Schlingensief’s Arts + Praxis Phase Alive + Well in Africa


{ Knistern Der Zeit by Sibylle Dahrendorf }

The premiere of Sibylle Dahrendorf’s KNISTERN DER ZEIT – CHRISTOPH SCHLINGENSIEF UND SEIN OPERNDORF IN BURKINA FASO was at Hau Eins on monday.

And will begin a cinema tour in June. See the details at FilmGalerie 451

Before Schlingensief left us, he must have given numerous presentations and pitches for his surreal ‘eurocentrifugal’ dream to build an Opera Haus in Burkina Faso. We were lucky to catch one of them at the Berlinale Festival a couple years ago in the Hau Eins, then, and still, under the direction of his good friend Matthias Lillienthal.


{ Francis, locals, elder chief, Aino, Christoph }

Escape Routes And Circus Routines of A German Arts Shaman

The Remdoogo village as it is called among the Burkinabè has taken on its very real dimensions with the beautiful and pragmatic designs by architect Francis Kéré. The first phase, its most urgent, is the school, which already opened in 2011. And now with Sybille Dahrendorf’s inspiring document, Aino Laberenz as the one to carry the torch, and no doubt a cast of many, there is now an ongoing fantastic PR campaign to keep this dream expanding!

The film, aside from being this tactical bridge between the artworld, the NGO-world funders, the European and African mindsets, one also gets a joyous ride into the methods of a mad showman.  We see precisely how an artistic vision can overcome the obstacles of the disbelievers and the often dreary realists. For the XLterrestrials, it reveals many things about how the arts + media worlds can be utilized to its full social potential ! And Schlingensief’s final vision is now a garden + oasis of creative spirits in what was once an oppressive and barren desert!


added Note:

Schlingensief in juxtaposition to Berlin’s Digital Week (incl. Re:Publica, Next conferences ) technotopians gave us a profound sense of the spirits in action, as opposed to the digital ‘artisans’ who tend “to do the bidding of those who own the world” ( from Iain Boal’s 2008 article, Falling For The Future ), consciously or unconsciously:



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