CiTiZEN KiNO #15: Viddy Me Well, Big Lil’ Brother !


{ Alex in Epic Immersion }

< 06.04 > CiTiZEN KiNO #15 at the Agora Collective, Neukoelln

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A LIVE mix of Theater, Film and The Net, CiTiZEN KiNO sets the stage for you to re-access your own internally-generated cinema… unplugged and gadget-free !

Where: Agora Collective / Cafe
Mittelweg 50, (U8 Leinestr.), Neukölln

Doors at 19:00h
Show begins 20:00h

How Much:
4 euros ( but no one turned away for lack of funds )

About C-Kino #15:


Strangely most studies on media and violence seem to play rather dumb and claim that there is little or weak evidence to connect violence in media to violent behaviors. And yet every marketing agency is fully aware of the power of the media to condition behaviors. It is a proven and guaranteed tool, which has made the advertising industry one of the major players in shaping our corporate-capitalist, cut-throat and zombie-consumerist culture. These manipulative potentials have become the market engine of the entire entertainment industry. And the Operating System of our culture. Could it be that the brunt of most movies and broadcast television, and now the citizen-generated ( i.e. regurgitated ) content on the Net, are becoming merely the viruses which carry this primary malware ?!!

“It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.” Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange.

” Viddy Me Well (Big Lil’ Brother) ! Dangerous Art or Tactical Art ? ”

C-Kino #15 begins by looking back at the fascinating story of the once ‘banned-in-the-UK’ film A Clockwork Orange. Actually few people realize that it was Kubrick himself who pulled it out of ( UK) circulation, because of a number of copycat crimes… threats … and because he wanted to remain living in the UK. We’ll take a look at bits from ‘Still Ticking’: The story behind Stanley Kubrick’s ban on ‘A Clockwork Orange’ – Produced by Channel 4. (Thx Dangerous Minds for turning us on to it ).

There’s no question that both Burgess and Kubrick’s genius works involve a deep and radical meditation on violence in our society, morality, free will, crime and punishment, and the ever-grimmer controlling state. As well as being the most alluring ( ANd penetrating) kind of art !

And we’ve asked Rob Ager, a (psycho-)media analyst in the UK who started the CollativeLearning project, if he’d like to join us. He’s done some incredible research on Kubrick and ACO, ( available on Youtube) which he’s given us permission to share 2gether. Though plz check his site for full DVDs, which he makes available.  Added: neither Rob nor the XLt care much for doing the skype thing at a live event. And it’s almost always a messy glitchy bizness, and hard to have a real dialogue. We’ve decided we’ll ask if YOU have some pertinent questions for him, and try and assemble those Q+A bits in a follow-up article.


{ Cat Scientists from the 60s }

IN THE 2ND part of the evening, we’ll project a bit further into the more positive? sides of technology and media. Beyond the ultra-Viddy-violence , we’ll ask what sort of epic immersions +/or programming + messaging could we imagine for more positive cultural reinforcement, and a more collaborative + sustainable society ??!

We’ll look at the uncanny work of Dr. Persinger ( Neurotheologist ),  more on that in the plog below… Bits from the London conference Planet Under Pressure, and other jaw-dropping surprises !!

Added: Cat Scientists (from c.1968) will be performing experiments on the audience, and testing our new XLt anarcho-projectionism to find out whether you are more ‘driven’ by violence or sexuality ?? New technology items or fresh vegetables … or ??

And what would happen, if we weren’t putting all our eggs in a “technological redemption” basket… but attempting to integrate with a pre-existing natural intelligence that surrounds us all?!  One that is constantly being overriden by the post-modern ‘progress’/product industries !!



more coming soon !

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