) + Mute present:
Citizen Kino (#16): Technotopia / Dystopia : A Social Garden-i-fication Is
Elsewhere ! @ C-base, Rungestr 20, 22:00h. Berlin

+ Afterparty w/ Dj Mohak, XLterrestrial Vjs and more special guests TBA.

Themes for C-Kino #16:

Technotopia (as defined by XLterrestrials): a pipelined vision of the
future, where we are de-natured and re-mediated, the correctives being
that the organic (social) body – as is – does not efficiently transfer
your productivity directly into the corporate collection hole.

As much as society appears to be thoroughly seduced by all the technological empowerment in this crash- course information + capture age, the flaws, the cracks and the discontents are beginning to show. There appears no real plan for a transmigration of human lives into the data pipes or clouds, just an extraordinarily implanted faith that these industrial sci-fi fairytales / campaigns have a grand evolutionary destination, propelling the corporate sector and eager netizens forward into a precarious experiment. And it’s not that we are now truly enamoured by all those options to customize our cubicle culture + cul-de-sac settings, rather The Outside is becoming so restricted and/or a scorched-earth as to become alien, toxic and unusable.  So we might pose the question: Are we opting in, or are we herded into our own “virtual deportation” game because no other paths are left open ?

Miraculously, and in spite of the tsunami of corporate-feeds and gadget
trends, a new Social Garden-i-fication is underway, and it hardly needs to
be jacked-in to the technotopian nets, but it will certainly use whatever
tools are there, and is determined to grow by any hack necessary !

CiTiZEN KiNO is a hybrid of cinema, theater, networks and media self-defense.


1st XLterrestrial lab explosion 2day:  ” Is the common seed a more advanced ‘technology’ than the microchip ?! “

One rowdy alien begins heckling us: “Why OF COURSE, you fool! Dontchya know ?!! A Majority of humans are currently necrophiliac fastfood bumbleheads w/ their deepfried egos up their ass !


Please Note:  THe XLT always like to reach out and use our community intelligence, or as our friend Fran Ilich calls it – the Collective Intelligence Agency. Is there some mind-blowing media we might be missing out there that would be suitable to our agenda of waking human consciousness ?? Please submit any suggestions you might have for C-Kino#16 on June 22nd ! Themes are Technotopia, Dystopia, and “Garden-i-fication ( i.e. the antithesis of Game-i-fication ). But as we always like to try and re-contextualize any inspiring + strange media that might not at first seem fitting, Nothing is necessarily out of context.

+ coming soon: a few sneak-preview-links to things we will be analyzng, deconstrctng, re-contxtlzng, etc.

Here’s a couple for a start and maybe a good… laugh??

Hyper Extropian Jason Silva on Critical Thought TV

Titanic in Super 3-D, by james cameron, j.j. abrams, and g-man lucas


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