Obama and the Perpetual Love Parade of More Troops (part 2)

[ Another perspective from Obama's Berlin speech showing a somewhat different demeanor than all the slick corporate media images of the smiling new messenger of "US democracy" with the victory column backdrop ]

Historical Spin in the Obama-rama cycle…

Where there’s conflict, there’s always at least 2 sides of a story, and with something as complex as World Wars, probably infinitely more, but if you’re following the bread crumbs laid out by Washington scriptwriters for their new presidential pick you can expect fantastic 2-dimensional fairy tales perpetuating the idea that America has arrived to save and unify the world.

It seemed pretty idiotic from the start that a senator from Illinois who has never lived in Europe and was less than 2 WEEKS OLD the day the construction of the Berlin Wall began, should tell Berliners their history as if it came to them via America. But this is Hollywood, DC-style.

Obama’s speech is already being compared to both JFK and Reagan and to think of those 2 as one united American voice is already some post-modern recombinant history experiment made for the clickable 2-minute media blip. And so it began with the talk of airlifts and the miraculous working together with Berliners to stem the evil tide of communism.

Ok, this already triggered some XLT analysis, and while we don’t have time to dig into a multi-perspective backround of the post-WW2 spoils of war dealings, lets just say it’s so much more complex than the US dropping chocolates on the heads of war-torn Germany… though somehow that era seems far more evolved than a more recent picture of neon-colored cluster bombs matching almost identically with neon-colored food packets in Iraq. OOops. But yes, Obama in a perfectly staged good cop bad cop routine carrying the message we need to build more trust, which only the bankers can truly swallow now, as they’d hitch themselves to any vehicle that will attempt to quickly change the channel from the current disasters they have fostered.

Btw, one of our favorite movies taking the sausage-making glimpse of the Berlin reconstruction days is Lars Von Trier’s ingenious Zentropa, whose central and doomed protagonist is a low-ranking American do-gooder in uniform landing in the midst of hungry wolves ( mostly played by Fassbinder veterans… for some added bite) almost makes us think of Obama. Only he seemed so well groomed for his rockstar appearance on the Love Parade platform that one could easily imagine some inverted Trier sequel unravelling the vicious games of nations and power players continuing 60 years later.

But backing up just a bit to the post-WW2 scenario, the (european) world had just been drowned in blood by a fascist regime whose base was Berlin, and without even really a pause for thought the most important spot of reconstruction is this city and collaborations with the people of Berlin. Odd. One might think that the victor(s) might rush to the aid of allies and/or the victims of its aggression first.

Surely one has to acknowledge they are also a kind of victim of their own government’s “eccentricities”, but no one rushed to drop so many supplies on Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, France, Britain, etc. Why?! Because in the mind of other industrialists and banking institutions the seat of power apparently from, first and foremost an economic standpoint, was industrial Germany. And was the most valuable prize to take it’s spoils and begin seeding the western economic imperialism, as Molitov ( Russian foreign minister, more info coming) described it ?! There is another confounding issue of how the decimated Jewish community was being reconstructed/relocated OUTSide of Europe, but that’s not something we can really begin discussing here in such a short article, nor how other victims of the Holocaust were dealt with, i.e. the Roma. [ Interesting to note that just beside the Reichstag is a small wooded pathway, and we happened to notice a memorial to the Roma victims, which to this day is STILL an unfinished wooden placard that looks like a temporary road construction sign. pic coming...]

So now back to the present (surrounded by vested-interest vultures) one could conclude we have Washington attempting a newer script, once again those convenient alliances, once again with the european seats of power, while playing all the lesser powers – and HUMAN LIVES – for pawns in the big chess match between… whom? …east vs. west?…us vs. phantoms of terror?… States vs. Citizens perhaps? … in any case the game goes on.

There’s a number of points to deconstruct in Obama’s karaoke performance to Washington’s pop hits and not sure we’ll have time to come back and examine them all, but here’s a few:

re: Afghanistan

“No one welcomes war. … But my country and yours have a stake in seeing that NATO’s first mission beyond Europe’s borders is a success.”

NATO now operates on some level in multiple theaters of war and perhaps most notoriously in the memory of Europeans in the break-up of Yugoslavia… which is now IN the EU when it’s in their interest, and OUTside Europe when it isn’t. And now in its fragmentation is on the waiting list for both. And Afghanistan is hardly some first mission of NATO, rather this military rook is becoming just one of the veteran contortionist performers called in to reinforce “the peace” of G8 geopolitical strategy.

Another atrocious lack of spine and words of a cowardly salesman on a Republicrat leash for those listening closely to the nationalist Love Parade, is that Obama could only muster questions when it came to whether or not the US would abide by the rule of law and outlaw torture… Here’s the man of change, spewing those new levels of car-salesman-puppet trust:

“Will we acknowledge that there is no more powerful example than the one each of our nations projects to the world? Will we reject torture and stand for the rule of law? Will we welcome immigrants from different lands, and shun discrimination against those who don’t look like us or worship like we do, and keep the promise of equality and opportunity for all of our people?”

By the way the entire text, if you can stomach it long enough to fully analyze Washington’s message to the world stage is here via the NY (Corporate) Times. While you’re mulling that one over here’s a few more fotos:

[ Troops Out Of Afghanistan ]

[ The Best Thing for the U.S. Vote B.O. + 1st Time Ever President / Stop the Death Penalty ]

[ Soviet Russia poster during WW2 re: the betrayal of Poles and Czechs ]

[ Capitalism Kills - McDonald's Billboard culture jammed in Prenzlauerberg ]

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