Anarcho-projectionism + The Sensual Intelligence Agency


{ happy to discover the art of Herakut ! }

A follow-up report from Citizen Kino #15, and various Btropolis news coming soon.



{ Antwoord, Lynchian mode }


We began C-Kino #15 with the latest Antwoord video by Roger Ballen & Ninja ( with Director of Photography Melle Van Essen ). To give an example of the current trends in high-art Ultra-viddy. Artists at the top of their game, expertly luring your eye to their dazzeling fish hooks.

And this week while walking in the rain, we caught their new posters for a tour stop in Berlin…

It’s interesting to ask how our culture has somehow been set to permanent Lynchian mode. And we uncovered a few reasons as we examined the current media stew.


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