In/Compatible 2012 v.2: Times To Get Your Anon On !?


Let’s see how real the art sector can get !

< 03.02 > Transmediale Conference: Anonymous Codes: Disruption, Virality and the Lulz,Panel with Jacob Appelbaum (us), Gabriella Coleman (us), Dana Buchzik (de) and anonymous , Moderated by Tatiana Bazzichelli (it/de), Chaired by Krystian Woznicki (de/pl) :: 14h, at HdKW, Berlin

( also live streams for those on other planets, check here. )

Probably the most important day of Transmediale’s programming is Friday, with the above panel, a keynote with Jodi Dean at 18h, a panel on Crashed Economy at 13h w/ Steve Lambert, Kate Rich, Jaromil, and more…  War Machines, Panel with Tsila Hassine (il), Ziv Neeman (il) and Frank Rieger (de) Moderated by Christopher Salter (ca/de), 11:30h  … check the whole day’s program, cause we’re still getting our heads around it…

Some interesting backround: An article on Gabrielle Coleman’s work re: Anon at Nation For Change, and the link to her piece – Our Wierdness Is Free – for Triple Canopy.

In/Compatible 2012 v.1 : Do the New Guinea Pig Dance, or Else…

… … …

And meanwhile, important things happening on the ground in the local Berlin news:

Today is the 1 year anniversary of Liebig 14’s eviction and action/ events are scheduled , and Schokoladen and Club Der Polnischen Versager eviction date is now set for Feb.22nd, they are inviting everyone for a breakfast… and … Another possible outcome !

More on those stories as soon as we can…


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