Re:Publica 2012 v.1 : Gonna Party Like It’s Friendster 1999 !?


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< 2-4.05.12 > Re:Publica 12 … Live Streams… Berlin.

Germany’s largest conference for media, blogs and digital society ( good thing they moved to a bigger venue, or i$ it ? )

- gonna party like it’s friendster 1999 !?

- let’s party like it’s twitter 1999 ?!

- let’s party like it’s stasi v3.0 !?

Are the gloves off yet ? Or will we continue hyping + constructing the corporate-state dream infrastructures ?

XLt reports/analysis coming soon !

Ticker: Day 01:

:11:59 : Only caught the last sentences of Eben Mogeln, prof. at Columbia Uni, who pushes hard for the logical and urgent control of your own data and free access to information… saying essentially something like all books coulda-shoulda have been made available online by now, AND with access UNSURVEILLED ! And overheard interesting chats backstage of the U.S. legal spaghetti western. Note to selves: Worth reviewing the archive of his Stage 1 opening speech – his articulations of the scenario + battlefields are informed! ( posting archives are usually quite prompt w/ De. conf. tech services).

( RT @annalist, We need free media or we lose freedom of thought – Eben Moglen #rp12 #keynote )

:12:45: terrible free coffee

:14:00: Confidentiality, Control and Transparency at the intersection of Surveillance, Privacy and Design. Claudia Diaz and Seda Gurses.

:16:00: Anonymous! Frank Rieger, Caroline Wiedemann, Jacob Appelbaum, Ole Riessmann

:17:81: free sekt via some corporate spineless sponsor

18:32 : minds are already blown… shrapnel flying everywhere… geez, sometimes we get more than we ask for ; )

:24:00: Oh FUCK, and the disembodied geeks still invite banal house-thump, button-pusher minimal + plastic pop djs to play for their afterparties… will they ever learn to reconnect to the ethnicly diverse, unfiltered + unquantifiable + non-gadgeted terrestrial waveforms ?  ; )


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