Shit Tim Berners-Lee says … and Share2


{ Up, up, and away into those trusted Net clouds }

“Wait, let’s get this straight: So Tim, good ol’ co-founder of the global data pump (net), says the solutions to our clusternetf*ck is to make ALL the data open and searchable so even MORE business ( and govt.) can set up services to crawl up yur data ass! Could it be time to ditch Tim + his MIT buds to play with their own glorious willy-visions of connected-gadget-heaven and the corporate escalator to shopping cloud hell ?! Just because he sold his soul to it, doesn’t mean the next generation has to be so idiotic.”

XLt analysts¬† ~ re: Tim Berners-Lee: demand your data from Google and Facebook ( Doh really ?… is that all ? )

Just to belabor the point that this dude doesn’t know what time it is, or worse, he’s binging on the data Crack ! He states:

“Once the data outputs from different sites had been standardised, he said, our computers would be able to offer increasingly sophisticated services such as telling us what to read in the morning. “It will know not only what’s happening out there but also what I’ve read already and also what my mood is, and who I’m meeting later on.”


{ 1984+2012 = TBLee ? ; ) }

Note: Of course this isn’t to say the current mega- parasites like Google and Fedbook ( who built their empires upon leeching our personal data)¬† aren’t to be reckoned with, but seriously, Wake The Fuck Up !

… … …

On a similar critical tact, the Share2 Conference in Belgrade will take place April 26-28 and needs some similar diagonal + oppositional views and sound the alarm! It’s Not merely about making the net more open, but less intrusive, less invasive, less a threat to an inhabitable planet:



{ watch the -unofficial- clip … }

< 26-28.4 > Share2, Belgrade

There’s a spectacular gathering about to take place there… some influential tech visionaries and netizen fighters (and others who may need heckling). In any case it’s time for the arts+tech community to seriously address + debate the trajectory, the big picture of Net Worlds. Or else these are just more arty schmooze fests which continue to build + serve the corporate-state infratsructures. When will we start asking the harder questions ? Like :

1. Does the “virtual migration” really support (all) life forms ? 2. Can info-culture really be tamed to become more than a bizness machine language and the new colonial tsunami? 2. How do we defend ourselves immediately in this inflamed and predatory data biz world ? 3. How and When will the economy of data labor begin to empower Us and sustainable communities, rather than actualizing Total Control Inc. ? …

We’re refining these and working on others… but you get the gist … plz send us your suggestions.


Btw, we’d like to send an XLT journalist to cover the event and meet with the luminaries shaping the digital environments to better our knowledge for XLt media self-defense and education projects (i.e. Citizen Kino ).¬† If you would like to sponsor our work, invest in our new model of “open-re:sourced” cinema >>> please contact us.


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