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< 07.03 > Citizen Kino #14: Electric Sheep Revisted at TheaterKapelle, Berlin. 21:00h

Cyberspace, not so long ago, was a specific elsewhere, one we visited periodically, peering into it from the familiar physical world. Now cyberspace has everted. Turned itself inside out. Colonized the physical. Making Google a central and evolving structural unit not only of the architecture of cyberspace, but of the world. This is the sort of thing that empires and nation-states did, before. But empires and nation-states weren’t organs of global human perception. They had their many eyes, certainly, but they didn’t constitute a single multiplex eye for the entire human species.”  W. Gibson in the NYTimes. ” ( via Owni article on the metaverse )

For a long time, Gibson has been unable to propose any oppositional sci-fi vision, he’s just been along for the colonial rides, and perhaps merely eeking out a pop-consultant career for corporate-ruled dystopianisms.  XLterrestrials will investigate what it would mean to, in the words of Brian Holmes, “Escape The Overcode” ! Or… to detourn the multiplex !

> New Text:

CiTiZEN KiNO is a LIVE mix of Theater, Film and The Net which sets the stage for you to take over the controls in the media sanitorium ! Dr. Podinski, an anarcho-projectionist and psychomedia syndicalist from the XLterrestrials laboratories, slices open a gaping hole in the screen for entering or exiting, as you wish! Tonight’s program “Electric Sheep Revisited” begins with a virtual autopsy of Ridley Scott Inc., your own Replicant Memories, the festering Hollywood Operating System … and this year’s Berlinale Festival.

“In these times of an over-mediated and deep-fried society, it is no longer possible to cut through the fog of the information war. It is far too late to pull the child out of a circus lion’s flatscreen jaws. Only as a fully unlicensed brain-clown-surgeon w/ an exploding surrealist brush can one again become a true Actor in the epic present ! ” XLt Inc.

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Auf Deutsch:

CiTiZEN KiNO ist ein Live-Mix aus Theater, Kino und dem Netz – welcher
euch die Möglichkeit gibt, im Mediensanatorium das Steuer zu übernehmen!
Dr. Podinski, ein Anarcho-Projektionist und Psycho-Magic-Syndikalist aus
den “XL-Terrestial”-Laboratorien, schneidet einen klaffenden Spalt in die

All the Electric Sheep are unplugged, and the authentic dreams reconnected!

Regie und Drehbuch: Paolo Podrescu
mit künstlerisch Kollaboration: Camilla Graff Junior
Mit: Dr. Podinski + Special Guests

Spieldauer 120min. (mit intermission)

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< 6.2 > Druzbar- Soli Cocktails – celebrates 10 years !


< 10.2 > Mulatschag – budapester Preise, budapester Musik
Specko Jedno (Budapest) + Dj/vj Podinski, Szimpla Badehaus

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< 22.02 > Schokoladen Bleibt! Eviction ALERT ! Fruhstuck -8:00h weds. feb 22nd, Actions, more coming soon ! Don’t let em kill off our cultural spaces.

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