speaking of Irreal Estates… Obama and the Perpetual Love Parade of More Troops

Obama and The Perpetual Love Parade of Troops … An analysis of a Washington-scripted Man of our timesĀ  running a pre-victory lap around the Siegessaule… A good cop bad cop routine, etc etc. Coming soon!

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The folks at Jib Jab had a pretty fun video during the 2004 election using the Woody Guthrie tune “This Land is Our Land”. It was getting passed around quite a bit, and then to derail its “success” a Guthrie estate suddenly and absurdly appeared (perhaps with a Republicrat push) and tried to have it taken down. If we remember correctly the Ministry of Information ( and its lawyer entourage ) succeeded just long enough to take some wind out of these mild-mannered jammers’ sails.

Well JibJab’s back again with this pretty hilarious clip “It’s Time For Some Campaigning”.

It has some tactical value in that it conveys a message that we’re getting nowhere fast with Republicrat flatulations (on a $teroidal budget). And it does have some mainstream traction, since anyone with any brain cells left is pretty repulsed by corporate media’s 24/7 asscrack view of the campaigns.

But once again in the XLT analysis, this type of jamming media simply doesn’t take it to the next level… there are no tools, no directives, no ideas for what actions one might take… for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. So is it just more propaganda posturings in a very tame + comedic setting… so we can pass it on to kill some cubicle hours and “laugh together in separated time” ?!

Any Tactical Media BEYOND that is not something we can so easily accomplish in the Net Panopticon, because any media with serious content might cause you to be flagged as a loose cannon, radical, an abnormal, something too intelligent for mass consumption… all of which these days might mean anything from getting your theoretical cookies confiscated, to spy-cookie uploads??, to lawyers sending you cease and desist letters to … an orange hood on the Love Boat to Democracy/Fantasy Island somewhere in the Carribbean ( which could be argued: your ticket has already been reserved in Cyberspace).

And on a more speculative and perhaps darker humor illuminati-like note, keep in mind there’s any number of fanatical and insanely-funded think tanks, perhaps fronts for some nauseating political agenda, hey like the Republicrats for example, who will spend lots of effort to discredit/bury your information … in proportion to the success you have at exposing inconvenient realities.

We might ask provocatively, knowing full well the net will not be disappearing 2morrw: In this climate, does the internet cease to be a useful tool for human paths ?! Isn’t it time to work back on the ground ?! Are there still actions that might set/retrieve the net medium for full functionality modes ?!

Might we need to consider a Web Walkout to put, for example, the new spy laws in check!? Afterall this Cold War Poker Game might be considered completely invalidated as a tool for anything resembling liberation until the executive + corporate cheats are … kicked out ?! Hmm, that might be an oxymoronic concept, a cold war game… without cheating.

On the Obama-rama note, we prefer a short interview some months ago with Boots Riley from The Coup on Submedia TV, where he sums up the elections like this: Yeah go ahead, take 2 minutes to push a lever and vote tactically ( who knows, maybe it will even get counted), but change is only gonna come from some serious grassroots movements.

Submedia btw, somehow Does manage to push things quite a few notches beyond what might be expected of internet communications … And they are seeking to go and cover the Democratic Convention… And you can help by voting for them … and their fierce video work HERE at Cinemocracy. If they win they get a free ticket to Denver!

And more psychomedia analysis on the Obama-Rama, the Republicrats, et al… soon as we see what sorta poop the likely new Prez is gonna leave on Europe’s doorstep this week. Berlin visit is THIS Thursday 24.7, and then Paris.

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