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XLT analysts have been studying the Kony Campaign to understand more how the internet has become such a powerful medium…  for making consume-suckers buy into almost anything that has a big (campaign) budget behind it…

In other words, the net hasn’t liberated society much from mass media manipulation… nor the power of money… nor the media moguls…. Same as it ever was!

And just 2day we came across one of the most concise assessments of the toxic mediascape in Daniel Pinchbeck’s latest article for Reality Sandwich – “Answer To Henry Baum”, which is extremely valuable for its analysis not only of the current media scenario, but on topics ranging from Energy, Business, Financial System, Work, and Agriculture… but first On MEDIA, he writes:

One the biggest logjams we currently face is the horrific condition of contemporary mass media, which is a consciousness control system that keeps the mass of people, the multitude, in a stupefied state of cynicism and passivity, hooked on alienated spectacles like sports and Hollywood films that have no relationship to their real lives or future potential. The mass media — from Fox to The New York Times to Conde Nast — is a part of the corporate military industrial complex. It is designed to suppress and limit awareness.

… For Negri and Hardt, [the new age of immaterial production]… is “subjectivity.” The mass media machine is a factory for producing a particular form of human subjectivity — passive, consumerist, at the same time, through the cunning distortion of the concepts of individuality and the construct of the “hipster rebel,” believing itself to be superior, knowing, to have chosen its apolitical alienation as the most individual gesture and statement it could make — and making other options or ways of being invisible.

READ MORE of Pinchbeck’s article …

Thx Daniel, that sums up alot of practical knowledge ! That’s 2012 FOR REAL !

With one point up for debate where he states ” … humanity is on the verge of recognizing itself as collective organism, a planetized species consciousness: This is what our meshing together through communication technology points toward.”

XLt tends to be a little more pessimistic in how communication technologies are playing out. This simulated market-driven appendage is not likely to bring about a true collective consciousness any more than television could be looked at as an era of enlightenment. Does the human species really need external devices for being on the same page; it’s more likely we have built-in mechanisms for this. But that’s a theory we’ll have to illuminate + develop elsewhere.

For now, more on Kony…

Added: Exceptional piece by Cameroon journalist Julie Owono ( @JulieOwono)  the Kony 2012 controversies at Al Jazeera, A Humanitarian Illusion

“… it is true that Invisible Children probably wouldn’t have been able to raise so much awareness of the northern Uganda war if it had chosen to adopt a just-the-facts storytelling approach rather than a spectacular, Hollywood-like one. But is it better to have nearly 100 million spectators at war against Joseph Kony – spectators who are not asked to question the human, legal and geopolitical consequences of sending military troops into a sovereign country? Or is it better to mobilise fewer citizens, who may be better-informed about the complexity of an abysmal conflict, and will think hard about the consequences of launching such an enterprise in the region? Truth and education versus instant emotion: this is a big dilemma facing non-profit organisations such as Invisible Children.”

Added: More Kony analysis, here by Jack Bratich via Counterpunch, The Rise of the Flashpublics – My Little Kony :

Rather than giving people a way to shape the movement’s objectives (endemic to OWS), Kony 2012 (K-12) essentially recruits free laborers for its specific cause.  Moreover, this mimicry does more than add another event to the political activist landscape—it displaces and substitutes, even pre-empts others.  K-12 functions as a counter-radicalization program, no longer focused on American Jihadists, but on domestic dissenters (like anarchists classified by the FBI as one of four types of domestic terrorists). Youth are dissuaded from seeing in their own neighborhoods and local organizations the opportunity to get involved in street activism and direct action in which they also shape the goals. Instead, they are routed into a heavily pre-organized package, complete with easy heroes/enemies and a game-like scenario. Who knows–maybe by the summer they’ll develop a mobile application that not only allows uploading surveillance info on Kony, but updates the missile shooting app seen in the K-12 video by linking up to local drones who will finish off the job.

And more KonyCrap2012 posters, please spread them around … to save Ugandans from idiotic white empire/saviour mentality:


Added:  The very speculative view:

With the recent developments of Jason Russell found in a state of (drugged?) nervous breakdown, we actually began to have a little sympathy for this delusioned character, and remain open to the possibility that the filmmakers of IC have been utilized, employed and/or manipulated by a rather ugly Psy Op program ( beyond just the deficient missionary Christian programming).

Could Russell have come to his senses, after all the critique ? Had some revelation that he was being used.. or at least had a change of heart in regard to finances and agenda and mssionary flaws ? Could it be the campaign and the money + power behind it are really way too big now for a co-founder of IC to change its course? Keep an eye on that one… What a nasty and sinister-looking mess !


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