The TED controversy is worse than u think, and other XLt news bits…


{ Funny timing for Ridley to get the TED look so right… }

Ridley Scott, the ultimate advertising + futurist craftsman, has been leaking little bits for his new Alien sequel, Prometheus. The TED 2023 Clip. Can’t say we ain’t itching to see it ( for psychomedia analysis ) but just like a TED talk, don’t expect him to get too in synch with any real radical critique of the new techno-fascist trends.

Btw, the XLT’s are still evolving our “Electric Sheep Revisited” critique ( re: Hollywood’s love for Technotopian Dystopias), soon to be a part of a Post-Media Lab event at C-base in Berlin, late June. And a possible tour in the Fall…more on that in just a bit.

Sure, we’ve seen a few good TED talks, we’ve seen quite a few atrocious ones too… ( Sam Harris, Bill Gates, Jane McGonigal… to name a few ).

If you follow the net trends much, you’ll probably have already seen the news about a rejected? , censored? or shelving? of Nick Hanauer’s hardly controversial TED talk on economic inequalities ( try: class warfare ) from … GASP ! … the perspective of another venture capitalist.

” If this is the kind of uncontroversial stuff that doesn’t normally slip past the libertarian Ted editors, you can be sure that it won’t be inviting any David Graebers, Chomskys, A.Roys, MalcomXs, Emma Goldmans, Hardts+NegriS… nor any of the ‘FuckRepublicrats’ variety!  In other words, TED has comfortably made itself almost entirely irrelevant to social change! ” XLt analyst

And if ya wanna catch Chris Anderson stepping deeper into the dog poop, almost immediately after the story surfaced… Here. He calls the talk “explicity partisan”. HAaaahahaha!. Typical non-profit card to pull, or when speaking truth to power interferes with yur Bizness ! And really, who with a sane mind today, knowing the critical state of things, could even give a flying-fuck about THat !! Libertarians and 1%-ers, that’s who !

( will come back for the links later )


And news coming on Extradition Case of Capt. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherds, Blockupy in Frankfurt, 7th Berlin Biennale (occupation), etc. etc.


{ Capt. Paul Watson at Tiergarten Demo in Berlin, 23.o5 }

Captain Paul Watson was arrested in Germany, and is facing extradition to Costa Rica, now being decided in the courts in Frankfurt… Follow the story and actions here at The Sea Shepherd Site and in German ! More reports coming to XLt Podopolog soon.

Apparently, German police re-routed the president of Costa Rica’s cavalcade through Tiergarten so they wouldn’t see the Sea Shepherd demo… kinda makes ya wonder: are they already picking sides in the case against Capt. Paul Watson ??!

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