Pinchbeck’s Astounding + Pragmatic Notes For The Birth Of A Supra-Natural Overground


{ a new era, in the embryonic stage * }

“Do we see any examples of (such)  a perfected technology? Of course we do! It is called nature. Nature creates no waste…. I propose that the destiny of humanity — if we choose to survive as a species — is to reintegrate with nature — to become “supra-nature,” in a sense — at a higher order of being and knowing. In doing this, we redesign all of our industrial technologies so they do no harm to the biosphere. Perhaps this will take many decades to accomplish fully, but it first has to become an ideal that we recognize as possible and then collectively seek to realize.

From Daniel Pinchbeck’s latest article… “Answer to Henry Baum”

A MUST READ ( and more than once ; ) !So we wanted to make this a separate plog entry.

XLt has some minor critique regarding the sections on media + social networks , which we touched on a little bit below ( re: Kony/Viral Stooges ) . But we wanted to create space to highlight and analyze more of the topics he covers – Business – Financial System – Industry – Energy – Work – Media – Agriculture – Social Networks + Political System – Pacification -Bioremediation – The Commons … How we rethink them, and construct anew !

And your thoughts… ??

* Foto is from the book In the Womb: Animals by Michael Sims. see more here. … Pinchbeck’s article uses the obvious metaphor of the catepillar and the butterfly, which calls to mind the brilliant quote from Buckminster Fuller, which says, “There is nothing in a catepillar that tells you it will become a butterfly.” – Which may allude to the fact that current science paradigms lag far behind the miraculous and the (unforseen) possible. But aside from that, we thought we’d grab some less familiar, but thoroughly eye-grabbing embryonic stage of the dolphin, which fewer people have ever seen. We’ll have to think more of how it might relate to these profound and positives routes to transformation. Perhaps it may point to the new pragmatic thinking… afterall we are land-based mammals living on a blue planet, and we need to adapt to it … to the situations around us. Hybrids, sorta like the dolphins !


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