Gadget-users United, like a KonyCampaign for technotopians ??!



{ from ‘LetItRipple’, part 2 of ‘Connected’ }

Since it seems to be our week for ranting about techno-evangelism and techno-empire, this film just came into the XLterrestrials lab… via a Mckenzie Wark twitter [ A cloud film making manifesto: ] … And we can’t resist taking it apart, looking into its vital (trade-)organs, and testing it in a safely quarantined area of the web ; ) … so enter at your own risk…

Let It Ripple (trailer) by Tiffany Shlain ( of Webby Awards fame) and Co. – a long list of ‘technotopian’ foundations like The Institute for the Future  (i.e. Jane McGonigal )… Not all dubious, but definitely riddled with Silicon Valley ideologies. And for those allergic to Moby music, you Might want to hit the MUTE button.

“Feels just a LITTLE like a KonyCampaign for Technotopians! Could someone please explain why connectedness and interdependence should taste like an App that you spread open with your fingers ?! Well if there’s one advantage to virtual migration and exodification ( see: virtual exodus ) at least it doesn’t smell like greasy Kentucky Fried Chicken parts all over your bedroom. But as Terrence McKenna ( or was it Zizek ? * ) might say, this is becoming something akin to a fake fast-food religious experiment. ” a rather cranky XLt analyst.

The article + plug from Tribeca – The Cloud Filmaking Manifesto -  w/ links to the part 1 film Connected… and other stuff which to other media analysts may make you slightly uncomfortable.

excerpt : ” The last section of CONNECTED featured a scene we call “the participatory revolution.” With 5 billion cell phones and 2 billion people online, the film asks, “what is the potential when everyone on the planet who wants to be online has access to the Internet?” The last line of the film states, “For centuries we’ve declared our independence. Perhaps it’s now time we declare our interdependence.” In responding to this last line of the film, we launched our foray into Cloud Filmmaking. “


{ slick, sexy … and Al Gore likes it, so it probably tastes like chicken. }

Also watch: Connected : 2012 Trailer

Added: We realize this may be a difficult critique for many. After all this stuff is obviously coming from a positive side of human nature… right? These are the good guys – And powerful Women this time – so what’s our problem?

For XLterrestrials, after too many years of closely observing ( and participating in ) media environments ( as we nearly All do, voluntarily AND involuntarily ), there seems to be some important flaws to examine. And there is potentially a grave error – or maybe not, but we are opening it up for debate  – of the West, and all that festering Silicon venture capital, pushing its agendas on the globe. This rush to connectedness, while portrayed in a primarily optimistic light here, is actually playing out on the ground  for real as an extremely vicious globalization. And in many ways, the communication tools are directly facilitating that! In fact, while not necessarily its intention, you could argue how it is wreaking havoc and instability, and too little social upgrade. Perhaps the main XLt point here is :  Until the corporate/state/market agendas are tamed, the level of technology (products) ‘bombardment’ may be proportional to the increased level of harm and chaos… and inverted progress… they bring with them.

Sure, interdependence is a good message… but we think the western players, All of em,  need to open their ears to first LISTEN to those other voices, rather than evangelically and aggressively ‘rippling’ its own agendas To Them … Otherwise with the corporate forces, who are not just along for the ride but staking claims on future scenarios, can easily turn into, you know, another Kony Campaign ( and counter-rev operation).

A much bigger topic than we can fit in one blog, so it’s sure to be a theme we will be revisiting ! And we are interested in any feedback.


* Note: Oh yes, it was Zizek in Pervert’s Guide To Cinema projecting his Lacanian-isms onto The Matrix movie  : ” I want a third pill. So what is the third pill? Definitely not some kind of transcendental pill which enables a fake, fast-food religious experience, but a pill that would enable me to perceive not the reality behind the illusion but the reality in illusion itself. ” … Clever as it sounds, actually the XLt would probably add to that: the reality in the delusion itself… and we might suggest that to stay on the pills is not advised ; )

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