Richard Dawkins’ Lobes are proven to be dull ! ; )


{ Dawkins tries the “God Helmet” }

WHooaa ! The universe works in mysterious AND hilarious ways!! Richard Dawkins’ Lobes are proven to be dull ! ; ) … Hahahhaaahaaa !

We’ve got nothing against atheism, it’s a viable and often convincing belief, but let’s face it, Dawkins has been a thoroughly arrogant ethnocentric menace at the cutting-edge of academic + cultural warmongering. We’re happy to see that the scientific facts have brought him down to a rather uninteresting and incapable specimen.

Though it sounds from the title like a tabloid news item, Dr. Persinger’s work on the “God Helmet” is astounding, game-changing science … and a little like something out of a P.K.Dick tale. Rather than spending all his time debunking people’s experiences, like the dim bulb above, the Doc actually goes out searching like a true scientist to try and find out what might be happening when people have ‘religious experiences’, near-death experiences (NDEs), ‘trips’, and/or epileptic fits, etc. ( ‘Possession’ as in tribal rituals is not a term used here in these studies, but would also aptly apply. )

If you like to watch Dawkins himself in the experiment, you can see him here, from around 2003:

For Dawkins it didn’t have much effect ( unless he’s lying, b/c essentially a lot of his life’s work is being thrown out of whack and into obsolescence here. ) Though actually it may be far more interesting to watch Other people in these tests who are just a little more ‘open’ to (or capable of ) the stranger sides of consciousness …

For the XLterrestrials, this is not just an interest in this new branch of Neurotheology, but the fact that certain areas of the brain have been located and can produce total lucid dreaming (…at the flip of a few switches) ! The BBC article states 80% of Persinger’s subjects experience a “sensed presence”. Yes, that’s the BBC keeping it very vague. It’s not clear from that article how many exactly that translates to out-of-body, or lucid dreaming effects or very vivid hallucinations.

But you can watch one subject describe that here. (link)

The angle of Persinger’s work seems to seek out an explanation for religious phenomenon throughout history, which is not merely the cartoon versions of religion we get in the media today ( and from Religion Inc. )* But rather, things like powerful hallucinations, cathartic and unexpected revelations +/or illuminations, which can radically change people’s lives. ** This is a territory poorly researched by science ( due to all kinds of cultural bias and agendas … and simply the inability to grasp the unquantifiable, the illogical, die ausnahmen) and will have profound implications in anthropology and sociology and … ? … ( Assuming the research will not become suppressed)

But where this also unlocks certain powers and potentials of the mind, whether or not it is related to religious belief, is a whole other side of wildly profound … And/or Pandoran?

In a corporate market-determined world this is more than a little disturbing.  On the dark side of all this, you might expect The Church of Disneyfication coming to a theater (-helmet) near you … very sooon ! If you haven’t yet read PKD’s The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch, now may be the time ! : )

* Footnotes:

There are cartoon religions which spend most of their time being authoritarian, and devising and maintaining obedient belief /operating systems… This fun story went viral yesterday, as the Rat- Zinger bumbled through Cuba:


… And then there are spiritually inspired visionaries and artists, who know how to use their dreams and/or “magic” with skill and precision and for the awakening of human consciousness:


{ H. Bosch }


{ by R. Crumb }

** And last but not least, there’s The Exegesis by PKD, which has finally been released in a nearly superhuman dosage/size by editors Pamela Jackson and Jonathan Lethem. Mystical event(s), Dick spent the latter years (decade) of his life trying to explain.

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