A Bucketload of Radical Blurbs for Summer Rev – v.2 ( updates )


{ mayday posters from Just Seeds, and more here }

maydayS maydayS, all cats on deck !


{ SoCalled in the studio }

< 14.05 > Asphalt Tango brings the incredible SoCalled to town with a new album “SleepOver”, with special guests Dj Podinski … and rumored Daniel Kahn from The Painted Bird, 21:00h, HBC venue, Berlin

[ From The XLt Arts + Praxis Newsletter:  "Now booking SoCalled's euro tour, Asphalt Tango, one of our most beloved musica lables - takes a new venture into unchartered territory... which is already shaking up the charts !! ( over 50,000 view hits on their new videos for the album "Sleepover" in just the first 2 weeks! ) Multi-instrumentalist and archives-surfer Josh Dolgin aka Socalled has this uncanny ability to collaborate with dozens of international musicians from nearly every possible genre like an ol' school community radio junky + jammer who knows no limits of who he can invite to the party ! The short blurb reads: Jewish Hip-Hop Funk , which doesn't even begin to describe what he's done to Puppets on his latest master Mash-up Mix ! " ]

Needless to say, we are honored to be Called in for the afterparty at HBC !
And open our own new link with the Asphalt Tango folks, on their 25th
Jubilee Year ! ( More on that story coming soon to the Podopolog )

TrialCrack v11

{Re:source design by Jonas Frankki}

< 11-12.05 > Transmediale Re:source program 001: “Trial Crack” … XLterrestrials and many others from the local scene will be joining the discussion “about networking methodologies of curating and distributed logic of artistic production with cultural producers based in Berlin”. Sharing “ideas on how to build a stronger connection between local – and translocal – agents in the fields of critical media, art and hacktivism in the city.” @ General Public, Senefelderplatz.

More discussions continuing on Saturday, such as Sustainable Disruption, 13.00-14.50, Post Privacy, 15.30-17.00, Queer Shifts, 17.30-19.00


< 14.05 > Treya & Sasha Pushkin
„Diva Poetica“ music, poetry and ambient eyescapes w/ Vj Podinski, Panda Theater, Berlin

more at the fedbook invite


{ the planned march for Berlin to Alex , pick yur route ! }

< 12.05 > 12. Mai Berlin | Auf die Plätze! Berlin. AND GLOBALER AKTIONSTAG !

another march, but CAn it be a trigger for the next BIG step… to take back your city, your govt. your future, your present ??! Only way to find it out is to show up !! the critical mass is ALL OF Us !

< TBA.06 > Citizen Kino at Berlin Biennale, check back for date.

< 31.5 – 4.6 > Citizen Kino at 3. Welt Kongress der Hedonist International, outside Berlin, more info coming soon !

< 21-22.6 > Post-Media Lab + MUTE present “the Community Complex” workshops with McKenzie Wark (»Hackers Manifesto«/New York) und Nishant Shah (Center for Internet & Society/Bangalore) and XLterrestrials / CitiZen KiNO at C-base, Berlin + Denkerei.


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