Tacheles, Subterranean Spirits And Other Source Codes Stirring…


{ entrance to the ol’ cinema – High End Kino 54 – Tacheles / foto: Shazam }

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If you’ve lived in Berlin for some time, you probably thought it was dead by now… but listen… there are fierce creatures stirring there…

In the 90s, at the epicenter of the east-west commie-capitalist merger, the old bombed-out 6-story department store ruin at Oranienburgerstr. 54-56 in Berlin Mitte was a special haven of subterranean spirits who refused to adapt to the new German and later EU geography. It took on a name from the old Jewish quarter’s indelible blood-soaked past – Tacheles, a yiddish word meaning “straight talk”. It’s like a magical, mangled and entangled nightclub/art brothel/bardo facade for a perpetual film shoot about ghosts who come to a crater in the earth to dance one last time before the bottom falls out.

This monstrous mausoleum-scar of a building rises up from the last “undeveloped” and un-gentrified patch of Mitte land like the ridges of a massive faultline where two tectonic plates have been colliding through the ages. Subculture has sprouted from all its cracks for more than 2 decades. Everything from Mig fighter jet sculptures, to trabi (and bus) burial grounds that took a nod to Ant Farm ( and prefaced Burning Man vacationism ), twisted and frayed metal blooms, volatile Butoh howls, a dozen throbbing recording studios, to Minsk’s titan painter, Alexander Rodin… the list would be as thick as a metropolis phonebook, its pages continuously blowing through those unforgiving winter-clawed streets… In short, 1001 nights of volcanic art and illegitimate livelihood.

These days you may still be allowed to produce and sell art, but to actually live it is a highly contested territory !


{ foto from here, c.1993? }

[ March 13 ] Last night we visited again after a long time, and assisted some friends who were taking precaution (and moving valuable music equipment from the building ) as the latest threat of the property vultures closing in had reached a new level.

Such threats and precariousness have been ongoing since the beginnings of its artist re-occupation in 1990… But since 2008, the new owners – Fundus Group – HSH Nordbank – investorsĀ  JAGDFELD/SPREER – are now constantly circling with capitalizing plans. A private security firm was supposedly arriving at 4am to erect ( another) new fence, which could prevent access to the remaining artist studios ( a rough current estimate would be about 20), theater, galeries, bar, etc.

Last nite seems to have transpired w/out any meaningful new implications, no new fences. So the film set continues to writhe w/ messy, raw, down-n-out, creative and subterranean energies… for another round…

stay tuned to news + struggles to persevere … here and here (Fb)…

> 23.03 : URGENT UPDATES… read here:

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{ Tacheles, c. 1996 }


{ Tacheles, 22.03 2012 }

THis Is What COMMUNITY Looks Like !!


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