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{ The World Tomorrow on RT }

“All memoir is prostitution!” Julian Assange, upon pulling out of his contract with Canongate to publish his autobiography, which then went ahead and published a first draft Julian Assange: The Unauthorized Biography.

We’re not sure if we should feel a little guilty peering in, and yet it is a fascinating and inspiring read, and we are enjoying the brief refuge from the continuous electroshock of the internetz as we flip the pages of this book in the still cold but breaking Berlin spring.

Tonight, Assange will premiere his TV show – The World Tomorrow – with RT, and we wonder if he can make the ol’ rat-trap medium shoot sparks and/or implode ! Of course, there’s net tie-ins, like a twitter buzz to guess who the first mystery guest will be. And any of us who has gotten our wikileaks ( and indy + pirate media) education over the last years, probably don’t even possess one of those glowing door-stoppers, and we’ll perhaps gawk online, or maybe see what resonace flitters over the net afterwards.

While not opposed to reaching into retro-mediums, it will be interesting if this can become more than melting a celebrity hactivist into a grilled-cheese sandwich snack between adverts.

The fact that the hacker spokes-personality via the media sausage-factory has grown almost larger than the revolutionary tools themselves, at least via this little theater double window… many have grown disenchanted with the tales of the supreme leaker and troublemaker. But it’s our fortune that we began reading again about the person behind the mission this week, because the information is increasingly valuable in the struggles against Control Inc… in the big picture.

We’ll have to relay some more thoughts as we absorb and process the book, but one distinct + debatable point in the chapter “My First Computer”, which hits a nerve with XLT analysts is this idea that the hacker generation desire-d(-s) is to turn the world upside-down. A passion told with a brave and beautiful and mad enthusiasm. But the XLterrestrials would like to add one wee bit of wisdom as the e-sabers will obviously continue to rattle and fly, slice n dice,  cutting off ( or constructing ) one Hydra head after another. It may be advised to think of turning the mediated world upside down. It’s the actual (natural) world that we should probably be geting right-side up again… so we won’t get buried alive in all that hardwired, digital, coded and corporate-gadgeted mess.

And here we have one of the famed keyboard ninjas stepping into the TV spotlight, hmm, that does indeed feel like some polar flip has already occurred ! Processing.



Update: ( 15:15h CET ): So the first guest on #Assange’s new chatshow is Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrullah http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hassan_Nasrallah

about to go live on RT

Lions, tigers, Hezbollahns, oh my : )

All jokes aside, that was quite beautifully done! At the very least a small antidote to the hopeless and cowardly MSM.


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