Life in Btropolis v.2, Electric Sheep Revisted at TheaterKapelle


< 07.03 > CiTiZEN KiNO presents “Electric Sheep Revisited”
Wednesday, March 7th at TheaterKapelle, Boxhagenerstr. 99 – Berlin,
21:00h, 5€

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[ Added Note: Great 'afterparty' concert downstairs at Knochenbox w/ Budzillus, ANd we are able to stay upstairs in the kapelle until late, so stick around, discuss the show, and drink all your replicant troubles away.]

CiTiZEN KiNO is a LIVE mix of Theater, Film and The Net which sets the stage for you to take over the controls in the media sanitorium ! Dr. Podinski, an anarcho-projectionist and psychomedia syndicalist from the XLterrestrials laboratories, slices open a gaping hole in the screen for entering or exiting, as you wish! Tonight’s program “Electric Sheep Revisited” begins with a virtual autopsy of Ridley Scott Inc., your own Replicant Memories, the festering Hollywood Operating System … and a little glimpse of the celebrity sausage-making at this year’s Berlinale Festival and Talent Campus.


ESR takes its cue/name from Philip K. Dick’s 1968 sci-fi novel “Do
Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep”, better known as its Hollywood
product(ion) – Blade Runner ( 1982). “The book was so much better!”- cliche
doesn’t even begin to describe all the prophetic genius left on the
cutting room floor ! With current events like Fukushima, the BP Gulf oil
spill, drone military technologies, the darkly shifting landscapes of
digital culture, plastic eroticism and corporate takeovers at every corner of our
lives, PKDs relevance to our crisis-ridden society today has only
multiplied exponentially. We revisit his now iconic dystopian tale(s)
of warning as our starting point to address a civilization immersed in
an endless labyrinth of bad media, troubling technologies,
invasive power games, etc. And we propose a few tactical exits,
social upgrades, and/or cultural re-embodiments!”


{ From “Boys and Dolls”, XLt archives, Filastine’s Colony Collapse }

Some backround:

Cyberspace, not so long ago, was a specific elsewhere, one we visited periodically, peering into it from the familiar physical world. Now cyberspace has everted. Turned itself inside out. Colonized the physical. Making Google a central and evolving structural unit not only of the architecture of cyberspace, but of the world. This is the sort of thing that empires and nation-states did, before. But empires and nation-states weren’t organs of global human perception. They had their many eyes, certainly, but they didn’t constitute a single multiplex eye for the entire human species.”  W. Gibson in the NYTimes. ” ( via Owni article on the metaverse )

For a long time, Gibson has been unable to propose any oppositional sci-fi vision, he’s just been along for the colonial rides, and perhaps merely eeking out a pop-consultant career for corporate-ruled dystopianisms.  XLterrestrials will investigate what it would mean to, in the words of Brian Holmes, “Escape The Overcode” ! Or… to detourn the multiplex !

“In these times of an over-mediated and deep-fried society, it is no longer possible to cut through the fog of the information war. It is far too late to pull the child out of a circus lion’s flatscreen jaws. Only as a fully unlicensed brain-clown-surgeon w/ an exploding surrealist brush can one again become a true Actor in the epic present ! ” dr. Podinski, XLt analyst

Auf Deutsch:

CiTiZEN KiNO ist ein Live-Mix aus Theater, Kino und dem Netz – welcher
euch die Möglichkeit gibt, im Mediensanatorium das Steuer zu übernehmen!
Dr. Podinski, ein Anarcho-Projektionist und Psycho-Magic-Syndikalist aus
den “XL-Terrestial”-Laboratorien, schneidet einen klaffenden Spalt in die

All the Electric Sheep are unplugged, and the authentic dreams reconnected!

Regie und Drehbuch: Paolo Podrescu
mit künstlerisch Kollaboration: Camilla Graff Junior
Mit: Dr. Podinski + Special Guests

Spieldauer 120min. (mit intermission)


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