Mirror Worlds + (T)Error Worlds, It’s Delicate !


{ David Gelernter in Berlin’s Renaissance Theater }

Foto comes from a report by Dr. Wolf Siegert at Iris Media, (auf De) with a deep index of links.

We’ve written about the effects of the IT landscape + culture as a “Virtual Migration” for a number of years. After listening to David Gelernter’s talk on the weekend “Anti-computing and the anti-Web: Remembering how to read” on Sunday as part of a series of Berliner Festspiele lectures, we couldn’t help but to think: the situations are only getting more perplexing, urgent and out of control.

We tried to formulate a question in regard to the continually upgraded crises in the cyber-corporate sphere, problems the XLterrestrials may from now on refer to as “Virtual Deportationism”. Added: Or exodification ( i.e: virtual exodus ).

But it was simply impossible in such a short Q+A, to frame such a question with all the delicacy required. Such a paradoxical programmer and artist whose own personal tale and varied trails are an incredibly cryptic mirror of the digital labyrinths we have built around us. A data-world pioneer who foresaw many of the social network scenarios, the cloud, the intensely (over-)connected worlds, and a painter who had to learn to use his left hand to draw and write to find new ways to represent and express, of all things, a renewed appreciation for the sacred word.  Not only because his perspectives have drasticly shifted, but it was just one of the severe physical adaptations he underwent after surviving a domestic terrorist attack, a mail bomb from the Unabomber in 1993.

Gelernter now aspires to be a guide towards more humanist progress, still within, and without the coded frames… Two frames which appear to go down distinctly divergent paths. The paradox of our times, and one of the greatest challenges to the future of the planet is this corporate Goliath* infrastructure (that is a direct result from the hyper Information Age ) … and ourselves within it.

There is beauty and virtue in this tale, and about as messy as it can get…


to be cont.

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